GH Update Tuesday 6/17/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/17/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

In the park, Julian gave Sonny his condolences on Ric's death. Sonny revealed that he had visited Ric in jail, just before his death, and Ric had sworn that he was innocent. Sonny added that Anna had been adamant that Ric was guilty. Sonny wanted the truth from Julian. Julian lied and that Ric had been his boss and had funded the Jerome operation, but it was over now that Ric was dead and Julian was out of the business. Sonny replied that Julian's word meant nothing to him. Sonny admitted that he'd kill Julian if it weren't for Sam. He felt that Julian was pathetic and less than a man for hiding behind Danny's illness. Although Julian knew he and Sonny would probably never be friends, he still gave Sonny some advice and told him that hating Julian was a waste of his time. Julian blurted out that he wasn't Sonny's true enemy. Sonny demanded to know what Julian meant by that. Julian covered by saying that he was referring to Ava.

Julian had gone by Ava's penthouse; it was empty and the doorman said Ava hadn't been there in days, which lead Julian to suspect that Sonny had killed her. Sonny told Julian that Ava was still alive. Julian was surprised that Sonny had let her live after finding out that she put a bullet into the woman he loved. Sonny explained that Ava had shot Olivia by accident. Julian chuckled and called Sonny far more forgiving than Julian would have been. Sonny ordered Julian to stay away from Ava. Julian was curious to hear why Sonny was protecting Ava. Sonny refused to explain himself to Julian. Sonny didn't think it should be difficult for Julian to comply, now that he was out of the business. Sonny hoped that, for Julian's sake, he was being honest about having left the mob, then Sonny left.

At Sonny's, Ava lounged on the couch reading pregnancy books. Her guard told her she had a guest, then he let Kiki in. Ava greeted her daughter warmly, but Kiki could tell Ava had hoped that it was Morgan. Kiki asked Ava if she really thought he would visit her after what she'd done to him. Kiki knew that Ava claimed not to have feelings for Sonny, so she didn't understand why Ava would move in with him. Kiki added that Morgan loved Ava and he was heartbroken over Ava's living arrangements. Ava swore she loved Morgan too, and she told Kiki that the situation was complicated. Kiki picked up a pregnancy book and said calling it complicated was an understatement. Kiki admitted that she thought Morgan was mistaken when he told her that Ava was pregnant. Kiki noted that she'd been asking for a sibling for twenty years, and she couldn't believe she was getting one now. Kiki asked Ava if she knew she was pregnant when she called and said she wanted to turn over a new leaf. Ava confirmed that she did, and she explained that the pregnancy had made her reevaluate her choices. Ava admitted that she hadn't been the perfect mother to Kiki. Kiki asked if this was a do over, and when Ava said no, Kiki asked if it was a mistake. Ava confessed that the pregnancy was unplanned.

Kiki didn't think that moving in with Sonny was a step in the right direction. She demanded to know how Ava went from wanting a life with Morgan to moving in with his father, and Ava blurted out that she didn't have a choice. Kiki asked if Sonny was making Ava live there, and Ava lied and said that he wasn't. Ava revealed that she hadn't really gone on vacation; she'd gone on the run. She told Kiki how Morgan told Julian that Ava had been feeding Sonny information about Julian's organization and how Julian retaliated by trying to kill her. Kiki asked if Ava moved into Sonny's to get back at Morgan for ratting her out. Ava said no, and she confided that Morgan saved her life. Kiki told Ava that Morgan had been willing to raise the baby, even if it wasn't his, because he didn't want to lose Ava. Ava solemnly admitted that she knew. Kiki urged Ava to fix things by finding another safe place to live. Ava was adamant that Sonny's was the only place where she'd be safe, but Kiki was convinced that Ava had an ulterior motive for staying with Sonny. Kiki realized that Ava was never going to be honest with her, so she gave up and decided to leave. Sounding exasperated, Kiki congratulated Ava on the baby, then she left. Ava's eyes filled with tears.

Later, Sonny came in and noted that Ava had made herself at home. Ava pointed out that she didn't have a choice – this house was virtually her prison. Sonny replied that she gave up her freedom when she killed Connie. He went into another room. Ava read the newspaper and was shocked when she saw a story about Nina being alive.

Michael was at ELQ when Morgan dropped in. Morgan explained that he'd been desperate to get out of Carly's house and he couldn't think of anywhere to go. Michael was curious to hear why Morgan was so eager to leave, and Morgan revealed that Franco was moving in. Morgan ranted about Franco and Carly's relationship; he didn't understand how Carly could date a serial killer, especially after all the things he'd done to her loved ones, including Michael. Michael pointed out that they had video proof that Franco technically wasn't responsible for what happened to Michael. Michael added that Franco also had a brain tumor. Morgan had reached his limit of hearing about the brain tumor because Carly brought it up all the time. Morgan was also tired of hearing that Franco rescued Carly from Heather. Michael pointed out that it was true, but Morgan countered that Franco set Carly's kidnapping into motion. Morgan felt that Carly was making the biggest mistake of her life. Michael agreed, but he knew Carly would do what she wanted to do, so he felt that they should skip the fight and just love her through it. Morgan admitted that Michael was right. Michael added that there was nothing Morgan could do to stop Carly from moving Franco in. Morgan noted that he couldn't stop Sonny from moving Ava in, either. Michael was shocked. He'd been so busy at work that Kiki hadn't had the chance to bring him up to speed, so Morgan told Michael about Ava's pregnancy and her new living arrangements. Michael was sympathetic to Morgan. Morgan confessed that he wished Michael was the possible father instead because Morgan thought that Michael was a better brother and would make a better dad. Michael didn't believe that. Michael tried to assure Morgan that this wasn't his fault, but Morgan blamed himself for getting involved with Ava and thinking she loved him. Michael wished there was something he could do to help. Morgan explained that Kiki had helped him realize that he would be willing to make things work with Ava and raise the baby, no matter who the father is. That idea had gone out the window when Ava moved in with Sonny, though. Michael asked about Olivia, and Morgan said she was through with Sonny. Morgan thought Sonny and Ava must be romantically involved, since Morgan couldn't think of another explanation for them living together. Michael wasn't convinced and he pointed out that Sonny hated Ava. Morgan countered that Carly used to hate Franco, too.

Morgan was resigned to living with Franco so he decided to go help him move into Carly's. Michael offered to let Morgan stay with him, but Morgan thought it would be awkward since Kiki was Morgan's ex wife. Morgan wished he had a job and was able to afford a place of his own. Michael thought he might be able to help.

After Morgan left, Michael finished up a phone call with Ned, just as Kiki walked in. She was about to tell him about the baby, but Michael told her that Morgan filled him in. Michael thought it was messed up that he didn't know if he was going to be an uncle or have a new sibling. Kiki was glad that she at least knew that the baby would be her brother or sister. Michael wasn't sure whether he felt worse for the baby or Morgan. Michael wondered why Sonny would hurt Morgan by taking Ava in. Kiki wasn't sure.

At GH, Nathan and Silas talked about Nina. Silas confided that he told Nina about Sam. Silas felt that Nina took the news okay once she got over her disappointment and she understood that their marriage was over. Nathan and Silas were both sorry that Nina was going through this. Nathan had been trying to get Nina's finances straightened out, but he knew it would take awhile to get the courts to unfreeze her assets and he was concerned about how she'd afford her living expenses. Silas explained that he and Nina had agreed that Nina would live with Silas for now. Nathan was surprised, and Silas explained that Nina was still his wife. “I loved your sister. I hurt her but I never stopped loving her,” Silas said. Nathan was grateful for what Silas was doing, but he wished things were different. Silas did too, but he was trying to do what was best for everyone. Nathan asked how Sam was taking it. Silas was sure that he and Sam would be fine. Nathan wanted to make sure that Nina's feelings were taken into account. Silas was adamant that he never wanted to hurt Nina again. Nathan vowed to hold Silas to that, and he left.

Nina was at Silas's staring at their wedding photo when Sam arrived. Nina admitted that she'd been expecting Sam because Silas had told her about his and Sam's relationship. A friendly, but awkward conversation followed. Sam apologized, and Nina told her not to be sorry. Nina said she was sorry if she turned Sam's life upside down. Sam was sorry that Nina had been in a coma for twenty years. Sam asked how Nina was doing. Nina admitted that she was often tired but she'd insisted that the doctors let her out of the facility, because she couldn't spend another minute there. Things turned more awkward when Nina said that if she'd waited a couple more months, she might have wheeled into Sam and Silas's wedding. Nina assumed that Sam had come by to visit Silas. Sam clarified that she was there to see Nina because that day at the park, Sam had sensed that Nina thought she and Silas were getting back together. Nina let out an embarrassed laugh and she told Sam to go ahead and call her an idiot. Sam assured Nina that she didn't think that. Sam explained that she and Silas never expected this to happen and they didn't want Nina to get hurt. Nina appreciated that and thought it was sweet of Sam to say. Nina noticed that Sam had spotted the wedding picture, and she explained that she happened to find it in a drawer and couldn't help reminiscing. Sam understood.

Nina assured Sam that she let go of the fantasy of resuming her life with Silas when he told her about Sam and that she wasn't going to attempt to insert herself into their relationship. Sam pointed out that things were going to be difficult because Nina lived there. Nina tried to pick up her water bottle. She couldn't reach it and she had a short tantrum about it before calming down and apologizing for the outburst. Sam was sympathetic and admitted that she'd do the same if she were in Nina's shoes. Sam handed Nina her water and told her she was incredibly strong. Sam knew that Nina was living with Silas due to her financial woes. Nina vented about her mother depriving her of her baby, twenty years of her life and her ability to make a living. Nina explained that Silas was the one who insisted that Nina stay with him. Sam replied that Silas told her. Nina asked if Sam had an issue with it. Sam insisted that she didn't, but she was concerned that this might not be the best arrangement, due to Nina's feelings for Silas. Sam wondered if it would be better for Nina to move in with Nathan. Nina explained that Nathan was living in cramped quarters and he didn't have the time or the money to provide her with the round the clock care she required. Sam agreed that Nina's point made sense.

Nina swore she wasn't looking to ruin Silas and Sam's relationship. While Sam believed that Nina's intentions were good, she was still uncomfortable because Nina had been planning to resume her life with Silas. “He's my husband,” Nina stated, before correcting herself and saying that Silas “was” her husband. Nina guessed that the bond never went away. Sam assured Nina that she understood. She held up the hand on which she wore her wedding ring and told Nina she'd been married too. Sam explained that her husband was dead. She admitted that she'd been thinking about what she would have done if Jason had returned instead of Nina. Nina was curious to hear Sam's answer. Sam blinked back tears and said it didn't matter because she had accepted that Jason wasn't coming back and she'd moved on. Nina figured that Sam knew that when you loved someone you never want to let them go. Silas was startled when he walked in and saw Sam. Silas asked what she was doing there and Sam explained that she thought it was time for her and Nina to talk. Silas asked about what. “I think Sam has a problem with me living here,” Nina chimed in.

The happy look on Carly's face turned into a shocked expression as Franco had the movers bring more and more boxes into her home. Franco explained that he had a storage unit full of his art. Carly was taken aback when Franco revealed that there was another truckload of his possessions on the way to the house. Franco asked Carly if she was having second thoughts about him moving in. Carly assured Franco that she was glad that he was moving in and that she could handle all of his things as long as he came with them. They kissed, then Carly announced that they should get him unpacked and settled into his new home. “Over my dead body,” Josslyn spat as she appeared in the living room. Carly told Josslyn she wasn't being nice, but Josslyn countered that she wasn't trying to be. Carly reminded Josslyn that they'd talked about Franco moving in and Josslyn had been okay with it. Josslyn insisted that she'd never said she was okay with it. Franco asked Josslyn if he'd done something to make her mad at him. He reminded her that they got along when they saw each other on Halloween. Josslyn snarled that that was before she found out what a psycho he was. Carly scolded Josslyn for calling Franco names then she asked where she heard that. Josslyn explained that she overheard her dad say it. Carly suggested that Josslyn had misunderstood Jax, but Josslyn was adamant that she knew what she heard. According to Carly, Franco was not a psycho; he was kind and funny and they were going to have fun living together.

Franco tried to win Josslyn over by giving her some of his art to display, but Josslyn kicked him in the shin. Carly lectured Josslyn and ordered her to apologize. Josslyn told Franco that she was sorry he was a psycho. She purposely stomped on his foot then ran upstairs, ignoring Carly's demand that she come back. Franco told Carly to give the girl some space. Carly apologized to him and promised that she'd get things sorted out. Franco thought that it might have been a bad idea for him to move in. Carly insisted that everything would be fine. She went upstairs to talk to Josslyn. Later, Carly returned. She told Franco that Josslyn still hated him, but things were going to be fine and Josslyn wasn't going to kick him anymore. Morgan came in. Carly hugged him and told him that she knew it would be an adjustment, but it was going to be great for them all to live under the same roof. Her smile faded when Morgan announced that he was moving out.

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