GH Update Thursday 6/12/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/12/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick was confused and alarmed when he went to Sabrina's apartment and found her wearing a wedding dress. Sabrina panicked because she was afraid that Patrick had just jinxed their marriage by seeing her in her dress. She quickly covered up with a coat and told Patrick that they'd been through so much to get here and she didn't want anything to destroy their happiness. Sabrina decided to wear the dress Felix bought her instead. She remarked that it was odd that Felix bought her a black dress for a wedding. Sabrina explained that Felix bought the dress because he was afraid her mother's dress wouldn't make it in time, but her cousin Juan brought it from Puerto Rico. Sabrina began to ramble about whether or not she wanted to get married in black. Patrick told Sabrina to stop, and he carefully told her that Felix bought her that dress to wear to the funeral. Sabrina scoffed and insisted that no one had died. Patrick gently told Sabrina that their son died. Sabrina told Patrick that he wasn't making any sense – they didn't have a son. Patrick told Sabrina that their wedding was months ago. Patrick asked if she remembered Robin showing up at the wedding, finding out she was pregnant, the accident and going into premature labor. Although Sabrina had flashes of memory, she was adamant that none of those things had happened, and she accused Patrick of lying to her. Patrick acknowledged that this hurt, but he told Sabrina that they couldn't just forget what happened. Sabrina ordered Patrick to stop, but he persevered and told Sabrina about naming the baby, about being told he wouldn't survive and about having him baptized. “No, no, no” Sabrina wailed as she came out of denial. Patrick's eyes filled with tears, and he held Sabrina when she broke down crying. Sabrina begged Patrick to bring Gabriel back. Patrick wished he could. “Then do it!” Sabrina yelled. Patrick replied that he couldn't. Sabrina sobbed for her baby.

At the park, Sam assured Rafe that she and Silas would be together once Silas told Nina the truth. Rafe wondered why Sam still looked unhappy, and she told him that Patrick and Sabrina's baby died. Rafe was stunned and very upset. Sam told Rafe that the coward who caused the accident was responsible for Gabriel's death. Sam was startled by how hard Rafe was taking the news, since he barely knew Patrick and Sabrina. Rafe explained that his mom used to go to dark places and she always felt better when there was a baby around. Sam thought that Rafe had inherited that. Rafe recalled how quickly he bonded with Danny. He loved babies because they were so innocent and their lives were full of hope and possibility. Rafe admitted he'd do anything to go back and make things happen differently. Sam told him that she'd made it her mission to find the person who was responsible for Gabriel's death. Rafe asked if she thought the person did it on purpose. Sam said that even if it was an accident, the person didn't stop to check on the people in the other car or call for help. Rafe looked very uncomfortable. Sam hoped that if she found the driver it would give Patrick and Sabrina some closure.

At the PCPD, Molly, Elizabeth and Diane were upset when Anna refused to let Molly go talk to Ric. Anna said they could all talk to him once he'd been moved to the courthouse. Just then, two shots were fired. Anna led Molly, Liz and Diane into an interrogation room and barricaded them in by propping a chair against the door. Molly and Liz were terrified that the person who framed Ric shot him to keep him quiet. Diane urged them to stay positive. Molly couldn't take it anymore. Just as she moved the chair to open the door, a somber Anna walked in. She revealed that Ric had attempted to take Nathan's gun. There was a struggle, and Ric was shot. Liz wanted to go downstairs and administer first aid, but Anna told them that Ric had been killed. Liz didn't believe that Ric wouldn't grab a cop's gun. Anna was hesitant to talk about this in front of Molly, but she stated that Ric had done something similar in the past. Molly refused to believe that Ric was dead. She burst out of the room and went looking for her father. Liz chased after her. Diane told Anna that if Ric was actually dead, Anna would have a lawsuit on her hands. Anna countered that Ric had a history of violence and he'd grabbed an officer's gun.

Just as Molly and Liz exited the room, they saw Nathan and two people pushing a body bag on a stretcher. Nathan hanged his head and averted his eyes away from the women. Molly approached the body bag and sobbed “Daddy, why?” Diane pulled her into a hug. Liz berated Nathan and accused him of killing an innocent man. Anna placed Nathan on administrative leave. She told Molly and Liz that she was sorry for their loss. Liz comforted the devastated Molly. Later, Liz and Molly sat on the steps and appeared to be in shock. Diane told Molly that Alexis was on her way, then she offered to call someone for Liz, too. Liz said no; she couldn't believe Ric was dead.

Maxie and Levi were also in the park doing Tai Chi. Maxie was having trouble focusing. Levi theorized that Maxie had lost her center because she lied to the judge and tried to get Georgie back. Levi felt that he may have been right when he advised Maxie to accept that she lost custody and move on. Maxie insisted that she was thrilled to have another opportunity to regain custody of her daughter. She explained that she was upset because Patrick's son died. Levi didn't remember who Patrick was, and Maxie reminded him that Patrick was like a brother in law to her. Maxie felt guilty because she'd been meaning to call Patrick or stop by the hospital, but she kept putting it off and now it was too late. Maxie felt bad for Patrick and Sabrina and she thought it was unfair that Gabriel died without getting a chance to experience life. Levi disagreed. Levi thought the death was sad, but he believed that Gabriel's life had gone the way it was meant to. Maxie argued that no parent should outlive their child. Levi countered that sometimes the universe planned it that way. He urged Maxie to accept that there was something larger at work controlling everything. “That is the biggest crock I have ever heard in my life,” Maxie said. Maxie asked if Levi really thought that Gabriel's death was written in the stars. Levi told her that he did. Maxie told Levi that his view was wrong. Levi replied that it wasn't up to Maxie to decide, and Maxie countered that she was entitled to her own opinion. She was adamant that she did not accept that there was some greater good at work, here. Levi told Maxie that this didn't sound like her. Levi felt that Maxie was soaking up Nathan's “reactionary ideas” and she sounded exactly like him. Maxie pointed out that she used to sound exactly like Levi. Levi didn't think that was a bad thing; he felt that she'd evolved and learned to accept the larger picture, and now Nathan was dragging her down. Levi packed up his mat. Maxie was surprised he was leaving. Levi replied that he was going to volunteer at the shelter and he'd see her at home. Later, Maxie saw a depressed looking Nathan sitting on a bench. She approached him and asked what was wrong.

At Silas's he told Nina that he was dating Sam. Nina was surprised and hurt. She felt foolish for thinking that Silas hadn't moved on after all this time. Nina thought she should have seen this coming since she knew Silas was having an affair with Ava before Nina's coma. Silas clarified that what he had with Sam was nothing like the mistake he made with Ava. Nina was embarrassed about holding onto the fantasy of picking up where she left off with Silas. Silas apologized, and Nina told him not to be sorry for moving on. She asked if he loved Sam. Silas explained that he'd hated himself for hurting Nina by cheating on her. When Nina fell into the coma, Silas shut down. He'd refused to allow any woman to get close to him. When he was treating Danny last year, he admitted to himself that he felt something for Sam, but he didn't fully commit to her until he was told that Nina died. According to Silas, Sam was the first woman in twenty years that he'd opened up to, and he loved her.

Silas asked Nina if she wanted to hear something crazy, then he revealed that yesterday he told Sam how he felt for the first time. Nina realized it happened just before she came back into his life. Silas assured Nina that he was glad that she was there, awake and talking. Nina thought Sam would disagree, but Silas insisted that Sam thought it was a good thing, too. Nina felt bad for not calling Silas as soon as she woke up. Silas told Nina that this was her mother's fault, not Nina's. Nina called Madeline evil for making Nina lose Silas and the baby. Silas confided that he'd spent years wishing she'd wake up. Nina knew it was too late for them. Silas replied that they'd missed their chance. Nina decided it was time to move out and give Silas a divorce. She picked up Silas' cell phone and asked him to show her how to use it so she could call her brother and have him pick her up. Silas told Nina that Nathan lived in a very small place with two roommates. Nina replied that she didn't have the money to get her own place, thanks to Madeline. Silas took the phone away and told Nina that she could stay with him. Nina countered that she couldn't because he was with Sam. Silas insisted that he wasn't going to abandon Nina. He hadn't been there for her in the past, but he was determined to be there now. Nina didn't think it would be fair to Sam. Silas thought that Sam would be fine with it, but Nina didn't buy it. She kept saying that she should go, until Silas yelled at her to stop arguing with him. “Well listen to you, all stern and in control” Nina said. Silas admitted he had no idea where that came from. Nina thanked him and hoped that Sam knew what a good man he was.

Anna went to the hospital morgue. She unzipped the body bag and whispered “Ric, we're alone.” Ric opened his eyes.

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