GH Update Monday 7/7/14

General Hospital Update Monday 7/7/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny is alone in his house listening to the fireworks when Olivia comes by unexpectedly. She tells him she could not stay away. She remembers a year ago at this time. They were watching the fireworks, then he kissed her. That night was very special to her as it was to him and it changed everything for them. She asks if he thinks they could ever get back what they had, but he realizes Olivia is not really there. She is only in his dreams, when Delia comes by smiling and says to him: “A penny for your thoughts.”

Nina and Silas are alone in his apartment watching the fireworks and she remarks that it's even more beautiful than the last time they were together. She obviously wants to get back with him, but he does not feel the same way.

Rafe is out driving Silas' car and running scared, now that it's been revealed that he ran Patrick's car off the road and fled the scene. He is panicking while the cops are on his tail. Molly rides with him and he reveals to her that he caused the accident on purpose. She is shocked and asks why on earth he would do that. He replies that somebody put him up to it. She demands to know who would “ask” him to do something so terrible. Dante and Sam follows the car. Rafe hesitates to answer her question and is not looking where he is going. Sam and Dante are horrified to see ready to crash into the police roadblock. They run to check on the teens' conditions. Rafe and Molly both go in and out of consciousness. After Dante calls for an ambulance, Sam assures her little sister, who is still in the car, that help is on the way. Rafe lies on the ground bleeding from the back of his head.

In the hospital, Michael and Morgan are standing watch over Alice in a cubicle. Monica finds Tracy and asks what happened to Alice. Tracy admits that Alice walked into ELQ and she did know why. They were discussing something, but then suddenly, for no known reason, Alice collapsed. Tracy tells her sister-in-law that the doctors are not telling anyone what is wrong with Alice.

Not far away in the hospital, Lulu awakens after her fertility procedure with Olivia by her side. Olivia explains to her daughter-in-law that Dante was going to be there when she woke up, but an unexpected emergency came up where Patrick and Silas needed police intervention involving a personal matter. Lulu is curious to find out the nature of the sudden emergency but Olivia admits she has not been told the details as of yet.

At Sonny's home, Delia gets “chatty” as she admires the pictures of Sonny's sons: Michael, Morgan, and Dante. She remarks how handsome his sons are. She also notices a picture of his father Mike who she remarks looks just like or is the same as her husband Roger (who were played by the same actor, Ron Hale). Sonny, however, does not want to talk. She can see that he is lost in thought and tells him she bets she can guess that he has a woman on his mind.

Silas and Nina sit alone in the apartment waiting to find out what will happen to Rafe. He admits that he is really shocked and disappointed in his nephew. He thought Rafe was a good kid and a responsible human being. He can't believe that he was too stupid to see the signs and not there for his nephew to intervene when Rafe was having problems he did not even know about. She assures him that he should not blame himself nor “rush to judgment” about Rafe. He remarks that he did a stupid thing adopting his nephew. It's a good thing he never had any kids that he had to raise because he believes he'd make a lousy father, but she tells him he should never believe that. She knows he would make a great father.

Alexis and TJ talk while waiting for Molly in the park. He reveals to her that he has concerns about Rafe as he's found out that Molly's “would-be” boyfriend has a cocaine habit. It appears that Alexis does not want to think ill of Rafe, but they both wonder why Molly has not returned their calls. He is worried that she might be mixed up with Rafe and his problems. Alexis tells TJ they need to go to Silas' home and find out. Then she will be able to tell him “I told you so” and prove that her daughter is all right.

Sam and Dante rush to help the accident victims. Sam tries to keep her sister, Molly, conscious, but her eyes roll back as Sam screams out her name. Molly is bloody and unconscious while Sam holds her, talks to her, and encourages her to open her eyes and talk.

Alexis and TJ run into Patrick in the park, and he tells them he would like to talk about Rafe. She tells him that TJ has already filled her in on Rafe's drug use. TJ informs Patrick that he saw for himself that Rafe was purchasing and snorting cocaine right in this very park not long ago, and they had a discussion about that. Hearing about the drugs, for the first time, Patrick tells them that he did not know that about Rafe, but he thinks that explains “things”. They both admit they did not know the other part, which he informs them, that he believes Rafe is responsible for the hit and run accident that killed Patrick's infant son.

Kiki goes to Silas' house to find out if her father and Nina might have a clue what happened to Rafe. She sees that Nina has a cut on her face and is shocked to think her otherwise courteous, sane, and respectful cousin would do something like that to a woman in a wheelchair.

Michael explains that they found Alice lying unconscious on the floor while at ELQ with Tracy. Monica looks suspiciously at Tracy. She is very grateful to her grandson and his brother for their help with her trusted family housekeeper. However, Michael and Morgan admit that the doctors are short-handed, because there's been another emergency. Monica tells them she wants to run some tests of her own and have access to the lab. Michael assures an unconscious Alice she has the best cardiologist in the state taking care of her. Morgan talks to her, encourages her to wake up and be ok as he reminds her that she owes him an arm wrestling match. Tracy tells Michael she needs to make some calls, but he firmly tells Tracy: “Not so fast.”

Sonny leaves Ava alone to talk to her mom. Alone with Ava, Delia remarks to her daughter that that guy is one piece of work. She wants to brainstorm about what Sonny's plans are and how they can find the tape-recording before AJ died that incriminates both Ava and Sonny. Ava has already unsuccessfully searched Sonny's bedroom, but she reminds her mom she has limited access to finding anything outside of his house, while she is on house arrest, but Delia, on the other hand, is not prevented from searching Sonny's office.

In Lulu's hospital room, she asks Olivia if Dante is in any danger. Olivia assures her she doubts that. Lulu tells her mother-in-law she does not want to sound paranoid, but Olivia appears upset about something. Olivia then admits that is correct. She is upset, but not about that. She was thinking about a year ago on this day. It was the first time she kissed Sonny since they were together as teenagers. She misses what they had and reveals she is not completely over Sonny.

While Sonny is gone, Ava and Delia continue to brainstorm and they both realize the only way for Sonny to trust Delia and not be suspicious of her is if he believes she is “enemies” with her daughter, and as soon as he walks in to see the two of them, Delia lashes out and throws her water at Ava's face, appearing to be angry at her about the face her daughter spoke to her.

Patrick informs Alexis and TJ that he, Sam, and others were able to conclude that all the evidence points to Rafe as the driver of the car that caused the accident that killed his son. As soon as Rafe knew they were onto him, he panicked and ran in Silas' car. Molly went with him. Sam and Dante followed them. Silas has stayed behind. He knows why Molly has not returned her mom's or her boyfriend's calls. She's with Rafe and may not be safe.

As soon as the EMTs take Molly and Rafe to the hospital in the ambulance, Sam gets on her phone to call Silas and inform him what is going on. They still affirm that they love each other in spite of what has happened, but he is very worried and upset to believe that his nephew has negligently caused the death of an infant, caused another accident that endangered Molly and assaulted Nina who is sitting demurely in her wheelchair listening.

At the hospital, Michael demands to know what is Tracy's “secret” involving the argument she had with Alice, which she called him about but did not have a chance to explain before she suddenly collapsed. He demands that Tracy tell him what she knows about what happened to Alice. He tells her that he thinks it makes good sense that Alice was about to call and reveal to him the “real reason” for Tracy to return to ELQ. She evades his question, and before they can discuss it further, Tracy points out to the brothers that their cousin Molly has just been brought in on a stretcher. They both turn their heads to see that it is Sonny's niece being admitted.

When TJ finds out from Patrick that Molly got into a car with Rafe, he is shocked and worried. He can't understand why Molly would put herself in danger getting into a car driven by a guy doing coke.

Michael and Morgan notice Sam right behind Molly and need to know how Molly could have been involved in a car accident when she does not have a license. Sam clarifies that Molly was not driving. They demand to know who was. Sam replies “him” and points to Rafe who is right behind Molly, being wheeled in on a stretcher. Rafe opens his eyes and stares blankly.

When Silas finds out about the accident, he tells Nina he doesn't want to leave her, but she assures him that she will be fine and he needs to go and be there for his nephew. Kiki promises to stay with Nina and encourages her dad to go, and he leaves. Alone with Kiki, Nina acts very “gracious” to her. Kiki still suspects nothing about Nina. Yet we hear and remember Nina stating that Kiki is on the list of people she intends to get revenge upon, by the mere fact that Kiki was born to Eva and given the circumstances of her conception and birth. We remember Nina's rage as she reflects, to Rosalie, that while the baby she had with Silas is nothing and not even a memory, the child he had with Ava gets to live and breathe on this earth, but in her conversation with Kiki, she knows how to behave very courteous and as if she has no ill feelings toward her.

At Sonny's, Ava and Delia “stage” an argument where Delia expresses her anger toward Ava's disrespect and terrible attitude to the woman who gave birth to her. Ava protests that she is having a difficult and stressful pregnancy and her mother is not being supportive to her. Delia argues that Ava looks just fine and is using that as a lame excuse, and Delia goes on to remind her daughter that she's lucky not to be pregnant in the early 70s when nobody could care less about second-hand smoke in bars where she (Delia) had to work until she gave birth. Ava yells at her mom about her ties to the Ryan family. Delia then gloats that she knows her daughter is jealous of the family she had after giving Ava away. Ava angrily rubs her mom's nose in her involvement with the “drink-slinging Ryans.” They continue to engage in their “screaming match” when Sonny asks them to “keep it down”, and Delia “concludes” that if her daughter finds her to be such a problem, maybe she should just go. She gets up to leave but Sonny follows her and tells her she doesn't have to leave. She is welcome to stay in his house. She smiles and graciously thanks him for his hospitality, appearing as though she is his friend. She has no issues with him and would like to accept his offer but can't stay around Ava. Hearing, and buying into that (hook, line and sinker), Sonny smugly tells Ava he “knew he liked her mom”. Ava appears angry but is secretly satisfied knowing she and her mom have completely pulled the wool over Sonny's eyes.

After Olivia reveals to Lulu that she is still not over Sonny, Lulu reminds her that Dante is furious at Sonny for what he put her through. Olivia tells Lulu she knows, but that is between Sonny and herself. She wants Dante to have a good relationship with his father. Lulu tells Olivia she thinks that Dante is more disappointed than anything, and she informs her that Dante concluded the thing with Sonny is he's spent his entire life chasing after the wrong things, and that's why Dante will never end up like his father. Olivia concludes that is true. Dante is a good man, but she realizes that telling her how devoted her son is to his wife makes her sound “obnoxious”, and she laughs, but Lulu agrees. When Olivia remembers something she has to take care of at the hotel, Lulu encourages her to go and take care of what she needs to do. She will be fine. She is happy that the procedure has been a success and that more than likely she will be able to give Rocco a little brother or sister.

Not far away in the hospital, Dante accompanies the ambulance staff as they wheel Rafe into the hospital, saying he urgently needs a CT scan of his head. Sam goes to attempt to talk to him, but Alexis rushes in with TJ and Patrick not far behind her. She is a lot less gracious knowing that Molly has been hurt and it's Rafe's fault. When Patrick sees that the others are distracted, he goes into Rafe's cubicle and furiously confronts him now that he knows that Rafe is responsible for what happened to his and Sabrina's baby, Gabriel Drake Santiago.

Back at Silas' apartment, Kiki admits to Nina she is worried that they have not heard anything by now although Nina wants to sound positive, reminding her “no news is good news”. Kiki admits she is concerned and would like to know if Rafe or Molly are hurt. Nina “slips” letting Kiki see her smile and admits she's “hopeful” to consider the possibility that Rafe is either dead or responsible for the death of someone else. She then tells Kiki she is sorry, but she's so used to being married to a doctor and remembering their “frank and unapologetic way of dealing with things.” She tells Kiki she is so sorry and hopes she did not offend her, but Kiki tells her it's ok. She understands. Nina then smiles and tells Kiki if she's worried, she should go to the hospital. In spite of what her husband thinks, she can manage, she tells Kiki. Kiki tells her she's sure she can, but she promised her dad she'd stay with Nina. Nina protests to Kiki that she “does not have to.” She assures Kiki she need not worry about “getting in trouble for leaving”. Hearing that, Kiki asks Nina if she's trying to get rid of her. Nina asks her why she'd think that. Kiki replies perhaps because of her mother Ava, Silas' mistress.

Sonny listens to Delia rushing to get out of the house with Ava urging her not to go, yet Delia telling her she's not going to put up with her. He hears Ava urging her mother to know they are family and to not abandon her, but Delia furiously tells her daughter she better not dare “guilt trip” her mother. Sonny respects her but her daughter does not. Delia won't put up with her daughter's insults and bossiness. She also reminds Ava that she now knows she has another grand-kid, and she's going to go find her and bond with her. Maybe she will appreciate Delia. Ava tells her mom she (herself) appreciates her, but Delia angrily departs, taking Sonny's office key from her daughter. Sonny then comes out and tells Ava, in smug satisfaction that “that went really well”, and, he remarks that he and Ava are alone at last.

When Dante brings Molly and Rafe into the hospital, he finds Michael and Morgan who inform him that there are suspicious circumstances in what happened to Alice, and maybe the cops should find out from Tracy what she might know.

Patrick leans over Rafe's stretcher and furiously tells him that he had a son named Gabriel who was born prematurely because Rafe hit his car and fled the scene, and because of what he did, Patrick's son did not make it. Rafe took his son away from him. Rafe tells Patrick he's sorry. Patrick tells him to shut up. He doesn't want to hear another word from him. Dante overhears, walks in and pulls Patrick away from the “patient”. Patrick tells Dante that Rafe killed his son. His apology means nothing. It's not going to bring Gabriel back. Is it? Patrick goes on to acknowledge that Rafe not only caused the accident. He didn't even stop to see if they were ok. What kind of a person does that? Silas walks in and (more forcefully than Dante) pulls Patrick away from his nephew and demands he leaves Rafe alone.

Beside Alice's hospital bed, Michael, Morgan, and Tracy all await the verdict when Monica returns after running some tests. They all want Alice to be ok and demand to know what Monica is not telling them.

After Delia leaves Ava alone with Sonny, and he appears to “gloat” to Ava, she tells him he needs to just go away. He is very confident that nobody cares about Ava, least of all her mother, whom she hoped would side with her against him, and she has to appear, to Sonny, as though she is very worried believing the same thing he believes.

Delia is all dressed in black with a hood getting off the elevator and unlocking Sonny's empty office by the glow of a little flashlight.

While Nina acts completely gracious and as though she harbors no animosity toward her, Kiki tells her she does not need to pretend. Kiki knows what's going on, she tells Nina. She knows that her father cheated on Nina with her mother. So she knows that she doubts she's one of Nina's favorite people, but Nina smiles and continues to appear gracious. She admits that she would be lying if she told Kiki that her husband's relationship with Ava did not hurt her, but that was long ago and she's over it. She smiles, holds Kiki's hand, and tells her how else can she move on unless she gets over it? She realizes Kiki did not ask to be born. That would be like her being blamed for all the horrible things her mother did. Kiki is still a bit suspicious and having difficulty believing Nina is really sincere. She tells Kiki she believes she is incredible. She knows she means a lot to Silas, and Nina hopes that she and Kiki can make a connection. Kiki smiles and appears like she might actually believe that Nina does not hate her.

While Molly remains unconscious in her hospital cubicle, Alexis holds Sam and praises her daughter for getting her the medical care she needed right away, so that Molly would not be lying on the side of some road. They are both worried. TJ sits beside Molly, urging her to wake up and be ok.

As Patrick is leaving his cubicle, Rafe calls to him because he has to tell him something important about the accident.

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