GH Update Monday 6/30/14

General Hospital Update Monday 6/30/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava sits alone and remembers when she first told Sonny she was pregnant. He told her they are going back to Port Charles to see the doctor of his choice. If she's lying she's dead. If she's telling the truth she will be dead nine months from now. She is right now held prisoner in Sonny's home, feeling as though maybe she regrets messing with him. But she sees somebody at the door. She gets the door and tells the person she is very glad they are there. It's her mother, Delia

At the park, Sonny tells Carly that he is worried that Franco could go and spill the secret that he killed AJ to the cops (or any other interested parties). He continues to attempt to persuade his ex-wife not to trust Franco and not to be with him. She assures him that even if Franco does not like him, he loves her and would not do anything to hurt the father of her children.

Franco goes to pay a visit to Michael at ELQ. Michael does not want to see him. Franco assures him he won't stay long but has something to tell him about the man Michael calls his dad which he doesn't think Michael will like.

Morgan and Kiki are busy renovating the brownstone and be part of the Waterfront Revitalization project when Levi enters followed by Maxie. He tells them he's going to shut them down because they are trying to gentrify the neighborhood, which will render the poor homeless. Maxie is with him but she is silent. Morgan asks Maxie what is going on, realizing he knows her and normally she would not be doing this. She does not answer. Levi tells him that “they” are ready to stop the people involved in this from ruining Port Charles.

Rafe sits alone in the park waiting for his dealer who appears and asks why Rafe needed to see him so soon. He didn't blow through that last stash he gave him already.

Sam and Patrick finally persuade the body shop attendant to tell him what he knows about the car that caused the accident that killed Patrick's baby, and the driver who left the scene of the accident after running him off the road. Sam goes to look at the computer screen to see the name. And she is stunned and shocked in disbelief. He asks if she is finding the name of the person who ran him off the road and killed his son.

In the park, Rafe needs the dealer to front him more drugs, but the dealer tells him he has not yet paid for what he's consumed. Until he pays more, he's gonna have to cut him off.

Sam stares at Bill's computer to see who is the owner of the black sports car with damage all down the passenger side. At first she is silent not knowing what to tell Patrick when he keeps asking her to reveal the name of the owner of the car. Finally she admits that it's Silas.

Silas wheels Nina into the hospital for her physical therapy appointment. She is completely gracious, tells him she is so proud of all of his accomplishments and achievements and tells him she hopes that Sam realizes how lucky she is to have him in her life.

Morgan and Kiki ask Levi why he disapproves of their project. They are making a local neighborhood better. How is that bad? Maxie protests that in its current configuration, it looks like it will only benefit the rich. Levi tells them that when they charge skyrocketing rents, it will run low income people out of the area. Kiki answers that maybe they should not assume that this will hurt anyone. They need to give them a chance to finish their housing project and see if they can improve the neighborhood. Maybe they can wait to see what happens and if their plan causes issues for the poor, Levi can come back and protest. Plus ELQ can offer housing for low income families, but Levi will not see reason. Morgan also will no longer try to reason with Levi and tells him that he needs to get out of their home and work place and leave them alone. He tells Maxie it was good seeing her although he questions her choice of friends. They need to get back to work so if she can show him the way to the door, that would be much appreciated. Levi tells him they are not going anywhere and sits down on the floor.

Sonny returns home and finds out that Ava has invited a guest over. Ava's mother, Delia from New York appears. Ava introduces Sonny to her mother. Delia happily greets Sonny and smiles. Sonny right away knows that Ava is “up to something”.

When Morgan and Kiki do not stop their project after Levi has expressed his opinion, he tells them he will do a “sit in” protest. He tells them he (and Maxie) are not leaving until they have been heard. She tries to talk him out of it but agrees to go along with it. Kiki tells them that she and Morgan cannot change this project and will not stop. So maybe they need to take this up with ELQ. Levi tells them he intends to stay there until they listen to him. Morgan tells them they are wasting their time and will be ignored.

Before Franco can tell Michael what he intends to tell him, Carly appears and greets her son. At that point, Franco hesitates reveal to Michael that Sonny killed AJ.

Delia Reid Ryan Coleridge tells Sonny she heard he knocked up her daughter. She tells him about her family, her son Johnny and her husband Roger in New York. Although she doesn't want to leave them, she's here for her daughter, hoping they can form a bond.

When Sam reveals to Patrick that the vehicle in question is registered to Silas, he tells her he is going to kill the owner of the car.

Silas wheels Nina into a private room where she meets a Physical Therapist named Travis. She knows that she cannot let Silas in the room with her although he says he is free. She assures him she will be fine. Rosalie is with her. As Silas returns to work, they go into the room with Travis. He tells her he needs to take a look at her leg, but as soon as he touches her, she smacks him and tells him he better keep his hands off her.

Ava's mom tells Sonny that she is not going to judge him. She admits that truth be told, she had Ava out of wedlock and gave her up for adoption. Sonny tells her “somewhat sarcastically” that he's sure that giving up that” bundle of joy” was very difficult for her. Delia replies yes. It was. She had some issues in her younger days. She got pregnant and was involved with the wrong Ryan brother. But then, one day Ava’s father the “mobster” walked in the door and “reunited” her with her daughter. Sonny tells Delia that is funny. Ava has never indicated that she was “close” to her mother. Delia admits they've never been close. She tells Sonny (sounding very gracious to him), that when Ava called and asked her to come and visit, she was a bit suspicious. She knows that her daughter has many ulterior motives for things in her life, not unlike her mother. Sonny asks if she believes that Ava might have some ulterior motives for what is going on here, but she tells him no. She believes Ava is sincere. She is not just there just to visit. She intends to move in.

Carly goes to find Michael. But before she can find out whether Franco has spilled the beans to her son or not, he (Michael) gets an urgent phone call from Morgan while he overhears the protests of: “Stop the greed at ELQ” in the background. He tells his mom he has an urgent matter to attend to and asks if this can wait. She tells him absolutely. As soon as she is alone with Franco, Carly furiously tells him she knows what he intended to do. How could he do that to Sonny? Or to her?

Patrick tells Sam that he does not care if she is seeing this guy (Silas) or not. He's going to kill him. She protests that he should not make assumptions. He reminds her that he saw Silas in the hospital but the ICU every day, and he did not say a word after causing the accident. Sam protests exactly. And that could be the reason why there must be some kind of mistake and that Silas could not do this. But he tells her she saw it with her own two eyes. He didn't even call for help or get out of the car and was more concerned about getting the car fixed to hide the evidence.

Rafe goes to see his Uncle Silas at the hospital. He asks how Nina is. Silas does not know how to answer but is happy to see his nephew who is now not comfortable staying at his uncle's home because of her presence. He feels apologetic for not having spent much time with him and assures his nephew that he will be there for him. When he asks him what brings him to the hospital, Rafe replies that he needs to borrow $400.

The physical therapist tells Nina that part of what he needs to do in order to help her to walk, he needs to touch her. He assures her he is a professional. But at that point, she gets up out of her wheelchair and reveals she does not need help getting out of her chair.

Sam does not want to believe that Silas caused the accident and fled the scene. She believes that although he drives a similar vehicle as the one in the accident, it may just be a coincidence. Patrick asks her if Silas told her that he was involved in an accident with that car. She admits no. He tells her that is all the confirmation he needs to accuse Silas of the crime. He tells Sam that since she can tell him that Silas has never mentioned anything about the accident to her, he's going to go and find him right now.

Silas asks Rafe why he needs this very large amount of money. Rafe replies it's for a camping trip. A few kids from school are going on a vacation and he thought it might be fun to accompany them. Silas then assumes and remarks that his nephew must have patched things up with Molly and TJ. Rafe admits to his uncle that he has not. The schoolmates who have invited him are different kids whom Silas would not know. Hearing that, Silas concludes that maybe he has not been there for his nephew and owes him this. He has had a lot on his mind recently with Nina and with Sam and may have neglected his nephew. So he wants to make it up to him and promises to discuss the trip over dinner. He talks about knowing Rafe's mom and the way he was raised, he may have taken for granted that his nephew is a good kid with a good head on his shoulders. He never had to worry about him getting into trouble.

Not far away, Travis the Physical Therapist tells Nina he does not understand. If she can walk and does not need physical therapy, then why are they all there? She replies that she is putting on a show for her husband, and she wants Travis to be part of the cast. She asks Rosalie for the checkbook and writes him a large check to “hire” him to do what she wants.

Delia tells Sonny that she wants to be there for her daughter since she heard it was a complicated pregnancy. Ava has told her mom she can't even leave the house. She tells Sonny she believes her daughter needs her. Sonny tells her he appreciates her offer of assistance. But he thinks he has things under control. Ava asks her mom to go and prepare her and Sonny some tea so that they can talk alone. Alone with Ava, Sonny tells her that he is not going to fall for this, and it ain't gonna work.

Carly furiously tells Franco that not only was he willing to reveal the secret to Michael ruin Sonny's life. He doesn't care if he ruins her relationship with her son. If Michael finds out the secret, it won't just mess up Sonny's life, as Franco admits he wants to do. If finds out she helped Sonny cover up the murder of AJ., it will ruin their relationship with her son. She thought she could trust him. How could she trust a man who would do this just to get back at her ex? He protests that she has to forgive him if he has his moments of doubt. She tells him he better keep his moments of doubt under control. She explains to him that both she and Sonny have to be there for both of their sons. And if he cannot accept the fact that she and Sonny will always be a part of her life, then they (she and Franco) cannot be together.

Michael goes to the brownstone where Levi is staging a protest and introduces himself to Levi, informing him he's the CEO of ELQ.

Carly tells Franco that she cannot live with his jealousy, and she cannot live with the threat that the next time Sonny pisses him off, he could retaliate by telling the secret to Michael. She tells him this is not about Sonny. It's about the two of them. He admits he made a mistake. He doesn't want to lose her and wants her to give him another chance.

Sonny tells Ava that if her mother wants to stay there and bond with her, he won't stand in the way. Unlike her, he can actually leave this house. He knows that she is not going to be happy being stuck with her mother. She poses no threat to him.

Nina flashes the check at Travis the Physical Therapist. Rosalie informs him that her boss is not as broke as she made it appear to her husband . He tells her that their scam won't be as simple as she is making it sound. Dr. Clay works in the hospital. He will know what they are up to. She tells him that she is paying him to come up with a solution to that problem.

Silas in in the hallway talking to Rafe and ready to encourage him to go on his camping trip. He is really convinced that his nephew needs to have people who will be there for him. And he hasn't a clue what Rafe really needs the money for.

Sam follows Patrick out the door of the car repair shop and urges him not to jump to conclusions. He tells her he knows that Silas is doing rounds at the hospital, and he's going to ask him some questions. She tells him that she is coming with him. Patrick then tells her that although he's had his differences with her, he considers her a friend. But he does not want her to be running interferences between him and her boyfriend. She just wants him to keep an open mind.

Levi tells Michael he understands very much what his Waterfront Revitalization is all about. It's for making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Michael protests that this project will create more homes and jobs for more people. Levi asks what about the poor who cannot afford anything. Morgan reminds him he's not from Port Charles and does not realize that they have homeless shelters there. Michael tells Maxie that is true and maybe she could tell her boyfriend that both ELQ and Corinthos Coffee make large contributions to those shelters. She tells him she realizes that maybe he has good intentions. Levi tells both Michael and Morgan that once they are done with the project, the low income people won't be able to afford their homes anymore. Michael tells them that home owners have the option to sell and if they do, they can make a pretty substantial profit. Maxie asks what about renters. Michael explains that ELQ and the city of Port Charles have a reserve funding for low income renters. If people live in their buildings, they can save on transportation if they live and work in the same place. Levi notices that Morgan and Kiki might be getting a “freebie” and incentive to work there. They admit that he is Michael's brother and she is Michael's girlfriend and so Michael offers them a “nepotistically endowed free ride”. Michael tells Levi he respects his opinion and understands his concerns about his and the others' hometown. But, he tells him, the way he sees it, there is nothing Levi can do about this. Levi does not have the legal right to be there. So he has the right to ask Levi to leave. They put Maxie in the middle of this when Levi asks her if she is with him and she replies yes. Michael tells Maxie that her boyfriend is trespassing. He has to ask them to leave or he will call the cops.

Carly tearfully tells Franco that she needs to know that her friendship with Sonny is not going to come between them. At the same time, she needs to know any secrets she shares with him in confidence, he won't hold against her the next time they have a fight. After he assures her he can be trustworthy, Carly agrees to give him another chance to prove himself. They hug.

After Michael threatens to call the cops on Levi and Maxie, Levi is proud that he's been arrested many times and is not afraid of cops. Morgan tells him he knows. Maxie's step dad used to be the police commissioner. The new one is her cousin's mom. And does Levi think that the cops are going to overlook the fact that he and Maxie are trespassing on his and Michaels' private property. Michael first tries to urge Maxie to talk some sense into Levi as they have no ill feelings nor intent to get her in trouble. But she feels “obligated” to back her boyfriend. Michael , then tells Levi that he's sorry he does not approve of what they are doing. But they are trespassing and if they do not leave, he will call the cops and have them both arrested. Michael then gets on his phone to report trespassers on his property.

Sonny gloats and tells Ava he can't wait to come home from work every day, puts his feet up, relax and watch Delia's mother bore her to death. He goes out the door and tells Delia he thinks he's really going to enjoy having her stay there. Alone in the house, unable to leave and stuck with her mother, Ava angrily throws things. She does not want to tell her mother the secret about why she is having issues with Sonny yet “choosing” to stay in his place. Delia believes that it's her pregnancy (no other reason) for why she is housebound. Delia is shocked when Ava reveals to her mother that Sonny is threatening to kill her.

Nina tells Travis the Physical Therapist that since she is paying him and paying Rosalie, they both need to do as she says whether they agree or are comfortable with the arrangement or not. She tells them that she does not want to have any more of these appointments, but in order for Silas to believe she's going to the hospital for that reason, she's going to have Travis meet with Rosalie. Rosalie does not know what to say to Silas if he shows up. Nina tells them both that she knows they have “incentive” to think of something with the money she pays them, which far exceeds the money their respective employers offer them. Travis tells her he realizes he does have student loans to pay off and grabs the check she's waving in front of his face. Hearing that, Nina “happily” rejoices knowing that they see things her way. Travis smiles at her and tells her “so much for Dr. Clay.” She smiles back at him.

Not far away, Silas invites Rafe to hang out in his office and gives him the key. When his shift ends in half an hour, they can go out to dinner. As soon as Rafe is out of sight, Patrick rushes in followed by Sam. He tells Silas he has to talk to him.

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