GH Update Tuesday 7/15/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/15/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Felix spoke with Sabrina by phone. She was doing well in Puerto Ric with her family, and Felix encouraged her to take all the time she needed. Sabrina asked if anything was going on in Port Charles. Felix spotted Rafe's file, but he told Sabrina that nothing out of the ordinary had happened lately. Brad walked up and sarcastically thanked Felix for messing things up between Brad and Lucas yesterday in the GH shower. Felix reminded Brad that Brad was the one who had kissed Felix, just as Lucas had walked in. Brad explained that he did that to prove to Felix that Brad and Lucas had passion that Lucas and Felix lacked. Felix felt that it was reasonable for Lucas to conclude that Brad wasn't interested in Lucas, after walking in on that display. Brad argued that Felix did nothing to disabuse Lucas of that notion. Felix asked Brad if he wanted him to chase Lucas naked down the hallway. Brad maintained that Felix could have said something, and since he didn't, this was all Felix's fault. Brad was certain that Lucas had come to the locker room to say that he wanted Brad. Felix was just as confident that Lucas had come there to say he wanted Felix. Felix argued that Brad was untrustworthy, and Brad countered that trust was overrated and didn't matter when you had passion. Felix replied that passion fades, and he added that Brad didn't have what it took to maintain a relationship. Brad shot back that Felix knew nothing about relationships, since he'd been too afraid to have one. Brad added that he'd been under the impression that Felix didn't even want Lucas. Felix realized that he maybe he did want Lucas. Felix tried to walk away, but Brad grabbed his arm and reminded him that Lucas thought they hooked up behind his back and now he was pissed at both of them. Felix pointed out that it was Brad's fault. “In retrospect, kissing you to make my point about my passion for Lucas was not the smartest move,” Brad conceded. Felix said Lucas was a lost cause, so there was no use arguing over him anymore. They both needed a drink and they decided to get one together, since misery loved company.

Nathan was at home. Levi entered the living room just as Nathan ended a phone call. Levi accused Nathan of informing on him again. Nathan snapped that he wasn't the one who called Immigration on Levi. Levi asked who was, and Nathan countered that Levi was the expert on making anonymous calls. Levi stated that he didn't have to admit to calling the judge as long as Nathan couldn't prove it. Nathan complimented Levi on an excellent non-denial. Levi told Nathan that wherever Nathan pointed one finger, three more would be pointed back at Nathan. Levi announced that he was going to be spending the evening with Maxie, and he asked Nathan where she was. Nathan asked how he was supposed to know. Levi sensed that Nathan had said something about Levi to Maxie that upset her and caused her to leave. Nathan admitted that he hadn't meant to upset her. Levi prodded Nathan for details, and Nathan confessed that he told Maxie that either Mac or Dante might have been the tipster. Levi he raced off to find and stop Maxie. Nathan didn't feel like he could let Levi go after Maxie alone, so he left too.

At The Floating Rib, Dante and Mac talked about Levi and agreed that he was no good for Maxie. Just then, Maxie stormed in and demanded to know which one of them was trying to get Levi deported. Maxie was incensed, but Mac and Dante were amused and pleased that someone had called ICE on Levi. Both men denied making the phone call, and Dante asked where she got the idea that one of them was involved. She told them she got the idea from Nathan. Maxie explained that she suspected Nathan was the culprit, at first, due to his irrational and unfounded dislike of Levi. Mac didn't think Nathan's feelings were irrational. Dante added that they weren't unfounded, either. Dante had seen the cut on Nathan's face from where Levi had punched him. Dante thought Levi had put Nathan in a difficult position because Nathan would have had to worry that Levi would scream “police brutality” if Nathan defended himself. Maxie admitted that Levi took it too far, but she explained that he was passionate and got caught up in the moment.

Julian and Lucas approached The Floating Rib, and Julian thanked Lucas for meeting with him, even though Julian had gotten him shot. Lucas assured Julian that it was in the past. Julian explained that he wanted Lucas to feel safe with him. Julian looked uncomfortable when Lucas stated that he had no reason not to feel safe now that Julian was out of the mob and Julian's boss – the guy who actually got Lucas shot - was dead. They entered the bar, and Lucas went over to say hi to Lulu and Olivia. Olivia was friendly toward Lucas, but she was cold toward Julian. Lucas thanked Lulu for the advice, and she asked him if he made a choice. Before he could answer, Olivia spotted a free table and she told Julian that he'd better go claim it now. He got the hint and walked away. Lucas promised to talk to Lulu later, he joined his dad. Julian was curious about what Lulu had meant about Lucas making a choice. Lucas was surprised that Julian wanted to hear about his problem. Julian stated that if his son was having a dilemma, he wanted to hear about it. Lucas warned Julian that it was about his love life. Julian insisted that he still wanted to hear about Lucas's problem, so Lucas stated that it all started when he walked in on Brad and Felix making out. Julian choked on his beer. Lucas assured Julian that it was okay if he didn't want to hear about this, but Julian encouraged him to finish his story. Lucas explained that he went to the locker room to see Brad and Felix and found them kissing and naked. Julian tried to mask his discomfort and asked if both of them were naked. Lucas clarified that only Felix was. Lucas explained that it defeated his whole purpose for going to the hospital, which was to tell one of them he wanted to be with them. Julian asked who he was going to choose. Lucas prefaced things by saying it hadn't been an easy decision – Felix had been great ever since Lucas got shot, and he was funny and caring, while Lucas and Brad had a lot of chemistry. Julian chimed in that he knew all about chemistry; every time he was with Alexis, he wanted to rip her clothes off. Lucas grimaced, and Julian laughed and said now Lucas knew how Julian felt. Lucas was about to say which guy he'd was going to pick when Felix and Brad walked in together. Lucas made a snide comment about the two of them working up a thirst in the shower. Brad tried to explain that it wasn't what it looked like, but Lucas wasn't interested in hearing his explanation. He told Julian that they should leave. As Julian and Lucas walked out, Lucas spat that he didn't want to interrupt Brad and Felix's date.

Lulu and Olivia noticed Maxie having an animated conversation with Dante and Mac, and Lulu went over to find out what was going on. Lulu asked if everything was okay. Maxie filled Lulu in on her suspicions. Dante asked if Nathan really told her that one of them called ICE. Maxie explained that Nathan said he told Dante about Levi's immigration problems and he'd told her that Mac had said he wanted to get Levi deported. Dante vaguely remembered discussing Levi's immigration issue, but he mostly recalled Nathan talking about getting to spend July 4th with a beautiful woman. Mac admitted that he had said he wanted to get Levi deported. Maxie ordered them to tell her which one of them made the call. Both men denied being the tipster. Just then, Levi and Nathan ran in. Nathan asked Mac if he got his phone call. Mac hadn't. Levi made a snide comment about Nathan, and Mac threatened to call Immigration right now. Maxie told Nathan that she thought he made the call. Nathan assured Mac and Dante that he didn't tell Maxie that one of them made the call, and he apologized. There were no hard feelings. Lulu suggested that they all have a beer and cool down, but Levi interrupted and reminded everyone that he was about to be deported. Mac pointed out that Australia was a lovely place, and Levi replied that he loved Maxie more. Levi shot Nathan a glare, and Nathan reiterated that he didn't call immigration. Levi challenged Nathan to prove it by letting them check his phone. At first, Nathan refused, but when Levi accused him of having something to hide, Nathan handed his phone over to Maxie. Maxie checked his call log and found a call to a 1 800 number that had been made right after Levi told them about his immigration troubles. Nathan swore he didn't remember calling a number like that. Levi urged Maxie to call it. She did – it was the Department of Immigration. Maxie sounded near tears as she asked Nathan how he could do this. Nathan insisted that he didn't do it. Lulu and Dante urged Maxie not to jump to conclusions, but Maxie thought she had enough proof. Nathan started to point out that he would have deleted the number from his call log if he'd made the call. Maxie cut him off. She snapped that he kept lying to her and even made her turn on Mac and Dante. Nathan kept trying to plead his case, but Maxie had heard enough. She assured Levi that Nathan wasn't going to get away with this.

Meanwhile Olivia watched everything unfolding between Maxie, Levi, Nathan and the others from across the room. She and told Rocco that she knew who she'd pick if she had to choose between Nathan and Levi.

At Carly's, Sonny was furious when he found out that Franco had attempted to tell Michael that Sonny shot AJ. Carly tried to defuse the situation by telling Sonny that she talked to Franco and he wasn't going to do it again. Carly's assurances fell on deaf ears, and Sonny decided to kill Franco to prevent him from talking. Carly yelled that Franco was not some soldier in a mob war that Sonny could just kill in the name of business. She added that she loved Franco. Sonny scoffed and told Carly she was just lying to herself in an attempt to justify being in a relationship with a “freak.” “You are not going to kill Franco” Carly stated, just as Franco came home. Franco asked why Sonny was there, and Carly replied that Sonny was leaving. Sonny made it clear that he knew Franco had tried to tell Michael that Sonny shot AJ. Franco told Sonny that he planned to keep Sonny's secret out of respect for Carly. Sonny asked how could be sure Franco was telling the truth. Franco admitted that Sonny couldn't know for sure, unless he killed Franco. Franco noticed the nonverbal communication going on between Carly and Sonny, and he surmised that Sonny had threatened to kill Franco before Franco walked in. Carly insisted that that wasn't going to happen. Franco turned to Sonny and told him to get it over with and kill him now. “Okay” Sonny replied, as he reached for his gun. Carly grabbed his arm. Sonny assured Franco that he'd never kill him in Carly's house, where she'd get implicated and Josslyn would see the mess. Sonny added that he'd never kill Franco himself. Sonny stated that he'd take a page from Carly's book and trust Franco, but he warned Franco that he'd be killed if Michael ever found out the truth. Sonny warned Franco to stay away from his son, then he left.

“How could you?” Franco asked Carly, in a hurt tone. Then he confronted Carly about having told Sonny what Franco almost did. Carly explained that she didn't just come right out and tell Sonny the truth and that she'd protected Franco instead. However, Carly believed that as Michael's father, Sonny deserved to know the truth, and she felt that she should have told him up front. Carly explained that Sonny knew her too well and he figured out what she was holding back. Franco admitted that he was starting to wonder if he ever knew Carly at all. Carly snapped that he'd certainly studied her very well. Franco told her to cut it out, because he didn't mean it like that. Carly felt that Franco should know that she was a selfish disaster of a person before Michael was born and gave her the desire to be a better person. Carly warned Franco that she would choose her children over him every time. Franco didn't want her to put him before her kids, but he asked if Sonny had to be a part of the deal. Carly confirmed that Sonny did have to be part of it, and So did Jax. Frustrated, Franco yelled that Sonny was always there. Carly replied that she was okay with that. Franco asked if she was okay with Sonny wanting to kill him. Carly insisted that she wasn't. She explained that Sonny thought he had the right to kill Franco because Franco hurt his son and threatened people that he cared about and because Franco knew Sonny's secret. Carly told Franco that the only reason he was still alive was because he mattered to her. Carly stated that Sonny hadn't held onto his territory for twenty years by not responding when people pushed him. Franco asked Carly if she ever thought about what her life would be like without Sonny in it. Carly didn't. Franco asked what that meant for their relationship. Carly hoped that Franco could accept her and everything that came with her. Franco asked if she loved him. Carly confirmed that she did and she added that she didn't want him to die. She begged him to stop antagonizing Sonny, then she pulled him into a hug. Franco agreed that Carly was right - they shouldn't let Sonny come between them. Franco vowed not to let Sonny win. He and Carly kissed and made up. They shared pizza and wine and laughed and talked about Franco's first day at work. Franco had finger painted with a bunch of children, which he'd enjoyed. Franco didn't understand why people didn't like Dr. Obrecht. Carly reminded Franco that Obrecht stole one of her cousin's embryo then used the other one to buy her way out of felony charges. Franco didn't think she was nearly as bad as his mother, who'd tried to kill Carly. Carly stated that Heather did her worst and she failed, and now life was good. Franco agreed with her and told her that life would stay good, provided Sonny didn't kill him for knowing too much. Carly's smile faded.

Jordan, all dressed up for her dinner with Mickey Diamond, entered the Metro Court. She checked in with Anna and told her that she hoped to use Mickey's interest in her to get him to reveal the name of Julian's boss. Jordan assured Anna that she'd be careful, then she ended the call. She happened to run into Shawn, who was also there for a business meeting. They complimented each other on their looks. Shawn noted that Jordan always looked great in blue, and he told her it reminded him of a certain night they spent together. Jordan smiled and noted that they never talk about that night. To Shawn, it felt like it happened yesterday. Jordan asked if that meant he still thought about it. “Don't you?” Shawn asked. Mickey arrived and interrupted. Shawn and Mickey introduced themselves. Shawn thought he recognized Mickey's name, and Mickey explained that he had a flashy name that a lot of people thought they'd heard before.

Sonny met Shawn at the Metro Court bar and griped about Carly's stubbornness. Shawn's attention shifted over to Mickey and Jordan's table. He saw Mickey place his hand over Jordan's.

Mickey revealed that he and his boss had looked into her past and they couldn't find much about her, besides that she did two years in prison. They wanted more details about her time inside because they wanted to know who they were working with. Jordan explained that she made a lot of connections which lead her to the Jerome gallery. Mickey flirted with Jordan, and Jordan acted receptive. She told Mickey that she liked making connections, and she asked about their boss. Mickey told her that he liked working with her and having dinner with her. He told her that if she wanted to know who they were working for, that could be arranged. Shawn appeared and he told Mickey to take his hand off of Jordan's before he broke it. Sonny walked over and observed things. Mickey stood and he made sure to open his jacket so Shawn could see the gun holstered to his side. The men exchanged threats, and Jordan stepped between them and calmly urged Shawn to leave. Her attempt to defuse the tension failed, so Sonny told Shawn that this wasn't the time or the place and that it wasn't worth it. Jordan suggested that Shawn go back to his meeting. Shawn and Sonny went back to the bar, and Sonny asked what was going on. Shawn had a feeling that Mickey was in the mob. Sonny asked if there was something going on between Jordan and Shawn. Shawn said no. He claimed he was only concerned because she was TJ's mom and he didn't want her to get in too deep. Sonny didn't buy it, but he dropped it and brought up the reason for the meeting. Sonny revealed that he wanted Shawn to kill Franco , but he didn't feel like he could ask Shawn to do it yet because Carly thought she loved Franco. Sonny made it clear that he hadn't ruled out having Franco eliminated, though.

Mickey asked Jordan if she and Shawn were involved. He was pleased when she replied that they were just friends. Mickey suggested that they go somewhere more private. Jordan suggested that they move to the terrace, but Mickey wanted to go to his hotel room. Jordan called the suggestion tempting but she felt that it was best to keep things professional. Mickey told Jordan that she'd need to keep him happy if she wanted to move up in the business. Jordan glanced past Mickey to Shawn, who was staring pointedly at her.

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