GH Update Friday 6/13/14

General Hospital Update Friday 6/13/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Duke goes to talk to Sonny. Sonny asks if he can get Duke a drink and wants to be cordial. He asks Duke if Julian is a free man. He knows that Duke is more personally affected than he is to know that Julian is free when it's Anna that helped him go free. Sonny tells Duke he needs to know if he wants come back and work for Sonny, given all that has happened.

At the hospital, Felix is very worried about Sabrina, the loss of baby Gabriel, and is afraid he might have lost their friendship after calling Patrick to express his concerns about Sabrina. Lucas is not far away and asks Felix what is wrong. He looks like he's lost his best fried, Lucas remarks. Felix tells Lucas he's afraid just that has happened. Lucas wants to talk and be there for him.

Britt and Brad are out together drinking and having ribs. She remarks she wants him to get over Lucas as she needs to get over Nikolas, but he seems to want the opposite for both of them. She concludes that Nikolas is a lost cause, so why would she give him a thought? When Nikolas walks in to pick up an order, Brad tells her he doesn't entirely believe what she just said about her ex-fiance.

Elizabeth rushes back to work after Ric was shot and killed at the police station. Obrecht immediately confronts her about leaving work without permission and threatens to write her up for going AWOL. Very downcast, Elizabeth simply explains that it was very important.

Alexis goes to find a devastated Molly at the police station. She hugs her daughter while Molly cries and sobs and tells her mom that her dad is dead. Detective West shot him.

Nathan runs into Maxie in the park after her most recent falling out with Levi (after she told him he is unbelievably messed up to think there is any justification or logic for why Patrick's baby died). He can see she is alone and not in a good way. She can see the same about him and asks him what is wrong. He tells her something “tragic” happened at his work place which he feels responsible for.

Anna goes into the morgue with Ric inside a body bag. After she unzips it and assures Ric it's okay, he opens his eyes, revealing that he is alive and well and merely having everyone except for her and Nathan believing he's been shot and killed. He struggles to get out of the bag, and he is not ok with what the cops are putting him up to doing. He feels horrible for letting his daughter think he's dead and putting her through all that agony.

When Nathan and Maxie conclude they have both had “bad days”, he asks her if she'd like to go and get a drink with him. She tells him yes. She'd like that.

While Britt and Brad are at the bar and they see Nikolas, he keeps encouraging her to get her ex-fiancÚ back. She tells him she is being realistic in knowing Nikolas is done with her so she has to get over it, but he tells her she is a wimp to give up. He tells her that he knows the “old” Britt would not let Nikolas have the say in whether they are through or not. She would stop at nothing to get what she wants. She tells him she does not want to go back to the "Britch" she used to be. That was what caused her to lose Nikolas in the first place, but, strangely, when Nikolas sees her, he tells her he wants to talk to her. He expresses he wants to tell her he is "sorry."

Obrecht could care less the reason why Elizabeth has been away from work. She threatens to give Elizabeth a written warning, dock her pay, and take disciplinary action against her. If she continues to disregard the rules, she will be out on her kiester, but Elizabeth tells her “boss” she really no longer cares.

Ric privately tells Anna that he is not ok with his daughter and the woman he loves believing he has been shot and killed when it has not happened. He has to say and do nothing while they cry over his supposed dead body, but she tells him he has to stay “dead” in order for them to be able to find out who this boss of Julian is. She knows all too well how terrible it is to have people you love grieving your death and not be able to do anything about it, but maybe when this is over, he'll be able to explain and they will understand. She tells him he needs to realize that Julian's boss shot his son and is threatening his family. Ric needs to know that his daughter could be next. They need to do this so that everybody can stay safe. He has to “stay dead” in order to protect those he loves.

Not far away, Molly cries and talks to her mom about how she and Elizabeth and Diane were ready to get Ric the justice he deserved, but Ric suddenly got shot and killed. Anna said Ric grabbed a cop's gun and the cop shot him. She asks her mom what one is supposed to do if one is getting railroaded for a crime they did not commit. She asks Alexis if she believes her dad ran because he was guilty. Did she ever consider maybe he took drastic action and tried to escape, because he was innocent and wrongfully accused? Alexis cries and tells her daughter it does not matter what she thinks. She cares about Molly and she is there for her daughter after she lost her father, but Molly tells her mom that is not ok. She wants her daddy back. Alexis sadly admits to her daughter, however, she cannot give her that. Molly tells her that is all she wants. She can't accept that her father is gone!

At the hospital, Felix informs Lucas that Patrick found Sabrina in her wedding gown. She has blocked out what happened when she got pregnant, then had the accident, and the baby was born prematurely. At first there was hope that he'd survive, but then their baby Gabriel died. It's hard enough to lose a baby but after they believed everything was ok while they all watched for weeks as he struggled in the incubator. They all thought he was going to make it. He was so strong. That little guy was a fighter, and then it suddenly happened. Lucas is sympathetic when he hears that and talks about how he lost his little sister when she was very young and was hit by a drunk driver. Lucas also remarks that it appears Felix is busy taking care of everyone else, but who's going to take care of him?

Molly tells her mom she wants to go to the morgue so she can say good-bye to her dad. At first, Alexis raises objections, but then she tells her daughter she will help her with whatever she needs. She grabs Molly by the hand, and goes to find Anna.

In the morgue, the very much alive Ric tells Anna that this is not ok with what it is doing to his family, but she tells him it's the only way to find out who Julian's boss is, and it's the only want to exonerate him of a crime he did not commit, but it seems like Ric is less concerned about that than he is about what this is doing to his family. She has everyone believing he grabbed a cop's gun and got shot in self defense. That's some argument for his innocence. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Molly get to believe he died a coward who couldn't face what happened to him. She asks if he'd rather they mourn over his real corpse. She tells him they must keep the secret as the only person besides the two of them who knows the truth is Detective West.

When Maxie and Nathan go to the Floating Rib, she notices Britt and reminds him his sister is in the house. They are surprised to see her talking to Nikolas.

At the bar, Nikolas tells Britt he is sorry that she worked so hard yet failed to save Patrick and Sabrina's child. He knows that regardless of their differences, she is an excellent physician and he's sure she did everything she could to save the baby and he's sure this has hurt her as well as Patrick and Sabrina. She asks if he really believes that although he “hates” her, because of what she's done. He tells her he does not “hate” her. There have just been irreconcilable differences.

At the hospital, Obrecht lectures Elizabeth about how she does not take her job seriously enough. When she is needed in a medical facility, she shows up late and does not take her responsibilities seriously. Obrecht continues to lecture Elizabeth, telling her that, being a single mother, shouldn't she care about her paycheck? Taking the oath to be a nurse, doesn't she care about her patients? Elizabeth tells Obrecht she cares about her patients. She just happens to have a personal life. Obrecht tells her when she's gone, they are short handed without her, and someone could die. Hearing that, Elizabeth furiously tells her that somebody did die!

Duke talks to Sonny about how he has had to pay the price by possibly losing the woman he loves, making the choices he's made. Sonny tells Duke he understands that all too well with his own situations regarding the work he does. Sonny then tells Duke he would like to confide in him about something that might be relevant to the cops and Anna. Duke encourages Sonny to realize that he has already kept enough secrets for him. Anything said in this room goes no further. Sonny then admits that he found out that AJ did not kill Connie. Ava did. He now knows he murdered and innocent man who happens to be his son's other father.

Elizabeth protests to Obrecht that a man she cares for has been murdered. He has been wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit and now he's dead. She's spent the last few hours comforting his grieving daughter. That's where she was. So she'd prefer that Obrecht spare her the self-righteous and empty lecture. She doesn’t care if she gets strikes against her in her employment files. In fact, Obrecht may save them both the trouble and fire her, Elizabeth challenges her unsympathetic boss. Today, it's not important to her. Obrecht tells Elizabeth fine. In that case, she is fired.

Felix breaks down crying when he talks about Sabrina and Patrick and all the moments they will never share with their baby. The crawling? The walking? The first steps? Why don't they get that? Why doesn't that little boy get a chance to live? Why did this have to happen? Lucas holds Felix in his arms while his friend cries. Brad happens to go by, sees them together and seethes.

Britt is back at the bar after Brad leaves, and when Nikolas affirms to Britt that he knows she's a good doctor, he respects her for that, and he does not hate her, it seems she might see an unexpected glimmer of hope, and right then, an announcement comes over the television, for everyone in the bar to hear, that Ric Lansing tried to escape from the Port Charles jail and was shot to death by Detective Nathan West. Nathan hears it and grows uncomfortable that everybody knows what happened. Maxie remarks she now knows what his “bad day” was about.

Alexis takes Molly to find Anna, and they knock on the door of the morgue. Anna tells Ric to hide and maintain absolute secrecy, because no one must ever know he is alive.

Sonny explains to Duke that Carly gave him proof from a recording on AJ's phone that Ava killed Connie and set AJ up to believe he did it and get falsely accused of the crime. When Sonny found out about that for the first time, not long ago, he was ready to kill Ava, but then a “slight complication” occurred. It appears she is pregnant. It could be either his or Morgan's child. So he has to keep her at his house until the baby is born, but now Morgan has the idea that his dad is having an affair with the woman he loves. Duke asks if he has told Morgan that Ava killed Connie. Sonny replies he'd really like to, but he can’t.

Anna leaves the morgue she Rick is hiding and finds his daughter and ex-wife standing right outside the room. She takes Alexis aside and tells her she does not think it would be a “good idea” for Molly to see her father. He has suffered really severe wounds and there's been too much damage. She thinks it would harm Molly more than benefit her.

At the hospital, Obrecht makes it clear she could care less about Elizabeth losing her friend and the hideous injustice. She tells her if she thinks her boss cares about her melodramatic sob story, she's sadly mistaken. Elizabeth doesn't care about her patients. She's more than happy to fire her. That means she can't just stand there. She needs to go and collect her things and get out. Not far away, Nikolas overhears. He comes over and tells Obrecht she can't do that. Obrecht asks why he'd say that. She is the chief of staff. It's her prerogative, but Nikolas reminds her he is a board member. He funds this hospital, and she can't fire Elizabeth. She has no grounds. Obrecht walks off and tells them she can show them her contract that gives her the authority to do that. Alone with Elizabeth, Nikolas tells her he won't let it happen. Even if Obrecht fires her, he can get her reinstated, but Elizabeth tells him she is devastated because Ric is dead.

Maxie tells Nathan she wants him to talk about what he's feeling now that he shot Ric. She consoles him by telling him he cannot blame himself. She knows that Ric Lansing did a lot of illegal shady things. He hung with the wrong crowd. He got her cousin Lucas shot. Nathan is a cop, enforces the law, and did what he had to do. He tells her he has to face Ric's devastated daughter and girlfriend. She's very sensitive about that and assures him he can't beat himself up about it. At that point, he asks her if he can tell her something in “confidence” about that.

At the hospital, Brad finds Felix and Lucas hugging. Obviously “jealous” of their relationship, he tells Felix he has work to do. This is not “professional”, and why is it that Felix can see Lucas whenever he wants but he (Brad) cannot, but they tell him he needs to back off. They inform him, for the first time, that Patrick and Sabrina's baby died. Hearing that, Brad apologizes and realizes his behavior was not appropriate. He protests he had no clue. He was out of town. The last he heard, the baby was going to be ok, but they tell him baby Gabriel Drake Santiago died after all the hope they had that he'd be ok. Felix tells them he has to get home, rest for a while and then get back to work. Alone with Brad, Lucas asks him what is wrong with him.

Maxie asks Nathan what he was about to tell her regarding him shooting Ric. Just as he prepares to unburden himself, Nathan gets distracted and decides to keep his mouth shut.

Lucas confronts Brad about all the messed up behaviors he's done for so long. Brad apologizes and tells Lucas that he thinks they could have a future together. He gets upset when he sees that Lucas can just dump him without a thought for someone else. He thinks they have something worth saving, but Lucas clearly does not see it that way and tells Brad he needs to get back to his room. He's not interested in continuing the conversation.

Nathan “changes the subject” and informs Maxie she never told him what she and “Mr. Self Righteous” were arguing about. She then informs him that Patrick and Sabrina's baby died. Having known about the hit and run accident that caused the baby to be born prematurely and the fact that he and the cops have been on it to find the person responsible for it, he knows all about it. Yet, he has not heard until now that the baby did not make it. She tells him Patrick is basically her brother-in-law. His daughter Emma, is kind of like Maxie's little sister. Now Emma's baby brother is gone. He remarks when he drove out there with his boss, the commissioner, he noticed Anna so worried about her granddaughter. He tells Maxie it was the only time he saw Anna lose it. Maxie talks about how it was so unfair. They all thought the baby, Gabriel, was going to make it. Nathan is very compassionate and sincere. Noticing that, Maxie talks about how simple it is for him to offer condolences. Believing there's a reason for everything, Levi just doesn't get the unfairness in a tiny baby dying. Nathan understands exactly what she is thinking and feeling given his own situation, and he tells her he thinks it's really good she is no longer listening to her “yoga guru” and is now making her own decisions.

At the hospital, Britt observes Nikolas consoling a devastated Elizabeth after Britt's mother has attempted to fire her and after finding out about Ric's "death." Seeing how close they are, Britt's small glimmer of hope for a relationship with Nikolas evaporates.

At the police station, Alexis tries to console a devastated Molly by telling her that Anna told her that there might be too much damage done to Ric for it to be a good idea for anyone to see him, but Molly cries and demands to know how this could be happening. As she wails for her daddy, Ric feels horrible but continues to stay hidden.

Duke tells Sonny it might not be a bad idea for Morgan to know that Ava murdered Connie. Morgan might be willing and able to get over Ava, and she will no longer manipulate him if he knows that she murdered his dad's fiancÚ and framed an innocent man for it. Sonny tells Duke he is afraid he won't be able to do that, because Ava can reveal the truth about him. Morgan will obviously hate Ava when he finds out, but if Ava is carrying his baby, (Sonny's or Morgan's), he's afraid it will really mess Morgan up. It will blow up in all of their faces. So that's why he has to hold Ava prisoner in his house and watch her every move. It's a big mess, he admits, but, he tells Duke, the good news is it's "only temporary." As soon as the baby is born, the truth will die with Ava.

Maxie continues to confide in Nathan at the restaurant as he eats a plate of ribs, mac and cheese, etc. She tells him she really doesn't care if Levi knows all about secrets they might keep together. She is no longer concerned about Levi's opinions.

At the hospital, Obrecht finds her daughter and is concerned that Britt is upset about something. Britt tells her mother if she really cares about her and wants to help her as she alleges, then maybe there is something she can do. Obrecht asks her daughter what that is. Britt tells her mother she can help her get Nikolas back.

Anna returns to the morgue and tells Ric she has arranged for him to go into hiding and get the witness protection the cops owe him, but he is devastated to have to hear his daughter crying and believing he's been killed and she can't see him. He has waited 5 years to get back to his daughter, and now this has happened. She talks about how the “big picture” is more important, but if this happened to her daughter, just how concerned would she be about the “big picture”? Anna tells Ric that this is what they both have to do. They need to find out who is threatening Julian, getting him framed and committing these crimes. Once they do, then he can come out of hiding and get back to his family. What they both need to do is keep their family safe at any cost.

Not far away, Alexis, Molly, Nikolas, and Elizabeth are in the parking garage getting ready to leave. Anna has Ric dressed in medical scrubs wearing a surgical mask, but they know they can't let him be seen by his daughter. Ric observes Elizabeth getting into her car. He stares at her from the window unseen, and he is forcing himself to go through with this “gut wrenching” endeavor for the police department. Anna says they can't be seen leaving together, so she instructs him to find a certain vehicle and meet her at the end of the road. As he goes out the hospital door, he sees Elizabeth return for her scarf she left on a bench and stares at her for a moment. She senses someone looking at her, turns around, and stares back at the guy with the surgical mask similarly stunned, but in a flash, he's gone, leaving her wondering what she just saw.

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