GH Update Monday 7/14/14

General Hospital Update Monday 7/14/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly is in her house, on the phone talking to Franco while he's on his first day at the job in the hospital and an art therapist. She is happy for him and positive about their relationship. So is he. He tells her he wanted to apologize to her for being such a jerk about Sonny, but she hears the doorbell and opens the door to see Sonny.

Lulu and Olivia go to Mac's bar with baby Rocco. Olivia is really happy to find out that her daughter-in-law can make her a grandma again.

Maxie and Levi heard from the I.C.E. officer that an “anonymous source” reported Levi for failure to get his visa renewed. So he has to move back to Australia or be deported, and they believe it's obvious the source who ratted him out would have to be Nathan. Nathan returns to their apartment and is surprised to see their grave expressions and anger. He inquires what is going on. Levi angrily replies “Like he didn't know”.

At the hospital, Kiki tells her father she knows it is not an appropriate subject to bring up and maybe not what he wants to discuss, but she was just talking to Michael's family. Alice needs another heart and will be ok if she can get a transplant. Rafe has no chance of awakening or being ok as they already know. So it would make sense to donate his heart if by some chance they have the same blood type. Silas then confirms to his daughter that his nephew has B positive. She knows that Alice has that same blood type. They look at each other spooked knowing that this can soon be a “done deal” yet all hope has been given up on Rafe's life.

Nina is alone in Rafe's room telling him that he has given her everything she wants and needs in order to accomplish her dastardly plan. His accident and now his fatal prognosis has driven a wedge between Silas and Sam and might get her marriage back with Silas, and he has become unconscious and ready to die at the perfect time for her. He is the only person who knows her secret (faking needing a wheelchair and planning to get revenge upon many people). She no longer has to live in fear of the threat that he could reveal what he knows about her. The secret will die with him, but it appears that his hand grabs her and his eyes open. She is startled and says this must be impossible. He can't possibly wake up. Can he?

Nathan sounds like he hasn't a clue that Levi has been deported and has had nothing to do with I.C.E finding out. Levi angrily tells Nathan he is the only person besides them and Diane that knows Levi's secret. Maxie demands that he is honest and answers whether he wants Levi deported. Nathan does not respond.

Olivia talks to Dante and Lulu who are very encouraged to know that she can get pregnant soon. Olivia holds baby Rocco and asks them just how soon they want to make that happen.

While Carly is on the phone to Franco, she lets Sonny in her door.

Franco goes to meet with Obrecht to report his arrival for his first day on the job. She is courteous to him and encourages him to call her by her first name. She tells him she is really happy to have his talent and hard work in her hospital and she knows the children will love him. She tells him if his program succeeds as an art therapist, the hospital will be eligible for more funding. She tells him that he will be able to help her advance in her career while she helps him prove himself to his girlfriend and her family.

In another part of the hospital, Kiki tells Silas that she knows that there are so many complications over this very sensitive and grave issue and the fact that Rafe is a minor and Silas is his guardian. He tells her that only days ago, Rafe was right in this very place talking to him. He was ready to bond with his nephew and have dinner, and then everything suddenly changed forever, but he tells her that the situation is what it is. He encourages her to show him the way to find Alice and the people who are in her room, but he is kind of surprised about the fact that Nina appears to be alone in Rafe's room with him for quite some time while he and his daughter have been talking.

Nina believes she is alone and talking to an unconscious and ready-to-die patient, but she sees Rafe awaken, remove his breathing tube, open his eyes and face her, and he angrily tells her he is on to her, alive and well and not going to let her get away with what she is about to do.

Maxie asks Nathan if he is so full of hatred that he would pull a stunt like that to screw Levi over. He tells her he would be lying if he said he “liked the guy”, but he gave her his word that he would not reveal to anyone the fact that Levi is technically illegally in the U.S. He assures her he had nothing to do with the I.C.E. Officer finding out, but he does remember, as he informs Maxie, that he did tell one other person about the situation, and that was Dante.

Dante is happily with his wife, infant son and mom. Olivia tells them she has been happy with most things in her life except for her falling out with Sonny. She remarks that it appears not only Ava but her mother, as well, have a “plot” to find out something about Sonny, and she was able to catch Ava's mother red-handed attempting to break into Sonny's office after hours

When Sonny goes to Carly's home, he talks about how Ava is really pushing his buttons, and he informs Carly that not only does he have his typical “issues” with Ava. It's also her mother. Carly is shocked when he informs her that Ava's mother is one more person who knows that he killed A.J, and whom he probably can't trust not to expose him for that.

Obrecht wishes Franco luck and graciously encourages him and he gets on the elevator ready to find Pediatrics. Yet he knows that on the way there, he might run into people who do not like him.

Not far away, Monica, Michael and Morgan are kind of surprised that Tracy is so adamant and impassioned to “save” Alice but Kiki and Silas find them and Kiki informs them that Rafe and Alice have the same blood type. In response to that, Monica asks Dr. Clay if he is about to donate his nephew's heart. He replies yes, he is.

Nina envisions Rafe telling her that she's not going to get rid of him so easily. He is not going down without bringing her to justice. He is going to reveal to Sam and Silas all about her dastardly scheme and her dishonorable scam to hurt them.

Maxie asks Nathan why he would tell another cop about Levi's situation. He protests that Dante is not just “another cop” He's his friend and colleague, and, he reminds Maxie, Dante is her friend also. They get into talking at work and in the locker room. She tells him she knows that naked guys in locker rooms talk about sports and girls. He tells her he and Dante talked about a lot of things including about her, and he also reveals to her that he has been talking to Mac about some things. Maxie appears suspicious. Nathan admits that Mac wholeheartedly agrees with him about Levi not being his favorite person.

At Mac's bar, Dante asks his mom if she knows anything about this secret flash-drive in Sonny's office that she was able to prevent Ava's mother from stealing. She tells her son she really doesn't know nor does she care. She's done with Sonny.

Sonny discusses the same thing with Carly who remarks that he “owes” Olivia big time for preventing Ava's mother from uncovering his secret. He remarks he wishes he could. She asks if Olivia is still over him. He tells her yes. She wants nothing to do with him. He informs her that Shawn took Ava's mother away and the flash drive is in another place safe and sound where Ava can find it. He then tells Carly that he came there for a reason. He has another issue involving Franco. He knows Sonny's secret. Carly assures him he need not worry, but he tells her he knows she cannot honestly tell him that Franco is incapable of exposing the secret that Sonny killed AJ.

Franco goes into the hospital hallway to see Kiki, Silas, Michael, Morgan, Monica and Tracy. All of the people except for Kiki make hostile comments, are not happy to see him nor to find out that he has a new job teaching art in the hospital. He leaves them alone to talk about Rafe. Silas concludes that his nephew has an opportunity to help someone, and he knows that Rafe would probably want to be able to do so. He was a good kid although he had issues. Alice is lucky to have this chance and he is willing to go ahead with this and make it happen. So he will authorize for Rafe's heart to be donated for Alice. They are all happy. Morgan picks up Kiki and concludes “The Dominator wins again”.

in Rafe's room, Nina sees Rafe waking up and telling her that he is no longer going to let her “buy him off” this time. He is now going to do the right thing. He's going to come clean and expose her for what she is about to do. She hears him taunt her (although it's just a vision she has) and she yells at him that he can't do that! She yells loud enough to be heard out in the hallway, and Franco enters the hospital room and asks her if she is “ok”.

Maxie demands that Nathan tell her what Mac told him regarding Levi getting deported. He tells her that Mac shares his opinion that Levi is not good for her and he's not Mac's favorite person, but he has not told Mac, specifically about Levi's expired visa. Yet she still wonders what other secrets about Levi Nathan might have shared with her step father.

Sonny tells Carly that he is afraid that it's very possible that while Franco will, at some point, reveal to Michael that Sonny killed AJ. She tries to assure her ex husband that Franco has promised not to do that, but he tells her that she needs to “get real” and see that it's only a matter of time before Franco “reconsiders” what he promised to her and does that. He still is not aware that not long ago, after an argument they had and Franco's jealous of Carly's relationship with Sonny, Franco went to see Michael and intended to do just that.

At the hospital, Obrecht finds Silas and Monica talking privately and asks what the chief of cardiology and the chief of oncology are discussing together without telling her.

Franco goes to talk to Nina and can see she is talking to an unconscious patient who cannot hear, see, speak or respond to anything she says. He tells her he understands all too well what she is experiencing. She is hearing a voice that is not there.

Monica answers Obrecht's question that they are discussing donating a heart from a comatose patient who won't recover to save the life of a woman who needs another heart. Hearing that, she tells them that sounds like a good plan but wonders why they are privately discussing it without letting her know. Silas explains that the potential heart donor is his nephew. He's his nephew's legal guardian so he needs to authorize the heart transplant. She tells them if a new heart can save a patient, then she encourages them to do it, but when she finds out about Rafe's medical history, she reminds them that his cocaine use could possibly compromise his heart and make it not quite viable. However, she concludes, she supposes it's better than no heart.. Monica then asks her if they do, in fact, have her permission to donate Rafe's heart to save Alice. She tells them yes.

Franco tells Nina that he hears voices in his head just like she is now. Curious, she asks Franco just what the voices in his head tell him. He tells her that they tell him to do terrible things and hurt people. He remembers doing things that he regrets and cannot take back, and he can see that she is right now very troubled by something. He tells her he can see that she is probably not losing her mind as she tells him she’s afraid is the case. He tells her he can see that she is under a lot of stress. Hearing that and not knowing who he is, she asks where he gets this idea. He tells her he works there. He is an art therapist. He knows how to communicate with stressed and troubled patients. He can see that she is a troubled soul, and perhaps he can work with her. She smiles at him.

Silas and Monica return to the others and happily tell them that Obrecht has authorized for Alice to get a new heart.

Nathan tells Maxie that he does have concerns about her trying so hard to change and afraid to be herself around Levi. He likes her for who she is and doesn't expect her to change, but she tells him regardless of that, she needs to find out who gave Levi up. She goes out the door ready to find and confront both Dante and Mac.

Mac and Dante are talking about that very concern. Mac tells Dante he does not care for or trust Levi. He doesn't think the guy is good for his daughter and would like to be rid of him. Dante reveals to Mac, for the first time, that it may, in fact, be pretty easy to make that happen. He informs him that Nathan informed him that Levi currently has an expired visa and is in the U.S. illegally. Hearing that, Mac is shocked and maybe encouraged to do the very thing Maxie is afraid has already been done.

At the hospital, after everybody is encouraged that Alice can get a new heart, Obrecht comes by and announces there is a problem. A big one.

As Mac is talking to Dante and both men agree that Levi is not right for Maxie and neither would be discontented if he was gone, Maxie comes to confront them both and demands to know which of them are responsible for having her boyfriend deported.

Sonny is horrified to find out that his worst fear “almost” came true when Carly informs him that Franco went to ELQ to find Michael and was ready to tell him that Sonny killed AJ. She protests that he has nothing to worry about. It didn't actually happen, but Sonny angrily tells her it's not ok. It' s not as long as Franco is alive.

Silas returns to Nina after Franco leaves, and he informs her that Rafe's heart is going to be given to someone else.

Obrecht tells the hopeful Quartermaines that she did, in fact, do a toxicology test on Rafe and has found a worse drug in his bloodstream than cocaine. She found heroine. Michael asks why heroine is any worse than cocaine. She tells them the hospital has a strict policy to not allow any heart to be given to a patient if it has traces of heroine. Morgan remarks that is a stupid policy, but Monica confirms that Obrecht is correct. There's no way around it They cannot donate Rafe's heart to Alice.

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