GH Update Wednesday 7/9/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/9/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Nathan wake up in their apartment sitting side by side on the couch and look at each other while still handcuffed together. Levi walks in and angrily confronts them assuming that they have been together, behind his back, playing sex games. They explain that that is not what happened. Nathan arrested her and lost the key after accidentally handcuffing himself to her. They tell the story and argue, revealing that they have not really enjoyed spending the last day together. Levi angrily tells them that while they were having their” encounter”, he could have gotten deported.

Anna meets with Jordan in the park and asks if she's made any progress in finding out Julian's secret of his anonymous former criminal boss. Jordan does not answer, revealing there's still been no progress.

Julian rushes into the hospital and asks where he can find Alexis Davis. The nurse points him toward cubicle 1.

While at the hospital, Silas calls Nina and asks her if Kiki is still there. She replies that his daughter left not long ago with her boyfriend. She graciously asks how Rafe is. He replies his nephew is still in surgery. She “graciously” asks her “husband” if he can get some breakfast, knowing he must be hungry and asks him to call her with any news. He tells her he promises. As soon as she's off the phone, she returns to her “real self”. Rosalie enters and informs Nina she has some blueberry muffins for her. Nina tells her muffins are not going to cut it. And she furiously tells Rosalie she's not in a good mood because she had to spend the evening making nice to Silas' bastard daughter while he's been away at the hospital away from her, with his trash girlfriend.

Sam finds Silas sitting in the hospital lobby and brings him some coffee while he awaits the verdict on Rafe. He admits he is not ok, knowing the guy who is operating on his nephew has every reason to want him dead.

Jordan tells Anna she was just about able to convince Julian to trust her and believe they are in the same boat. He was ready to tell her all the secrets they need to know. But it appears something or “someone” prevented him, from doing so and scared him off. They still both haven't a clue whom this mysterious person is.

Julian meets Alexis at the hospital. She tells him she has spent the night worrying what will happen to Molly. At first her daughter woke up and appeared to be ok. But then, they heard other stories while she's been waiting and wondering and getting no answers as the hospital staff are short-handed. He holds her and she tells him that Rafe has had a terrible episode where he needed emergency surgery. They aren't sure if he's going to make it and she's afraid the same thing could happen to Molly.

Not far away, Dante talks to Lulu about how he tried but failed to prevent Rafe from running after it's been found out that he caused the accident that killed Patrick's son, which only caused Rafe to have another accident that endangered both himself and Molly. He could not prevent Molly from getting into the car nor talk to Rafe. He wants to help him and not let terrible things happen to him after the kid made one mistake. Now he's having surgery and Sam and Silas are wondering if he's going to live or die.

Sam informs Silas that she did talk to Patrick. Yes, he was furious with Rafe after he found out what happened. But she knows that Patrick is a good doctor, very willing and able to save Rafe's life regardless. She has known Patrick for years. He was able to save Jason's life when even though he believed Jason was responsible for Robin's death. Jason could have died, gone blind or been paralyzed for life. But Patrick knew how to prevent that from happening when he operated on him. Patrick put his personal issues aside for Jason. But Silas is much less confident than she is and tells her that Drake is a human being like anyone else, doctor or not. And he does not trust him or the situation where they are all at Patrick’s mercy for whether Rafe lives or dies. He remarks to her that the person Patrick and anyone else affected by the accident should blame is himself (Silas).

In Silas' apartment, Nina angrily tells Rosalie that she and Silas were all ready to have a romantic evening together watching the fireworks. It looked like he might break up with Sam and everything would fall into place for Nina. Then he was called away when he found out Rafe is in trouble. She was not worried that she could not get Silas back when he found out his drug addict nephew killed a baby, drove under the influence again, and could have gotten Sam's sister killed. But it only brought Silas and Sam closer. Rosalie then tells her she hates to break up her pity party, but they have much more serious concerns to think about. Rafe has caught her red-handed and knows her secret. If he pulls through surgery, he can tell Silas everything about her scam and the fact that he knows she has it in for just about everybody in this town.

In the OR, while they perform surgery on Rafe, Epiphany remarks that she commends Patrick for stepping in to give this boy another chance knowing what he knows. She reminds him because of Rafe, Gabriel had to be born too soon and did not make it. Patrick continues to focus on his job and tells her it was Obrecht's decision. There were no other neurosurgeons available. So he had no choice. Patrick sees his evil self telling him that Obrecht did him a favor.

When Maxie finds out that Levi has been deported, she asks him how that has happened. He tells her that his visa has expired and he hasn't had a chance to take care of renewing it. She then confirms that she did not know that he's in this country illegally and that is a big deal. He makes excuses, rationalizations and self-justifications which Nathan does not understand or buy. He goes on about how he's been too busy saving the world. Maxie remarks she finds it odd that the cops were ready to arrest him but let him go.

Jordan and Anna talk and brainstorm about what Jordan has found out, so far, while going undercover and having everybody believing she's been working with Julian and his boss and is responsible for illegal activity and drug trafficking. She tells Anna she ran into a guy named Mickey who told her that even though Julian is no longer “with them”, he speaks for the “boss”, which nobody still has a clue of his identity. She knows this guy sent Julian out of town so that Julian could not tell her anything. And he's been watching Jordan like a hawk ever since.

Outside of Molly's room, Alexis cries and tells Julian that she is worried about Molly, not hearing any answers and fearing the worst. She tells him she cannot help it. Molly is her baby and she is so worried about it. He consoles her and tells her he wants to make her feel better and ease her stress and fears

Sam asks Silas how it would be his fault that Rafe ran Patrick off the road. He tells her that Rafe drove his (Silas') car without a license and he Silas hadn't a clue until it was too late. It was his responsibility. Why didn't he know that Rafe was in trouble. Why didn't Rafe come to him after the accident and ask his uncle for help. She tells him that Rafe has been on his own for a long time and may not know how to ask for help.

Nina tells Rosalie that she was hoping that Rafe would die and not be able to tell anyone her secret. She does know, however, that the surgeon who is about to operate upon Rafe is the very one whom Rafe ran off the road. This guy's baby was born prematurely and died because of the accident. He has good reason not to want to save Rafe's life. So maybe this neurosurgeon will take care of her problems for her, she tells Rosalie.

As Patrick silently operates on Rafe, he hears the voice of his “evil self” telling him that Obrecht did him a big favor. She gave him the chance to do what he wants and needs and has every right to do which is to end the person who ran him and his family off the road and killed his son. Since he did what he was instructed to do, nobody could blame him or say that Rafe's death was premeditated. Patrick sees “himself” standing over Rafe encouraging him to “kill him right on the table”.

When Maxie asks Levi how the cops let him go when they were ready to arrest him, he informs them that super lawyer, Diane Miller saved him and convinced the cops to drop the case.

Jordan tells Anna this guy named Mickey Diamond is somehow “controlling” this source of information and only telling her what he wants her to know. Anna tells her she will look into Mr. Diamond. Jordan tells Anna she has already done that. She tried to do a search but there was nothing. Anna thinks of checking with the WSB. Jordan tells Anna she can talk to Mickey and hopefully find out more. Realizing they are running out of options and presently coming up with nothing, Anna tells Jordan she trusts her to use her resources but warns her to be careful. Anna leaves and as soon as Jordan is alone, Mickey appears out of nowhere and smiles although Jordan is not comfortable to see him.

Julian rubs Alexis' shoulders. She tells him she is grateful but this may not be what she needs right now. He seems to know, however, how to help her to de-stress and not worry what will happen to Molly. She tells him he may be right that they need not worry about Molly. At least she is not on drugs. Hearing that, Julian appears surprised (and startled) to hear that “somebody” he might know is on drugs.

At the hospital, Sam reveals to Silas, for the first time that Rafe has had a drug habit. TJ somehow knew and informed her mother. And Alexis and TJ ran into Patrick and found out, at that point, for the first time, that Rafe ran Patrick off the road. Hearing that, Silas is very upset to find out that his nephew has been using drugs without his know and did not come to him. And even more alarmed, panicked and horrified to learn that Patrick now knows not only did Rafe do what he did. He's been using while driving. What possible incentive would Patrick have not to kill Rafe on the operating table when he knows all of those things? And right then, Rosalie wheels Nina into the hospital so they can overhear the whole conversation.

Not far away, Dante expresses those very concerns to Lulu. Of all of the people to operate and be entrusted to save Rafe's life, it's got to be Patrick. She tells him she knows that as she attended baby Gabriel's funeral. Of course, Patrick would have to be devastated. But to “go after” Rafe like that when Patrick is the surgeon who's taken the sworn oath to practice medicine and save lives. Dante tells her that he is very worried for Rafe. This kid is bleeding to death, fighting for his life, asking for forgiveness and at the desperate mercy of a man who has incentive to murder him. He was there when Rafe was brought into the hospital after the accident. Patrick went to confront Rafe and tell him he's a murderer and he does not care if Rafe died. And then, suddenly Rafe sounded like he desperately wanted to tell Patrick something about the accident. But before he could, he suddenly went into a seizure. And now Patrick is doing brain surgery on the kid he holds responsible for the death of his son. Lulu hears that and is shocked.

In the OR, we see Patrick as the doctor hearing his “other self” telling him that little punk ran him off he road and killed his son. The “doctor” Patrick tells his other “self” that he does not believe in “an eye for an eye”. Also, they do not know the circumstances of the accident. Rafe may not have intended to hurt him or his family and they don't know everything involved. His “other self” tells him right! They don't know everything involved. He may have been “distracted”, texting his girlfriend, drowning his sorrows. He may have been drunk, or high as a kite. They alright know that he's been on drugs. And if it was an unintended accident, why didn't he get out to see if they were ok, get help or call the cops? And as soon as it was discovered that he did it, why did he try to run? And did he learn from the first time he caused a hideous accident? No. He's back doing the same thing tonight and almost killed Molly. We see the “other” Patrick asking the doctor just how many people does Rafe have to hurt before he does something about it, while he (the “other” Patrick) picks up a scalpel to “visualize” how he can end it. When Patrick the doctor does not respond, his “double” tells him if he's not going to do it for himself, then he needs to do it for Sabrina. She almost lost her mind. She lost her son and so did he, he tells Patrick while pointing the scalpel at him. The “double” hands Patrick the scalpel while the doctor asks if that means he's supposed to kill Rafe. The “double” tells him that Rafe's life is in Patrick's hands. And he needs to get justice for his son. And he can do it now.

Nathan tells Levi he is a cop. He checks into things. He knows that Levi is lying and breaking the law and he could easily nail him. It's his responsibility as a cop to report him. Maxie asks him if he will really go through with that. Nathan asks Levi if he really thinks he's going to keep quiet for Levi. Maxie tells Nathan that he needs to keep quiet about Levi's secret for her.

At the hospital, as soon as Alexis reveals to Julian she's found out that Rafe has been purchasing and using drugs, he is shocked although he does not reveal to her anything beyond what she already knows about his previous involvement in an organization that peddles drugs.

In the park, Mickey acts friendly to Jordan. She acts friendly back, as though she's on the “same side” as him and his boss. But he was able to see her talking to commissioner Anna Devane.

As soon as Silas sees Nina, she smiles and graciously asks him how things are. He replies not good. He informs her that on top of everything else, he's found out Rafe has been using drugs. She “graciously” tells him she's “so sorry”. She had no idea. He tells her it appears his nephew was doing a good job at hiding it. And it doesn't stop there. Patrick Drake is the one who is performing surgery on his fatally ill nephew. She graciously tells him she hopes nobody would suspect that Dr. Drake would hold what happened to his family against Rafe. Would he?

Patrick hears “himself” telling the doctor at work that with this one scalpel, "it's a done deal," and who would question him? But his better self says that he took an oath. He's a doctor. He's not a cop or judge or jury. It's not up to him to decide the fate of Rafe's life or if he should live or die or is innocent or guilty. The evil Patrick tells him he needs to get a clue and know he cannot “rely on justice”. That kid's Uncle Silas will have Diane Miller on retainer who will get him acquitted by having the judge and jury believing her client was just a “scared little kid” who should be felt sorry for and let him get away with killing Patrick's son. He'll get a slap on the hands and get away with what he did before anyone can say “reasonable doubt”. So, he says as he grabs Patrick's hand, with the scalpel in it: “What are you waiting for?” At that point, Patrick does not argue back. He goes back to work, and Epiphany remarks they have a bleeder. Patrick still hears his evil self telling him this is the thing to do.

Lulu tells Dante that she knows he's been through a terrible situation with all that has happened. He then tells her that maybe the two of them should count their blessings since it looks like everything in their family is ok and they can have their second Falconeri baby after her surgical procedure was successful. She tells him that she wants to stop by to visit Maxie and tell her the good news.

Maxie attempts to urge Nathan not to give Levi up. She tells him, if nothing else, he might owe her for getting them cuffed together and losing the key and all he's put her through in the last 24 hours. She thinks maybe that could entitle her to one tiny favor.

Outside Molly's hospital room, Alexis tells Julian that after they were last together, Anna came to see her and expressed her opinion that she disapproves of Alexis' relationship with him. She told Anna she does not need her advice. However, she realized that Anna and the cops have some very legitimate concerns about him. Yet, she realizes that he has paid a price by almost losing his son. He's extricated himself from that life. She is proud of him and she will stand by him. She then leaves to find Molly. He tells her he'd come with her but knows Molly might not want to see him given the recent situation. They go their separate ways. Not far away, Anna enters while talking on the phone to Frisco about digging up some leads about Julian's former boss whom nobody can find the identity of. She sees Julian and they stare coldly at each other.

In the park, Jordan tells Mickey that she had no intention of talking to Anna in the park. Anna Devane is always harassing her and trying and failing to get her arrested. She is happy to report that the PCPD is incompetent and she is on board with him and his agenda. He remarks that he knows that the cops failed to get her charged with anything and she out-smarted them. She asks him to go back to the gallery with her to strategize on how they can make more money. He has another idea, though, and asks her to meet later for dinner after he takes care of something else he has to do.

At the hospital, Nina graciously tells Silas that she would like to be there for him while he's going through this very “trying time” with his nephew. He tells her that he wouldn't ask her to do that. She has her own thing to do with physical therapy. She tells him that is why Rosalie is there. Rosalie adds that “somebody” has to be there for Nina, hinting a “guilt trip” for Silas. But she tells him she wants to know all about Rafe and his prognosis.

Patrick stands over his patient frozen. Epiphany tells him he better do something before Rafe dies. He hesitates but then instructs the staff to hustle and stop the bleeding before it's too late.

Maxie looks at Nathan and asks him to please grant her this “favor". He then says fine. He won't report Levi if she asks him not to. But he advises Levi to get his VISA straightened around. And they both conclude that in order not to be cuffed together, they have to go to the station, “swallow their pride”, admit what happened to the other cops, and ask them for a duplicate key. But right then, Levi is able to see that the very key that they have been “trying and failing” to find is right on a hook on the wall of their apartment. He seems to know that maybe they have not had such a hardship being cuffed together nor trying all that hard to break free. He unlocks the cuffs. It appears Nathan's hand is bruised and Levi comments how he knows that Maxie wants to “baby” him. They both say and do nothing but reveal he may know what is going on between them.

Jordan “graciously” accepts Mickey's dinner invitation and asks if they should invite Julian. He tells her that won't happen. Julian won't be available. He tells her he will meet her, gawks at her and tells her to be sure to “wear something nice”.

At the hospital, Anna tells Julian she came by to see how Molly is doing. He tells her he's talked to Alexis and it appears her daughter will be ok. She remarks that is good, commenting there have been too many accidents and people's lives endangered. He tells her it's “nice” to see a commissioner caring enough about a patient to check on them in person, revealing he doesn't buy that that is the reason she is there. He asks if she is there to make another attempt to persuade Alexis to dump him. She tells him she did have that conversation with Alexis who is adamant that he is out of the business. He assures her he is. She tells him “time will tell”. And they walk coldly away from each other.

Not far away, Sam and Silas wait on the verdict on Rafe. Nina watches inconspicuously as Patrick walks out of surgery not looking happy or confident. He goes to face Silas and Sam who ask him what has happened. Patrick is unable to speak.

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