GH Update Thursday 7/3/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/3/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

It was the 4th of July in Port Charles. At GH, Elizabeth thanked Britt for going to bat for her with her mother and getting Liz her job back. Britt admitted that her mom had been unreasonable, and she felt bad that Liz had to go through that, especially right after losing her boyfriend. Spencer raced up and wished Britt a happy 4th. They chatted, then Nikolas arrived and announced that he, Spencer and Liz were spending the holiday together. Britt pretended to be okay with their plans. She excused herself and called Obrecht and said she needed her help. Next, Britt texted Spencer and told him to meet her in an exam room and not to tell his father.

Liz knew that Cameron wanted to see Emma, so she asked Nik if they could pick him up. Nik was fine with this, but Spencer grimaced. The conversation shifted, and Nik admitted he was surprised, but pleased, that Liz was able to get the night off. Liz smiled and said she was back on her regular schedule, thanks to Britt. Spencer got the text, then he asked Nik if he could go to the vending machines. Nik gave him permission to go, and Spencer left. Liz got called away by her supervisor. When Liz returned, she broke the news that another nurse had called in sick, so she would have to work after all. Liz didn't feel like she could refuse, since she just got her job back.

Spencer met with Britt. Britt asked Spencer if he really wanted to go to the fireworks with Liz and Cam, the one who stole Emma from him. Sounding repulsed, Britt told Spencer that if Liz kept seeing Nik, Cam would become Spencer's brother. Spencer was disgusted. He sighed that it was supposed to be himself, Britt, Nik and Ben. Britt agreed. Spencer wished that Britt hadn't made his dad so angry. Britt agreed; she missed Nik and Spencer and wished she and Nik could be together again. Spencer grumbled that Liz and Cam were always around. Britt suggested that they come up with a way for Spencer to see Emma tonight and for Britt to be with Nik tonight. Britt stressed that it was important that Nik never find out about this, or he'd be angrier than ever. They shook hands. Spencer went back to Liz and Nik. Nik offered to take Cam to see the fireworks, but Liz told him that Audrey would take him and Aiden. Liz left to change back into her uniform. Britt timed things so she arrived at the elevator just as Nik and Spencer did, then she and Spencer put their plan into action. Spencer asked where Britt was going. Britt said she was going home, as much as Brad's apartment could be considered her home. She asked about Liz, and Nik told her that she had to work. Britt pretended to feel bad about that. Spencer insisted that Britt couldn't just go home on the 4th of July. Britt had planned to hang out with Nathan, but he couldn't make it. Spencer invited her to come with him and Nik. Britt told Spencer that Nik didn't want that, but Spencer begged Nik until he relented and invited Britt to come along. Nik told Britt that he owed her for what she did for Liz. Liz spotted the trio getting into the elevator together.

Patrick and Emma settled down on a blanket at the park to watch the fireworks. Patrick grew quiet as he thought about Rafe being on the run. Emma asked if he was thinking about Gabriel and Patrick said yes. Emma wished that the baby was there with them instead of gone because of the person who caused the accident. Patrick revealed that he and Sam were looking for that person. He looked at his phone and said they should have news about it soon. Emma had a small telescope that Robin gave her. Robin had told her that although they were in different places, they could see the same stars. Emma looked up at the sky and hoped that Robin was doing the same right now. Patrick thought she was. Sounding worried, Emma suddenly asked if Patrick and Robin were getting a divorce. Emma had noticed that Patrick never talked to Robin, and Emma assumed it was because he was mad at her. Patrick explained that he was upset because Robin left and she didn't come home when Gabriel got sick. Emma pointed out that Robin had to help other sick people. Patrick added that Robin didn't come home when Gabriel died and she wouldn't tell Patrick when she was coming back. Patrick's eyes filled with tears and he admitted that he thought he and Robin would be getting a divorce. Emma started to cry and she hugged Patrick. She asked if Patrick and Robin loved each other anymore, and Patrick said they did, and that was why it was so hard that Robin was gone. Emma worried that she caused the divorce by continually saying she wanted Robin back, and she promised to stop saying that. Patrick assured her that this wasn't her fault, and he told her that he loved it when she told him how she felt. Patrick explained that he didn't think he could be married to Robin anymore; it made him sad, but the important thing was that they both loved Emma and that would never change. Emma said that Robin also told her that they both loved her.

Nik, Britt and Spencer arrived at the park. Britt spotted Emma and she pointed her out to Spencer. Spencer noted that Emma liked Cam, and Britt told him to never give up on what his heart wanted. Spencer went to see Emma. Britt and Nik talked about last 4th of July, when they first met. Britt told Nik that he'd been so kind to her and it kind of saved her life. No one had ever treated her as well as Nik had and it had made her believe that she could be a good person. Britt wished that she hadn't lied about the baby and that she'd had the strength back then to be the person that she had dreamed of being.

Emma asked if Patrick was going back to Sabrina. Patrick explained that he and Sabrina would always be connected, due to Gabriel, but they wouldn't be dating. Emma didn't want Patrick to be alone. Patrick assured Emma that he wasn't alone because he had her. Patrick asked if Emma was okay, and she said yes, if he was. Spencer came over to visit with Emma for awhile, then he went back to Nik and Britt. Spencer nudged Britt to move over, which placed her closer to Nik. Spencer then told Nik that Britt was chilly. Nik shot Spencer a look, but he wrapped his arm around Britt.

When the fireworks started, Emma noticed Patrick's smile and told him it was great to see it again. He kissed her head and told her everything would be okay.

The still handcuffed and moody Nathan and Maxie also arrived at the park. Maxie suddenly sat down because her sandals hurting her feet. Exasperated, Nathan asked why she was wearing them, and Maxie explained that when she put them on, she didn't know she was going to go to a protest, that Levi was going to get arrested or that Nathan was going to handcuff them together, forcing them to have to walk home. Maxie was annoyed that Nathan had gotten cuffed to the side of her that prevented him from driving his car. Nathan shot back that this wouldn't be a problem if Maxie knew how to drive a stick shift. Maxie didn't see the point of stick shifts. Nathan explained that he liked the feeling of control. Maxie considered his admission to be proof that he was a control freak. Nathan insisted that Levi, not Nathan, was the control freak. Nathan felt that Levi was to blame for the entire mess they were in. Maxie accused Nathan of being incapable of owning up to his mistakes. Nathan apologized for getting them into this, and Maxie conceded that he didn't do it on purpose. She told him they could fix it by calling the cops and asking for another key. Nathan explained that he was the new guy at work and he didn't want the other cops to find out he'd handcuffed himself to someone he was trying to arrest, then lost the key. Maxie admitted that she was partially to blame for both things.

Nathan explained that he was young for a detective. He didn't want to get into the reason he got the job, but Maxie guessed that he earned a promotion after doing something really brave. Nathan felt that Anna took a big chance on hiring him and when he messed up, it reflected poorly on both of them. Maxie understood why Nathan wouldn't want his coworkers to know about this. Maxie hoped that Nathan was through blaming Levi, who was rotting in jail. Nathan pointed out that Levi had wanted to get arrested and he'd only been in jail for a couple of hours. Maxie felt that Levi was acting on his convictions and that he got arrested for a worthy cause. Nathan asked Maxie if Michael seemed like a heartless slumlord to her. Maxie admitted that Michael thought he was doing a good thing, “but Levi said...” Nathan cut her off and said Levi had convinced her to see things his way and she dutifully and blindly followed. Maxie was adamant that she was just as opposed to the project as Levi was. Nathan was skeptical, and he asked Maxie if she wasn't looking forward to new restaurants and clothing stores. Maxie assumed Nathan was making a disparaging comment about her clothes. Nathan confessed that he thought the color she was wearing complimented her eyes and was beautiful. Maxie smiled, surprised that he thought her eyes were beautiful. She admitted that she was initially excited about the development project until Levi explained why he was opposed. Nathan asked if she had all the facts. “Levi said,” Maxie began, but Nathan abruptly ended the conversation and grumbled that Levi had too tight of a grip on Maxie. Referring to the handcuffs, Maxie replied that Levi wasn't the only one. Nathan told her that the difference was that Nathan and Maxie had a grip on each other. They began to trudge through the park once again, and Nathan stopped and pointed out the fireworks. Maxie called them beautiful. Nathan turned his attention away from the fireworks. He looked into Maxie's eyes and agreed that the sight was beautiful. They stared at each other.

Alexis ran into TJ at the park. They chatted, and he explained that he was waiting for Molly to get back from talking to Silas. Alexis was curious about what was going on. TJ was hesitant to rat Rafe out, the way he had when he told Alexis about TJ and Molly being at the hotel. Alexis found TJ's desire to protect Rafe noble, but she told him it was probably a lost cause. Alexis was shocked when TJ told her that he caught Rafe doing drugs. Alexis wanted to know how things went with Silas, so she decided to stick around until Molly returned. Alexis awkwardly promised to leave as soon as she talked to Molly, so Molly and TJ would be free to do “whatever” they do. TJ knew what she was alluding to. Although he was uncomfortable having this discussion with Alexis, he told her that he and Molly hadn't had sex yet because the timing had always been wrong. TJ got worried about Molly, so he left her voicemail.

Silas, Sam and Dante were in Silas's hallway. Dante felt that finding Rafe was the way to ensure everyone's safety. Gun drawn, Dante kicked in the door and everyone saw Nina on the floor. She had a cut on her face. Silas rushed over to her and helped her up. Pretending to be dazed, Nina whispered that Rafe did this to her. Silas cleaned up Nina's cut. Sam and Dante returned from Rafe's room and announced that he wasn't there and most of his stuff was missing. Silas wanted to know why Nina wasn't at physical therapy. Nina explained that the first session was just an assessment and that she and Rosalie ran into Kiki, who told them all about Rafe's troubles. Nina lied and said they surprised Rafe as he was leaving and he panicked and pushed her as he ran out. Silas demanded to know where Rosalie was, and Nina said she knew Silas would be concerned about Rafe, so she sent Rosalie after him. Sam asked why the door was locked, and Nina claimed that it lock must have caught when the door was shut.

Rafe and Rosalie were in the apartment's parking garage. Rosalie told Rafe to take the money Nina gave him and get out of here. Rafe hesitated because he was didn't approve of Nina tricking Silas. Rosalie shot back that Rafe had caused an accident and then left instead of calling for help. She snarled that the baby might have survived if Rafe had called for help. Rafe snapped that he knew that. Rosalie softened her tone and put her hand on Rafe's shoulder. She told Rafe that if he really cared about Silas, he'd leave. According to Rosalie, Rafe would cause Silas more trouble if he stuck around, forcing Silas to have to pay his legal bills. Rafe asked why Nina hated Silas, when Silas was just trying to help. Rosalie urged Rafe to drop the subject and leave before the cops showed up. Rafe decided to go, so Rosalie left.

Rosalie returned to the apartment and told them that she wasn't able to catch up with Rafe. Dante called it in to the station. He told Silas to stay home in case Rafe came back. Sam decided to go with Dante. Silas warned Sam to be careful. Sam pointed out that it was Rafe, but Silas told her that the teen was desperate. Dante and Sam left. Rosalie predicted that Rafe was long gone by now. Rosalie noted that Nina's cheek was bleeding. Nina flashed back to asking Rosalie to hit her. Rosalie was eager to comply. In the present, Nina told Silas that Rafe was frightened and didn't mean to hurt her. While Silas left voicemail for Sam, Rosalie confided in Nina that she made sure Rafe left. Nina quietly told Rosalie that she should do the same and leave Nina alone with Silas. Rosalie gave Silas an icepack to apply to Nina's face and left. Silas placed the icepack against Nina's cheek and she reached up and wrapped her hand around his and caressed it. Silas moved his hand away. Nina said she was sorry about Rafe. According to Silas, Rafe was a good kid, but Silas failed him and hadn't spent enough time with him. Nina cupped Silas's face in her hand and assured him that it wasn't his fault. She told him not to blame himself for Rafe or for her. Nina rolled her eyes when Silas left another message for Sam. Nina shifted the conversation toward past 4th of Julys and she reminisced about the time Silas was swamped with work and Nina thought she'd be spending the holiday alone. Nina had wished on a star that Silas was there, and he had suddenly arrived. “And there you were. My wish come true,” Nina said. The fireworks started. Nina cozied up to Silas. She kissed his hand and laid her head on his shoulder while they watched the dazzling display from the window.

Molly arrived and approached Rafe. Rafe asked what she was doing there. Molly revealed that she came to tell Silas that Rafe was doing drugs. Rafe told her not to worry about the drugs. Molly explained that she cared about Rafe and was trying to be a good friend. Rafe told her that he wasn't worth caring about. Shocked, Molly reminded Rafe that he just said today that he wanted to start over. Rafe insisted that it was too late for that, and he got in the car. Molly refused to let Rafe drive while he was acting so strangely. Rafe swore he wasn't high. Molly got into the passenger seat and refused to get out until he told her what was going on. Rafe insisted that she wouldn't understand. Dante and Sam showed up. Sam panicked when she saw Molly in the car. Sam started walking in front of the car, toward the passenger door, just as Rafe started the car, Dante pulled Sam out of the way just in time, and Rafe sped off. Molly pointed out that Rafe almost hit Sam, but Rafe said that Dante got her out of the way. Molly pressed Rafe to explain why Dante and Sam were after him, and he blurted out that he killed Gabriel. Distraught, Rafe revealed that he'd been sneaking to the hospital to check on the baby, and just when he assumed that the baby would survive, Sam told him that he died. Rafe moaned that this was the worst thing that ever happened to him, just like when his mom died, and he had no one to talk to. Molly told him that he could have talked to her. Rafe had gone to Gabriel's funeral and hid in the back; he'd wanted to confess then and there, and he felt like a coward for not doing so.

Dante and Sam were about a quarter mile behind Rafe and Molly. Dante radioed in and had a roadblock set up just before the interstate entrance. Sam called Patrick and filled him in. Later, Sam seemed uneasy as she looked at a picture of Silas on her phone. He keeps calling but she doesn't pick up.

Rafe heard the sirens and sped up. Molly urged him to slow down and turn himself in. Rafe said he couldn't spend the rest of his life in prison. Molly promised to get Alexis to help fix this, but Rafe didn't think you could fix a baby's death. Molly encouraged Rafe to tell the truth – that he was a new driver who accidentally drifted into the other lane and that he got scared and left the scene. Rafe revealed that he ran Patrick off the road on purpose. Molly demanded to know why Rafe would want to do something so awful. Rafe swore that he didn't want to do it, but someone told him to. He took his eyes off the road. Molly screamed for Rafe to look out, and he hit the brakes, but it was too late. The car crashed into the roadblock while Dante and Sam watch horrified.

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