GH Update Wednesday 6/18/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/18/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly has just moved Franco into her house realizing her kids might not like it yet not hesitating to go forward with it. Morgan enters and tells his mom that he does not want to live with her under these circumstances. She is not surprised with that and assumes he might decide to live with his dad instead, but he tells her no. There is a slight “complication” with that. Yet he does not yet tell her exactly what that is.

Kiki and Michael discuss the fact that Sonny has “invited” Ava to move into his house. They are both baffled as to why. She has already asked, yet not gotten a truthful answer. They both know it's unlikely that Sonny and Ava are “together”. So, why is this living arrangement taking place?

Sonny is on the phone when Dante comes in. He greets his son and asks if he can get him some coffee or anything. Dante tells his dad he just wants answers. How could Sonny “do this” to Dante's mother?

Olivia and Lulu are in the park with baby Rocco. They talk about the terrible tragedy with baby Gabriel. They both reflect that they are so lucky to have this little guy in spite of the difficulties they've been through in the last year.

Maxie gets ready for her custody hearing expecting Levi who has promised to get there. Unexpectedly, Nathan comes by to join her. He tells her he knows that her hearing got moved up sooner than previously expected. Judge Walters contacted him and asked him to get there today. She notices his arm in a sling. They don't get into what may have happened to him.

As Sam talks to Nina alone, in Silas' apartment, Silas returns and joins the 2 women. Nina then admits to him that Sam has “issues” with her (Nina) living with Silas in his place. Silas then asks if their discussion was about Sam not wanting Nina there. Sam awkwardly replies she did not say that. Nina then interjects and says she did not intend to put words in Sam's mouth, but she wants things out in the open. She knows that Sam is in love with Silas. Suddenly, his wife comes back after 20 years. Sam is in a “new relationship” with Nina's husband, and she understands that if she were in Sam's position, she'd be insecure. Hearing that, Sam asks if she said or implied that. Nina then asks if that is not the reason Sam “asked” her to move out of Silas' apartment. At that point, Silas demands to know if Sam said or implied that, and Sam appears awkward and not knowing what to say or do

Morgan tells his mom and Franco that he plans to work with and possibly get a place to live with Michael. Carly is a bit “concerned” with the thought of her two sons finding out information she might not want them to know, while spending time together. He tells his mom it's nothing for her to worry about. She reminds him that he must know she will always “worry” about her 2 sons, but he tells her he finds it odd that she worries about him when she's living with Franco and his dad is living with Ava. Hearing that, Carly is shocked and asks her son what she just heard, knowing she's never been told about Sonny's and Ava's most recent “living arrangement”.

Michael and Kiki talk about how Morgan is in a terrible situation with Ava either having his child or his sibling, but either way, his girlfriend betrayed him, and she did it with his father. Hearing that, Kiki confirms with Michael that Morgan's father is his father also. He tells her yes, and he has to realize he doesn't know what he would have done without his father the last few months. She agrees that Sonny has been incredible. Michael reflects, still not knowing his dad murdered AJ, that his dad has been there for him ever since AJ died. He tells her that Sonny put aside his feelings about Michael's other dad to offer support.

Dante continues to grill Sonny for his issues with Olivia. Sonny obviously appears cornered not knowing how he's going to tell his son the “latest” about his involvement with Ava or what will happen if or when the “bombshell” is revealed to Dante about it. Dante is angry and Sonny wants his son to back off from his lecture on how Sonny betrayed Olivia.

In the park, Olivia reminisces with Lulu about how, not long ago, when they were ready to christen baby Connie, things were great, until a complete stranger comes out of nowhere to inform her and Dante that she is not theirs' and is, in fact Maxie's. Olivia then remarks to Lulu that she has noticed her daughter in law recently talking to Maxie. She asks Lulu if she might have reconciled her differences with her former best friend. Lulu tells her mother in law it's entirely possible. They may be getting there at some point And she informs her that Maxie is right now ready to attend a custody hearing and is petitioning to have the right to see or possibly live with her baby daughter.

When Maxie finds out, for the first time, that Judge Walters contacted Nathan directly and wanted him to get to the court hearing without forewarning her of that, she tells him it's very weird, and she wonders why that would happen. She also admits that she wonders what exactly Nathan and Levi were fighting about in the park before she found them the other day. Nathan then remembers Levi confronting him about how he knows that Nathan wants to be “more than friends” with Maxie. Nathan evades the question realizing he is not telling her everything she needs to know. He asks her what else he and Levi would be fighting about. She says she doesn't know and he may tell her. Levi appears, and not far behind him, Diane is there and admits she does not know this “other gentleman” surprised that Maxie has a boyfriend whom she's never met, but she tells them she really does not care who is attending the hearing with Maxie or why. It makes no difference as long as it does not jeopardize the outcome of this hearing

While Olivia talks to Lulu, in the park, about the sanctity of family loyalty, Dante angrily tells Sonny that he is not going to put aside the fact that Sonny has cheated on his mother. He knows she's a wreck because of Sonny's throwing what they had away over someone Sonny says he hates. How can Sonny take for granted a good woman who's been there for him now and since Dante was born. She sacrificed her life for him and only wanted to make him happy since she was 15 years old and Sonny knocked her up and walked out on her. Sonny does not know what to say except protests that he still loves Olivia but he cannot take back the mistakes he's made in the past. Dante continues to demand how Sonny could do what he has recently done. He reminds Sonny it's not just hurting him and Olivia. He must think of what he's done to Morgan with this most recent decision. Sonny then blurts out that he did it “because of Connie”. Hearing that, Dante probably hasn't a clue what he is talking about.

Michael then informs Kiki that he helped Morgan find a new place to live. Morgan no longer wants to live with their mom when she asked Franco to move in. She asks why both he and Morgan dislike Franco and disapprove of Carly seeing him. He tells her that this is not just because of his mother. It's also because Jax.

Morgan informs his mom that his dad and Ava are living together in Sonny's home. Hearing that, Carly asks her son if he's sure that he knows that for certain. Morgan tells his mom they both admitted it, and the only explanation for that can be that they are currently “involved” with each other. Carly is very surprised to learn, for the first time, that Sonny has “invited” Ava to live at his house, but she assures her son that there is no way his father is having an on-going “relationship” with Ava.

After Nina informs Silas that Sam directly told her she does not want Nina living at his house, he looks disappointed in Sam and demands to know why she “said” that. Silas tells Sam that he feels “responsible” for Nina. He admits he feels obligated to take care of her. He has been upfront with Sam about the situation. He tells Sam he's assured her that he is right now committed to her, and he is very disappointed by the fact that Sam went and talked to Nina without talking to him first, but she tells Silas she thinks she has the right to do what she did. He needs to realize that this current arrangement affects her life also.

Morgan leaves Carly alone with Franco. He tells them he does not want to stay there so he's going to pack. She tells Franco that she needs to find out what is up with Morgan finding out that Ava is staying in Sonny's home with him. She has to go and find out about that. She feels it is her responsibility since it was she to first reveal the truth about Ava to Sonny. She asks if he can watch Jocelyn for her if Morgan is gone before she gets back. She tells him she has to go and find out what is going on with that. She tells him Sonny needs her right now.

Dante demands that Sonny tells him what breaking up with Olivia and moving Ava into his house has to do with Connie. Sonny demands he forgets it, but Dante tells him he will not and again demands to know what this has to do with Connie.

As Lulu and Olivia talk about their respective and mutual families and their love lives, Olivia tells Lulu that she didn't want to bring up her “pathetic excuse for a love life”. Lulu firmly tells her the only thing that is “sad and pathetic” is Sonny for what he did to her as well as what he did to Morgan. Olivia tells her she's over it. It is what it is. He did what he did, and in times like this, one needs to focus on the good things in their lives, and, she tells Lulu, she is very encouraged to hear that Lulu has talked to her doctor about a procedure that could possibly enable her to carry a pregnancy to term and have another baby, but, Lulu admits, she is not really entirely certain she wants to go through with it.

When Maxie's custody hearing starts, Diane is ready to present to the judge, the fact that her client is ready to commit to all the responsibilities of the court and hopes everything is ok with that. She reiterates that the fact that Maxie did not attend her previous hearing was due to nothing more than a “simple mis-communication between roommates”, but the judge informs her, for the first time, that he has reason to believe that Detective West lied about Maxie not knowing she got the notice in the mail of her court hearing because he accidentally threw it in the trash. Surprised to be hearing that, Diane asks the judge why this would be suddenly brought up now. The judge tells her he cannot and is not required to tell her the specific reason why he believes this. Diane then protests that the judge needs to realize that Detective West is an upstanding member of the PCPD. The judge then tells them all that if, in fact, Detective West is lying in order to “help” Maxie get custody of her child under false pretenses, he has to re-examine that. Nathan then stands up and protests again that it did, in fact, happen. He did throw the notice in the trash before Maxie had a chance to see it and she did not know about the hearing until it was too late. The judge tells him in that case, he assumes Nathan would not have a problem giving that statement under oath.

Sam tells Silas she did not intend to go behind his back, but she wishes that he had not made the decision behind her back. She tells him that she spent months trying to prove that he was innocent of a terrible crime. So this affects her. He tells her he understands, but he'd like her to put herself in his position. He asks her to suppose if her husband came back suddenly and needed her help. Would she turn her back on him? She admits he may have a point. At that point, it seems they have a meeting of the minds.

Kiki talks to Michael about how she bonded with Franco even though she heard terrible things about him and initially did not want to meet him. He still admits to her that he does not really understand why she has this loyalty to Franco. She reminds him when they (Kiki and Michael) first met, they did not like each other, but they got over that. She saw that Michael went out on a limb for her and she never forgot that.

While Dante is at Sonny's house demanding to know why he has been so cruel to so many people whom he is supposed to love. He tells Sonny he needs to tell him the reason why he keeps making really bad choices over and over again. He knows that Sonny is not telling him the answer but demands he stops being a coward. Before Sonny can attempt to answer that, he is “rescued” by Carly. She tells Dante that Sonny had some difficulty getting serious with Olivia so soon after Connie died.

In the park, Olivia tells Lulu that she realizes how she's afraid to go through with the surgery. She doesn't want to tempt fate when she thinks of what happened to Patrick and Sabrina's baby.

Dante does not buy a word of what Carly is trying to prove as her theory for why Sonny is doing this behavior for Connie.. He tells his dad it's one thing to “work through his guilt” with Connie's death by making some bad choices, but to betray Dante’s mother, who has loved him her entire life, that is not ok. Dante walks out the door. As soon as she is alone with Sonny, Carly tells him she knows he was about to blurt out the truth to Dante. Wasn't he? Sonny admits to his ex that he has a “constant battle” where he wants to get this off his chest and reveal what is going on to everyone, but he can never let Michael find out that he killed AJ. That's why he has to prevent Ava from having the means to tell him, and then it will all end for good after she has the baby. Carly tells him that she can see he's on edge, and what if he snaps in the mean time? She knows that Ava will do anything and everything to get under his skin. She’s now only in her first trimester. Can he really handle this for the next 9 months? He tells her he would like so much to kill Ava right now, but there's a baby to consider. He cannot let this happen. He feels he's already lost Morgan, Connie, Olivia and so many others. This is supposed to be about avenging Connie's death and not about losing more people. Carly then vows to not let Ava destroy her ex husband and father of her kids.

Morgan talks to Franco and confronts him about the fact that he is not about to stay in his mother's house as long as she's asked Franco to stay. Franco tells Morgan he could care less if Morgan likes him. Morgan doesn't even have to be civil to him, but he tells Morgan, if he respects his mother, he will respect her choice and not have this attitude.

Michael talks to Kiki about his new plan to develop land and more buildings. His goal is to make the city safer. They're going to build high-rise apartments She realizes that people who live in the places he's going to be “spearheading” might be out of a place to live. He tells her their rent or mortgage might go up, but he has a greater goal. Plus he's asked Morgan to help him with his plan and has offered him a job. It's called the Neighborhood Revitalization Project. He can hopefully find a place for both her and Morgan to live rent-free.

Sam and Silas are “reconciling” their differences, both apologizing to each other, with no animosity. She tells him (somewhat reluctantly) that she “guesses” if Nina is “part of the package", she can be ok with it, for now, but, she asks, if they should just go about their business while Nina is watching and ever aware. He tells her that he believes they can get through it. Nina then enters and interrupts their conversation. She apologizes and tells them she just needs to get her medication. Silas then tells her he's glad she's here. He wants to be able to tell her something.

The judge asks Nathan if he intends to testify under oath, reminding him if he tells an untrue statement, he is committing perjury, risking jail time and losing his job as a law enforcement officer. Nathan tells the judge he understands and he asks to be sworn in. Worried that he's taking a very unwise risk, Maxie privately takes Nathan aside and tells him he does not have to do this. Levi does not say much, but Diane tells her this is their best shot. So she needs to sit down and let Nathan do what he intends to do. He then stands up and the judge asks him if he intends to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nathan replies he does.

Nina talks to Silas and Sam, appears happy and gracious and assures them she has no intention of coming between the and causing problems. She realizes and respects the fact that they are together and had a life together before she came back. So she is not asking that to change.. He tells her good then. In that case, she should not have a problem with his plans to take Sam out tonight

Dante returns to Lulu and Olivia. Lulu admits to her husband that she has told Olivia about the procedure that could help her have a baby, but she's a bit hesitant to go through with.

Carly tells Sonny she feels responsible for creating this whole mess. He clarifies it was Ava who started this whole mess. She tells him it was she who played the tape for him to reveal that Ava killed AJ, which started this whole thing. She warns Sonny he needs to be prepared when living with Ava. Ava is going to try every trick in the book including talking him out of taking his medication. He tells her that's not going to happen. Carly tells Sonny he's damn right it's not going to happen. She tells him she has made up her mind. They have too much at stake including the lives of their kids and so many things. She vows to her ex that she is with him throughout this whole process.

At Carly's home, Morgan tells Franco that moving out is not “all about” Franco. He has a business venture with Michael, and, he tells Franco if he's going to live there, he better get used to Morgan's mom rushing off to be with his dad. Franco tells Morgan he's not worried about that. Morgan tells him maybe he should be. He states to Franco that he just lost the woman he loves to his dad. Franco might also.

Kiki and Michael talk about how it might work out if he and she and Morgan live in the same place. She assures him he is the only Corinthos brother she wants, and they kiss. Tracy enters and coldly remarks that she can see how “work gets done” in this office.

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