GH Update Tuesday 6/24/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/24/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nina called Silas from their home. Silas was on his date with Sam at the park. Nina pretended to be distraught. She lied and said she fell out of her chair and was and unable to move. Silas asked about Rosalie and Nina claimed that Rosalie wasn't there. Alarmed, Silas promised to come help her ASAP. Nina insisted that she didn't want to interrupt Silas's date, and she told him to call the super to come help her. Silas replied that there was no super, and he assured Nina that he was on his way. Silas hung up the phone and filled Sam in. Silas felt bad for having to break his promise to spend the evening with her, but Sam was understanding and she urged him to go take care of Nina. Silas left and Patrick walked up a short time later. Patrick explained that he'd was taking a walk to clear his head after visiting Gabriel's grave. Sam brought Patrick up to speed on her night. Patrick offered to listen. Sam was reluctant to confide in Patrick about her more minor problems, but Patrick was eager to have a distraction. Sam poured them both wine and told Patrick about Nina and Silas's living arrangement. She explained that Silas was determined not to let it affect his relationship with Sam, so he took her on a date. Patrick interjected that Sam looked great. Sam thanked him and continued her story. Sam recounted the way Silas left Sam to go running to another woman who was in love with him. Sam didn't blame Silas for feeling a moral obligation toward Nina. Sam was reluctant to say more about her feelings. Patrick sensed that Sam thought that Nina ruined Sam's date on purpose. Sam admitted she was suspicious of Nina, but she conceded that she didn't have a reason not to take Nina at face value. Patrick urged Sam to trust her private investigator instincts, but Sam didn't think she could judge Nina objectively. Sam admitted that she could understand Nina having the desire to hold onto Silas since in Nina's mind she and Silas had only been separated a few weeks, not twenty years. Sam didn't feel like she could judge since she had only just now taken off her wedding ring. Patrick was curious if Sam took off the ring because things were getting serious with Silas. Sam explained that it was partially due to that and partially because Jason had been gone for a long time. Sam changed the subject and told Patrick that she was going to go to the site of the car accident tomorrow and look for clues as to who ran him and Sabrina off the road. Patrick wanted to go too. Sam agreed to text him.

Sam thanked Patrick for listening, and he thanked her for distracting him. Sam assured Patrick that he wasn't alone. Patrick remembered arguing with Robin and accusing her of thinking that Jason was more important than her family. Patrick apologized to Sam. Sam was confused and he said he was sorry for what she was going through. Sam wondered why Silas hadn't called her yet, and Patrick urged her to call Silas.

Nina looked satisfied. She told Rosalie that it looked like she'd succeed in punishing Silas for abandoning her even more quickly than she'd originally thought and be able to move onto her next targets (Ava and Kiki) in a matter of days. Rosalie was irritated that Nina told Silas that Rosalie never showed up, and she was concerned that Nina put her job at risk. Nina revealed that she'd only tricked Silas into thinking she was broke, and she promised to compensate Rosalie handsomely for her help. Nina handed Rosalie a wad of cash and told her to leave and come back in a half an hour. After Rosalie left, Nina knocked the wheelchair on its side then she crawled around on the floor, trying out different “helpless” poses. She heard the door opening and quickly lied down. Silas ran in, and Nina pretended to sob about falling out of her wheelchair. Silas scooped her up and put her back into the chair and asked what happened. Nina cried that she tried to walk because she was tired of being helpless. Silas spotted the shattered plaque that Nina had given him as a gift 20 years ago and asked what happened to it. Nina remembered smashing it in a fit of rage. She feigned remorse and told Silas that she had been missing him, so she tried to pick up the plaque and it broke when she fell. Silas asked where Rosalie was during all this.

A dejected Nathan went into the Floating Rib. Mac offered him a beer, but Nathan wanted something stronger. He told Mac that Maxie was denied visitation of Georgie for six more months. Mac was confused; he thought the hearing was tomorrow, and he and Felicia had been planning to attend. Nathan confided in Mac about how he lied to the judge in order to get Maxie a second custody hearing. Nathan felt that Maxie would be a great mother and that she deserved another chance. Mac knew it was a big deal for someone in law enforcement to lie to a judge and he was grateful that Nathan had done that for Maxie. Nathan explained that the judge found out about the lie and called Maxie to court early. Nathan felt like his attempt to help had only made things worse. Mac assured Nathan that this wasn't his fault. According to Mac, Maxie lost custody because she began to doubt that she could be a good mother to Georgie. Mac was confident that he knew who planted that doubt in her mind. He left to call Maxie and Felicia. Rosalie arrived a few minutes later, and she struck up a conversation with Nathan about the missing bartender. Nathan told her to go easy on Mac, since he'd just gotten bad news. Rosalie was antsy because she had some place to be and she wanted a drink before she went there. She mentioned that she was new in town and she and Nathan chatted and discovered that they were both from NYC. Nathan offered her his drink. At first, Rosalie wasn't comfortable taking a drink from a stranger, but she did so after Nathan told her he was a cop. She downed the shot then walked out.

Maxie was near tears when she got home. She called out to Nathan and then began to search for him. She paused and stared at a picture of Georgie for a moment then kept calling for Nathan. Levi came home and overheard her. He mentioned the way she left the courthouse in a hurry, and Maxie revealed that she'd gone to talk to Lulu. Levi pulled Maxie into a hug and told her that he'd help her get through this and that they didn't need Lulu or Nathan. Maxie was upset that she was missing out on the first year of Georgie's life. It bothered Maxie that her daughter wouldn't even know her, but Levi assured Maxie that she'd always be Georgie's mom. Maxie wondered how the judge found out that Nathan lied. Mac called. Levi encouraged Maxie to ignore the phone, but Maxie answered anyway. Mac told Maxie he was sorry, then he told her that Nathan felt guilty about what happened. Maxie asked Mac to tell Nathan that it wasn't his fault, then she admitted that this was all her doing. Mac promised Maxie that they'd find a way to fight this. He asked Maxie to come over and let him and Felicia take care of her, but Maxie assured him that Levi was taking care of her. Maxie promised to call tomorrow, then she hung up.

Back at the bar, Mac sat down next to Nathan and told him about the phone call. Mac noticed that Nathan grimaced at the mention of Levi's name. Nathan confided that he thought Levi told the judge that Nathan lied. Mac was enraged, and he vowed to kill Levi. Nathan admitted that he didn't have proof that Levi was to blame. Mac confessed that he'd half considered getting Levi deported to get him away from Maxie. Nathan urged Mac not to do anything he'd later regret, then Nathan went home to check on Maxie.

Maxie mentioned that Nathan was at the bar, and Levi sighed that Nathan probably gave Mac an earful about Levi. Maxie wondered what Levi meant. Levi told her that Nathan thought Levi tipped off the judge. Maxie was certain that Levi would never do such a thing. Levi theorized that Nathan wanted to blame everyone but himself for what happened. Levi admitted that his conversation with Nathan got a little heated. Maxie was concerned and asked if Levi punched Nathan again. Levi swore that was a one time event. He looked hurt and asked if she really thought his self control was that poor. Maxie assured him that he was one of the most centered people she knew; however that made her wonder why Levi couldn't get along with Nathan. Levi explained that he got upset when people questioned his feelings for her. Maxie knew that Levi had initially had reservations about her attempting to regain custody of Georgie, but she felt that that was a lot different than sabotaging her case. She didn't understand why Nathan would accuse Levi of doing something so malicious. Levi had a flashback – he'd adopted an American accent then called the courthouse about Maxie's case. Back in the present, he played innocent and listened as Maxie's anger toward Nathan grew stronger. Maxie noted that Levi had made a wonderful speech which saved Nathan from having to lie under oath.

Levi advised Maxie to let go of her negativity instead of confronting Nathan. Maxie agreed, however, when Nathan came home a second later, Maxie rushed over to him and said “How dare you?!” Maxie seethed as she told Nathan that she understand that he felt bad, but pointing the finger at Levi wouldn't make things right. Nathan made it clear that he was annoyed at Levi for adding to Maxie's stress by telling her about the argument. Maxie insisted on discussing what happened, so Nathan pointed out that only four people knew Nathan lied, and Nathan was sure that he, Diane and Maxie didn't say anything. Maxie didn't know how the judge found out, but she was adamant that Levi wouldn't hurt her like that. Nathan countered that Levi hadn't wanted Maxie to see Georgie. Maxie yelled that she didn't want to talk about this anymore. She told Levi that they should go to bed, then she left the room. Levi shot a smirk at Nathan, then he followed Maxie into their bedroom.

After Rosalie left the bar, she went back to Silas and Nina's. Silas demanded to know where she'd been and Rosalie covered by saying she'd had car and phone trouble so she couldn't call and tell Silas she'd be late. Silas snapped that if anything had happened to Nina it would have been on her. Rosalie countered that if anything happened to Silas's wife it would be on Silas, not Rosalie. Rosalie snapped that she got called into work at the last minute because Silas decided to go on a date with another woman. Rosalie accused Silas of making Nina feel guilty for loving her own husband. Nina told Rosalie that Silas was entitled to move on. Rosalie yelled that she was raised to believe that marriage was a lifetime commitment. She told Silas to go ahead and fire her, because she had nothing to be ashamed of, unlike Silas. Nina interjected that no one was getting fired. She told Rosalie that she couldn't talk to Silas that way. Nina thought that all of them wanted the same thing – for everyone to be happy. Rosalie apologized. Nina claimed she was worn out and asked Rosalie to help her get into bed. They left the room. Sam called Silas. Silas apologized for having to leave and offered to come back. Sam told him that wouldn't be necessary because Patrick was there and he was going to give her a ride home. They hung up.

In Nina's room, Nina and Rosalie congratulated each other for putting on a good show for Silas. Rosalie noted that her act hadn't endeared her to the boss. Nina reminded Rosalie that Nina was the boss, not Silas. Nina pulled out the list of people she wanted revenge on. Silas was crossed off but Sam wasn't. She smiled and said it wouldn't be long before Sam and Silas were destroyed for good.

At Sonny's, Sonny caught Ava picking up a decanter of wine. He grabbed her hand and removed the container from her reach. Ava explained that she wanted a drink to combat the tension in the air, but Sonny was adamant that she would not drink while she was pregnant and living under his roof. Ava countered that it had been proven that it was safe for a pregnant woman to have one drink per day. Sonny didn't care and he told Ava that she was not to have any wine. Ava made herself a martini instead. Sonny warned her not to drink it. Ava crowed that Sonny wouldn't lay a finger on her while she was carrying the baby so there was nothing he could do to stop her. She raised the glass toward her lips and Sonny slapped it out of her hand, causing it to shatter on the floor. He ordered her not to push him. The two glared at each other. Ava accused him of striking a pregnant woman, but Sonny told her that they both knew he hit the glass and not her. Sonny was convinced that Ava never intended to take the drink because he didn't think she'd do anything to hurt the baby that was her insurance policy. Ava pointed out that Sonny planned to kill her as soon as the baby was born. Ava figured that Carly and Sonny would raise the child, and Ava didn't feel obligated to make things easier on them by ensuring that the child was healthy and free of abnormalities. Appalled, Sonny called Ava a monster. “What does that make you?” Ava shot back. Sonny told Ava that this was an example of the reason why he wanted her dead. He pointed out that she claimed to love Morgan yet she was willing to hurt him by forcing him to have to watch what could be his child suffering. “Who are you to judge me?” Ava spat. Sonny noted that mothers die for their children and yet Ava was holding hers hostage. Ava asked if Sonny expected her to hand over a healthy child then smile when Sonny killed her. Sonny didn't want her to smile. He just wanted her to die. Sonny vowed to have Max come over and remove all the alcohol from the house. Ava smiled and she promised to find another way to torture Sonny, then she sauntered out.

Carly came downstairs and announced that Josslyn was asleep. Franco was sticking the stickers that Kiki brought over onto the coffee table. Carly mentioned Kiki, and Franco grumbled that he had to call in reinforcements because Carly was at her ex's. Carly was taken aback and asked if Franco had a problem with her going to see Sonny. Franco pointed out that she left him alone with Josslyn for hours and he didn't know when she was coming back. Carly countered that she was only a mile and a half away. Carly felt that she had to let Ava know that she was keeping an eye on her. Franco thought that Sonny's bodyguards could do that. Carly apologized and conceded that she should have called or texted Franco. Franco pointed out that Carly bolted from the house right after he moved in and as soon as they were alone, which made him wonder if she'd changed her mind. Carly swore she hadn't, and she explained that Sonny had a bad temper and Ava was antagonizing him. Franco didn't think it was Carly's responsibility to calm Sonny down. Carly revealed that she arrived at Sonny's just in time to stop him from confessing to Dante. “So what?” Franco replied. “Why the hell do I have to keep explaining this to you?” Carly growled. She told Franco that Michael had been through enough, due to Carly and Sonny's mistakes, and there was no way she was going to let him find out that Sonny killed AJ. Franco argued that there was a difference between protecting Sonny and protecting Michael. Franco wondered whether Carly was angry at Ava for sleeping with Morgan or for sleeping with Sonny. Carly grumbled that Franco sounded just like Ava, then she asked where this was coming from. Franco revealed that Morgan told him that Carly would always put Sonny first. Carly insisted that Morgan was just lashing out. She admitted that she and Sonny would always have a bond but she swore that it wasn't a romantic one. Carly stated that Ava was right when she said that Franco was the jealous type. Franco asked why he should have to discount Morgan's words when Carly was accepting Ava's. Carly didn't want to fight anymore. She touched Franco's face and told him that Sonny did not come first with her. Just then, Sonny called. Franco scowled and told Carly that she better get that, then he walked out of the house. Carly answered the phone and told Sonny it was late. Sonny explained that he needed to talk, and Carly immediately asked what Ava did. Sonny told Carly what Ava said and did. Sonny was getting overwhelmed, and Carly assured him that they would get through this together.

Meanwhile, Ava was on her own phone. Ava acknowledged that it had been a long time since she had reached out to the person on the other end of the call. Ava thought it was time that they reconnect, and she invited the mystery person to come to Port Charles.

Franco went to the Floating Rib and asked Mac for his opinion on Sonny. According to Mac, Sonny was a narcissist who thought he was better than the thug he actually was. Mac added that Sonny's charm was like a drug to women – once they were in his orbit, they couldn't shake Sonny, no matter how hard they tried.

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