GH Update Wednesday 7/16/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/16/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital Tracy and Michael are very discontented that they will have to break the news to Alice when it seemed like everything was in order for her to have Rafe's heart donated to her. Michael blames Tracy for acting like the hero and admits he does not trust her.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is tending to Rafe while he's on the respirator. Sam enters the room and tells her that it looks like there's no way he's going to get any better. Elizabeth offers her condolences and remarks that maybe if someone is going to disconnect his life support system, it should not have to be Silas. Sam glumly tells her that quite honestly, she doesn't really know what Silas thinks or feels or wants at this point. If you want to know that, you'd have to ask his wife.

Not far away in the hospital, Silas is with Nina. They appear to be getting along but he remarks that he heard that while alone in the apartment, she was having nightmares and talking in her sleep. She "graciously" tells him she is sorry to have had to take him away from his work and if she'd known this was going to happen, she would have had Rosalie stay with her overnight. He tells her he has one concern in that he knows she was yelling Rafe's name in her sleep.

Meanwhile, Molly is sleeping and have a dream where she remembers being in the car with Rafe, right before the crash, and hearing him confess that he intentionally ran Patrick's car off the road because someone put him up to doing that. When she demanded to know who on earth would ask him to do something so awful, and before he could answer, he ran off the road, the car crashed, and that was the last time she spoke to Rafe. She then awakens, startled and opens her eyes. Alexis and TJ are both sitting nearby, rush to her and assure her it's ok. She was just having a bad dream, but she protests this was not just a dream. It really did happen. Rafe wanted to tell her something very important but never had the chance, and she admits to them that she cannot remember just what he revealed to her and what it was that he was going to tell her. She remembers Dante asking her that after the crash but she still cannot remember although she knows that it was something very important. She was able to remember, for one second, in her dream, but now it's gone. She realizes that dreams are many times about things that haven't really happened, but she knows this dream she keeps having about the night before the crash when she was riding with Rafe was not a dream. TJ then concludes to her that if what Rafe told her was important, it will come back to her. She tells him "or" she could just ask Rafe. At that point, both her mom and boyfriend don't know what to tell her, realizing she is not yet aware of what happened to Rafe.

In Rafe's room, Sam discusses with Elizabeth that right before the crash and before Rafe's wife came back, suddenly from the dead, everything was going well for her and Silas and many people. Elizabeth tells Sam she has heard that Silas' estranged wife has been living in the apartment with him, which she knows is probably not a good situation for Sam. Sam tells Elizabeth that there are many unanswered questions and things that she, Silas and many others needed to discuss with Rafe but now it's too late. Elizabeth tells her she also has heard about Patrick and Silas "getting into it" last night after Patrick failed to save Rafe and this tragic thing has happened to Rafe because of him. Elizabeth reflects that she knows, all too well, that Silas, as well as others, suspect it's entirely possible that Patrick intended to kill Rafe after finding out that Rafe ran him off the road and killed his baby.

Once again, Nina continues to appear all "gracious and kind" when talking to Silas. She reflects that terrible things have happened to him recently so that he has good reason to be stressed and upset. First finding out that Rafe caused that tragic accident for Patrick and his family. Then finding out that he was illegally driving Silas' car and using drugs. Then Rafe slips into a coma and Silas relies on Dr. Drake of all people to save Rafe's life, and then it fails while he knows Patrick is furious with Rafe and might not want to save him after learning what Rafe did to his family, and the thought that maybe Dr. Drake intentionally nicked that blood vessel because he wanted Rafe to die. She doesn't want him to worry about her. She promises him she is there for him and they are going to get through this together.

While Alice is in the hospital and unable to do her summer camp counselor job for Lila's Kids (Spencer, Cameron, Emma and Josslyn being among them), Brit appears at the park to fill in for her. Nikolas sees her and is surprised. She explains it took some convincing to get her mom to give her the day off, but she reminded her that the Quartermaines are one of the hospital's biggest donors, and she remarks she was surprised to see both Nikolas and Spencer there. Spencer talks to her revealing he's happy to see her, and with perfect "convenience" Nikolas gets a call, leaving Britt and Spencer to talk privately. They reveal they have a secret plan where Spencer tells Britt that he gave her the "hook" for her to win his father back, and now it's up to her to reel Nikolas in.

When Morgan and Kiki return to the brownstone, he remarks what Tracy did to Alice was cruel after promising the heart transplant was a go and just made it worse. She tells him she thinks that Alice is strong enough to handle disappointment, but he reminds her that Alice's heart is failing and she is not supposed to have any stress. So now she's going to hear that her miracle was just a mirage and they all got ahead of themselves because of Tracy.

At the hospital, Michael angrily tells Tracy the same things. She tells him that there is no sense in pointing fingers because the damage is done. He tells her it's not that simple. Somebody has to break the news to Alice since it has not yet been done. Hearing that, Tracy tells him since she's responsible for this, she will go and tell Alice privately and he need not soil his hands. Michael knows she just wants to get rid of him and not let him talk privately to Alice.

At the camp, Britt and Spencer sit and talk privately. She confidently tells him she's "got this covered." And while she's there for the next few days, his dad is going to warm up to her, but he tells her "maybe." He remarks it might help if she had another "ace up her sleeve." Josslyn comes by, overhears their conversation and asks what "ace up her sleeve." Britt tells her "nothing" and attempts to dismiss her and get her to leave them alone, but Josslyn remarks she was not born yesterday. She takes Spencer aside, and Britt appears to be content that she is now alone to talk to Nikolas. She tells him that she is amazed to see how mature Spencer is for his age. Yet, doing this job is a lot of work. He then asks her if she could use some "back up." In response to that, she asks if he's sure he wants to do that and remarks that she "doesn't want to ask him to do that." But he tells her he can help her supervise the kids, and, he remarks, it might be fun.

At the hospital, Michael clarifies to Tracy that right before Alice collapsed, she called him to tell him there was something she had to warn him about regarding Tracy, and as soon as she woke up, the first time she had a chance to talk to him alone, she attempted to tell him something about Tracy before they got interrupted. Tracy smiles and tells him he's being absolutely ridiculous. The woman was suffering a heart attack. She was hardly coherent, and, she asks him, if he thinks now is the time to cause her more stress after she has to find out she can't get the new heart that was promised to her. He tells her maybe now is not the time, but he is not done with this conversation he intends to have with Tracy.

Kiki tells Morgan she still cannot believe this is happening where they now find out, for the first time that Rafe was doing drugs yet nobody knew until it was too late. He then tells her he realizes this is not just about himself and Alice. This affects her and her family too. So, he asks Kiki, how is she holding up? She admits she does not know. She doesn't know what to do with her father having to take Rafe off of life support and for them to be there for Rafe's last breath. He tells her she does not have to be there if it's too much and he's sure her dad would understand, but she tells him she has to be there for her family. He then remarks to her that she doesn't have to hide her feelings. It's ok to express anger and take out her feelings. He admits when he thinks about Alice, all he wants to do is smash things, and he demonstrates by breaking a glass against the fire place. She is shocked while Morgan tells her it feels really good, and he encourages her to try. He reminds her that they are at a construction site and there's no harm done if they both engage in this. So he again encourages her to throw something. She then picks up a breakable object, stands away from the fire place, aims and throws. He tells her that's great and he knows it feels good for her while he rubs her shoulders.

At the hospital, Nina is ready for physical therapy when Silas has to get to work. She tells him if he needs anything, he must let her know. Rosalie appears. Silas departs. When they are alone, Rosalie is ready to "talk privately" about their little scheme (their little scam), but Nina asks her not to do this. She informs Rosalie that she almost "blew her cover" by getting out of her chair, while talking to Rafe alone in his room, but then, he "awoken" and started speaking to her.

In Rafe's room, Sam tells Elizabeth that she did, in fact, ask Patrick the very important question. He assured her he would never do anything to intentionally harm Rafe, but Silas is angry and needs someone to blame because he's grieving, and that person is Patrick. Elizabeth admits she felt the same way in a similar situation where she wanted someone to blame for something of this nature, but Sam admits she does not know want to do with her conflicting feelings of wanting to be there for her boyfriend, sharing his grief over what's happened to Rafe but also trusting and respecting Patrick and not wanting to blame him for something that is nobody's fault. She talks about the situation where Silas believes Patrick intended to murder Rafe and admit she's not sure "when is the right time to get into this with Silas." Silas enters, overhears the conversation where his name was mentioned and asks her about what she is wondering when is the right time to "get into" with him.

Alexis informs Molly for the first time, that going and asking Rafe the very important question is not an option. He is "gone." Hearing that, she demands to know what her mom means that Rafe is "gone." Alexis tells her daughter that his brain injury was very severe, and during the surgery there were complications. Molly asks if Rafe has died. Alexis explains that he is still breathing but he has no brain activity and is in a vegetative state. His body is "alive." But the Rafe they all knew will never be the same. Hearing that, Molly cries and asks how that could happen. She was just with him not long ago. Everything was ok. How can it be that she is ok yet this has happened to Rafe? She sobs and tells her mom and her boyfriend that no matter what anybody thinks or what Rafe has done wrong, he did not deserve to have this happen to him.

Alone in the hospital room, Nina explains to Rosalie that she is worried about what is happening to her. In her head, she is seeing things and having nightmares. Rosalie makes light of it as if it's a joke, but Nina is very serious and concerned. She knows she was not hallucinating. She was imagining Rafe talking to her and telling her he's not going to let the secret only he knows about her die with him. The guilt got to be too much for her and she lost it, and then, this guy Franco came and calmed her down, she explains to Rosalie. Hearing that, Rosalie asks her if she also "imagined" this guy named Franco who came into the room. Nina, seriously tells her no. He was really there, but seeing Rafe "like that" really got to her. She knows she is having the nightmares because she believes if it were not for her, Rafe would still be alive.

Silas goes to find Sam in Rafe's room and reminds her that she told him she needed to tell him something. She tells him that she just found out that Rafe's heart cannot be used for Alice's transplant.

Not far away, in the hospital. Tracy goes into Alice's room and acts "all gracious", telling her she's found her some magazines to read. Alice is still under the impression that Tracy has found her a new heart and so she is in a good state of mind. At that point, Tracy admits there has been a sudden "complication."

Michael returns to Kiki and Morgan who ask her how Alice has taken the terrible news. He admits he does not know but Tracy is breaking the news to her as they speak.

Tracy "graciously" tells Alice that the heart they thought would be available for her is not, but she is going to make certain another one becomes available and Alice is at the top of the list of patients for a new heart. At first, Alice is very grateful and suspects nothing.

Felix and Elizabeth are in the nurses' locker room at the end of the day. He can see she is not ok and asks her what is up. She tells him she keeps thinking about the terrible tragedy involving Rafe Kovich. It just gets to her that he was so young and now his life is over. She thinks about the loss of her infant son Jake and the fact that she did not get to have enough time with him. He asks if she's going to be ok. She tells him she will have to be. She knows she can't let any more personal matters affect her work performance and give the "Frau doctor" any more reason to fire her again. Hearing that, Felix tells her as much as he's really glad she got her job back, he's surprised that Obrecht suddenly reconsidered and gave her her job back, given the situation. Elizabeth admits the reason for that is that Britt went to bat for her.

Britt and Nikolas are working together as fellow camp counselors for Lila's Kids. She smiles and tells him she appreciates his including her in the fire works during the 4th of July, and she knows that Spencer put him up to that. He tells her of course. She smiles and tells him that maybe he won't always have to look at her and see this person he despises, and "who knows", she tells him. Maybe some day, they can be friends. While her back is turned to Josslyn, Josslyn throws a water balloon at her and gets her all wet. She turns around and Josslyn smirks as she says, "Oops." Britt then, "graciously" asks the girl why she did that. Spencer finds her and loudly demands that she drops the balloon. She drops it, and Spencer goes over and instructs her to apologize to Britt. Josslyn apologizes. Spencer then faces Britt and tells her, on behalf of Lila's Kids, he offers her a sincere apology. She smiles and tells him that is so sweet, and he reaches out his arms to her. While he hugs her, he whispers in her ear that he's doing his part and all she now needs to do is "work it." He then takes Josslyn aside and "publicly" announces to her (where everybody can clearly hear him) that she needs to stop doing these disruptive behaviors to their counselors, and when he and Josslyn are sitting down together, and out of earshot of the others, he "privately" tells her that he will now "reward" her for helping him with his plan, and he gives her a Hershey bar.

In the hospital locker room, while Elizabeth and Felix are going out the door, she remarks that it did very much surprise her that Britt would ask her mother to reinstate Elizabeth, as she knows Britt hates her. He jokingly asks if she thinks Britt might have done it out of the goodness of her heart, but, he tells her be believes probably the real reason was so that Britt could make herself look good for Prince Nikolas and win him back. Elizabeth tells him she questions that and asks if Britt really thinks she has a chance of winning Nikolas back. Felix then asks Elizabeth if that were, in fact, the case, and "the Britch" is trying to make a play for Nikolas, how would she feel about that?

Britt takes off her wet t shirt to reveal her sports bra and her firm abs. She remarks to Nikolas that since she can't find another shirt, she's just going to let this one dry, but he tells her, she can have his, and he takes it off. They laugh and smile at each other, and it looks like the "mutual attraction" might be back.

Michael asks Morgan how things are going for him as he's working with Kiki and getting ready to live with both of them. Morgan sounds like things are ok. Michael tells his brother he's glad that the two of them (Morgan and Kiki) have each other to lean on throughout the last few weeks, and he remarks that Morgan must really be "over her" in order for the two of them to be such good friends. Morgan agrees and sounds content. Right then, Kiki appears, dressed and ready to go out and spend the evening with Michael, leaving Morgan alone in the house.

In Alice's room, Tracy tells Alice she will use all of her available resources to make sure Alice finds another heart, but if Alice tells Michael what she thinks she might know about Tracy's returning to ELQ, it would "not be in Alice's best interest." Alice then asks Tracy if she is threatening to prevent her from having the heart she needs to save her life if she does not keep quiet about Tracy's secret plan.

In Rafe's room, Silas is surprised to find out that not only was Rafe using cocaine, he had enough heroine in his bloodstream so that his heart could not be donated to Alice. Sam tells him she guesses it's against hospital policy to donate a heart exposed to heroine. He walks over to his comatose nephew, holds his hand and tells him he never knew how much trouble he was in and deeply regrets not being more involved in his life.

In Molly's hospital room, Alexis explains to her daughter that Rafe is going to be taken off of life support and Silas is going to authorize for his nephew to die with dignity, but Molly cries and protests that they cannot do that. What if Rafe gets better? Alexis tells her daughter he won't get better. His mind, his consciousness and everything that made Rafe Rafe is no longer there. TJ tells Molly there's nothing anyone can do. Molly then tells them she wants to be there for Rafe when they turn the machines off. Alexis asks her if she's sure she wants to do that. Molly replies she was not there when her father died. She doesn't want to miss being there for someone else.

Silas asks how he could have been so blind to all the pain Rafe was in. Sam tells him everyone should have been paying attention and seeing the signs. He cries in her arms and they hold each other.

While Nina talks privately to Rosalie, she tells her that the two of them are kind of responsible for Rafe's accident. They were the adults and knew he was in trouble and using, and they paid him off to cover their asses. She set the events in motion that caused the car accident. She tells Rosalie that yes. She had a list of people to whom she wished harm including Silas, Sam, Ava and Kiki because those people did her harm, but Rafe never did anything to her. He doesn't deserve what he is going through right now. Rosalie asks Nina if, now that she is so adamant about having a change of heart that she would go so far as to let Silas know all the things she intended to do. Nina then replies yes. That is exactly what she plans to do.

At Lila's Kids Camp, Spencer and Josslyn make sure they are seen and heard by all the witnesses when he tells her she needs to exercise better manners than to throw water balloons at people and she asks if he can forgive her. He tells her of course, and he faces his dad to remind him he's taught his son that forgiveness is important. So does he (Nikolas) think he can forgive Britt and consider giving her another chance?

Tracy asks Alice how she can accuse Tracy of blackmailing her. She would never do that. All she is saying is that when they find Alice the new heart, she needs to be in tip top shape and they cannot have Alice's mind all troubled and stressed out with these crazy accusations. Can they? So, she asks Alice, smiling, do they have an agreement? Michael and Morgan both walk in and ask her what exactly she is talking about?

In the other hospital room, Rosalie asks Nina if she really thinks it would be in her best interest to confess everything to Silas. Does she think for a minute that he will forgive her and they will live happily ever after? She tells Nina she knows that the whole reason she's been going through with all of this, in the first place, is because she still loves the bastard, and she knows that Nina is not going to be able to live with him hating and never forgiving her if he finds out what she has been up to. She'll then be stripped of all of her power, and then what will she be to him? Nothing more than a bottomless bank account. Nina admits she does not know what to do. Rosalie tells her if she wants to get it off her chest, she may do so, but she advises Nina not to tell her she did not warn her.

All the people gather around Rafe to say good bye to him. Sam, Silas and Kiki cry. Molly, Alexis and TJ join them and Silas thanks them for coming and being there for his nephew. Silas then goes and presses the button which shuts off the ventilator. Tears stream down his face. Kiki holds her dad in his arms. Molly cries while Alexis and TJ console her. Sam sits by Silas and holds him while she cries. We then hear the flatline sound that confirms he is gone. After Silas declares that Rafe is dead, they all cover their faces and sob at the tragic loss.

After the kids are gone and Nikolas and Britt are alone at the park, they talk about Spencer's very persistent personality. He tells her he can clearly see that his son is plotting to get them back together. In response to that, she "graciously" tells him she realizes that may be a moot point because the bottom line, as she is aware, is that that is not what Nikolas wants.

Michael and Morgan rush into Alice's room to ask her what Tracy was talking to her about. She tells them that it appears that having the heart of that poor boy who had to be taken off life support is not a viable option, but they tell her they will not give up and neither should she. She tells them that she is not worried. She knows Tracy is going to do everything she can to give her another heart. Tracy stands outside overhearing and confirming that Alice is not going to tell Michael what Tracy is up to.

After Rafe is off life support, Alexis and TJ console a devastated Molly. Inside the room, Silas and Sam confirm that they have said their good-byes. They then walk out of the room as Nina and Rosalie appear outside the door. He asks them what they are doing there as Nina's face hardens against her so-called husband again.

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