GH Update Tuesday 7/1/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/1/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Olivia were in a hospital room waiting for Lulu's operation to be finished. Dante was worried that the procedure wouldn't work and that Lulu wouldn't be able to carry their child, but Olivia had a good feeling about it. Dante was glad to see Olivia smiling, since she'd been very upset after what happened with Sonny. Olivia clarified that she still loathed Sonny, then she apologized for speaking ill of Dante's father. Dante assured Olivia that she was entitled to her own opinion, then he added that Sonny never deserved her. Olivia explained that she'd been taught to forgive and she'd eventually forgive Sonny for this, but she was certain that they'd never get back what they had. Dante revealed that he confronted Sonny about cheating on Olivia. Olivia didn't want this to come between Sonny and Dante, but Dante felt that it was his duty as a son to stand up for Olivia. Olivia was curious about what Sonny said, and Dante told her that Sonny claimed he cheated because of Connie, but Carly interrupted before Sonny could explain himself. Dante confided that Carly said Sonny slept with Ava because he felt guilty about moving on with her so quickly after Connie's death. Olivia admitted that Carly was usually spot on when it came to figuring out Sonny's mindset, but Olivia knew she and Sonny had both been careful to be respectful of Connie's memory, so she was sure that Carly was wrong.

When Lulu woke up after the surgery, Olivia and Dante were with her. Dante called Lulu a hero. Lulu sighed that it wouldn't matter if he surgery didn't work, but she smiled when Dante told her that all that mattered was that she and Rocco were okay. Dr. Chu came in and Lulu asked if she could carry a baby. Dr. Chu revealed that the surgery went well and that after a short recovery, Lulu would be able to carry a child. Dante, Lulu and Olivia were thrilled. After the doctor left, Olivia gushed about having a new grandchild. Thinking about being a grandmother again made her think about Sonny, the grandfather, and she grew somber. She admitted that she was going to say they should call Sonny, but she figured he probably had enough on his mind with his new baby on the way. After Olivia left, Dante returned and told Lulu he'd told Olivia not to say anything else about new grandchildren, because he didn't want Lulu to feel pressured. Lulu wasn't bothered by Olivia's excitement. Dante told her that they could take as much time as they needed to figure things out. They kissed.

Maxie and Levi staged a sit-in at the apartment on the waterfront that Kiki and Morgan were renovating. Levi refused to leave. He was adamant that this was a matter of social justice. Morgan assumed that Maxie thought Levi was blowing things out of proportion. Maxie hesitated, then she announced that she was on Levi's side. Michael called the cops. Kiki and Michael both assured Levi and Maxie that Michael would be willing to tell the cops it was a false alarm if they left now. Maxie stood to leave, but Levi grabbed her arm, so she sat back down. Morgan attempted to scare Levi by mentioning Michael's stint in prison for manslaughter. Michael told Maxie that she was his friend and he didn't want to see her get arrested. Levi countered that the arrest would bring publicity to the cause. He and Michael had words over whether the project was just a front for big business or an investment in the city. Morgan felt that Levi was inventing problems, and Kiki accused him of doing it to impress Maxie. Levi asked Maxie if she was going to stay with him and be an agent of change or not. Levi was thrilled when Maxie chose to stay. Kiki announced that she had to go talk to her dad about her cousin. Michael asked what was going on with Rafe. Morgan told Kiki that he'd fill Michael in. Kiki told Morgan that she really enjoyed their chat earlier, then she left. Morgan told Michael that Rafe had some sort of problem that was worrying Kiki.

Maxie and Levi made up a chant about ELQ's greed and the plight of the people of the waterfront. Michael warned Maxie that this was her last chance; once the police arrived there was nothing Michael could do. Levi was adamant that there was nothing that the police could do to sway them from their cause. Just then, Nathan and some other officers arrived. Michael wondered why dispatch sent a detective and Nathan explained that he saw Maxie's name on the report and decided to try and defuse the situation before anyone got in trouble. Maxie was shot back that the trouble was there before she and Levi showed up. Nathan told the pair that they needed to leave. Levi refused to go. According to Levi, they were taking charge for the people of the waterfront and for Maxie. Levi clarified that Maxie needed to be in control after Nathan sabotaged her bid to see her daughter back. Nathan countered that it was Levi's fault, and Maxie insisted that Levi was innocent. Michael pointed out that no one wanted any trouble except Levi, and he asked Maxie to take Levi out of there. Levi announced that he and Maxie had squatters rights, but Nathan pointed out that he knew they didn't have squatters rights because they lived in an apartment with him. Nathan ordered them to leave or he'd arrest them. Levi challenged Nathan to do it, so Nathan cuffed him.

Silas and Rafe were going to go to dinner after Silas got off from work. Silas sent Rafe to wait in his office while Silas finished up. Shortly after Rafe left, Sam and Patrick arrived. Patrick blurted out that Silas's car ran Patrick off the road, then he accused Silas of being the driver. Silas swore that he had no idea what Patrick was talking about. Patrick threatened to call Anna, and Sam told him to stop. Sam told Silas that they found records showing that his car had been taken in for repairs just after a car just like his caused the accident. Silas explained that he spotted some damage on his car one morning. He assumed someone side swiped it in the parking lot and he took it in to be repaired. Patrick didn't buy Silas's story. Silas wanted to hear from Sam whether or not she thought he would do what Patrick was accusing him of. Sam assured Silas that she believed him, but they couldn't ignore the evidence. She suggested that someone else may have been driving his car. Rafe was heading around the corner toward everyone, and he stopped and hid to listen in when he overheard them talking. Patrick demanded to know who was driving if Silas wasn't. Silas urged Patrick to slow down, and Patrick accused him of trying to protect the driver. Just then, Kiki arrived and asked to talk to Silas. Patrick interrupted and asked if she was driving Silas's car on the night of AJ's funeral. Silas tried to tell Kiki not to answer, but Kiki quickly admitted that she was. Sam brought Kiki up to speed, then Kiki clarified that she dropped the car off at Silas's apartment, and Morgan drove her to the funeral in his car. Patrick asked if there was anyone else at the apartment, and Sam realized that Rafe was there. Silas was adamant that it couldn't have been Rafe, because he only had a learner's permit and wasn't allowed to take the car. Patrick thought that gave Rafe ample reason to flee the scene. Sam asked Kiki if she knew anything. Kiki was reluctant to speak up, but Patrick stressed that he needed to know about the accident because his son was killed. Kiki admitted that she noticed Rafe was upset this morning and that she'd come to GH to alert Silas about it. Sam urged Kiki to help them help Rafe, so Kiki revealed that Rafe had confessed to stealing money from Sam. Sam remembered that she had been missing money, then she disclosed that the police brought Rafe home after he'd tried to rob someone in the park. Silas demanded to know why Sam hadn't said anything, and Sam explained that she'd been planning to but Nina returned that day and it slipped Sam's mind. Sam suddenly remembered how upset Rafe had been when he found out that Gabriel died. She told everyone about his reaction and said that Rafe must have been the driver. Rafe was near tears.

Shawn had just returned to town after a business trip. He went to Sonny's office and announced that the trip went well. Sonny filled Shawn in on Ava's pregnancy. Sonny took the recording from AJ's phone out of a safe, and he played it for Shawn. Sonny explained that he couldn't kill Ava in retribution for Connie's death right now, because she was carrying his flesh and blood. Sonny told Shawn that Ava attempted to annoy him by moving her “pipsqueak” mother in. Sonny thought Delia had a voice like a blender, but he didn't care if she lived there, because he could leave any time, while Ava was stuck there with her. Sonny and Shawn were sure that Ava had invited her mother to move in for a reasons besides trying to annoy Sonny, but they weren't sure what Ava else was planning.

At Sonny's, Ava assured her mother that Sonny had no problem with Delia moving in. Delia wondered why things were so tense between Sonny and Ava. She was shocked when Ava revealed that Sonny planned to kill her after she gave birth and that Sonny's son might be the baby's father. Delia assumed Ava cheated on Sonny and that everything would be okay if the baby was his. Ava clarified that Sonny planned to kill her no matter what. Delia sensed that there was more to the story that Ava wasn't saying. Ava admitted that she did something else that enraged Sonny, but she refused to go into detail. Delia suggested that she go to the police, but Ava explained that she committed a crime. Ava asked Delia to help her save her life. Delia was taken aback because Ava hadn't wanted anything to do with Delia over the years. Delia understood, since she gave Ava up for adoption and didn't reunite with her until she was an adult, but she was surprised Ava was coming to her. Ava confessed that there was no one else she could turn to. Delia asked about Julian or Kiki. Ava explained that she had burned her bridges with Julian and that she wasn't Kiki's favorite person. Ava added that she didn't want to risk bringing Kiki into this. Delia was miffed that Ava was willing to take the risk with her mother. Distraught, Ava yelled that she was trying to protect her daughter, and she hoped Delia would have the same instinct. Ava added that if Sonny was in charge, Delia would never get a chance to get to know her new grandchild. Delia pointed out that Ava didn't let her know Kiki, but Ava insisted that she was trying to make up for the mistake. She asked Delia to help, if not for Ava's sake, then for the baby's. Delia wanted to know what Ava had in mind. Ava explained that Sonny had a recording that contained damning information about both Ava and Sonny. Ava wanted that recording so she could use it to blackmail Sonny into letting her live. Ava couldn't search the house for it because everyone was watching her, but she thought that Delia could, since no one would be paying attention to her. Ava added that Sonny would never be suspicious of Delia, because he thought Delia was just there to annoy him. Delia demanded to know why he thought that, and Ava admitted that she moved Delia in to drive Sonny crazy in hopes that he'd let Ava move out. Delia was offended and asked if Ava found her annoying. Ava deflected by saying that Delia was doing her a huge favor. Delia reminded Ava that she hadn't agreed to help, and now Delia was thinking that she shouldn't do it. Desperate, Ava told Delia that she had to help or Ava would be killed and Sonny would never let Delia see the baby. Delia wasn't sure Ava was being honest. “Don't abandon me again,” the crying Ava pleaded. Sonny came home and noted that the family reunion wasn't going well. Sonny encouraged Delia not to let Ava's moods get to her, and he assured Delia that Ava wanted to spend as much time with Delia as possible. Ava glared at Sonny. Sonny told Delia that he loved that she was staying with them. He flashed them a smile then went upstairs. Ava quickly warned Delia not to let Sonny snow her. Delia announced that she'd help Ava. She took Ava's hands and said even though Ava thought she was annoying and they didn't have a relationship, Ava was still the little girl Delia gave birth to and had so many hopes and dreams for. “Since I brought you into this world, damned if I'm going to let that bastard take you out,” Delia stated. Ava smiled.

Tracy was at Michael's office. She called Luke and told him that Michael was in way over his head. Years earlier, Edward had tried to develop the waterfront. He'd given up because he couldn't get the public to support the project, and Tracy was confident that Michael wouldn't be able to succeed where Edward had failed. Tracy told Luke she missed him and asked when he was coming home. Luke reminded her that they had to maintain their cover and he urged her to speed up the takeover. Alice appeared and she overheard Tracy assure Luke that she was going to oust Michael and become CEO of ELQ. When Tracy saw Alice she ended the phone call, not realizing that Tracy overheard her. Alice revealed that the kids at the camp would be putting on a puppet show to thank Michael for funding the camp. The puppet show was about the Quartermaines. Tracy was annoyed to see that Michael's puppet had a crown, like a hero, while Tracy's puppet was a monster with fangs. Alice explained that the show was originally supposed to have a message about family unity, but now she thought it would be more appropriate if the message was about betrayal. Alice confronted Tracy about what she'd overheard and said she was disappointed in her. Alice thought that Luke's odd behavior had sent Tracy around the bend, but Alice still felt that it was no excuse to accept Michael's generosity then use it against him. Tracy insisted that it was her company until Michael stole it from her, but Alice countered that it was a family company. Alice felt that Michael was doing good work that honored AJ and Edward. She pulled out her phone to warn him.

Back at the waterfront apartment, Nathan told the uniformed cops to take Levi to the station. Levi went limp, to annoy the cops, and forced them to drag him to the door. Maxie ordered the cops to let Levi go. Nathan put his hands on Maxie's shoulders and told him to let them do their job. Maxie accused the cops of abusing Levi. She shoved Nathan and ordered him to let her go. The cops who had Levi left. Nathan told Maxie that she shouldn't have done that, and Morgan chimed in that Maxie just assaulted a cop in front of two other cops. Maxie argued that Nathan had no right to show up and tell her and Levi what to do. Nathan pointed out that he did have that right because he was doing his job. Maxie called Nathan a bully and vowed to stand up to him and not force her to do anything. She was shocked when Nathan handcuffed one of her wrists. Maxie ordered Nathan to take it off, and he told her he would when she calmed down. Maxie told Morgan he was her witness to police brutality. Morgan stepped in and asked if this was really necessary. Nathan told Morgan to stay back. While Nathan was distracted by Morgan, Nathan and Maxie struggled over the other handcuff and it accidentally got snapped onto Nathan's wrist.

Meanwhile, Michael took Alice's call. Tracy warned Alice not to say anything.

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