GH Update Wednesday 6/25/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/25/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael goes to Sonny's home to visit his dad. Sonny remarks that his son looks like a successful businessman noticing him in a business suit and seeing that he is now the head of ELQ. Michael also alludes to talking about the current status of Morgan and the fact that Ava is living with Sonny and pregnant, as they both realize it will not be easy for anyone involved.

Meanwhile, when Franco sleeps on Carly's couch, Josslyn plays tricks won him and continues to indicate that she does not welcome him there.

We then see grade school kids enrolling in a summer camp called Lila's kids. Nikolas brings Spencer, who still has a trick up his sleeve for getting Emma to break up with Cameron and get back with him.

We then see Patrick bringing Emma to the camp She still asks her daddy why they had to lose baby Gabriel. He admits to his daughter he is not certain, as he holds her in his arms, but maybe Sam can find out, he concludes.

Right then, Sam is alone in her apartment investigating the police and medical report of Sabrina's injuries from the hit and run accident that caused her baby to be born pre-maturely and lead to his death, but she appears depressed and unfulfilled when she looks for messages on her phone and sees nothing, confirming to her that Silas did not call. Right then, Alexis comes by and asks her daughter what is going on. Sam admits to her mom that she has not seen Silas since he had to end their date to be with his wife. She makes it clear is not ok with that or with the fact that Nina is ever present in their lives and in Silas' apartment.

Meanwhile, Silas is in his home distracted and ignoring both Nina (who behaves graciously to her “husband”) and Rosalie, who keeps reminding him that he is failing to give his wife the attention she deserves after she's been injured.

Sam shares with her mom that right when it appeared that things were “getting back to normal” between her and Silas, Nina has to interrupt their time together. Yet, she “rationalizes” that Silas is justified in having help his wife in her time of need and it's not Nina fault. Alexis asks her daughter if Nina does not have a nurse. Sam admits she has asked the same questions. She feels guilty for being “selfish” in her wanting Silas not to have his wife there with her needs, but she also indicates that maybe it's a “bit too convenient” that Nina falls right at the time they are together and the nurse is not there.

Right then, Rosalie behaves “in-cordially” wanting to make Silas feel guilty for neglecting his wife while she was all alone in the house and fell. She talks about how Silas was “out gallivanting with that woman”. Nina then firmly clarifies to Rosalie that Sam has a name and deserves more respect than that. She has been very kind to Nina (Nina tells her). She is important to Silas, and if Rosalie continues to insult her husband or his very nice and respectable girlfriend, Nina will let Rosalie go. Silas still suspects nothing of the two women or their scam together. It appears Silas is going off the work and leaving them alone in the apartment, but he “surprises” them and tells them no. Nina is going with him.

When Carly comes out to her living room to see Franco sleeping on her couch, she asks him why. Is it because she took time to go and help Sonny last night? She admits that whether he wants to discuss it or not, she can see he has issues about her ties to her ex husband.

Sonny then affirms to Michael that there is nothing “romantic” between him and Ava. Yet, they both know that neither Morgan nor Dante are ok with Sonny's decision to have her live in his house.

When Britt is working, her mom pulls her into a room and tells her daughter there is something very noteworthy she was her to see, and she shows her a PowerPoint presentation she has created called: “How to recapture a Cassadine”

At the Lila's Kids event, Nikolas runs into Elizabeth. He wants to take time and find out how she is after the loss of Ric and after Obrecht unjustly fired her. She tells him might look for a job as a camp counselor. Hearing that, he firmly tells her she is a nurse and a damn good one. Anything else would be a waste of her talent. She tells him she might apply to another hospital. He tells her that he won't let her do that. She is getting her job back at General Hospital.

Meanwhile, Obrecht shows Britt her “seminar” asking her daughter if she would not like to get the prince back. Britt admits she would but raises objections to what her mother is about to show her. n. She presents a picture of Nikolas and his crown, displaying “visual aids” to explain that he is handsome, rich, royal, fatherly and potent. Britt keeps asking her mom where she got all of this and how she found the time. Obrecht talks about the obstacles for her daughter getting her former fiance back. She “presents” the picture of the baby now known as Rocco, explaining that Britt did in fact steal Nikolas' sister's child., but she tells Britt that there is a far greater challenge to surmount than the baby. She then shows her a picture of Elizabeth surrounded by a shooting range, and she tells Britt the nurse needs to be neutralized. She asks her daughter to look at this girl and asks how such a “non-entity” can pose such a threat. Britt tells her mom she's wondered the same thing, but Elizabeth and Nikolas go “way back”. Obrecht then tells her daughter that's the whole point. The prince and the porcelain doll are history, but Britt is his future. Britt informs her mom that she happens to know that Elizabeth has a lot of power over Nikolas. She is his damsel in distress. He eats it up and is regularly at her beck and call. Obrecht then tells her daughter, in that case, there is only “one option". They have to remove Elizabeth from the picture entirely, by using the “weapons in their arsenal”, and she shows Britt a picture of a gun

Meanwhile, Nikolas concludes to Elizabeth that he won't let Obrecht get away with firing her, and he leaves the camp to go and find the new hospital chief of staff and let her know just that. Elizabeth waits with the kids and Patrick comes by to see his daughter with both hers' and Nikolas' respective sons.

Sam admits to her mom that she ran into Patrick when Silas left her alone at the park last night, and he suggested the “same thing” that Nina might have lied about falling and needing Silas' help in order to ruin his time with Sam. Sam continues to rationalize and concludes that she is being paranoid, selfish and irrational to assume that is the case. She’s being very sick to be in “PI mode” to want to “investigate” what may or may not have actually happened to Nina. Alexis assures her daughter that she is on the right track in her relationship. Sam need not blame herself for being “impatient” with the obstacles in her relationship.. Sam tells her mom she has to go and meet with Patrick at the hospital and help him find out who ran him off the road and cause the accident. Alexis tells her daughter she wants to wait there for Molly to come back.

Meanwhile, Nina wants to engage Silas in helping her with physical therapy, but, being a doctor, and given the fact that she is faking paralysis, he knows more about it than she does. So, he assesses that since she “can't even walk”, what would be a better idea, and much more effective, would be for her to join the group at the hospital with the many highly trained physical therapists who could help her regain her strength in no time. Alone with Rosalie, she admits she is infuriated to see that Silas wants so much to get rid of her that he would take her to get physical therapy that she does not even need. She won't have her chance to make him miserable as is her goal. This will only mess up her intended plan. She tells Rosalie that they are in this together. Rosalie needs to think of something before Silas ruins everything.

Michael admits to his dad that he hasn't a clue why Sonny slept with Ava and even more so, why he is having Ava living there. It's not cool to Morgan or to Olivia, but, he realizes his father has been there for him when AJ died and he put aside his differences with Michael's bio dad. So he can do the same for Sonny regarding this.

Franco and Carly talk about her bond with Sonny. She admits that she has two kids with Sonny and when he calls, she will make it a priority to be there for him, but, she assures Franco they (herself and Sonny) have nothing romantic going on. He tells her he knows she keeps saying that but everybody else he talks to about that says otherwise. She asks whom he is talking about besides Morgan and Ava. He tells her that he spoke to Mac Scorpio at the bar last night and he told Franco about Sonny's “hold” on Carly and many other women. Hearing that, Carly protests that Mac is not a great source. He plays with “dolls” (as a ventriloquist), but they can both see that Franco is not ok with Carly's relationship with her ex husband. They move up closer to kiss but he pulls away admitting his reservations. She tells him that she and Sonny are much better as friends. What happened between them in the past is never going to happen again. She tells Franco she wants him. She wants what they have. She is not going to hang onto a memory of something that is over. He then sits down with her and apologizes. She tells him she does not want to make him feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. He tells her that this is “new territory” for him and he is scared. He's afraid of losing her. She assures him there is nothing to be scared of. She promises she is not going anywhere and they both affirm that they love each other.

Michael affirms to Sonny that even if Morgan and Dante are angry at him, he always has his oldest son who loves him and won't abandon him.

As soon as it appears that Obrecht wants to murder Elizabeth, Britt tells her mom she is not going to go along with that, but Obrecht clarifies to her daughter that the gun and figure of speech she used was not for that. She is not going to murder or hurt Elizabeth. She has another plan.

At the camp, while Elizabeth is waiting for Nikolas to return, (while he's gone to the hospital to find Obrecht), Spencer offers his condolences to Emma for the loss of baby Gabriel. She tells him that is sweet.

Nikolas asks where to find Obrecht and the attendant directs him to the conference room where she is holding a “seminar” for her daughter.

Meanwhile, in the room, Obrecht shows her daughter “footage” of the time when she (Britt) seduced Patrick in the shower. She assures Britt that although she has access to this video, nobody else does and Britt's privacy will be protected. She tells her daughter if she successfully pulled this off with Dr. Drake, she can do the same with Prince Nikolas, but Britt tells her mom that Nikolas has no interest in her when he's spending all of his time propping up the grieving Elizabeth, but her mother keeps telling her that Nikolas is a man who will desire sex and Britt knows how to plant the seed for him. Britt again reminds her mom that Elizabeth can and will do the same thing with Nikolas as soon as she's done grieving over Ric, before she (Britt) has a chance to, but Obrecht then shows her daughter a very hot picture of her (Britt) in a bikini and compares it to an “unflattering” picture of Elizabeth in her hospital scrubs, and she encourages her daughter to know that she might be more capable of “planting seeds” with Nikolas than Elizabeth is.

Michael tells his dad he has a belated father's day gift for him. He admits that he has been busy with the waterfront redevelopment project. Sonny tells his son he is really proud of him and if anybody is meant to make it happen and succeed with the project, it's Michael. He tells his son that his mom raised a great man.

Meanwhile, Josslyn interrupts her mom and Franco kissing. She tells them she is late for camp and needs a ride. Carly admits she has to get to work but Franco can take her. It might give them a chance to get to know each other. Josslyn replies she already knows Franco and wishes she didn't, and it's not her fault that he's a jobless loser. Carly angrily tells her daughter she is out of line to talk that way , but Franco tells her it’s correct. He's been out of work for a long time, and it's time he does something about it.

At the camp, Emma tells Spencer he's her friend but only Cameron is her soul mate. Not far away Patrick finds Elizabeth and tells her that he has been trying, although failing, to get through to Obrecht to get her reinstated. He thought maybe the chief of staff might “throw him a bone” after what she and her daughter put his family through, but no luck. She tells him she appreciates his attempt anyway. She tells him she's lucky to have people like him and Nikolas in her corner. She admits that Nikolas is making the same effort with Obrecht.

When Nikolas walks into the room where Obrecht is giving her daughter a “seminar”, he is able to see the picture Obrecht has of Elizabeth and demands to know what that is about, and he tells her coincidentally, Elizabeth is the very reason he needs to speak to her and interrupt her meeting. She needs to reinstate Elizabeth. Obrecht tells him the hospital is doing fine without her. He tells her Elizabeth is an excellent nurse who has given years of service to this hospital. Obrecht argues, but Britt tells her mother that she needs to give Elizabeth her job back. Obrecht asks why on earth she would do that and why her daughter would defend a woman she dislikes. Britt tells her mom regardless of her personal issues with Elizabeth, Elizabeth is an excellent nurse and has the right to keep her job which she has earned, and she tells her mother if she does not reinstate Elizabeth both she and Nathan will turn their back on their mother.

When Sam notices Silas with Nina and her nurse, he tells her that he is getting Nina into a little physical therapy so that maybe accidents like that can be avoided in the future. Again, Nina acts all gracious. She smiles and apologizes to Sam if “her little tumble” ruined their time together. Sam graciously tells Nina she does not have to apologize as she knows it did not happen “on purpose”. Nina affirms of course it did not happen on purpose, but she apologizes and asks Sam to please forgive her. Sam tells Nina if anyone needs to be forgiven, it's her nurse who refused to do her job and was not there for Nina, and again, Rosalie appears rude to Sam as Sam is equally not cordial back, but Nina remains as gracious and courteous to Sam and to Silas as she can be.

Obrecht then tells both Britt and Nikolas fine. The Webber girl can come back to the hospital, but she needs to attend training meetings and do what her boss says. Meanwhile, Nikolas takes Britt aside, outside of the room and thanks her for convincing her mother to reinstate Elizabeth. He comments he knows she is not Britt's favorite person. Britt tells him she believes that Elizabeth did not deserve to get fired. He graciously parts company with her and gets on the elevator wasting no time to get away from her and back to Elizabeth, and we can see that Britt is clearly “not complete”.

Elizabeth talks to Patrick about his and Sabrina's tragic loss as well as her loss of job at the mercy of Obrecht, indicating that he is a friend (and potentially more) to her, just like Nikolas, but he admits he has to leave and meet with Sam at the hospital as she is seeking answers for him about his hit and run accident.

Carly assures Franco that he need not listen to Josslyn. She has confidence in him that he can find a job. She will take her daughter to the camp since Franco is job hunting. At that point, Franco affirms that he is committed to her as she is to him, and they will never let Ava or Sonny or anyone or anything else keep them apart again.

While at the camp and feeling “down and out” about Emma yet again and turning him down for Cameron, Spencer gets on his phone to call his Uncle Sonny, and he tells Sonny he is his only hope.

Rosalie wants Silas to “lead the way” accompany Nina, but he tells them they can find the office. In the mean time, he has to talk to Sam, but she tells them it's ok. She has to talk to Patrick as she sees him and they get on the elevator together.

Alone with Britt, Obrecht affirms that they have scored a victory as her daughter “disarmed” the enemy by defending her in front of Nikolas. Britt asks her mom how giving Elizabeth her job back is disarming her. Obrecht smiles and explains that now Elizabeth will be at her (Obrecht's) mercy answering to her now. She has extensive overtime for Elizabeth, and while the nurse is working her fingers to the bone, Nikolas will have needs which Britt will be able to fulfill for him. Britt still does not know how that could happen as she tells her mom that her ex can barely stand to be in the same room with her. Obrecht tells her daughter she always thinks of something, and she presents an image of Nikolas' son, telling Britt that that is the perfect way to get through Nikolas' door.

Carly is on her phone talking to Franco and encouraging him to find his dream job, while she accompanies Josslyn to the camp, and she now affirms that she will let Sonny handle his own affairs while she and Franco both get on with their lives, but right then, she sees Sonny right in front of her, in the park.

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