GH Update Friday 6/27/14

General Hospital Update Friday 6/27/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie sits in the park with Levi and tells him she knows she will never be able to stop thinking about Georgie or how she's going to get through this, but he reminds her that when they first met, she was discouraged about many things yet got over them, and he tells her that he has a “mission” involving preventing capitalist greed from going on at ELQ. He tells her he's heard about the Waterfront Revitalization project and wants to put a stop to it.

Tracy sneaks into Michael's office while he's out. On her phone, she reports to Luke how she has fooled him.

Michael takes Morgan to the ready-to-be renovated building that he's going to have Morgan help him work on in exchange for free rent. Morgan tells his brother he appreciates the free rent, or so he says. Even though the place is a little dingy, its' better than living with their mom and Franco.

At the park, as soon as Franco goes to happily announce to Carly that he's gotten a job, he notices her and Sonny hugging after their heart-to-heart conversation about their lives and in helping Spencer Cassadine with his “girl problems” by introducing him to Jocelyn. When Franco sees them together, he angrily demands to know what they are doing.

Molly is alone in Sam's apartment when Rafe knocks on the door. He’s surprised to see her there and admits he’s looking for Sam. There's something very important he needs to talk to Sam about, he tells Molly, and at that point, he offers Molly his condolences for the loss of her father. She tells him that Sam is out. He asks if she might know where her sister is. She replies that Sam is with Patrick to investigate the accident that killed his infant son.

Sam and Patrick are at the scene of the accident that caused the death of his baby boy. She is determined to look for clues and find out who the driver of the hit and run accident is and how to find them. Patrick is becoming impatient knowing that even if they contacted every body shop in town, they may not find out who drove the car and had to hide the damages of the accident. She brainstorms that and is able to narrow down the only 3 body shops that this hit and run driver would be likely to have visited. He then tells her in that case, what are they waiting for?

Molly informs Rafe that Sam is working on the case to uncover the unidentified hit and run driver that caused Patrick and Sabrina to lose their baby. He listens sullen and speechless, and she remarks she still cannot believe that someone would swerve into the lane, hit Patrick's car, run them off the road and then drive away. Who could do something like that. Rafe appears afraid to face her as he agrees with her statement. She asks if that is why he's there to talk to Sam.

Carly finds herself “in the middle” of the brawl between Franco and Sonny. Franco demands to know how she can let her ex, whom she promised she would get over, touch her. Sonny demands she gets her boyfriend away from him. She protests that she did not plan to run into Sonny. They ran into each other unexpectedly. He finds it hard to believe that Sonny “just happens to visit” kids' day camps. He does not buy her explanation that Sonny's visit to talk to his nephew lead him in her direction. Carly protests that what she was talking to Sonny about is the fact that he (Franco) is important in her life. Franco tells her it does not appear that Sonny “got that memo”.

Morgan reflects to Michael that although he's a little uncertain what to do about this “fixer upper” building that they are going to attempt to remodel, but he does appreciate having his brother there for him after what he's been through with their dad, Ava and the baby. He's really proud and impressed to see his brother is the new CEO of ELQ. Michael tells his brother he's glad to hear that, and he has to leave and get back to the office.

Tracy sits in Michael's chair while on the phone gloating about how she told Michael and Kiki she no longer trusts her “husband", and they bought it all and are such saps. She knows that very soon, she will get everything she's always wanted and be able to run her father's company with “Luke”. She's going to take Michael down and get the company from him. She then struggles to open the computer, but it won't take her password. She needs to find out what to do so that those idiots who voted for Michael to be in charge change their minds and realize she was meant to run ELQ. She remarks one way she will have to get into the system is to contact IT. On Michael's desk, she spots a folder of Michael's Waterfront Revitalization Project.

Levi lectures Maxie on how nobody should trust or want to support ELQ. He tells her nobody should trust a corporation. They are not human, but she tells him she happens to know that ELQ is human. The company was founded by a good man named Edward Lewis Quartermaine. Even though Levi tells her Edward had to have been a greedy capitalist, she asks if he knew Edward Quartermaine. She knew him and happens to know that one of his last acts on earth was completely unselfish. She explains to him a few years ago, a psycho came to Port Charles and almost killed everybody by poisoning the water. They were able to find a cure but there was only enough dose to save one person. Edward was first in line since he had the money for it, but he did not take it for himself. He saved Patrick and Robin's daughter Emma. Because of that “greedy capitalist” (whom Levi never even met), that little girl is alive today. Yet Levi seems to think he knows not to trust any rich businessman. He then shows her the newspaper article about the “fat cat” who is running ELQ right now, and she finds out about Michael's Waterfront Revitalization project.

Kiki goes to see Morgan as he attempts to scrape paint and fix the new place up. She tells him that she is kind of “home challenged”. It's a little crowded for her to live with her dad and his “not so dead wife”. He asks why she doesn't just move in with Michael. She admits they've decided it's not good for their relationship. He asks if she thinks it would really work out better for her to live with him, her ex husband.

Sam and Patrick go to a car repair shop where Bill offers them a lube and oil special, but she clarifies that they are there for a different purpose. She asks if he might remember a vehicle that has similar paint or damages as the one they are investigating that someone may have brought in after an accident at about the time frame they know of. He first sounds like he knows the answer but then hesitates to give them information that could possibly compromise the privacy of his customers and possibly jeopardize business for him.

While Tracy is on the phone to “Luke", she notices Michael enter. As soon as she sees he's overhearing her conversation, she makes sure he hears her telling Luke he needs to stop calling her, she's done with him, she does not trust him, they are through and he better leave her alone. She makes it sound like he's trying to “explain” something she does not want to hear, and she tells Michael that he and Kiki were right about Luke from the start. She gets off the phone and “plays” Michael with her story, but he is a bit suspicious when he sees she is sitting in his office behind his desk.

Morgan and Kiki admit that although their romantic relationship did not work, they really appreciate being friends with each other. She has been there for him. He has helped her with “Luke the perv”. They were able to both help Michael get through the loss of AJ. She tells him she now has a concern regarding her cousin Rafe.

While with Molly, Rafe wants to “atone” to her for his “wrong doings”. He apologizes for ratting her and TJ out at the metro court. Maybe he did it because he felt hurt and he thought that if he hurt them, it might make him feel better, but it did not. She tells him that it takes courage. He tells her that he knows he’s done a lot of wrong things besides that. He really appreciated her friendship and wishes he could have spent the time and did the things with her that TJ was able to do. He looks at her with “wide eyed” introspection.

Sam and Patrick want to find out if the car repair guy, Bill, has the information they need about one of his customers possibly being the person responsible for an accident. Bill doesn't want to infringe on his customers' privacy tells them he will not let them look on his computer to find that out without a warrant.

In the park, Sonny tells Franco he's a murderer and a threat to Sonny's family. He does not buy the excuse that Franco has had a brain tumor that makes him not responsible for his actions. Franco reminds Sonny he knows that Sonny killed AJ. So Sonny might want to think before “pushing” him realizing Sonny depends not only on Carly, but on Franco as well to keep him out of prison for murder.

Sam tells Bill that she understands his hesitation about giving out information on his customers who generate business for him, but she protests that the car in question is one that they believe ran another car off the road and then fled the scene of the accident. He tells her that sounds like a matter for the police and asks if she is a cop.

Carly tells Franco that “they” need to go now. He tells her not until he hears from Sonny how much he appreciates what Franco has done for him by keeping his mouth shut about what he knows. He tells Sonny he heard a recording that proves that Sonny murdered a man, and in exchange for his discretion he would appreciate it if Sonny keeps his hands off of Franco's girlfriend. Carly then confronts him and tells him he's way out of line, but he tells her he needs to hear it from Sonny.

When Michael catches Tracy in his office without his knowing, she tells him that she wanted to see him and prove to him that she is serious about getting an annulment to her marriage with Luke. Hearing that, he concludes it's “fair enough" when she tells him she's a Quartermaine and won't let Luke take over her family's business. She wants to be part of ELQ if Michael will have her.

When Maxie sees the information Levi shows her about the Waterfront project, she tells him that maybe she could consider another apartment. He tells her that this project is putting money in the pockets of rich shallow people and not in the interest of the “little guy”.

When Kiki talks to Morgan about her concerns for Rafe, he asks her if Rafe has shared the specifics like if he's pining over a girl or some other issue. She knows he admitted he stole money from Sam, but she's worried that it must be more than that. Sam would forgive him and not judge him. Morgan agrees with that. She concludes that the deep dark secret may not be that he stole the money but the reason why he stole it.

Molly smiles and relives, with Rafe, their friendship when they talked about a Spanish film or movie in translation of “Flowers For The Dead”. When he hears that, he is shocked and stunned, knowing he's hiding a terrible secret.

Sam tells Bill that she respects his situation, and she's not a cop. She is a PI and she and her friend are investigating a case. He says he'd like to help them but cannot compromise his customer base. Why don't they go to the police and get a warrant. He can give them everything they need as long as he knows they are on the up and up. She's ready to agree to that, but Patrick tells him that he might reconsider if he knew the circumstances, and he tells Bill this is a matter of life and death. He has to get some answers and can't rely on the cops. He explains that the reason he needs answers is because the driver of this car ran him off the road and fled the scene. His 8 year old daughter was in the car with him. So was a woman he cares for very much who was pregnant with his child. Because of the accident, she went into premature labor at 4 months at the side of the road, and the baby died. The car did not stop. They did not call for help. They hit the guard rail and kept going. So he hopes Bill can understand why they need to find the driver of this car. At that point, it looks like Bill is motivated to help them.

Molly talks to Rafe about losing her father, and she talks about how when someone is gone, they are gone and you have to accept that they are never coming back. At that point, Rafe is too uncomfortable to want to stay and wait for Sam although she invites him to do so and suspects nothing. He tells her he can talk to Sam later and leaves.

Kiki tells Morgan she wishes Rafe had confided in her. She realizes they don't know each other very well, but they are family. She talks to him about how she does value having family that she's meeting for the first time, and that growing up, she was an only child did not grow up with cousins, aunts or uncles. He asks her if she now feels her life is an embarrassment of riches. She tells him she wishes she had a brother or sister she could confide in. He tells her he really did benefit from having Michael. He looked out for Morgan as well as Kristina, Molly and Jocelyn. Michael always had his back and the two of them were together helping each other through the trials and tribulations of having Sonny and Carly Corinthos as parents. She reflects that they two of them are like family. He tells her in that case, she may feel free to help him paint the new apartment.

Tracy “graciously” asks Michael if she could take a look at his new Waterfront Project. Little does he know what her plan really is, and he lets her look at the file of his new project.

Sonny confronts Franco after Franco tells him he owes Franco for not revealing that he knows Sonny killed AJ. He tells Franco that Franco is lucky he's still breathing and Sonny hasn't done what he should do to rid the planet of him. He tells Franco if he has a problem with Sonny's relationship with his ex wife, Sonny does not care. He can easily make him disappear. At that point, Carly confronts them both. Franco then walks off. Carly calls to him but he does not answer.

Rafe walks to the scene of the crime and puts flowers by the guardrail, saying they are for the dead.

Bill gets on his computer and finds the “customer” whom he knows that Sam and Patrick are looking for. When she sees the name, she's shocked and stunned.

Tracy is able to convince Michael that she wants to be a part of his new project, and as soon as she gets on the elevator, with the file in hand, she gets on the phone to happily confirm she thinks Michael just handed her the keys to her kingdom.

While Morgan and Kiki are busy with the renovation, Levi comes by with Maxie behind him and tells them he is there to shut down their project.

After Franco walks out of the camp leaving Carly and Sonny alone, Sonny demands to know if he's going to the cops. Carly tells him no. He needs to know that Franco would not do that to him.

Franco goes to find Michael at his office. He tells him before he calls security, Franco just needs a “moment of his time”.

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