GH Update Friday 7/11/14

General Hospital Update Friday 7/11/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie gets the door and a man asks for Levi Dunkleman. She asks who is looking for Levi. The man replies he is with Immigration Customs Enforcement. He asks who she is. She replies her name is Maxie Jones. He seems to already know who she is and the fact that she got arrested and may have aided and abetted Levi's illegal action regarding his visa. Or more accurately, lack thereof.

Lulu goes to see Lucas who is telling her his most recent activities. He admits he has WWBD on his mind. She has no clue what that is until he shows her the DVD called “What Would Blanche Do?” Hearing that, she connects that is the character from 80s sitcom, The Golden Girls who was all about sleeping around and foolishness. He tells her he sees Blanche as the “romantic and misunderstood one” whom is an important character in his life, and she knows that must mean he has “man trouble”. He tells her yes. He is right in the middle of a love triangle.

In the hospital locker room, Brad notices Felix in the shower and confronts him about how he may have “taken” Lucas from Brad.

While Alice is in her hospital room, she urges Michael to know what she as about to tell him regarding her conversation with Tracy before she collapsed. It may be his only chance to find out what Tracy and her new “husband” are planning behind his back, but before they can discuss it, (and before she can reveal to him that Tracy and “Luke” plan to run him out of ELQ) Kiki appears and frantically informs Michael that her cousin Rafe has gone into a coma where his brain has no activity and he has to be hooked up to a life support system.

While Silas sits with Rafe, Nina goes to sit with him, appearing to be “supportive”. She asks how the surgery went and if Rafe will be ok. He tells her no. His nephew will never be ok again.

Not far away, in the hospital, Sam goes to find Patrick. She appears distraught when she tells him this is not easy for her to do, but she has to ask him something. Silas has expressed he believes that Patrick has intentionally botched the surgery because he wanted Rafe to pay for what he did to Patrick’s family. She doesn't want to assume the same but she needs to ask Patrick, for the record, she tells him, if he did intentionally cause this to happen to take revenge upon Rafe.

Lulu tells a hesitant Lucas she wants to know all about his “love triangle”. He tells her while he's been in the hospital and after he's been recuperating, he has been getting to know Nurse Felix Dubois. Hearing that, she smiles, sounds like she approves and wants to know more. He tells her that Felix is fun, smart, attractive and he likes spending time with him. She asks who the “3rd” guy involved in this love triangle is, reminding him that it usually involves more than 2 people. Lucas then, reveals to his cousin that the other person is Brad Cooper.

When Brad finds and confronts Felix in the shower, he reminds Felix he was once interested in him (Felix was once interested in Brad) and lead him on. Brad tells him he's now doing the same thing with Felix. He tells Felix he's a hungry depraved homosexual, and he's going after Lucas.

The man from ICE tells Maxie that Levi Dunkleman is a foreign citizen whose permission to be on American soil has expired some time ago. He tells her their department takes immigration violations very seriously. If Mr. Dunkleman is in the U. S. illegally, he could be in serious trouble, and so could she if she is harboring a criminal. He informs her that when Levi registered with the department, he listed her apartment as his residence. He tells her if she knows anything, she needs to tell him before the situation escalates out of control.

In Alice's room, she is ready to tell Michael something about Tracy. When right outside, Tracy finds Kiki talking to Morgan . She “graciously” offers her condolences to Kiki for the loss of her cousin, telling her although she did not really know Rafe Kovach, she has heard he was a fine young man, but she wastes no time telling her that Since Alice needs a new heart, she needed to find out if Rafe is an organ donor. Although Kiki is very angry to hear Tracy so “coldly” making this sound like a business transaction, Tracy tells her that she happens to know that Rafe is in an irreversible coma, brain dead and hooked up to life support. So it might be the best thing to end his life humanely, let him die with dignity and give Alice a chance to live when she is otherwise healthy except for needing the heart transplant.

While Nina sits with Silas, beside his nephew's bed, while Sam is out, he explains that during surgery a blood vessel ruptured and his nephew now has no brain activity. Hearing that, she appears to sound “hopeful” by reminding him she was in a coma for 20 years yet has recovered without any brain damage. She tells him they need to have hope, stand by Rafe and never give up on him just like he did not give up on her, but he tells her what has happened to Rafe is completely different. He will never awaken, be able to think or function or have a conscious thought again. For all intents and purposes, his nephew will never be the same.

Kiki informs Tracy that Rafe is, in fact, an organ donor, and Silas did, as a matter of fact, give her a lecture on how important it is when that happens to a patient. So they have both signed off on it for him. Hearing that, Tracy reveals she needs to find Monica and Morgan and make sure they can make this happen for Alice, so that she can be the hero who has saved Alice's life. She walks into Alice's room and announces that she's found her a heart.

When Silas tells Nina that Rafe's condition is terminal and irreparable, she tells him, if it's any consolation, she's sure that Dr. Drake did everything in his power to save Rafe. He clearly does not believe that and doesn't care what anybody else thinks.

When Sam asks Patrick the very important question, he tells her he realizes Silas has good reason to suspect him and so does she. He realizes she was Rafe's foster mom and he was very close to her and her family. He also explains he remembers she was right there when Obrecht told him he was required to do the surgery. She informed them there was no other qualified surgeon available at the time and if he did not do it, Rafe would die right then and there. He had no choice. Hearing that as Patrick’s only answer, Sam tells him that she was hoping that he could tell her that he would put aside his issue and justifiable feelings about Rafe and she could count on him to save him just like she was able to count on him for Jason, and she asks if she was wrong to do that.

Lulu tells Lucas that she can see that his “failure” to move forward with Felix and stay “friends” might have something to do with the fact that he is not over Brad. He tells her that he and Brad are through. He sounds like he wants to convince himself as well as her that he is not proud of his decision to be interested in Brad and got a wake up call to see what kind of a person Brad was, but she tells him that she odes not want him to deny his feelings for Brad because of her “issue” with him involving the stolen embryos.

Brad continues to confront Felix, in the locker room, demanding that he tells him the truth about whether he wants to move in on Lucas. Felix protests he can promise (as Lucas has also confirmed) that he and Lucas did not sleep together the previous night, but Brad firmly reminds him he knows the way gay couples “start” their relationship with “friendship” watching the Golden Girls' reruns. The lives and romances of Blanche, Dorothy and Rose is the basis for how they all start. Then it progresses to watching Knots Landing. Then they watch weddings, and then, they are more than friends, and he affirms that Lucas is his. So Felix better back off.

The Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officer continues to ask Maxie if she has seen Mr. Dunkleman and if he is living there. She evades the question. When he demands an answer, she denies that she knows a Levi Dunkleman, but Levi walks out of the bedroom in his underwear to reveal he very much lives there.

Tracy barges in on Alice's conversation with Michael and happily tells them there is a terminally ill patient without a chance who's in a vegetative state. His family has authorized him to be an organ donor,. So his heart can be Alice's for the taking. She knows that is not a good thing and very tragic, but it will save Alice's life. Hearing that, Michael is not happy knowing that Rafe Kovich, Kiki's cousin is the young man who is brain-dead, whose life is not important to her, but she tells him that Alice is her priority, and he has her to thank for finding a heart for Alice.

In Rafe's room, Nina continues to sound gracious and supportive, but when she senses her husband is furious with Patrick, she concludes that, realistically, Dr. Drake might have reason to exercise revenge upon Rafe and play God with his life. She tells him as much as she hates to say this, you should “never ever underestimate a person's need for revenge.”

Patrick admits to Sam that while he was doing his job and diligently focusing on being the chief surgeon to save Rafe's life, he heard another voice inside his head tell him something else was more important. This voice kept telling him this is Rafe Kovich, the person who took his son's life from him. She tells him she understands that but asks if he was able to shut that voice out. He admits that the more he tried, the louder he heard it, and the voice told him that he could make Rafe pay for what he did with one little cut of the scalpel. He could easily make it appear natural. Nobody would question whether he did it on purpose. He could end Rafe's life just like Rafe ended Gabriel's life. So he had to get justice for his boy. Hearing that, she asks if that is what he did. He hesitates to answer.

An immigration agent comes to inform Maxie that Levi is in trouble if they find him, she puts 2 and 2 together about what may have happened. When the man tells them he is following up on an anonymous tip, she knows it was not so “anonymous”.

Lucas and Lulu discuss his dilemma with whether to move forward with Felix or admit he's not over Brad. She tells him he need not base any decision he makes upon her nor feel he is being disloyal. She tells him that she and Dante now have baby Rocco back with them, safe and sound, and, she informs him, they just found out they can have another baby. He hugs her and congratulates her. She then tells him maybe he needs to go figure out what he's going to do with both guys and figure out which one he wants.

When Brad confronts Felix for his ulterior motive with Lucas, involving the re-runs they watch, Felix tells Brad he is a sick and dishonorable person not to understand and to degrade the sacred meaning of those television shows. He tells Brad that he and Lucas are not together and even if they were, it's none of Brad's business. In response to that, Brad lashes out at Felix telling him he is an uptight, frigid, moralistic prude who realizes he can never give Lucas what Brad can give him. Hearing that, Felix asks just what Brad thinks he can give Lucas that he (Felix) cannot give him. Brad replies what he can give Lucas is passion, and he “demonstrates” by kissing Felix, revealing that maybe the person he is not yet over is Felix. Felix then backs off, and out of nowhere, Lucas walks in on them, and it looks like he might not want to trust either of them.

Maxie asks the I.C.E agent just who ratted Levi out. It was Detective Nathan West. Wasn't it? He tells her he is not at liberty to say. She tells him yes he is. This is America and Levi has the right to confront his accuser, but the guy tells her that is not true. Mr. Dunkleman's rights are few. He is not a U.S. Citizen and lacks a valid visa, and now that I.C.E is aware of his location, they can “remedy the situation”. She asks just what he means by that. He says it could happen by deporting Levi.

Kiki furiously tells Morgan how dare Tracy to be so hideously insensitive about what has happened to Rafe as to happily suggest it will all be justified if they kill him to give Alice his heart, but Morgan tells them he realizes that Tracy is cold and ruthless and not always a nice person, buts she loves and cares for Alice and they need to realize that. So he wants to help Tracy do what she intends to do.

In Alice's room, Michael tells Tracy maybe they should not get ahead of themselves. They haven't a clue whether Rafe has the same blood type as Alice or how to get the plans into motion, but she tells him all the more reason why they need to find out and make it happen ASAP.

Silas continues to talk to Nina who “plays” him, as she hears him admit he is beyond angry and not thinking entirely rationally. She tells him she understands all he is going through and he must know that Sam does also, but she remarks it's odd that Sam is not there. He knows she has gone to talk to Patrick, and he admits that maybe Sam does not understand things the way she does, and Nina knows how to convince him that Sam is siding with and justifying Dr. Drake.

Patrick confides in Sam that he's been asking himself ever since he stepped out of the E.R if he chose to listen to the part of himself who told him to end Rafe. Did he want to turn a teenage boy into a vegetable in order to get retribution for what Rafe took from him and Sabrina? He faces Sam and tells her he searched his soul many times, and he now know that that blood vessel burst on his own. It was not him. He did everything he could to save Rafe. He tells her what happened to Rafe would have happened no matter who was operating on him. He now knows he did not falter. He tells Sam she has to believe him and asks her to please tell him she does. She does not answer right away.

Kiki admits to Michael, Morgan and Tracy that she realizes that maybe there's nothing wrong with donating Rafe's heart to save Alice. Michael tells her it might not be that easy given that they do not know if he has the same blood type as Alice or not and the fact that he is a minor. Tracy then tells them she can get authorization from Dr. Clay. Kiki then tells her no. If anyone is going to go and talk to Silas about this, it will be herself.

Silas plays right into Nina's hands while they sit beside Rafe's hospital bed and he remains brain dead. He tells her that Sam has really disappointed him. She did not understand his justifiable suspicion about Patrick and is defending him, he tells Nina.

Sam cries and tells Patrick it took a lot of courage for him to honestly admit the truth to her, but that is the easy part. They both know that Silas is furious with him and convincing him is going to be a whole 'nother ball game.

Maxie tells the Immigrations officer that he cannot just deport Levi, but he tells her within a matter of days he can. She then assures Levi that she can call Diane Miller and get her on this so that he can beat the charges, but the Immigrations officer tells her that it's too late for that to be done. There's no point in wasting her money on lawyers. The best thing to do is for her to help Mr. Dunkleman get packed and say their good-byes. In a short time, Mr. Dunkleman will be deported and sent back to Australia. So

Lucas walks in on what looks like Brad and Felix interested in each other. He admits he came there to let them know which one of them he wanted to be with, but what he's just seen changes everything. He admits he really does not trust either one of them after what he's just seen.

Maxie calls and leaves a message for Diane and frantically tries to get “justice” for Levi, but it looks like their options are limited. They both conclude that he would not have been found out, were it not for one obvious source they both know, and Nathan walks in and notices them both looking coldly at him.

Kiki goes in to see her dad and tells him she is not ok with the fact that Tracy wants to just give up on Rafe and make herself a hero by giving Alice his heart. He tells her it is what it is and there's no reason to blame anyone for that They both realize that maybe it makes sense to use Rafe's heart to save Alice. They can't waste more time, and they need to find out of Rafe might have the same blood type.

Sam and Patrick continue their private conversation in the other room. She tells him that Silas is consumed with anger. He remarks he understands the reality that Silas will blame him for what happened to Rafe, but she tells him she won't let that happen. She will help Silas see what she sees. She promises Patrick she will be there for him. They both cry. He tells her he is so sorry for what happened to Rafe, and they hug.

In one room Tracy affirms to Michael and Morgan that Rafe's heart has to be a match for Alice. Her blood type is B positive.

Kiki tells her father she knows it's morbid to talk about matching blood types with Rafe in the other room, but he confirms that his nephew is B positive.

Nina talks to unconscious Rafe telling him he's so handsome. She sees a lot of his father and his uncle in him. Not just in his features but in his darkness. What happened to him is a tragedy, she tells him, but it's good for her. She tells him that he is helping her drive a wedge between Silas and his trailer trash girlfriend. He is helping her get what she wants and not able to tell anyone what she is doing. So she thanks him and holds his hand, looking lovingly at him. She tells him she will make sure he will get a great funeral with all the trimmings, but she is startled when she sees his hand grab her and his eyes open.

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