GH Update Thursday 6/26/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/26/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Obrecht was in a GH conference room. The door opened. Obrecht was preparing to rip into the person who entered without knocking, but when she saw Franco, she was starstruck. Franco had brought along the Egg Salad painting. Obrecht gushed over it and told Franco that she and Faison were big fans of his. Faison and Obrecht had bought that painting during his gallery event, but they never got a chance to pick it up. Franco reminded Obrecht that Heather painted the picture, not him. Unfazed, Obrecht stated that it was obvious that Franco inherited his genius from his mom, just like Obrecht's kids had. Obrecht was curious to know how Franco got her painting. Franco explained the painting had ended up in Monica's possession. She returned it to the gallery, which gave it to Franco. Franco was willing to give Obrecht her painting in exchange for a job. Obrecht didn't understand why a world-famous artist would want to work at the hospital. Franco explained that he lost his talent when the tumor was removed. Franco was fed up with sponging off of Carly. He wanted to be something again and to prove himself worthy of Carly, so he didn't lose her to someone “What kind of a woman would turn her back on you?” Obrecht asked. Franco explained that he knew how Carly felt about him, but he was concerned that she'd get drawn back to Sonny, due to her and Sonny's bond due to Sonny being high maintenance. Obrecht could relate. She sighed that Faison couldn't shake his former flame either, and his devotion got him killed. Obrecht couldn't prove it, but she was convinced that Anna killed Faison.

Obrecht's eyes filled with tears, and she explained that when Faison bought the painting with her, she saw it as a sign that he wanted to make a home with her. For the first time, she had hope that they could have a future together, then Anna took it all away. Obrecht stated that having the painting back had fueled her resolution to avenge his death. Franco reminded her that she couldn't have the painting back if she didn't give him a job. Obrecht asked what he was qualified for. Franco admitted that he didn't have any skills, but he liked to clean and he was hoping for a janitorial job. Obrecht wouldn't consider having a genius like Franco do work like that. Franco stressed that he was willing to do anything. Obrecht perked up and announced that she had an idea. She shared the idea off screen. Franco loved it and couldn't wait to tell Carly about it. After Franco left, Obrecht told Faison that she would avenge his death.

At the park, Alice told Spencer to join the other kids, but he refused to go, because he was waiting for his “associate.”

Carly brought Josslyn to the park to sign up for camp. They bumped into Sonny. Sonny said hello to Josslyn, then she raced off to join the rest of the kids. Carly confessed to Sonny that she'd promised Franco that she'd stay away from Sonny. Sonny wanted to know why, and Carly admitted that Franco was jealous. Sonny seemed amused. Carly conceded that she could understand why Franco would feel a bit threatened by their connection. Carly was curious why Sonny was at the park. Just then, Spencer appeared. Carly watched, smiling, as Sonny talked with his nephew. Spencer was upset that Emma wouldn't take him back, even after he started a fund in Gabriel's name. Spencer moaned that he and Emma had a connection, and he asked for Sonny's advice on getting her back. Sonny thought it was time for Spencer to accept that he'd done all he could and move on. Spencer countered that he and Emma were meant to be together forever. Sonny replied that he and Carly thought the same thing about themselves once and it didn't work out. Spencer insisted that if Sonny really loved Carly, he would have never moved on. Sonny replied that sometimes you had to stop fighting and let go of the person that you love with all your heart and soul. Carly chimed in and said that it was hard to let Sonny go, but she eventually found someone else. Spencer didn't think anyone could ever measure up to Emma, but Sonny insisted that there were other great girls out there. “Who?,” Spencer challenged. At that moment, Josslyn appeared. Carly asked Spencer if he knew Josslyn. Josslyn revealed that she beat Spencer at a spelling bee. Spencer seemed not to be interested in Josslyn. Alice came over and offered the kids popsicles. Josslyn told Spencer to follow her, then she raced off to get one. Sonny encouraged Spencer to go after her. Spencer announced that he knew what Sonny was doing and it wasn't going to work, because Josslyn was no Emma. Carly replied that Josslyn was her own person, and Sonny added that Spencer should get to know her. Sonny told Spencer that Carly was great so her daughter must be too. Spencer seemed unconvinced, but Josslyn came back to get him and he went with her. Carly thought Sonny had been good with Spencer. Sonny admitted he felt bad for the boy, but he thought that if Emma and Spencer were meant to be, they would find their way back to each other. Carly noted that Sonny used to think they'd last forever. Sonny replied that they had a hell of a run, and Carly called it “exceptionally good.” Carly added that they got in their own way of having a relationship. Sonny noted that they had been with other people since then, and he took the opportunity to confess that he didn't understand why she was with Franco. Carly's smile faded and she turned to walk away, but Sonny admitted that he was in no position to talk after the mess he had gotten himself into. Sonny didn't think that anything had gone right since Connie was murdered. Carly assured Sonny that although she was with Franco, she would be there for Sonny. Sonny confided that he'd never needed a friend more than he did right now. Carly hugged him. Franco happened to be walking by, and he saw the hug.

Nathan was working out in his living room. Levi walked in after a shower and mentioned that he loved the song Nathan was listening to. Nathan confronted Levi about telling the judge that Nathan lied in order to get Maxie a second chance at getting custody of Georgie. Levi pointed out that Nathan had no evidence to prove that Levi tipped off the judge. Nathan countered that he didn't need evidence, and he snarled that Levi was the reason that Maxie couldn't see her daughter. Levi had a flashback to making the phone call. In the present, Levi spat that he thought Nathan would have learned his lesson about rushing to judgment after he killed Ric. Nathan insisted that Ric went for Nathan's gun. Levi thought it was a good thing that Nathan had been placed on leave, otherwise he might shoot Levi. Nathan grabbed Levi and drew back to punch him. Just then Maxie entered the room. Nathan told her that Levi had just accused him of being a murderer. Levi clarified that he meant that Nathan had a habit of assuming everyone was guilty, then Levi told Maxie that Nathan still blamed him for tipping off the judge. Maxie stood up for Levi. Nathan swore that once he got his badge back, he'd use all his resources to prove Levi was the informant. Anna stopped by. She wanted to talk to Nathan alone, so Maxie and Levi left. Anna revealed that Nathan had been cleared of any wrongdoing in Ric's “death,” so she was there to return his badge and gun. Anna reminded Nathan that they had to make seem like Ric died in order to protect Ric and his family. Nathan understood, but he felt bad about hurting Ric's family, especially his daughter. Anna hated the situation as much as Ric did, but she was focusing on the fact that Ric and Molly would reunite some day. Anna hoped it would give Nathan some consolation to know that Ric wrote a letter to Molly while Anna was driving him to the airport. Anna explained that Ric had hoped it would give Molly some peace. Nathan vowed to do whatever it took to get Ric back to Molly.

Anna had sensed tension between Nathan and his roommates earlier and she asked about it. Nathan explained that Levi didn't have Maxie's best interests at heart, and Nathan intended to prove it.

Maxie and Levi went to the park. Maxie was upset that she wasn't going to get to go to Georgie's first birthday, like she'd been hoping to. Levi comforted her and told her he was sorry. Maxie replied that it wasn't Levi's fault, no matter what Nathan said. Maxie wasn't sure how she'd get through the next six months. Levi reminded her that she'd felt the same way when they first met, but in the end she'd gotten through it by helping other people. Maxie asked how she could do that again, here in Port Charles. Levi showed her a newspaper article.

Rafe was at home. He looked sick when he saw an article on Baby Gabriel's funeral, then he remembered screeching tires. He immediately pulled out his bag of cocaine and emptied some of it onto the table. Suddenly Kiki dropped by to pick something up. Rafe covered his line of coke with the newspaper. She asked Rafe how things were going with Silas and Nina. Rafe found the situation uncomfortable, so he was trying his best to steer clear. Kiki noticed that Rafe looked upset and she asked what was bothering him. Rafe claimed he was overwhelmed about Nina, but Kiki sensed that he was lying. She thought he was still upset about Molly. Rafe admitted that he did miss Molly. He confided that Molly reached out to him and treated him like a real person. After a lifetime on the run, Molly had made Rafe finally feel at home for the first time. Kiki didn't know that Rafe was on the run, so he told her that his father had been chasing him and his mom. Rafe's father eventually killed his mother before being killed by the police. Rafe had only gotten through it because of Molly. Rafe regretted screwing things up with Molly. Kiki felt bad that Rafe and Molly's friendship had ended, but she assured him that Rafe that he still had Kiki, Silas and Sam's support. Rafe blurted out that Sam wouldn't support him after she found out what he did. Kiki was curious what Rafe meant. Rafe covered by saying he stole money from Sam. Kiki asked why. Rafe didn't want to talk about it, but Kiki told him that they were family, and she encouraged him to confide in her. Rafe insisted that he couldn't. Kiki she suggested that he go to Sam and confess about taking the money. Rafe was adamant that Sam wouldn't understand, but Kiki told him that Sam was a great person and she'd make him realize that whatever was going on wasn't as bad as it seemed. Kiki asked Rafe to promise that he'd talk to someone about this. They hugged and Rafe looked over Kiki's shoulder at the newspaper article and picture of Gabriel's grave.

Molly let herself into the penthouse and was displeased to discover that Alexis was waiting for her. Molly reminded Alexis that she moved into Sam's place because she didn't want to see Alexis as long as Alexis was dating Julian. Molly didn't want to have the same fight again, so she asked Alexis to leave. Alexis explained that Anna gave her the things Ric had on him at the police station, and Alexis was there to give them to Molly since Molly was the next of kin. Alexis began to walk out, but Molly confessed that she was afraid to open the package alone, and she asked Alexis to stay. Alexis hugged her daughter. Molly went through the envelope. Ric's watch was inscribed “All my love. Elizabeth.” Alexis said it must have been a wedding present from Liz to Ric. Molly thought that Liz should have it. The envelope also contained his phone, which was dead, and his wallet. Molly looked through the wallet and started to cry when she found a new picture of herself and Ric. She was touched that he'd already printed it out and put it in his wallet. Molly sobbed that Ric had vowed to take pictures with Molly all the time to make up for the missing five years when they weren't together. Alexis reminisced about how overjoyed Ric had been when Molly was born. Alexis had never seen a man more in love with his child than Ric had been with Molly. Molly found a letter in the envelope that was addressed to her. Ric wrote that he was writing this from his cell, just after Molly's visit. Ric told her that her faith in him meant the world to him. He conceded that he hadn't been the best father and that he made a lot of mistakes, the worst of which had been leaving Molly. Ric assured Molly that she'd always be in his heart and that nothing, not imprisonment, or even death, could change that. The letter caused Molly to erupt into fresh sobs. Alexis pulled her into a hug. Molly thanked Alexis for being there for her. Alexis assured Molly that she always wanted to be there for her, and she asked Molly to please come home. Molly said that she couldn't, because Alexis had put her faith in Julian, while Molly's faith was in Ric. “It's better for me if I stay,” Molly cried. Alexis accepted Molly's decision. Alexis stated that Molly was in her heart, too. They said they loved each other and hugged, then Alexis left. Rafe arrived. He was startled to see Molly, and she told him that she was staying there for awhile. Rafe gave Molly his condolences on Ric's death, then he explained that he really needed to talk to Sam.

Sam and Patrick went to the site of the car accident that resulted in Gabriel's death. Patrick was doubtful that they'd find anything to help break the case. Patrick was shaken about being back at the crash site, and he confided that he'd been taking the long way around ever since the accident because he hadn't wanted to drive past that spot again. Sam apologized and explained that she was hoping that being back at the site would jog Patrick's memory. Sam asked Patrick to tell her what happened that night. Patrick got choked up as he recalled that he'd just felt the baby kick. Emma had wanted to feel it too, but she couldn't because she was in her car seat in the back. Sabrina had told Emma that she'd have plenty of other chances to feel her brother kicking. “We thought we had time, but we didn't” Patrick stated. Patrick remembered that the car entered their lane and didn't swerve. Sam wondered if it was a drunk driver. Patrick had attempted to avoid the car and lost control. Patrick didn't remember anything else, so Sam had him close his eyes and think about the accident. Patrick suddenly recalled that he'd heard another crash just before he blacked out. Sam used a picture of the skid-marks from the crash to determine where the driver must have and crashed a second time. She searched and discovered a guardrail with black paint scraped on it. Patrick asked how they would find the car that left the paint. Sam collected a paint sample. She told Patrick that they'd take it around to auto body repair shops and ask if anyone brought a damaged car in with that kind of paint. Sam warned Patrick that this was a long-shot but it might be able to help them find the other driver.

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