GH Update Thursday 6/19/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/19/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie's custody hearing was underway at the courthouse. Maxie watched apprehensively as the judge questioned Nathan about whether or not he threw out the summons. Nathan was about to make a long comment, but the judge demanded a “yes” or “no” response. Diane objected to wording of the judge's question, so the judge agreed to simplify things. The judge reminded Nathan that lying under oath could lead to jail time, getting fired and losing his pension, then he asked Nathan if he lied to protect Maxie. Levi suddenly stood up and argued that it didn't make sense to question Nathan, because the hearing was about Maxie.

Levi stated that he had the pleasure of watching Maxie grow over the past six months and devote herself to humanitarian causes, just like the judge had told her to. Levi confessed that he had initially questioned the wisdom of Maxie getting back into her daughter's life, but he now realized he'd been wrong. Levi was adamant that it wouldn't be right to keep Maxie from her child. Levi asked the judge to let Nathan off the stand and to let Maxie see her child.

Diane gave Levi a nudge back to his seat and told the judge that Levi had made a good point. However, the judge maintained that he needed to know whether or not Maxie meant to skip the appointment. pose or not. Nathan shifted nervously as the judge asked him again if he'd lied. Maxie suddenly stood up and said that Nathan didn't lie, but she did. Diane, Levi and Nathan all tried to get Maxie to stop talking, but the judge demanded an explanation. Maxie claimed that she saw the paperwork before Nathan threw it away but that she lead Nathan to believe that she hadn't. Maxie's confession caused the judge to question whether or not Maxie sincerely wanted to be a part of her daughter's life. Maxie explained that once the day she'd been waiting for for six months had arrived, she'd been terrified. She was afraid that the judge wouldn't think she was good enough, but she was also afraid of being a parent. Maxie now realized that her fears were normal, and she'd come to believe that her daughter deserved her mother in her life. Maxie swore that she was a better person than she was six months ago and she thought that she deserved to be a part of her daughter's life. “Please let me be a part of her life” Maxie begged.

At ELQ, Michael and Kiki wondered why Tracy was back from her honeymoon earlier than planned. Tracy looked hurt. She admitted that she caught Luke cheating on her with two other women at the same time. Tracy broke up with him. The last Tracy knew, Luke and the women were on a plane headed for Amsterdam. Michael told Tracy that he was sorry, and Tracy admitted that Michael and Kiki had warned her, but Tracy didn't want to listen because she was eager to be happily married. Tracy confessed that she'd made a fool of herself and she felt bad for the way she'd treated Kiki, Michael and Ned. She asked for their forgiveness, and both Kiki and Michael forgave her. Michael explained that he and Ned didn't take the company away from Tracy to hurt her, but to protect the family. Tracy admitted to being relieved that Michael and Ned stepped in to protect the company from Luke. She told Michael that he acted like a true Quartermaine and that Edward would be proud. Tracy wanted to make up for her mistake by coming back to work for ELQ in any capacity Michael wanted. Michael was immediately suspicious of Tracy's motives, but Tracy insisted that she wasn't looking to supplant Michael. Kiki and Michael were concerned that Luke would still have access to ELQ through Tracy, so Tracy revealed that she'd already applied for an annulment. Tracy stressed that she'd even mop floors if that's what Michael wanted; she just wanted to help keep Edward's dream alive. Michael admitted that it would be good for ELQ if Tracy returned. He agreed to hire her on the condition that she showed him the annulment papers. Thrilled, Tracy hugged Michael and thanked him. She left the office, looked at Edward's portrait and told him she'd make him proud. “Luke” called, and Tracy gleefully told him that the plan worked and that she was going to get ELQ back from Michael.

Anna and Jordan met at the Jerome Gallery. Anna wanted a progress report on Jordan's efforts to identify Julian's boss. Jordan refused to do that until Anna explained how Ric was killed. Anna confided that Ric was alive and in the witness protection program. Jordan felt bad for Molly, but Anna pointed out that at least Molly and Ric were both alive. Anna was eager to close the case and put Julian and his boss would behind bars so Ric could reunite with Molly. Jordan gave Anna an update – Julian was pressing Jordan to get the drug operation up and running. Jordan had been stalling but Julian was starting to get suspicious. Anna urged Jordan to figure out who the boss was so she wouldn't have to stall, but Jordan said she hadn't been able to convince Julian to give her that information. Jordan stressed that she was desperate to get the case closed, too so she could tell TJ that she wasn't really a drug dealer. A second later, TJ entered the gallery. Anna pretended she was there to make sure Jordan wasn't getting into trouble, then she left. Jordan told TJ she was happy to see him, but TJ pointed out that she'd been avoiding him. TJ was curious about the important thing Jordan had wanted to tell him. Jordan covered by telling TJ that she wanted to tell him that being arrested had been a wake up call and that she wasn't going to to do anything to jeopardize their future again. TJ challenged her to prove it by quitting her job and cutting ties with the Jeromes. Jordan insisted that she needed the job, so TJ gave up and decided to leave. Before he walked out, he asked her if Ric was really her boss. Jordan explained that she took her orders from Julian and she didn't know who he took his orders from. Jordan asked TJ to stay so they could talk or maybe plan a vacation. TJ told her that that wouldn't happen as long as she worked there. He left.

Julian was on the deck at the Lake House having a heated phone conversation with “Luke.” Fake Luke was upset that Julian had delegated the drug operation to Jordan instead of running it himself. Julian snapped that he had other things to deal with, like the effect Ric's death was having on Molly.

Inside the house, Molly was angrily stuffing her belongings into a bag. Alexis insisted that Molly couldn't move out. Alexis wanted to talk. Molly thought there was nothing to say: she said her father was dead and her mother was dating the man who set his death in motion. Alexis gently countered that Molly was smart enough to know that was a gross oversimplification of the situation. Alexis stated that Ric's death was a tragedy, but it was caused by his own choices. Molly shot back that Ric wouldn't have been in jail if it weren't for Julian. Alexis confided that she was grieving for Ric too and she would appreciate it if Molly stopped treating her like the enemy. Molly spat that Julian was the enemy. She refused to watch Alexis pour Julian coffee and swallow his lies every morning. Alexis asked where Molly was going. “Sam's. At least she doesn't take bull from anyone,” Molly snapped. Alexis thought Molly was putting Sam in a difficult position because Sam hadn't invited Molly to move in and because Julian was Sam's father. Molly felt that her sister would understand Molly's desire to get away from Julian, even if Sam didn't think he was guilty. Alexis begged Molly to think about this, but Molly insisted that Alexis was the one who wasn't thinking. She stormed out the door and saw Julian. She sarcastically asked if he was talking to his real boss, then she rushed away.

Alexis told Julian about the argument. Julian thought Molly would get over it in time. Alexis told him that Molly would come back today if Alexis broke up with Julian. Julian didn't want to come between Alexis and Molly, so he wondered if it would be best to break up. Alexis said no. She felt that Molly was lashing out and unfairly blaming Julian. Alexis believed that Ric was to blame for his death and that Julian should be commended for turning Ric in, not condemned. Alexis was confident that Molly would come back eventually. Julian's phone rang. He didn't want to take it while Alexis was upset, but she urged him to go ahead. Anna suddenly arrived. Julian left. Anna gave Alexis an envelope containing Ric's personal effects. Anna asked if Alexis was still dating Julian. Alexis confirmed that she was, and Anna told her she was making a big mistake.

Julian went to the gallery and told Jordan that she wasn't supposed to call him unless it was an emergency. Jordan announced that she needed to get in contact with Julian's boss, right now.

Silas told Nina that he wanted to take Sam out. Nina took the news in stride. She assured them that they didn't have to ask permission and that she'd be okay. According to Nina, she'd call Rosalie to take care of her. Silas reminded Nina that Rafe was there. Sam and Silas left the apartment. In the hallway, Sam told Silas that he didn't have to do that. Silas assured Sam that he wanted to. He stated that Sam was his priority and that they would get through this temporary situation together. Silas admitted that he didn't give Sam much choice about all this, and he asked her to let him make it up to her by taking her out. Sam was looking forward to the date and she told him to pick her up at 8. Silas confessed that he'd missed Sam. Back inside, Nina had positioned herself next to the door. She frowned as she listened in on Sam and Silas's conversation. Silas went back inside and made reservations somewhere for himself and Sam. Nina was having trouble with her wheelchair. Silas stepped in to help, but Nina told him that she had to learn to figure it out herself because she couldn't rely on him for the rest of her life. Silas insisted that Nina could rely on him, but Nina was adamant that she needed to be independent because she didn't want to come in between him and Sam. Silas admitted that he was trying to navigate between being honest with Nina and being sensitive enough not to parade his new relationship in front of her. Silas thought that they could all get through this as long as they were honest with each other. Nina confessed that she felt weird giving her husband her blessing to take up with another woman. Nina thought that Sam was terrific. Silas was surprised, because he thought he sensed tension between them when he walked in. Nina told him that it was to be expected that there'd be tension between his wife and his girlfriend. However, Nina thought that they were handling it well. Nina predicted that she and Sam might be friends one day, since they were a lot alike. Silas wondered how so, and Nina told him that they both loved their husbands. Nina revealed that Sam had wondered what she would have done if Jason showed up at the party instead of Nina. According to Nina, she could see Sam's love for Jason written on Sam's face. Nina added that Sam was still wearing her wedding ring. Nina talked about Danny and how it was sad that he wouldn't get to know his father. Then Nina asked if Silas was bothered that Sam was still wearing her wedding ring.

Molly showed up at Sam's and announced that she was moving in because she couldn't live with Alexis anymore. Molly acknowledged that Julian was Sam's father, but she pointed out that he was running drugs. Sam gently reminded Molly that the police blamed Ric for that. Molly argued that Julian could have lied and manufactured the evidence. Molly was adamant that her father wasn't a mob boss. Molly refused to stand by and watch Alexis buy Julian's lies. Molly pointed out that Ric had been in California practicing law, while Julian was in Port Charles lying to everyone and trying to take over Sonny's territory. Molly doubted that Julian even had a mystery boss, but she was certain that if he did, it wasn't Ric. Sam assured Molly that they were sisters and that their fathers wouldn't come between them. Sam then reminded Molly that she was under 18, so Alexis could force her to go back home. Molly didn't think Alexis would do that if Sam said it was okay for Molly to move in. Molly swore she wouldn't be a nuisance and she'd help out around the house and watch Danny for free. Sam agreed to let her stay on the condition that she called Alexis and talked to her. Sam was adamant that Alexis loved Molly, but Molly grumbled that she didn't love her enough to get rid of Julian. Molly was concerned about how Sam was doing, so she asked what was going on between Silas and Nina. Sam said that the good news was that she and Silas had a date. Molly asked about the bad news.

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