GH Update Monday 6/16/14

General Hospital Update Monday 6/16/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Felix looks in the mirror before Sabrina's baby’s funeral. Sabrina asks if he needs any help with his tie. He tells her he's good and remarks that she looks nice in he black funeral clothes. She admits that she was under the belief she was getting ready for her weeding, but it was actually getting ready to put baby Gabriel to rest. He tells her he understands she was hurting. She tells him she is and will probably be for the rest of her life, but God knows what kind of state she'd be in if it were not for Patrick. She seems calm and rational, but nobody is alright with the terrible tragedy.

Patrick is alone in the chapel when Maxie comes to join him. He hugs his cousin in law.

Nathan runs into Levi in the park while out jogging. Levi is meditating, and he asks Nathan if he's out “exercising” or “running from his demons”? Nathan asks him what he is talking about. Levi replies the murder Nathan committed last night, of course.

Anna is on the phone telling her contact that someone needs to keep a close watch on Ric Lansing. She knows he is not happy with the arrangement to be put in witness protection. She's afraid he's going to attempt to reach out to his daughter. She's afraid if that happens, their entire investigation will fall to pieces. They can't let that happen. The must find out whom Julian Jerome was working for. Right then, Sonny invites himself in. She asks what she can do for him. He tells her he's sorry to barge in but she can start by telling him what happened to his brother.

At the hospital, Sam goes to talk to Elizabeth and asks if she is going to “the service. Elizabeth tells her she will after she picks up her last paycheck. Sam is really surprised to hear her say that and asks why. Did she quit? Elizabeth informs her that Obrecht fired her but she's not going to get upset about it.

At Silas' home, he gets ready to leave Nina alone, giving her all the “instructions” involving holding down the fort while he's gone, regarding Rafe and the whole thing, but she admits that she was an “idiot” to keep holding on to the hope that they would get back what they once had. She looks at their wedding picture and remembers that they were so happy. She is afraid she will never find that kind of happiness again. She knows he has, however. He did not find that kind of happiness with her, she realizes. He found it with Sam. She tells him she is so sorry although he tells her she does not have to apologize. She tells him she does not intend to make this harder than it is. Their marriage all but over. He now has feelings for Sam. He has moved on while she's been asleep in a hospital bed. She understands the logic of how she knows when 20 years pass in one’s life, they typically move on. He tells her they can still be friends and important to one another, but she encourages him to go with Sam and see the people waiting for him. She'll be ok alone without him.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Sam talk about Molly losing her father and how she's going to cope with that. Elizabeth concludes that she has to accept that he's never coming back.

Julian calls the man he (and everyone) believes is Luke Spencer. He informs him that the man they both allowed to be falsely accused of their crimes has been killed. Alexis' daughter's father is dead because of this whole mess. He asks “Luke” just how many more innocent people have to die or have their lives ruined before he (the real crime boss) is done. Yet we do not hear or see the man Julian is talking to (as we continue to wonder who this mysterious man really is.)

Not far away, in the park, Levi “reminds” Nathan that just yesterday a man was alive. Now a girl no longer has her father, and the people who loved him will never see him again. He asks Nathan if the loss of a human life does not shock him as much as it shocks Levi. Nathan asks Levi why he would care. Doesn't he believe that nobody should mourn death? That's it all a part of the universe's “divine plan”? Isn't that what he told Maxie when she was grieving the loss of the baby who died? Levi demands to know where he heard that.

Maxie talks to Patrick before the funeral and asks how Sabrina is doing. He tells her that his ex fiancé and “would-be” wife, had an “episode” where she wasn't aware of what was happening. She was grieving. He believes Sabrina will be ok. At least he hopes so.

Sabrina's cousin comes to visit her. She hugs him and is happy to see him. He tells her he wishes he could have met her little boy. He tells her it's not right that he did not get to welcome her little boy into this family. It's not right that he had to die so soon. He assures her she will not be alone. He will be there for her. He wants to talk to her and to Felix and be there for her.

At the chapel, before the service, Maxie remarks to Patrick she knows that it might be “awkward” for Robin to have to accept that her husband had a baby with someone else. She knows Robin had to go to Africa, but she agrees that Robin could have and maybe should have been there for her husband and she's sorry that she has not been. He asks her how she is doing in her life. She talks about a “boyfriend” she has who is a “role model” for her. She says those words, but does she really mean what she says?

In the park, Nathan answers Levi's question by telling him he ran into Maxie, and she was pretty upset to see that Levi told her she should not mourn the death of a child. Levi defensively snaps that he did not say that. He warns Nathan to stay out of his business with Maxie. Nathan tells him he was just being a friend to Maxie. Levi angrily tells Nathan they both know that Nathan wants more than friendship with Maxie.

Not far away, while Julian is on the phone to his “boss”, Duke finds him and confronts him. He tells Julian he was hoping to never see him free on the streets again after his drug bust. He knows that was Scotty Baldwin's idea to let Julian get away with his crime, and Anna did not want him free any more than Duke did. He tells Julian that although Anna took an “oath” to uphold the law, but he might not regard the law when seeing Julian again free on the streets.

Sonny goes to find Anna and tells her that he did have a conversation with his brother, after Ric got arrested and before he was killed. Ric swore up and down that he was not Julian's boss, has nothing to do with the business and has been framed. She obviously does not want to have that conversation and answer his question truthfully when Sonny asks her if there is just a chance that his brother told the truth. He needs to know before he buries his brother if he did in fact get framed for a crime he did not commit.

At Silas' house, when Nina runs into Rafe, she is able to see that he has powder under his nose. He remarks that he had a powdered donuts for breakfast. She then asks him if he chased it down with cocaine.

Elizabeth finds Patrick at the chapel. He hugs her and tells her he realizes that she has her own grief to deal with, as he has heard that Ric was killed. She assures him that she intends to be there for the people she loves and he and Sabrina can count on her.

Alone with Felix, Sabrina's cousin talks about whether she is going to be ok with his terrible thing that happened. He asks how anyone could run Patrick's car off the road and not stop. Who could be so heartless?

After Nina remarks she can see that Rafe is using, he panics and tells her that it appears she has been asleep so long so that she may not know what she is seeing or what she is talking about. She tells him she has seen so many bored rich kids on drugs so that she can see the signs, even if he did not have powder under his nose. He tells her that she can't tell Silas. She tells him that she's seen too many kids' lives ruined because of drugs. Since he's Silas' nephew, she does not want to see that happening to him. He tells her it does not matter to him since his life has no meaning anyway.

Sam tells Silas that she realizes that Nina has really been in a vulnerable situation and asks where she is staying now. Silas admits that he and Nina are “over”. He assures Sam that he's in love with her (Sam) and Nina knows that. However, he is letting her stay in his home with him.

When Sonny asks Anna to tell him the truth about Ric, she tells him the cops had extensive evidence that Ric committed the crime. Scott Baldwin prosecuted him. He tells her that they need to stop Julian Jerome and not let him go free simply because he names an easy scapegoat to take the fall for his crimes. Anna then angrily tells him that the PCPD does not answer to him. He tells her that if she really wants to uphold the law, she might have to arrest her boyfriend. She tells Sony he does not know what he is talking about. Duke does not “work for him”, but Sonny tells her that since she did not hold up her end of the deal for Duke by putting Julian away, why does Duke have to hold up his?

In the park, Julian tells Duke that he (Duke) has his life back. So why not make the best of it? Get over this issue they had in the past and look the other way? Anna is not going to look the other way if he kills Julian . So why not just put an end to this? Julian tells Duke he wants to put this feud behind him, but Duke does not seem to want that.

In the park, Levi accuses Nathan of trying to lead Maxie down a destructive path. Whether Nathan likes it or not, Maxie is spoken for, so he needs to back off. Nathan informs Levi that he and Maxie went to the Floating Rib and had some food and drinks, reminding Levi that they ate some animal flesh. He adds that Maxie “ate his meat and liked it." At that point, Levi punches Nathan and he falls over. Maxie appears, sees Levi over Nathan about to punch him again, and demands to know what he thinks he's doing. She notices that Nathan is bleeding from the forehead although he tells her it's no big deal. She confronts Levi about the “teachings of non-violence” and all the theories he's taught her. He protests that Nathan was rubbing his nose in the fact that Maxie ate meat with him at a bar. She asks if that, alone, was enough for him to assault Nathan. Levi tells her it was the way Nathan had to “gloat” about something. She then demands to know just what the two guys were talking about besides Nathan encouraging Maxie to eat meat.

Silas tells Sam that when Nina found out about them, she offered to move out and was ready to stay with Nathan, but Nathan lives in a tiny apartment with 2 roommates. She's in a wheelchair. She has no money and may not be able to work since she's been in a coma and no longer has access to her family's money. Sam realizes he has no choice in this situation, but she wonders what they are supposed to do.

Rafe attempts to explain his situation to Nina. She asks what is going on with him. He tells her he loves a girl who loves somebody else. She tells him she understands how painful that is, but he is more concerned that she might “give him up” to his uncle, and he's ready to bribe her with money and beg her not to. He protests and “pleads” to Nina that he does not want his uncle to throw him out because he has nowhere else to go. She realizes that they are both in the same boat.

At the chapel, Elizabeth welcomes Sabrina's cousin Juan and hugs him. Sabrina meets Patrick at the chapel. He tells her that he knows that right now she need not feel bad or apologize for not being back to normal with what has happened. He reminds her that parents lose children and can move on like Elizabeth did. She talks about Juan suggesting she maybe get away and go to Puerto Rico with him for a while. He tells her that might not be a bad idea. Maybe she needs to have someone take care of her instead of the other way around.

Julian wants to call a truce with Duke, but Duke will never forgive him and refuses to shake his hand. He tells him that he spent many years in a Turkish prison ready to die, and the only two things that kept him alive was the hope that he'd some day be back with Anna and the day when he can exact vengeance upon Julian.

Sonny seems to know that Anna is keeping a secret from him. She's not telling him the truth, and he concludes the only way he can find that out is to talk to Duke. She tells him he better not dare.

Maxie demands to know what Nathan and Levi were arguing about across the street from Patrick’s son's funeral. Nathan replies that Levi made a comment about Ric Lansing's death that he did not appreciate. She tells Levi he needs to come with her to the memorial service. With a reproachful look back at Nathan, she drags Levi away.

Everyone is assembled in the chapel. Epiphany sings Amazing Grace. Anna, Duke, Olivia, Dante, Lulu, Felix, Elizabeth, Sabrina, and Patrick and all the others stand while she sings. Rafe stands in the back of the chapel looking devastated. Sabrina and Patrick stand by the casket. As she sobs, he holds her in his arms. Rafe listens as the priest says a prayer for baby Gabriel.

Levi goes with Maxie and she asks if he is ok. He tells her he feels like such an ass. He knows that people she loves are grieving a tragic loss that nobody can make sense of, and he apologizes for being insensitive. She forgives him and says she knows he is a good guy and did not mean any harm, but wonders if Nathan will ever believe that. She tells him Nathan is a good guy too. She tells him she believes if they spent some time together, they might see they have a few things in common.

At the hospital, Nathan goes to talk to Silas regarding his concerns about Nina. Silas tells him he told his sister about Sam. Nathan knows he has reason to worry about the fact that his sister is not over Silas.

In the chapel, Duke finds Anna and tells her he remembers when they assembled in the same chapel when their own child died all those years ago. She tells him she remembers the same thing. He tells her that they both think about that every day of their lives, and what upsets him is not just the fact that Julian Jerome gets to walk on this earth. It's the fact that their child cannot. He furiously tells her he will not stand for that. She admits she agrees and understands. He walks away as she stands crying.

Julian is alone in the park looking at the newspaper article of Ric's death. He looks up, praying and asking how he can ever face Alexis or Molly. Sonny comes by and Julian is startled to see him staring at him and looking angry.

Sabrina tells Patrick that her cousin has booked a flight for her that afternoon and they will be in San Juan. He encourages her to go. He believes it will be good for her to get away, but she's concerned about leaving him alone. He assures her that he and Emma are her family, and he does not want her to ever forget that. He wants her to come back soon. They hug, and before she leaves, he tells her he wanted to give her Gabriel's hospital ID bracelet, but she puts it back in his hand and tells him he may keep it. She has everything she wants of Gabriel. Patrick sits alone in the church while tears stream out of his eyes.

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