GH Update Wednesday 7/2/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/2/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Sam concludes to Silas, Kiki, and Patrick that she knows that more than likely it was Rafe who hit Patrick and Sabrina and caused their baby's death. Patrick tells Silas he would like to go and talk to his nephew right now. Silas tells him he wants to first hear Rafe's “side". Patrick angrily asks what side? Rafe ran him off the road and killed his son. Sam goes with them looking for Rafe and asks Kiki to wait for them. Kiki runs into Nina and Rosalie and tells them all about Rafe's troubles while he's standing nearby listening to their conversations.

Molly and TJ are getting ready to watch the 4th of July fireworks together in the park. She talks about staying at Sam's place and he asks how that is working. She replies that she is glad that Sam is letting her stay there because she is not ready to go home to her mom yet.

Not far away, Alexis meets with Ned. He has some legal matters to discuss with her. He tells her he is really sorry to hear about Ric's death, and adds that is for her and for Molly. He asks how her daughter is holding up. She admits that Molly is a mess but is doing as well as can be expected with the loss of her father. She reveals that Molly has moved out of her house and staying with Sam, because her mom decided to side with and trust Julian and distrust Ric before he died. He tells her he does not judge as he realizes his life is not perfect either. He finally gets to the purpose of their meeting. He asks her to look over Tracy and Luke's annulment decree and find out if it's been filed yet. Alexis takes the document and promises to do so.

Tracy is arguing with Alice who wants to side with Michael and trying to contact him about what Tracy is up to.

At the brownstone that Michael is renovating for the Waterfront Revitalization project, Michael and Morgan call the cops when Levi and Maxie refuse to leave. Nathan comes by and attempts to get them to willingly leave. They do not. The cops arrest Levi and take him to jail. Nathan then attempts to cuff Maxie when she refuses to leave but they get cuffed together. He tells her this would not have happened if she had not “resisted arrest”. She argues that she did not do that. He asks her if she cooperated with police intervention. She admits she did not. She tells him she was exercising her legal rights. He tells her that she and Levi have broken the law by trespassing.

While Michael is on the phone with Alice, she falls to the floor clutching her chest, while Tracy stands near her shocked.

Molly admits to TJ she has had kind of a crazy day today. Her mom came by to give her her dad's “effects'”. It was rough. But it made her feel better when she was able to read a letter her dad wrote her right before he died telling her he loves her. He asks how things are going with her mom. She admits that it was good to have her there in this tragic time. She was very supportive to her daughter in spite of their differences regarding Ric and Julian.

Ned tells Alexis that his mother finally admitted to him that he was right about Luke all along. He is nothing but a scam artist who is just going after Tracy's money as well as going after Kiki Jerome.

Ned remarks to Alexis he can tell that she is not buying his, Michael's and Kiki's theory about Luke. He tells her that Luke has never been known for his fidelity. Yet he was somehow able to convince Ned's mother that he's changed only to prove, yet again, that it's just another scam. She tells him that Luke has his moments and he's kind of an “acquired taste”. But she does not believe that he is the terrible person Ned and the others see him to be. He tells her that Luke was caught red-handed propositioning a masseuse on their honeymoon. He tells Alexis that it took a lot for his mother to admit she was wrong to trust Luke. But it's finally happened and he wants to make certain that Luke is out of their lives and out of ELQ for good.

After Alice passes out and is lying on the floor, Tracy panics, having no clue what happened. On the other end of the phone, Michael tells Morgan that as he was talking to Alice who was trying to tell him something very important, they got disconnected. Morgan then tells Michael they got to go and find Alice at ELQ and see what is going on.

Nathan cannot find the keys to the handcuffs that he and Maxie are cuffed together in. They argue and each blames the other. Michael then tells Nathan that something has come up and he and his brother need to take off. Nathan tells them that's fine with him. But Maxie tells Michael he cannot go and leave her here like this. Nathan explains as soon as he finds his key, he will un-cuff himself and take the two trespassers down to the station. But Maxie tells him there won't be any need for that because Michael will just drop the charges. Right? He tells her sorry. He has given her every chance. Nathan tells her Michael is right that he gave her every chance to leave. She then argues to Nathan if he just knew all the things she has done for Michael. She talks about how she got involved in a mess between Michael and his stepmother years ago and her old job working for the fashion designer with the fish pond. She tells Nathan she just needs him to get them unlocked. He tells her he is trying to find the key. He tells her she is squirming. She tells him she's squirming because he's hurting her. They struggle. And he drops the key unable to find it and get them unlocked.

TJ and Molly get some food together and joke about things. She tells him that Rafe stopped by today. He asks what Rafe wanted. She tells him that Rafe said he was looking for Sam and wanted to tell her something. She remarks that he was acting kind of “weird”. TJ tells her he bets he just wanted to tell her that TJ is not right for her and he (Rafe) is. She tells him no. He did not say that. He said he appreciated his friendship with her. But she tells TJ she can see he does not buy that. He tells her that's correct because he's had his own “run in” with Rafe not long ago involving some secrets she may not know about Rafe (like his drug addiction).

Rafe hides and overhears the conversation Kiki is having with Nina and Rosalie. They both gossip about Rafe's father having a complete psychotic breakdown, Rafe's mom dying and Rafe being abandoned. Rosalie remarks she heard that Rafe's father, Silas' brother, Steven, was a vampire. Of course, Nina wants to appear courteous and reasonable and asks Rosalie where she heard that. Rosalie replies she reads. Steven Clay vanished from a locked mental ward on Halloween night, she says. Nina tells Rosalie she doesn't want to hear or know about that but asks Kiki what she knows about the accident. Kiki tells the details she is aware of. Nina knows that Rafe does not have a license or a car and went out driving Silas' car. And he caused the hit and run accident. Kiki listens to Nina and Rosalie and the way Rosalie cuts down Silas. And she looks at them suspiciously. Patrick, Sam and Silas then return and admit they could not find Rafe and do not know where he went. Patrick of course wants to believe that Silas helped his nephew escape or hide. Sam tells him she knows he's upset but he needs to know that Silas has been nothing but cooperative with all of this. Patrick tells them they just need to find the kid. And he calls the police. Silas protests that his nephew is obviously spooked. So do they need to get the police involved quite yet? Dante and Olivia happen to walk by and ask just what they were talking about getting the police involved in.

Tracy is alarmed to see Alice suddenly passing out and reminds her she is the dominator. She gets on her phone and calls 911 to get an ambulance to ELQ and demands that they do something to help Alice right away. Michael and Morgan rush in and demand to know what happened to Alice.

Ned explains to Alexis that he and Michael did not believe Tracy when she first said she and Luke were through and needed proof. But he has it and shows Alexis the annulment papers. He tells her he wants to make absolutely certain this is on the up and up so that Luke cannot get his hands on his mother's money or on ELQ. She then concludes that while he believes that Luke is pulling a fast one on Tracy, she believes that maybe Tracy is pulling a fast one on him.

Maxie and Nathan are handcuffed together both searching for the key and blaming the other for the situation they are now in. Each wants to move away and find that they are pulling the other.

TJ admits to Molly that he and TJ had a confrontation and Rafe punched him. She is surprised and tells TJ she cannot believe that Rafe would be violent or confrontational without just cause. But he knows things she does not know about Rafe.

Patrick tells Dante he thinks he knows who drove the car that killed his son. It was Dr. Silas Clay's nephew Rafe Kovitch.

Nina returns home with Rosalie and they “play their roles” although they are alone in the apartment together. Nina gets out of her wheelchair and tells Rosalie that Silas is not going to be back for a while. It's been a terrible day. It's bad enough she had to be touched by that perverted PT. But she knows that they got him right where they want him desperate to do what they want when he mentioned his student loan debt and need for money. Rosalie argues that Nina is very difficult to put up with. But Nina remarks that Rosalie obviously likes her because she's fun as well as Rosalie needs her money. And Nina reflects she was hoping that maybe she and Silas could have a bit of “alone time” together. But no. That couldn't happen. He was too busy with his girlfriend and his coke head nephew. Rosalie tells her it's no big deal. Nina tells her that's easy for her to say. She (Rosalie) doesn't have to relive all those memories they (Nina and Silas) had together. She doesn't have to put on a smile and act all gracious while she sees her husband walks out the door to go on a date with his trailer trash mistress. She remarks that she was “doing so good” in her efforts to break them up. But then his coke head nephew has to come and bring them back together. Rafe comes out of his bedroom carrying a stuffed backpack and makes himself very visible to both of them. And he is able to clearly see that Nina can stand and walk and is behaving very differently than anybody has seen her since she's been back. At that point, Nina attempts to “explain” that he “would not believe the progress that physical therapy has been making”. He tells her she's right. He “would not believe” that. Rosalie tells him that they wanted to wait until the good doctor returns in order to surprise him and tell him all about this miracle. He then tells them that he's not certain that her “cheating husband and his trailer trash girlfriend” would be too impressed to learn that she wants to break them up. At that point, Nina stands up walks over toward him and asks him if he's going to dare to reveal her secret with what she knows about him. He murdered a baby.

Back at the hospital, after Dante finds out that Rafe caused the hit and run accident that killed Patrick's baby, Silas is able to realize that he gave Rafe his office keys, and the key ring also just happens to have his car keys on it, too. So that could have been how Rafe got home.

TJ reveals to Molly that he caught Rafe buying drugs. She tells him she knows Rafe does not do drugs. He tells her maybe he didn't always but he does now. She asks TJ how would he know. TJ tells her that he saw Rafe snorting coke right in the park. He confronted him and Rafe had to insult TJ's mom and tell him she's a drug dealer. Molly is concerned about her friend now that she has heard this for the first time.


Alexis tells Ned that maybe Tracy and Luke are not so far apart after all.

Michael and Morgan demand to know what caused Alice to collapse. Morgan rushes to attempt to revive her but can't get a pulse. They demand Tracy tell them how this happened. She protests that she does not know.

In the brownstone, Maxie and Nathan both try to figure out how to find the key to unlock the cuffs. She asks if there is not another key. He tells her there might be one at the station. She asks why then doesn't he just call the station and have them bring the key. He tells her he cannot do that. She asks why he can't call the station when his phone is right there. He tells her he can't exactly call the station and tells them that he got accidentally handcuffed to a “perp”. She tells him that if he's going to tell her she's a criminal, then maybe his police colleagues and superiors should know how he failed to do what he believes was his “job” of arresting criminals. She then goes to grab her purse, pulling him while doing so and reaches for her phone to call the station and let them know what a “lame cop” he is. But she can't find her phone. He tells her she did a really stupid thing getting mixed up with Levi. She tells him at least Levi was kind enough to take her to the park so that she could meditate. She left her phone at home because she was on a quest for peace. He laughs. She yells at him. They continue to argue and sound like they are enjoying this otherwise stressful situation. She then tells him if she can't use her phone, she will just use his. She gets up and pulls him. He struggles to prevent her from using his phone. And they both fall over toward each other.

Since Alice is without a pulse, Morgan performs chest compressions until the paramedics arrive and take over. As soon as they get the defibrillator set up, they proceed to shock their patient's heart twice until it responds and starts beating. They rush to get Alice to the hospital immediately.

Molly tells TJ that she does not want to abandon Rafe. He tells her she really does not need to get mixed up with that guy's messed up life. She has enough stuff of her own to deal with. She tells him that Rafe needs help. TJ agrees but tells Molly maybe she should not be the one to help him. He asks what about Sam? She replies that Sam has her plate full with Patrick's case. But then, Molly tells TJ she knows who to call. Dr. Clay.

At the police station, Dante puts out an APB for Rafe. They do not know if he fled or ran or where he is. Emma calls Patrick to ask if he's still taking her to see the fireworks. Patrick wants to help Dante look for Rafe, but Dante urges him to go be with his daughter. Sam tells him Dante is right. She and Silas will go and look for Rafe, and they will notify him.

Nina and Rosalie are “working on” Rafe. Nina offers him $500 so he can run and avoid a jail term for all he's done. When Rafe balks, Nina reminds him that his uncle might not be so good to him after he finds out that Rafe murdered a baby in a hit and run accident. He could be in prison for a long time and all alone, so the best thing for him to do is just take the money and get out of town.

Maxie and Nathan conclude that the key is gone maybe down a vent or under a floor board, but he has an extra key back at the apartment. They continue to argue and each blames the other. They both sound like they want to be free as soon as possible to continue their lives “without” each other. But is that what they really want?

As Alice is being taken to the hospital, Michael tells Tracy he knows that Alice called and wanted to tell him something right before she collapsed? Does Tracy have any idea what that might have been?

While with TJ, Molly is trying to contact Silas but he's not answering. She tells him this is urgent. She has to go and find him because she knows something might be wrong.

At the hospital, Kiki finds Patrick and asks if he's found Rafe. He tells her that Sam, Silas, and Dante are on it, and he's not going to hesitate to take legal action against Rafe.

At Silas' house, Dante decides to surprise those inside by knocking down the door. He points the gun into the living room as Sam and Silas look over their shoulder.

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