GH Update Monday 6/23/14

General Hospital Update Monday 6/23/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alone in Silas' apartment, Nina rises, get out of the wheelchair, and kick it aside in anger. She then reveals what her plan really is. She gets up and remembers that Silas believed that her evil mother trashed his apartment. She trashes back to actually doing the job herself of throwing books smashing boxes, furniture and glasses with a crow bar yet being sure to wear gloves and leave no traces or evidence.

Franco is alone in Carly's apartment when Josslyn finds him and goes up behind him with a crow bar. She tells him she is imitating her hero who is not afraid to kill bad guys throughout America. He tells her he doesn't want to ruin her fun, but she's holding a lethal weapon. He takes it away from her. She wants to know where her mommy is. He says that's a good question.

When Ava comes down the steps of Sonny's home, she is surprised that he is not there but Carly is sitting on the sofa perusing a magazine.

Nathan and Levi argue outside the courtroom after Maxie has left, each blaming the other for the result of Maxie's custody hearing. Levi reminds Nathan he lied to the judge. Nathan accuses Levi of telling the judge about that.

Sam goes to meet Silas in the park. They sit down to a picnic on the grass.

Rosalie, Nina's home care nurse, arrives and sees her walking around. She acts startled to see "Mrs. Clay" standing up and out of her chair. When she expresses what a "miracle" that is, Nina reminds the nurse they need not "pretend." They are the "only ones there." Rosalie reminds Nina, however, that she needs to be more careful. What if someone came in there and saw her? Nina asks if she should be worried about Silas' nephew and remarks he's probably snorting cocaine under a bridge somewhere. The nurse reminds Nina that Rafe is not the only person who comes by here. Nina asks who else does she mean? Silas' little bastard daughter? Remarking if she is anything like her mother, she's probably out banging somebody else's boyfriend. The nurse ponders what if Dr. Clay comes by and discovers she's pulling this scam. If he catches her, it's game-over. Nina then smiles and comments "that's right." Her devoted and completely clueless husband who is at present out with his little whore.

Sam asks Silas if he really could not get a reservation in an actual restaurant. He admits he couldn't, but they do deliver. They are happy to be together. Silas surprises her with a guy on a bicycle delivering their meal. Sam smiles. Sam asks if he should check in with Nina knowing this is her first night alone without him in his apartment, but he assures Sam this is "all about her."

Maxie goes to see Lulu and informs her that the judge told her she cannot see Georgie for at least another 6 months. Lulu thinks that is sadistic. She asks if the judge explained the reason why. Maxie replies it was because Nathan lied for her.

Nathan tells Levi there's only one reason for the judge to become suspicious. That is if somebody told him. He thinks that "someone" is Levi. Levi tells him he does not have time for these "baseless accusations." Nathan reminds him the only people present besides Levi who heard him tell the judge that he threw out the notice, were Maxie and Diane. Neither of them would have had reason to "blow the whistle," but he knows Levi would have that motive.

At Sonny's, Carly "casually" informs Ava that Morgan told her that she moved in. So, she tells Ava, "naturally", she had to come by and see it for herself. Ava comments that even somebody as "slow witted" as Carly can see it's true. She informs Carly it was not her choice to live here. Carly's mobster ex-husband is forcing her to live there against her will. When her baby is born, he intends to kill her. She asks Carly if she thinks Sonny will let her hold her child before that happens. Carly smirks and tells her she knows that Ava "made her bed" when she killed Connie. Just like the recording AJ made of their conversation before he died. Ava assesses that Sonny must know all about hers and AJ's secret, thanks to Carly. Carly reminds her that she knows Ava has threatened to kill her also. She asks Ava how this whole "killing her thing" is working for her now. Ava then picks up a letter opener and tells Carly it's much better now that she has Carly "in her grasp."

At Carly's home, Josslyn says she suspects the reason her mom is gone is because he made her disappear. He tells her no. Carly is at Uncle Sonny's. Josslyn remarks to Franco that he knows he's probably afraid that her mom likes Uncle Sonny better than him. She wants her mom back so she's going to call her. Franco lunges and takes the phone away from Josslyn admitting that he does not want her mom to think he's checking up on her or to know that he does not know how to handle Josslyn. He tells her he needs somebody to help him "handle" her instead. She tries to take the phone out of his hands, but he gets up on a chair and makes a call, desperately asking someone's help.

Lulu is really surprised to find out how Nathan's effort to help Maxie equaled lying for her. Maxie explains that she threw out the initial summons for the hearing because she was afraid to go through with it. The judge was going to prevent her from seeing Georgie because of that, but Nathan stood up and told the judge it was he who threw it in the trash before she had a chance to see it. She didn't want him to lie to the judge, but it turned everything around for her. The judge reconsidered, but later found to that Nathan lied. He asked him to testify under oath. She didn't let him go through with it, but the judge concluded that she has not changed, can't be trusted and can't see her daughter. Yet she will wonders how or why the judge would have suspected that Nathan lied for her in the first place.

Nathan tells Levi that he knows that he disapproved of his method to help Maxie. The judge ruled in Maxie's favor and didn't question his story when he initially told it, but now he suddenly suspects Nathan of lying? The only way that could have happened is if Levi tipped him off.

Ava asks Carly if she has nothing better to do with her time than to come over there and badger the mother of her grandbaby. Carly knows that Ava is going to use every chance she can get to mess with Sonny's head, but, she tells Ava, she is not going to let that happen. Ava smugly says, of course, Carly will, because Carly is still obsessed with Sonny. Carly tells Ava she does not know what she is talking about, but Ava asks her a question. How does Carly's boyfriend (Franco) feel about her rushing off to babysit Sonny while she leaves him all alone in her house.

Franco tries to distract Josslyn but is completely uncomfortable. He's relieved when Kiki arrives at the door. He asks her what took her so long. He begs his "almost daughter" to please "save" him from Josslyn.

Silas has some wine with Sam. They are alone in the park on a picnic blanket, both content, affirming the other is amazing, and they kiss.

Nina privately confides in her nurse that she can't believe that Silas is falling for that skank. Rosalie tells her she's "sorry." Nina replies that was not the apology she was looking for. When she first woke up, she thought she had a husband. She thought she had a future. She thought she had a baby. Rosalie clarifies that Nina does "technically" "legally" still have a husband, but Nina angrily clarifies her husband has a girlfriend. What do the last 20 years of their lives matter to him when he has his slut's cleavage in front of him? She angrily says that her husband would rather believe that her mother would trash his swinging bachelor pad than believe that she would seek revenge. Little does he know who the real enemy is. Rosalie tells her she needs to get back into her chair, but Nina says she pays her and she better let Nina have fun, ordering her to never interrupt her rants. Nina angrily asks if he thought she'd forget all about his affair. Rosalie replies he may have. Nina asks if he thinks she has forgotten about his abandoning her after she got sick. Rosalie replies the reason for that is Nina's parents wouldn't let Silas see her, but she thinks that Silas never even tried to get past her mother for her. She defied her whole family for him. Rosalie asks if that is not what spoiled rich girls do. Nina reminds her that she supported Silas through med school. He and Sam are actually going out tonight on his wife's dime, but she's satisfied she planted a seed. Hearing that, Rosalie hopes Nina didn't mention how "trashy" Sam is because a lot of men like that. Nina gloats about how she knew to remind him that Sam is still wearing her wedding ring, and she knows how to put an end to Silas' date with Sam right now.

In the park, Sam can see that Silas is looking at her wedding ring. He admits that Nina asked him if it bothers him that she still wears it. Sam then asks him if it does in fact bother him.

After Nathan accuses Levi of tipping the judge off that Nathan lied for Maxie, thereby ruining her chances to see her daughter, Levi asks what motive he would have to do that. Nathan says he doesn't know. Maybe to make Nathan look bad and get him in trouble, and maybe to ruin Maxie's chances of ever getting to see her daughter.

Maxie and Lulu are wondering the same thing -- why or how did the judge find out that Nathan lied for her. The judge believed Nathan when he officially made the statement. Lulu reminds Maxie there's no reason he wouldn't since Nathan is a cop, and it doesn't make sense that he'd suddenly accuse Nathan of lying. Maxie asks if Lulu thinks it's possible that somebody tipped him off. They are interrupted when baby Rocco gets up from his nap. Maxie smiles and reflects how good Lulu is with him and how much she herself would like to have a child.

Kiki knows how to get along with Josslyn and privately asks Franco why he suddenly has "babysitting duty." Where is Carly? He replies she's off to "rescue" her ex-husband.

Carly assures Ava that she and Franco trust each other and he has no issues with her coming over to Sonny's. Ava tells Carly maybe she should not be so sure of that. She knew Franco long before Carly did and knows more about him. Carly tells Ava she gives Franco nothing to be "jealous" or "insecure" about, as Ava suggests.  Sonny returns and looks surprised to see the two women arguing in his living room. Ava smirks, realizing that Franco might very well have something to be jealous of.

Silas tells Sam he was thinking that after they finally admit to each other how they really feel, she might be ready to let go of her deceased husband. They both remember that they had planned on that very thing, about creating new memories and being committed to each other, but that was right before Nina came back. Sam remembers that Nina came and crashed her son's birthday party. Silas then admits that he may have no right to ask her to take her wedding ring off when his "wife" is living in his apartment, but she tells him she understands and maybe now she will take her ring off.

Nina tells her nurse that what galls her the most is that she has to act loving and supportive of Silas' new life. The calls the nurse Rosemary. The nurse reminds her her name is Rosalie. Nina replies, "whatever" to not knowing the name of her "partner in crime." Silas left her to "rot" for two decades, Nina concludes. As she sees it, she should get that time back. She intends to. In fact, she's going to get "payback" on everyone who has screwed her over. She asks Rosalie to go and find her list of people who have screwed her over and who are going to pay, but Rosalie reminds her no, that was a list of things that gall Nina and it was imaginary. Nina then tells her nurse she needs paper and pen. Rosalie gets them and hands them to Nina. Sitting on the couch, Nina begins the list with her mother who is going to pay for killing her unborn child and therefore allowing all of this to happen, and then Silas. Sam. Who else? Nina then says, of course, that slut, Ava Jerome.

Ava informs Sonny that his ex-wife obviously doesn't trust his goons and believes she needs to be Ava's self-appointed prison master. Sonny brought a pizza for Ava, who doesn't think it's the right food for an expectant mother. Sonny thinks it's very good and lists all of the food groups it contains. Carly thinks it sounds and smells really good. As she reaches for the box, Ava pounces on it, claiming that Sonny bought it for her, so she's going to take it upstairs and enjoy it all herself.

Franco asks Kiki if she might have a clue about why her mom is staying with Sonny. He asks if perhaps they are messing around. Kiki informs him that is what Morgan believes. She doubts that. She's asked Ava and also does not buy her mom's explanation that she's there to be protected from Julian. Kiki admits she hasn't a clue as to why and knows there must be some reason they are unaware of.

Lulu brings baby Rocco to the couch, sits down with Maxie, and asks her if she wants to hold the baby. Maxie tells Lulu after what she's done to her and Dante, she would understand if she would not want a baby to come within a 10 foot radius of her, but Lulu assures Maxie that is over. She's putting it behind her, and she wants Maxie to know her son. She tells Maxie she knows how good it feels to hold this little guy in her arms, and she's pretty sure Maxie could use a dose of that right now. She puts baby Rocco on Maxie's lap. Maxie holds him and smiles, and he seems to like her.

Nathan tells Levi he knows that he never wanted Maxie to know her daughter. He's the only person with motive to tell the judge that Nathan lied. During the hearing, Levi made himself look like a hero. He wanted to discredit Nathan and ruin his friendship with Maxie. Even if the judge does not know the information came directly from Levi, he knows Levi could have given him an anonymous tip. So why doesn't Levi just be a man and admit to the truth.

While Maxie holds baby Rocco in her lap, she agrees with Lulu that babies have special healing power, and she admits she cannot believe that not long ago she was afraid of being able to see her baby daughter, Georgie, again. In response to that, Lulu asks her why did she in the first place. The Maxie she's always known has never let fear prevent her from doing anything. Maxie tells Lulu she knows and admits she probably wouldn't have missed her first hearing to get her daughter back except that Levi convinced her that it would not be good for her. Hearing that, Lulu is really surprised to find this out about Levi for the first time. Maxie explains that Levi saw all the pain she was in over losing Georgie, and he believed that everything turned out the way it was supposed to. Lulu cannot believe that he would tell Maxie that losing her baby was the way it was supposed to be. Maxie again continues to defend and justify Levi. Lulu asks her what made her stop listening to Levi. Maxie admits it was Nathan who encouraged her not to give up on getting her daughter back, and she remarks that Nathan has been really a good friend to her and she liked him ever since she first met him. Lulu remarks that Detective West is a good guy who let her cry on his shoulder when she and Dante were having problems. Maxie remarks she just wishes he and Levi could get along. They are always at each other's throats.

Nathan and Levi continue to have their big "verbal showdown." And Levi concludes to Nathan that even if he did tip the judge off that Nathan lied for Maxie, there's no way Nathan can prove it. Nathan tells him regardless, since there's just the two of them, why can't Levi admit it to him.

While Silas and Sam are happily together in the park, Nina talks to Rosalie about how Ava Jerome is her worst enemy who is going to pay. She'll never forget the day her mother showed her those pictures of Ava screwing her husband. She never had a chance to put Ava in her place. Her mother took away her baby, her husband, and her life. They all went on with their lives while she was in a coma, but now she is awake and is not going to sleep until she makes Ava Jerome and her little girl pay for what they have done to her.

Franco admits to Kiki that he could care less where Ava goes or what she does, but she asks if maybe he might have some" insecurity" about Carly running to Sonny and making him important in his hours of need. He tells her strangely Morgan told him maybe he should be and that Sonny is always going to come first for Carly, and he needs to get used to that, but Kiki assures him she does not believe he has anything to worry about.

Carly assures Sonny she always has his back. He expresses his appreciation for that, and they hug before she leaves his house.

Nathan reminds Levi that part of being a man is to own up and take responsibility for what you do, and only a "guilty" party reminds an accuser they have no proof. Levi tells Nathan he knows without proof, any accusation is unfounded, and he asks Nathan to "excuse" him. His girlfriend needs him to comfort her, he gloats.

Maxie talks to Lulu about the two new men in her life. As she holds baby Rocco, she remarks that she wishes she could hold baby Georgie some day. Lulu assures Maxie that she will.

Carly returns to Franco and Josslyn and notices she has some new stickers. Josslyn informs her mom that Kiki came over and brought them, and she likes Kiki, because unlike Franco, she's thoughtful.

After Carly is gone, Ava asks Sonny where his "guard dog" is. He remarks he does not currently have a guard dog, but maybe he should get one. She tells him she means Carly. He sees that she has some trick up her sleeve with how to hurt him.

Nina's nurse asks her why Kiki is on the list of people who have screwed her over and who she will make pay. What has that kid ever done to her? Nina replies Kiki was born for starters. While her baby with Silas was nothing, not even a memory, this baby he had with Ava is out walking and breathing the air that her baby should be breathing. When it appears Rosalie is going to argue with her, Nina tells her not another word, or she will also go on the list. Nina then assesses that her mother is in jail which is not the perfect scenario but it will do. She is wondering what to do to Silas but knows the perfect thing to do is take away his "girl toy." She demands that Rosalie give her the phone, so she can put her plan into action.

As Silas and Sam and happily together and kissing, his phone rings. He remarks he has to get it, because he is on call at the hospital. He sees it's Nina and asks her if she is ok. She tells him no. She fell and she can't get up, and she needs him to get home.

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