GH Update Thursday 7/10/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/10/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly's, the shirtless Lucas came downstairs and greeted Felix, who was also shirtless, and on the couch. Lucas handed Felix a cup of coffee. Grateful, Felix said that he needed it after their wild night drinking all that wine. Lucas didn't think a Golden Girls marathon qualified as wild. Felix had been too intoxicated to drive after helping drink three bottles of wine, so he crashed on the couch. Felix was glad he knew Carly, otherwise she would have freaked out seeing a half naked man in her house. Lucas thought it took more than that to rattle his sister. He added that Felix could have just slept in Lucas's bed. Felix joked that he was no Blanche. Lucas clarified that he was only talking about sleeping. As Felix pulled on his shirt, he told Lucas that he'd had a really good time hanging out with him the past couple of weeks. Felix's other friends were going through rough times, and it felt good for him to be able to laugh with Lucas. Lucas told Felix that he'd made his hospital stay bearable. Felix said that he wouldn't have to check in on Lucas anymore. Lucas reached up and smoothed out the wrinkles in Felix's shirt as he confessed that he'd love it if they could still hang out without the pretense of Felix playing nurse. The doorbell rang and Felix took it as his cue to leave. Lucas answered the door. It was Brad; his jaw dropped as he surveyed the scene. Brad explained that he'd brought coffee for Lucas, but it seemed that Lucas had that covered, unlike his chest. Felix left, and Brad asked if Felix spent the night. Lucas snapped that it was none of Brad's business. Brad told Lucas to answer the question instead of playing games. “Oh right, 'cause you're the one who's so concerned with the truth” Lucas spat. Lucas revealed that Felix had spent the night, and he asked Brad what he was going to do about it. Brad spontaneously dropped the coffee on the floor and pulled Lucas into a kiss. Lucas pushed Brad away. Brad confessed that he wanted Lucas back, and he wasn't giving up even if Lucas hooked up with Felix. Lucas clarified that he and Felix had just watched TV and shared wine, not that it was Brad's business. Brad felt it was his business. He complained that he'd been trying to get to see Lucas ever since Lucas got shot, but Felix and Lucas's family hadn't allowed it.

Lucas didn't think Brad should blame them, since they did it because they cared about Lucas. Brad was adamant that he cared about Lucas too. Brad insisted that he and Lucas had something good, and he refused to give up on it until Lucas told Brad that he was over him. Lucas admitted that he did still had feelings for Brad, however, he wasn't sure couldn't trust Brad because Brad had nearly destroyed Lucas's cousin Lulu. Brad asked if this meant he could trust Felix. Lucas snapped that this wasn't about Felix, it was about Brad hurting Lucas. Brad wondered if there was a part of Lucas and Felix that wanted to have sex with each other in order to get back at Brad. “No, Brad. That's what you do,” Lucas yelled. Brad looked hurt, and Lucas apologized for being harsh. Brad admitted he earned it. Lucas wished that he could see Brad as the guy at the bar who understood him. Brad swore that he was still that guy, but Lucas told him that too much had happened. Lucas added that he couldn't rule out the chance for him and Felix to become more than friends. Lucas liked Felix's honesty and his willingness to help others, even to his own detriment. Brad was adamant that Lucas had made Brad good and that they'd been good together. Lucas announced that he had to clean up the spilled coffee, and he asked Brad to leave.

Maxie was sitting on the couch eating breakfast. Nathan headed toward the shower, but Maxie told him that Levi was already in there. She made a snide comment about Nathan having arrested Levi, and the exasperated Nathan replied that Levi was given every chance to leave, but he stayed because he wanted to be arrested. Maxie felt that Levi was standing up for his principles, but Nathan believed that Levi had been putting on a show for Maxie. Maxie asked why Nathan couldn't give Levi a chance. Nathan pointed out that he just did when he didn't report Levi's immigration problems. Maxie thanked him. Nathan noted that Levi was taking a long shower, and he quipped that Levi must have situational ethics when it came to water conservation. Maxie was annoyed with Nathan for taking another shot at Levi, and she snapped that he owed her an apology for letting him drag her all over town last night. She showed him her bruised wrist and told him she'd have to moisturize it for weeks. Nathan asked if she'd like him to buy her moisturizer or wine as a gift. Maxie replied that she'd rather forget last night happened. Nathan felt that Maxie and Levi were lucky that the Quartermaines were too distracted by other things to press charges.

Nathan went to work. In the locker room, he struggled to unlock the padlock on his locker, then punched the locker in frustration. Dante rounded the corner. He made a lighthearted comment about his partner's outburst then asked why he was so upset. “Two words. Maxie Jones,” Nathan grumbled. Nathan admitted that he shouldn't let her get to him, but Dante assured him that he knew Maxie had a gift for exasperating people. Dante knew that his brother had called the cops on Maxie and Levi for trespassing. Dante asked if Nathan arrested Levi and cut Maxie loose. Nathan claimed the story would just bore Dane, then he asked about Lulu's surgery. Dante replied that the surgery went well. Dante explained that he didn't get a chance to go home with Lulu last night. He brought Nathan up to speed about finding out that Rafe caused Patrick's car crash, Rafe going on the run with Molly in the car, the car crash and the news that Rafe wasn't doing well. Nathan mentioned that he knew of Rafe through his research into Silas.

Dante was about to go home when he spotted the bruise on Nathan's wrist. He noted that it looked like a handcuff mark, and he was curious what happened. Nathan told him about the mishap with the handcuffs. Dante laughed. Sounding defensive, Nathan insisted that it could have happened to anyone. Dante disagreed. According to Dante, Nathan cuffed himself to Maxie because Nathan was distracted, which was unprofessional. Nathan swore that it wasn't his fault. He explained that Maxie had been squirming, and Nathan was trying not to hurt her. Dante burst out laughing again when Nathan revealed that he lost the key and ended up cuffed to Maxie the whole night because he was too embarrassed to come to the station and get another key. Dante thought that Nathan should have gone to the station anyway and let everyone see what happened. Nathan conceded that he might deserve to look like an idiot, but he knew Anna was taking a lot of heat right now and he didn't want to make her look bad. Dante admitted that Nathan had a good point, and he promised not to tell Anna what happened. Nathan told Dante about having to walk home while handcuffed to Maxie and while the fireworks went off above them. Dante thought that Nathan enjoyed himself, but Nathan insisted that that was not how he wanted to spend the holiday. Dante thought that Maxie could be charming. Nathan told Dante to try spending 12 hours cuffed to her and listening to her talking about Levi. Dante admitted that Levi got on his nerves. Nathan confided in Dante about his suspicion that Levi was up to no good. Dante considered Maxie a friend, so he was concerned. Nathan revealed that he thought Levi was the reason Maxie lost custody of Georgie. Nathan told Dante everything that happened. Dante zeroed in on the part about Nathan perjuring himself for Maxie. He suggested that Nathan was falling for her. Nathan scoffed and swore that this was all about Levi, not Nathan and Maxie. Nathan told Dante that Levi was still in the process of renewing his Visa. Nathan admitted that he had half a mind to turn Levi in. Dante felt that Nathan should make the call if Levi was causing trouble. Nathan groaned that he couldn't, because he promised Maxie. Dante saw this as more evidence that Nathan had feelings for Maxie. Later, Nathan wondered why Dante was still there. Dante explained that he'd misplaced his keys. Dante had been thinking about Maxie and Levi. Dante believed that Maxie was smarter than people gave her credit for, which lead him to conclude that she wouldn't stay with Levi much longer.

Lulu stopped by Maxie's and delivered the news that the surgery was a success and Lulu would be able to carry her next child. Maxie was overjoyed for her friend. She asked if Lulu planned to get the embryo implanted right away, and Lulu explained that she and Dante hadn't worked out the timeline yet. Maxie told Lulu that they'd have to be sure to be quiet, since Levi was sleeping. She told Maxie about Nathan arresting Levi. Maxie brought up the time she tried to avoid telling the police the incriminating information she had on Michael. She felt that Michael was wrong to call the cops on her and Levi after all she'd done for him. Lulu asked some pointed questions and got Maxie to admit that she and Levi had been asked to leave. Maxie defended herself and Levi by saying that Levi said it was a matter of conscience. The fact that it was Levi's idea caught Lulu's attention, and Maxie quickly clarified that she felt that way too. Maxie added that the next thing she knew, Levi had been arrested for no good reason. Lulu pointed out that they'd been trespassing. Lulu was curious to hear how Maxie managed to avoid being arrested too. Maxie told her how she and Nathan accidentally ended up handcuffed together. Maxie insisted that it was all Nathan's fault. Lulu asked if Maxie had been cooperating. “Of course!” Maxie chirped. Maxie also told Lulu about walking home with Nathan and the fireworks. Lulu smiled and told Maxie that it almost sounded romantic. Maxie pointed out that she had a boyfriend. Lulu knew that, but she also believed that Nathan was a great guy and attractive too. Maxie grudgingly admitted that she'd noticed that Nathan was attractive, but she also found him arrogant and frustrating. Maxie believed that Nathan butted heads with Levi on purpose. She said that every time she thought she'd found a shred of humanity in Nathan, he turned around and disappointed her. Maxie was certain that she and Levi would be a lot better off once they found jobs and were able to kick Nathan out. Lulu thought Maxie was protesting too much, but Maxie was adamant that she did not have feelings for Nathan. Lulu dropped the subject because she wanted to go see Lucas before she picked up Rocco from Olivia's. Lulu added that she wasn't saying that Levi wasn't great, but Lulu didn't think Maxie should feel bad for being attracted to Nathan. After Lulu left, Maxie thought about some of the close moments she and Nathan shared and wondered if she really did have feelings for Nathan. Just then, an immigration officer arrived looking for Levi.

Lulu went to Carly's and found Lucas smiling as he looked at the Golden Girls DVD case.

After the surgery, Patrick went up to Sam and Silas. Nina was around the corner listening in. Patrick struggled to find the words, so Silas demanded an answer. “I'm so sorry,” Patrick replied. Patrick explained that the surgery had been going well, but a vessel in Rafe's brain suddenly burst and Patrick was unable to repair the damage. Silas's eyes filled with tears, and he quietly asked if Patrick was saying that Rafe was dead. Patrick clarified that Rafe's heart was beating but he was brain dead. Silas pointed out that being brain dead was the same thing as being dead. Sam didn't understand why Silas was giving up. She reminded him that Nina woke up after her coma. Patrick explained that Nina had brain activity but Rafe did not. Silas added that everything that made Rafe who he was gone. Patrick repeated that he was sorry. “You're not sorry!” Silas yelled. “You wanted Rafe dead, so you either let him die or you killed him.” Sam noticed Silas advancing toward Patrick, and she quickly stepped in between them and tried to calm Silas down. Patrick insisted that he did everything he could to save Rafe. Sam believed Patrick, but Silas was convinced that Patrick nicked a blood vessel on purpose and he vowed to make sure Patrick paid. Sam pushed Silas farther away from Patrick. Silas yelled that Patrick had admitted that he wanted Rafe dead. Patrick calmly replied that Rafe was in the ICU if they wanted to see him. Sam gently lead Silas away. They went to Rafe's room. Sam stood in the doorway while Silas went inside and sat with Rafe. Silas told Rafe that that Rafe had trusted them, but that they brought him nothing but suffering over and over again. He assured Rafe that he could rest now and that no one would ever fail him again. Silas broke down crying, and Sam entered the room and comforted him.

When Alice woke up, Monica, Michael and Tracy were at her side. Monica informed her that she'd collapsed at ELQ after having a heart attack. Alice remembered discovering that Tracy planned to overthrow Michael. She told Michael that she had something to tell him. Tracy quickly interjected that Alice should rest after her terrible ordeal instead of straining herself. Michael agreed and told her that there'd be plenty of time to talk later. Alice assumed she'd just been pushing herself too hard and that she'd be okay after taking it easy. Monica broke the news that Alice would need a heart transplant. Monica attempted to console the worried Alice by telling her that she was at the top of the heart transplant list. While Monica spoke, Rafe was shown lying in bed. Alice insisted that she couldn't just lie in bed, but Monica told her that she'd have to, so she'd be well rested and ready for surgery when the time came. Monica had everyone leave so Alice could rest.

Morgan and Kiki were outside Alice's hospital room. Morgan confided that it was hard for him to see The Dominator in such bad shape. He was worried that she wouldn't receive a new heart and that she'd die. Kiki urged him to stay positive. Morgan appreciated Kiki being there but he told her she didn't have to stay while her family was in crisis. Morgan and Kiki smiled as they shared memories of Alice from the period when they lived in the Quartermaine boathouse. Morgan recalled that Alice had always supported him; she'd even skipped a dinner being thrown in her honor to help Morgan plan a special night for Kiki. Kiki remembered that – it had been the night Morgan proposed. She rubbed Morgan's shoulder. Kiki apologized for marrying Morgan when she had feelings for Michael. She explained that she'd hoped that the marriage would help her lose her feelings for Michael and go back to feeling the way she used to about Morgan. Morgan admitted that he hadn't been a saint either. Kiki was glad that they'd gotten past all that and become friends. She assured Morgan that she'd always have his back and they hugged. They suddenly got caught up in the moment, with Morgan holding Kiki's waist. Kiki snapped out of it and said that she should go back to her dad. Morgan apologized. Kiki assured him it was fine. Morgan asked if he should go with her, but Kiki told him to stay there. As Kiki quickly left the area, she called over her shoulder that Morgan should tell Michael that she'd be back.

Kiki was taken aback when she entered Rafe's ICU room and saw his condition. She and Silas talked, then Silas asked Kiki and Sam to give him a minute alone with Rafe. Kiki touched Rafe's shoulder and cried that she wished they had gotten a chance to know each other better. She left the room. Next Sam said her goodbyes. She told Rafe he'd always be a part of her family, that she and Danny loved him, and that she'd make sure Danny never forgot him. She kissed his forehead and walked out. Silas told Rafe that he should have been there for him from the beginning. Silas recalled that he'd been in a hurry to get away from his brother and he'd closed off his heart after everything that happened with Nina. Silas credited Rafe with opening up his heart again and making it possible for him to take Kiki in and fall in love with Sam. Silas told Rafe he loved him. He added that if Patrick was responsible, he'd make sure he paid. Nina appeared and placed her hand on Silas's shoulder.

Michael talked with Morgan about Alice. Michael decided to reach out to the people at ELQ with medical connections and find out if there was anything he could do to improve Alice's chances of getting a heart. Michael realized he left his phone in Alice's room, so he went back to get it. Michael got his phone and turned to leave, but Alice asked him to wait. She prepared to tell him that Tracy was trying to take the company from him.

Tracy joined Morgan. A moment later, Kiki walked up crying that Rafe was brain dead. Morgan comforted Kiki and Tracy seemed to get an idea.

Patrick got into the shower in the hospital locker room. He closed his eyes, as the water streamed over him, and remembered the scalpel in his hand during the surgery. Felix walked in and gently noted that Patrick looked like hell. Patrick told him about Rafe. Felix felt bad for the “poor kid,” but Patrick told him that he'd change his mind when he found out what Rafe did. After Patrick filled Felix in, Patrick explained that he was debating whether or not to tell Sabrina. Felix revealed that Juan had said Sabrina was doing better, and Sabrina sounded like herself when Felix talked to her on the phone. However, Felix wasn't sure whether the news would help or hurt her.

Felix was showering when Brad walked around the privacy partition and loudly cleared his throat. Startled, Felix yelled “What the hell?” Brad announced that he had a bone to pick with Felix.

Sam caught up with Patrick on the elevator. She told him that she had to ask if he intentionally caused Rafe to become brain dead.

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