GH Update Friday 6/20/14

General Hospital Update Friday 6/20/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the gallery, Jordan Ashford tells Julian she needs to talk to their mutual "boss". She still does not have a clue who this man is, and Julian still has no clue that she is not actually working for their boss and is in fact an undercover DEA agent. He tells her that talking to their boss won't be possible. She does not have the authority to talk to the boss or know whom he is. She must go through Julian with any concerns.

Anna goes to talk to Alexis, regarding Ric's “death”, how it's affecting her family, and asks her if she is still seeing Julian, given the situation. Alexis replies yes. Anna tells her she does not think that's a “good idea”. She tells Alexis she's making a big mistake. Alexis asks her why she would say that.

Molly moves into Sam's apartment. They change the subject of her problems with their mom and her dad's “death”. Molly asks her sister the status of her relationship with Silas, given that his wife has moved into town so suddenly when everybody thought she was gone. Sam admits to her sister that it's awkward with Nina “ever present”, and she doesn't think it's going to change any time soon.

Nina is with Silas sounding gracious yet indicating she might have an “agenda”. She remarks that Sam still wears her wedding ring. She asks Silas if he has concerns with that and if Sam is unable/unwilling to let go of her husband.

Dante returns home to see baby Rocco and Lulu. He finds the apartment a shambles, the baby passed out in his crib, and his wife asleep on the floor. After waking her up and offering her coffee, Dante and Lulu discuss what might happen and if they should have another baby at this time.

In the courtroom, Levi testifies on Maxie's behalf, urging the judge to give her a chance to be in her daughter's life. Maxie testifies that Nathan is not committing perjury for her, but that she wants a chance to be a mother. The judge is silent. Diane urges him to realize that her client should have the right to be a mother to her child. The judge reflects that Detective West is very lucky that he has not been compelled to answer the question that could have gotten him charged with perjury. Maxie then asks if she will be considered to have the rights to see her child. The judge says “not at this time”. They don't know what he means by that. He tells them he needs time to review and ponder all that has been said and done, and then he will make a decision. At that point, he recesses the court.

Jordan tells Julian she would like to know some things about their anonymous boss. Is this person some kind of a con man? He is just “blowing smoke" with his threats? Julian “assures” her that this man is not a con man and is not blowing smoke. She then tells him she needs to know who he is. He does not answer. Jordan tells him if he does not tell her, she will “walk”.

Molly asks Sam what all has happened involving Nina suddenly coming back. Sam tells her sister that Nina initially had the idea that Silas was still the love of her life and had no clue about his relationship with Sam. For a while, they both hesitated to tell her when they saw that she had been in a coma for 20 years. Her mother sold her down the river and tried to ruin her marriage. She has no money and nowhere to go and it's not exactly her “fault” that this “inconvenience” has happened to Sam because of the situation. When Nina first found out about Silas' relationship with Sam, she seemed very gracious. Sam admits that Nina almost sounded like she was “too gracious”. Molly asks Sam to tell her more. Sam then confides in her sister that Nina “pulled a stunt” of telling Silas that she (Sam) did not want Nina in his house and would rather she was gone.

Nina discusses with Silas the status of his relationship and the mutual commitment he and Sam may presently have. She tells him she knows that Sam is a widow who still wears her wedding ring. She asks him if he really knows that Sam is “over” her husband. He needs to think about what might happen if he were to come back just like what has happened given that she has come back, and she asks him if Sam has “met him half way” by taking off her wedding ring. Shouldn't she put her husband in the past if she's asking Silas to do that for her ?

Lulu tells Dante that she's been on pins and needles thinking about Maxie's custody hearing. She knows that Maxie has really been through a lot and has made some transformations, and she believes that Maxie should be given a chance to have parental rights. She tells Dante that Maxie has a new boyfriend who is into spirituality and yoga and has inspired Maxie to get into this way of life. She thinks that Levi might be good for Maxie, but Dante has heard that maybe Levi does not respect Maxie for who she is. She's trying too hard to please him, prove something to him and is becoming brainwashed and not able to be herself around him. They both know that Nathan, who is presently her roommate, and is Dante's police detective partner, has also helped Maxie with her hearing, and they wonder if maybe Nathan will become more than a friend to Maxie. He's willing to go to bat for her and might be going too far (getting them both in trouble).

While the three of them are outside the courtroom awaiting the verdict, Nathan protests to Maxie that she should have let him “help” her. She tells him she could not let him commit perjury and go to jail for her. Levi wants to blame Nathan for what might be an outcome they do not want.

Julian tells Jordan she is better off not knowing the identity of his anonymous boss in order to keep her family safe. She then asks if she is not making herself clear because, she tells him, that excuse is not going to fly. He tells her if she revealed their boss' identity, she might not be able to walk away without paying a price. He reminds her that when he tried to do that, his son got shot. So, he asks Jordan, is she willing to put TJ's life at risk for that? She replies yes. She is.

TJ goes to find Molly and asks Alexis where she is. Alexis tells him that her daughter is having “differences” with her because she blames Julian for what happened to her father. Hopefully this is temporary, she tells him, but in the meantime, he may find her at Sam's home. After Anna overhears her conversation with TJ, she asks Alexis if she thinks that staying with Julian is worth having her daughter move out of her home. Alexis tells Anna she doesn't really want to discuss this right now.

Sam tells Molly that she does not judge Nina for having her issues. She (herself) feels like Nina cannot be blamed for seeing her as similar to Ava Jerome for taking Nina's husband for her, but, she admits to Molly, she wishes she could be a “fly on the wall” over there and know what Nina and Silas are talking about.

Nina reminds Silas he has had 20 years to get over this, and she has had a short time. She knows that letting go of the past is easier said than done. She reflects that they all have “pasts” to get over, and she remarks to Silas that even though he is not wearing his wedding ring, it's “nice” to see that he has not let go of everything they had together.. He appears like he does not know what to say or do in response to that. She reveals to him that while staying in his home, she has been looking around to see if he's kept any “momentos” of their relationship. She remembers when he first graduated from medical school, she gave him a plaque to acknowledge his accomplishment. She remembers they were so happy then, but now she sees that the token she gave him has a crack. It may have just been from 20 years of wear and tear and moving many times, but he clarifies the crack occurred when her mother trashed his apartment. She continues to reminisce about their past, present and possibly their future.

TJ goes to find Molly at Sam's home with a bouquet on flowers and offers her condolences for the loss of her dad. They hug and catch up on their lives.

Alone with Anna in her home, Alexis tells her that where Molly currently lives, the reason why, the status of her (Alexis) relationship with Julian and the how's and why's of that are really none of Anna's business. The police don't need to know about that. She has given all the information they need. She knows Anna has her reasons not to trust Julian both personal and professional, but Julian has extricated himself from the mob. He's cooperated with the cops and given them the information about the man they need to take down. Julian is no longer a “threat” to Port Charles. So, she tells Anna, the advice Anna is giving her makes no sense. Unless, of course, Anna has another reason.

Jordan reminds Julian that Ric went down for a crime he did not commit and got killed after being falsely accused of being Julian's boss. Julian falsely implicated Ric, so he should want to come clean and reveal the identity of the person who is really behind this whole operation. He still does not budge, but she urges him to know they are in this together. She cannot help him if she is “flying blind". So he needs to tell her. He then agrees to tell her but asks her not to say he didn't warn her.

Lulu talks to Dante about whether Maxie and Nathan should be together, where there is attraction between married or single people and about family life. They kiss and he tells her that what he wants to do is spend a few hours while the little guy is sleeping. She talks about how Rocco has become a “tornado” and throws things. He laughs and reminds her that shortly after tomorrow, there could be another “tornado” in the house.

While awaiting the judge's decision, outside the courtroom, Maxie, Levi, and Nathan all wonder the outcome, and she asks Nathan if he has any way of knowing the reason why Judge Walters might know that she lied about throwing out her notice of the custody hearing. The judge tells them court is now back in session, and they need to return and “all rise”. The judge reflects that Maxie may have done some good things by traveling, helping the poor and feeding dolphins, but she still continues to lie and manipulate and put others up to being part of her irresponsible schemes. Detective West could have ruined his career from this. So his original ruling still stands. He is denying her the parental rights. They are all devastated to hear that.

Nina asks Silas just where he and Sam are going for their date. He admits that they have not yet figured that out. She encourages him to go and enjoy and have no hesitation, but is that really what she wants?

Overhearing Molly's conversation with TJ about the loss of her father, her issues with her mother and her revulsion toward Julian, Sam tells her sister that maybe she should cancel her date with Silas since Molly is clearly upset, but Molly assures her sister to go and have a good time with Silas. Sam has done her a huge favor by allowing her to move in. She won't let Sam miss out on this because of her, and she assures Sam that TJ is there for her now.

When Anna asks Alexis how she can be sure that Julian is no longer involved in organized crime, Alexis asks her how she can be certain of that with Duke. Anna tells Alexis that is completely different, but Alexis, again asks her why Anna should trust Duke but Alexis should not trust Julian.

Molly talks alone to TJ about her father having gotten into trouble many years ago. He used to work for her uncle Sonny and the Zacchara's and the mob, but that changed when he went away. She knows Ric is no longer involved in that. Yet he has gotten falsely accused of crimes by Julian. She cannot accept or forgive her mother for continuing to date Julian, distrust Ric and overlook the fact that her got her father falsely accused of his crimes, forced to run and now Ric has been killed. TJ then tells her that they are very much “in the same boat”. He talked to his own mom recently about her similarly “unwise” decision regarding Julian, and his mom chose Julian over him also.

Julian tells Jordan that the “thing about their boss is complicated". She still wants to know his name, but he still cannot answer. Before they can continue their conversation, a strange man named Mickey Diamond appears, introduces himself and informs them both that “their boss” has sent him to go and talk to the 2 of them.

Dante and Lulu talk about Olivia and whether she will get over Sonny, and they wonder how or if they should be together and juggle their work, parenting one child and considering yet another.

After the judge rules that Maxie is denied parental rights for another six months, Levi wants her to “breathe”, cheer up and be ok with the “reality", but she does not want to be “ok”with what has happened, and Nathan tells Levi he needs to “lay off” and accept the way Maxie is feeling. He can't expect her to be ok with what has happened.

Mickey Diamond tells Julian that he needs to do what “the boss” wants while he (the boss) is on vacation. The boss sent Mickey to make sure things go smoothly while he's away. He asks Jordan to leave them alone to talk. He tells Julian that Jordan is still “too new to be trusted”. He tells Julian that if he makes one false move, the boss will find out and Julian will pay. The boss wants Julian to go on a trip for him. He'll tell Julian more about that later. In the meantime, he reminds Julian, he (Julian) needs to go back to his girlfriend before she (and others) get suspicious.

Anna tells Alexis she just wants to protect Alexis' family from getting hurt, and she does not want Alexis to give upon her daughter because of Julian, and Anna leaves Alexis' home.

TJ admits to Molly that he asked his mom if it’s really true that her dad was Julian's boss, and it seemed that Jordan did not believe he was but honestly did not know who the boss was that threatened Julian to scare him out of leaving the organization, who got Ric falsely accused of the crime and then got him killed.

Silas gets ready for his date with Sam while Nina observes and comments. He is still not entirely “ok” leaving her alone, but she encourages him to go and enjoy his dinner with Sam, and as soon as he reveals he intends to do just that and goes out the door, her expression changes to one of intense dislike, almost evil.

Sam gets ready to be with Silas while Molly encourages her to enjoy her date.

Lulu tells baby Rocco that she and his daddy love him so much that they have enough love to give to another baby. So, she asks her infant son, what does he think about having a little brother or sister? She hears a knock on the door. It's Maxie, and she does not look happy. Lulu asks her friend what is wrong. She hugs Maxie, seeing that she is distraught

Alone, outside the court, after she's gone, Levi and Nathan argue about who is a better man for Maxie, each blaming the other for the ill outcome of Maxie's hearing while she's gone.

After Anna leaves Alexis' home, Julian comes by to see her and informs her he has to go out of town on business for a while.

The “new guy” Mickey talks privately to Jordan while Julian leaves to be with Alexis. He tells her that they will get along fine as long as she never “betrays the boss”.

Sam is ready for her date wearing a lovely white dress. Molly and TJ encourage her to enjoy being with Silas. He comes to the door. They kiss passionately, eager to be together again.

Nina is alone in his apartment, aware that that is happening, and she gets out of her wheelchair, revealing she can walk, and she is furious. Screaming, she tosses her wheelchair aside.

While Silas and Sam believe that Nina is “ok” with them together and wants them to be happy, she is ready to inflict revenge while alone in his apartment, unseen and unknown to them. We then see her standing up and walking around the apartment wearing spiked heels. She reveals that it may not have been her mother who trashed his apartment a few months ago, after all. In a flashback, we see her taking down the things she's given him and smashing them. She throws down his books and destroys everything she can get her hands on. Returning to the present, Nina smiles diabolically.

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