GH Update Tuesday 7/8/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/8/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan and Shawn both happened to be going for a run in the park. They literally ran into each other. Shawn caught Jordan by the waist. He moved his hand away and apologized for bumping into her. They made small talk and Shawn pointed out that it wasn't safe to run at night. Jordan was confident that she could take care of herself. She added that she likes to run at night to clear her head. Shawn wondered what she was trying to clear up, and she told him that she was thinking about TJ. She asked how TJ was, and Shawn told her to call him. Jordan had been calling, but TJ wouldn't answer. Jordan admitted that she'd rather have TJ yell at her than ignore her calls. Jordan asked if Shawn was okay with TJ disrespecting her. Shawn wasn't okay with any part of the situation, but he told Jordan that TJ was an adult who had the right to choose not to talk to her. Shawn told Jordan that if she wanted to repair things between her and TJ, she should try harder. Jordan insisted that there was nothing she could do as long as TJ thought she was a drug dealer. Shawn didn't know what she expected TJ to think. He pointed out that Jordan was only free on a technicality and she was still working at the art gallery/Jerome front. Jordan argued that Ric had been the one running drugs, and he was dead. Shawn didn't believe that Julian wasn't involved. He urged Jordan to prove herself by cutting ties with the Jeromes. Jordan scoffed and spat that she didn't have to prove anything to a hypocrite like Shawn, who was working for Sonny. Jordan felt that Shawn was making her out to be the bad guy, and she was fed up. She announced that it was time TJ knew the truth about what Shawn did to TJ's father. She turned to leave. Shawn grabbed her by the arm, spun her around and hissed that she wasn't going anywhere. Jordan ordered him to let her go. Shawn growled that both Shawn and Jordan would lose if Jordan told TJ what really happened. Jordan argued that Shawn betrayed Tommy and TJ was going to find out what Shawn did. Shawn yanked Jordan toward him, so their faces were just inches apart. “What we BOTH did. And you know exactly how” Shawn countered. They stared into each others eyes, caught up in the moment, until Shawn's phone rang. It was Sonny, who announced that he had a job for Shawn. Shawn told Jordan he had to go. Jordan said they'd talk later, but Shawn insisted that there was nothing else to say. He warned her that telling TJ the truth would hurt all three of them, especially TJ. “So TJ goes on loving you and hating me?” Jordan asked. Shawn assured Jordan that he didn't want that for her or TJ. Jordan begged him to help her make things better. Shawn told her that he'd consider backing her up, if she took the first step. After Shawn left, Jordan flashed back to the close moment she shared with him earlier.

Carly was sitting on her bed reading her tablet when Franco hesitantly entered the room. He asked if he was welcome, and Carly reminded him that he was the one who chose to spend last night on the couch. Carly brought up the subject of Franco almost telling Michael that Sonny killed AJ. She noted that she'd confided in Franco about something that could destroy her family, and now she was afraid because she didn't know what he'd do with the information. Franco admitted that he messed up, but he assured Carly that things would be better from now on because he had found a job. Franco climbed into bed and explained that he didn't have much of a job history, so he had to get kind of creative. He told her how he came into possession of Heather's painting that Obrecht and Faison won at auction and used it to get meeting with Obrecht and ask her for a job. Carly asked what he'd be doing, and Franco reminded her about the time he'd showed her how to use art to work through her anger about finding Ava and Morgan in bed. Franco is going to be doing art therapy at the hospital to help the patients work through their emotions. He hoped to be able to help them find clarity. Franco looked wistful as he reminisced about the way the rest of the world seemed to disappear when he was creating art. Carly could tell he missed that feeling. Franco admitted that he did. He knew he might not ever feel creative again, but he was looking forward to helping other people feel that way. Carly told Franco she was happy for him. They kissed. Later they both laid down, but Franco couldn't sleep because he was nervous about his first day at work. He apologized for keeping Carly up and he began to get out of bed to go to the couch. Carly stopped him and told him she didn't want him to leave. She stroked his hair and tried to reassure him that he'd be great. Franco didn't think he'd been great at anything in a long time. Carly disagreed. She told him he was great when he saved her life, when he got this job and he'd be great at art therapy. She told him he was great at something else too; she whispered in his ear, then they kissed and went at it.

Delia broke into Sonny's office and began to search for the flashdrive that proved Ava killed Connie and that Sonny killed AJ. Ava called looking for an update. Delia got sidetracked and started to ramble about how Sonny's office compared to Ava's father, Victor's, office. Ava got Delia to focus, and Delia continued her search. Delia felt that Ava owed it to her to tell her what was on the flashdrive, but Ava refused to tell Delia because she thought Sonny would kill Delia if she knew the truth. Delia understood that Ava was looking out for her. Ava remembered that there had been a safe in the office when Julian rented it. Delia found it. Ava was stunned when Delia revealed that she knew how to crack a safe. Sonny came home and Ava covered by pretending she was having a bad conversation with Kiki. When Ava hung up, she predicted that Sonny was happy that Kiki wouldn't talk to Ava. Sonny admitted that he was. Ava thought Sonny should be sympathetic, since he was on the outs with Morgan because he was forcing Ava to live there. Sonny told Ava that the difference was that he had years to repair his relationship with Morgan, while Ava only had months to make things right with Kiki. Sonny taunted Ava by telling her that she had no one now that Delia walked out on her, too.

Sam, TJ, and Alexis surrounded Molly's bed, waiting for her to wake up. Sam explained that the paramedics said Molly looked worse than she really was and that she'd be fine. Molly dreamed about Rafe telling her that someone told him to run Patrick's car off the road. Molly woke up feeling nauseated. Sam left the room to get a doctor. Molly was agitated; she didn't fully remember what happened and she was worried about Rafe. TJ told her she got into a car accident. A doctor came in and Molly asked about Rafe. The doctor didn't have any information on Rafe's condition.

Delia used a glass to successfully crack the safe. She got distracted by several rolls of $100 dollar bills that Sonny had stashed inside, then she remembered that Ava was counting on her. She found the flashdrive and grinned. A second later, Olivia walked in and demanded to know who Delia was and why she was doing in Sonny's office in the dark. Delia gave Olivia a fake name and claimed that she was Sonny's new assistant. Olivia didn't buy it; she announced that she knew Sonny and Delia was not his type. Delia smiled and said Olivia must be the ex that Sonny had been stepping out on. Delia claimed that Sonny sent her to retrieve the flashdrive, and she asked Olivia to kindly move so Delia could deliver it. Olivia refused, and she called Sonny. Sonny was happy to hear from Olivia, but she told him that she didn't call to make up with him. She filled him in and told him that he should come to his office. Olivia removed her earrings. Delia told her not to start something she couldn't finish, then she warned Olivia that she was from Washington Heights. Olivia shot back that she was from Bensonhurst. Sonny walked in and greeted Delia by name. Delia's phone rang and she tried to leave, but Sonny stood in her way. He took the phone and answered it without speaking. Ava asked Delia if she got the flashdrive. Ava looked crushed when Sonny told her that Delia couldn't come to the phone.

Back at Sonny's office, Sonny took the flashdrive away. Delia quickly explained that Ava put her up to this and she couldn't say no to her kid. She begged for her life, and Sonny told her to calm down. He revealed that he was having his associate take Delia back to NY. Delia wanted to see Kiki first but Sonny said not this time. Olivia started to leave. Sonny thanked her for calling and helping him avert a disaster. Olivia didn't want to know what this was all about, but she advised Sonny to do a better job of hiding the flashdrive in the future. She told him to give her best to Ava and she left. Later, Delia and Shawn are leaving the office. Delia asked what would become of her belongings, and Shawn told her they'd have them sent to her. Delia asked what Sonny was going to do to her daughter. Shawn didn't know. Delia asked how Shawn could be so cold. She asked if there wasn't anyone he cared so much about that he'd do anything he could to protect them. Shawn didn't respond. Delia told Shawn that she knew everything that was going on between Ava and Sonny and that if anything happened to her little girl, she'd see to it that Sonny and Shawn paid.

When Sonny got home, Ava rushed toward him and demanded to know what he'd done to his mother. Sonny growled that he did something far kinder than what he was going to do to Ava. He snatched the phone from her hand and told her that she'd just lost her phone privileges. Sonny waved the flashdrive in Ava's face and told her it had been a good try but she was never going to get it. He said goodnight and left.

Monica, Tracy, Michael and Morgan were gathered in Alice's cubicle at the hospital. Monica revealed that Alice had a heart attack and Tracy, Morgan and Michael's actions had saved her life. Everyone sensed that there was more. Monica started by saying that she'd ran a number of tests on the patient. Tracy cut Monica off and told her not to talk like Alice was just any patient and not to drag the news out. Monica told them that Alice's heart was failing and it was too weak to withstand the procedures that would normally be used to repair it. According to Tracy, Monica was the best cardiologist on either side of the Atlantic and if anyone could help Alice, it was her. Monica admitted that there was one option – a transplant. Michael was concerned about the risks of the procedure, and Monica explained that this was Alice's only chance. Monica could tell that Alice had heart disease for quite awhile and had obviously been experiencing symptoms. “Leave it to Alice to keep us in the dark while she pushes herself with that wrestling and the day camp” Tracy sighed. Monica announced that they'd have to pick up the slack for Alice until a donor heart became available. Michael tried to stay positive by pointing out that Josslyn and Maxie both received transplants. Morgan noted that they both got transplants from relatives but Alice didn't have a family except for them. Monica admitted that Alice had an uphill battle – she'd need a heart that was the correct size and blood type. Alice was also so ill that she had been moved to the top of the recipient list. Tracy thought that was good news. Monica told them that all they could do now was rely on circumstance and someone else's misfortune. Monica told everyone that Alice would be stressed out when she woke up and learned of her condition and she'd need their support. Monica just hoped that Alice would survive long enough for them to find her a new heart.

Silas, Patrick, and Dante were in Rafe's hospital room. Silas wanted everyone to leave so that Rafe could rest, but Rafe insisted that he had something to tell Patrick about what Rafe did to his family. Rafe was about to confess to causing the car crash on purpose, but he had a seizure before he had the chance. Silas screamed for help. Some nurses ran in, and Silas barked orders to them while he worked on Rafe. Sam arrived. She pulled Patrick out of the room and asked him what was going on. Patrick explained that he didn't have any details. Sam pointed out that Patrick had said Rafe was going to be okay. She demanded to know what Patrick had been doing in Rafe's room. Patrick yelled that he went to see the person that killed his son. Patrick told her what Rafe said just before the seizure. Patrick was bothered that he hadn't gotten a chance to hear what Rafe waned to tell him. Sam thought that Rafe had just wanted to apologize, but Patrick sensed that it was more than that. Sam assured him that they'd figure it out. Silas returned looking somber – Rafe had a traumatic brain injury and he'd need surgery. Obrecht arrived and concurred with Silas. She told Patrick to do the operation. Patrick told her that Rafe caused the crash that killed his son. Obrecht didn't think that should have any bearing on Patrick's ability to do his job. Silas wanted another doctor because he didn't trust Patrick with his nephew's life. Obrecht replied that the other neurosurgeons were off for the holiday and Rafe's condition was so dire that there was no time to wait for one of them to arrive.

Obrecht told Patrick that they weren't allowed to pick and choose who received treatment at GH and that every patient was entitled to the same level of care regardless of personal feelings. Patrick countered that doctors weren't expected to treat people that they were emotionally involved with. Obrecht understood Patrick's misgivings but she still expected him to put them aside and do his job. She walked away to make sure things were ready for the surgery. Silas vowed to fly someone up from NYC if that's what it took to get another doctor to operate on Rafe. Sam told him that Rafe's life was at stake and that they couldn't wait for another doctor when they had Patrick already there. Silas yelled that Patrick didn't want Rafe to live. Sam reminded Patrick that he saved Jason despite holding Jason responsible for Robin's death. She begged him to save Rafe. Sam told Patrick that he didn't want Rafe's blood on his hands. “Like Rafe has Gabriel's on his?” Patrick said. Sam replied that Rafe would pay for what he did, but if Patrick didn't help Rafe, he'd have to live with that. Sam pleaded with Patrick not to tarnish Gabriel's memory that way. Obrecht returned to take Patrick to surgery. Silas warned Patrick that he would regret it if he did anything to hurt Rafe while operating on him. Patrick and Obrecht walked away. Silas and Sam hugged.

Dante went into Molly's room and was pleased to see that she was awake. The doctor said Molly had a concussion but she would be fine. He went to arrange her release. Dante wanted to ask Molly a few questions. Alexis thought that should wait, but Dante wanted to question Molly while things were fresh. Dante asked Molly what happened that night. Molly told him how she went to Silas's to tell him that TJ saw Rafe doing cocaine at the park. Molly explained that she ran into Rafe and got into the car in an attempt to prevent him from driving while he was so upset. Molly was shocked to remember that Rafe had confessed to causing the crash that killed Gabriel. She told Dante about it. Dante pressed her to tell him what else she and Rafe had talked about. Molly got a headache and she couldn't remember anything else. Alexis put a stop to the interview. Dante told Molly that they could talk again another time. Alexis and TJ thought that Molly had done all she could and they didn't understand what more Dante wanted from her.

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