GH Update Wednesday 6/11/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/11/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina sits alone in her apartment writing thank-you notes. When Felix comes in, she tells him she's writing to Elizabeth, who she's sure is coming to visit her that afternoon.

Patrick is also alone in his home talking to his father, Noah, on the phone. Working for Doctors Without Borders, Noah offers to take a plane from Mogadishu to see his son, but Patrick assures him he's doing okay and he need not worry. When he hears a knock on his door, Patrick tells Noah he'll call him back and hangs up.

Felix sits with Sabrina getting ready for the small memorial service for baby Gabriel.

Sam goes to visit Patrick to extend her condolences. She hugs him and tells him how sorry she is after hearing the news of the loss of his son.

Standing outside his door, Silas calls and leaves a message for Sam that he's returned home and is planning on telling Nina all about them. He opens the door and sees Nina happily sitting with Nathan who she calls J. She smiles and tells him that she was just telling her little brother how devoted and in love she is with her husband.

Rafe is alone in the park sniffing cocaine after having made a purchase from a drug dealer.

Molly goes to talk to Diane about representing her father and finds out that Elizabeth has already hired the legal eagle. Molly is happy she's not alone in defending Ric. Elizabeth hugs her and assures her she's not alone.

Anna goes to see Ric in jail. As he again protests that he's not guilty, she tells him she knows that, because a police informant told her he's not Julian's boss. Ric is stunned.

When Silas returns to Nina and her brother, she affirms how heroic J. has been to her. She then wheels her chair up to Silas and asks him to fill her in on all of the secrets which her brother (whom she now finds out is her cousin) has told her. She reveals to Silas she now knows that her mother drugged her in order for her to have a miscarriage, and she now finds out, for the first time, that Silas has known that all along although it's the first she's found out. Silas then admits that it is true.

Sam goes to see Patrick. She tells him she knows he cannot grieve alone. They both know all too well that it's too hard for anyone to go it alone with this. He tells her it's not as “hard” as it was to inform Emma that her baby brother, whom he and Sabrina assured her would make it and be healthy and strong, died. So, he concludes, he has no choice but to put it aside and be strong for Emma as well as for Sabrina.

Sabrina is also revealing she is “in denial” when Felix inquires. When he asks her about the grieving and mourning process, she wonders what she would be grieving or mourning about.

TJ finds Rafe in the park and realizes he's using drugs. Rafe tells him he needs to mind his own business. TJ reminds him that he is not like Rafe. He doesn't go and spitefully rat people out to get them in trouble for things that are none of his business nor illegal. Although he remembers Rafe getting into his business with Molly when they went to the Metro Court and got a room together, which was none of Rafe's business nor illegal. Rafe then informs TJ that he is not really breaking the law as he is not peddling or shipping drugs, the way TJ's mother has.

Nathan tells Nina and Silas he has to get back to work. She laughs and smiles as she reflects that her brother is a cop. She loves him so much and is so proud of him. She admits she is not as “plugged in” or used to modern technologies or the way of the world as he is, right now, but J's sure her husband can get her a mobile phone. Nathan kisses her on the head as he says good bye and goes out the door. Alone with Silas, she tells him she is in awe to think her little brother is a heroic strong grown man and law enforcement officer. She remembers him as a little boy. Silas remarks he's sorry for not telling her all the things that have happened, but she concludes it is not his fault, and she's not mad at him.

Sam talks to Patrick about the medical procedure (which he and the medical staff were involved in years ago) where she lost her baby. She was furious with her mother for having the authority to make a decision Sam did not consent to when she was unconscious. They talk about how and when certain tragedies are “nobody's fault”, but he remarks what happened to his and Sabrina's baby was somebody's fault. It was the fault of the person who ran them off the road, who hit and ran and caused the baby to be born way too prematurely to be likely to live. He wishes he could find out from cops or some source somewhere who did it and be able to make them pay. Yet nobody can help him, but she tells him maybe she can. If he can remember something about the vehicle, maybe she can do some investigation and get to the bottom of this.

Ric asks Anna why it is that she has finally found a confidential source that somehow “knows” that he has been framed and someone other than himself is Julian's crime boss. He wishes they had told him that before now, but she explains that he must know, being a lawyer, that things are complicated in proving accurate information. She tells him she knows he has been framed, but if she goes public with that and lets everybody know that he's gone free, it could force Julian to refuse to cooperate with the police and ruin their whole undercover operation. He tells her he really doesn't care. She tells Ric that maybe he should care if he cares about what happens to his daughter.

At the park, when TJ asks Rafe what he's talking about, Rafe tells TJ it's pretty obvious, and everyone knows all about TJ's mom being a drug peddler and known criminal.

Lulu and Dante's doctor, Dr. Chu, tells them it’s entirely possible that Lulu has been misdiagnosed when she was previously told she could not have a baby. She tells Lulu that if she had surgery, it could increase the possibility of having a successful pregnancy. A test could be done to give them more information. If they find she has a congenital malformation called “septate uterus”, they can correct the problem so that she can very likely get pregnant and carry a child to term, but there could potentially be a “down side” to doing that.

Felix reminds Sabrina that Elizabeth is coming soon, but Sabrina is not really ready to talk to her co-workers about anything besides work. He has a dress for her to wear to the service. She thanks him and appears happy, but she is not thinking about, nor admitting to what has happened.

Nina remembers that her mother wanted her to divorce Silas because he had the affair with Ava, but She was not happy when her mother hired detectives to catch him in the act, prove it to her and be able to show her pictures to prove it. So she had to retaliate by informing her mother she was pregnant with Silas' baby which she now knows was a mistake. Had she not done that, her mother would not have taken the drastic action to give her the drug to cause the miscarriage, and she would not have been put in the coma nor lost the baby. She would not have lost the last 20 years which they can never have back and none of this would have happened. She breaks down crying. Not knowing what to do or say, Silas holds her and furiously affirms that none of this was Nina's fault.

At the police station, Diane Miller meets with Nathan. She tells him that she does not want to get him in trouble or accuse him of anything. She realizes he is a good detective, but she wants him to realize, at the very least, in the future, he needs to not make an arrest of a suspect and consider their innocence until they are proven guilty. She has both Molly and Elizabeth standing beside her and ready to support Ric. She has just recently convinced Elizabeth that Ric is being framed. He has yet to know that she is now in his corner along with Molly And she tells Nathan she would now like for him to now let Mr. Lansing talk privately to his daughter and to his girlfriend, but Nathan tells her he's afraid he cannot do that.

Ric asks Anna if he is supposed to take the rap for something he did not do. She tells him no. It's not as simple as that. He protests that is what he would be doing in order to give the cops what they want.

Rafe tells TJ that he has Alexis, Molly, Shawn and his mom all lined up to let him get away with illegal action. He gets a free pass to aid and abet a murderer and drug dealer. TJ reminds Rafe that his (Rafe's) father was a serial killer, and it's only a matter of time, before he follows suit. At that point, Rafe punches TJ and becomes furious.

At the police station, Nathan explains that he cannot authorize for Ric to see Ms. Webber since she is not family. Molly protests Elizabeth is almost family. They are dating, and her father is innocent.

Downstairs, Ric protests to Anna that he cannot continue to lie for her and be thrown to the wolves. He cannot have Elizabeth, his daughter and all the people he loves unaware that he is innocent. He demands that she tries to help him, but it appears she has other plans in order to catch the real criminal. She has to put him “undercover” as Jordan has been.

Nina reminisces to Silas about their history together, when they first fell in love, and he was a young med student, then resident and then got promoted. She remembers how wonderful he was with new born babies when she would see them at the hospital. She asks if he remembers the morning rituals, the health food she used to make for him and when they used to visit and shop at health food stores. She tells him she wants to go there with him again, but not until she's out of this chair. She does not want him to be taking care of her. She wants to be able to take care of him because he's spent all of his life taking care of others.

Sam tells Patrick that she would like to be able to find out for him who is responsible for the accident that ultimately killed his infant son. It's no undue burden for her. That is what she does. She is a PI and she wants to bring that person to justice. They are friends. She can help him. Why isn't he accepting her help? But right then, Patrick remembers knowing that Sam's husband, Jason Morgan, whom everybody believes is dead, is in fact alive. yet he has not told her. So that is obviously the reason he does not want to accept any favors or help from Sam although he does not tell her that.

At the hospital, Lulu announces to her husband that she wants to have the procedure she discussed with her doctor. It could increase her chances of being able to carry a baby to term, but one potential consequence of having it done is that they could find out, unequivocally, that they will never be able to have a child. He then concludes to her that they are in this together, and he wants to avail them the chance to have Rocco's little brother or sister, and if it does not go the way they want it to, then they will just figure out at that point what they intend to do.

Sam protests to Patrick that he's always been there for her; when Jason died and when Danny was sick. So what is wrong right now? He does not answer that but asks her to excuse him when he hears his doorbell ring. He lets Felix in. Sam tells him she will go now but wants to continue this conversation and get to the bottom of this for him. Alone with Patrick, Felix tells him he’s really concerned about what is happening to Sabrina. She's acting strangely, and he thinks Patrick should talk to her.

In her apartment, Sabrina takes the dress out of the bag which Felix got for her. She sees it's a black funeral dress, and gets upset, shouting “No! This is all wrong!”

Sam finds Rafe in the park. Although he has not admitted to her what happened between himself and TJ, she tells him she knows that he is having some difficulties with Nina making him feel awkward and uncomfortable to stay with Silas. He remarks that he knows that having Nina back may not be good for her relationship with his uncle, but she tells him she is not worried. Silas is right now telling Nina about them, she tells him (or so she believes), but little do they know that is not happening.

Nina is affirming her life-long commitment to her husband. She knows she now has no money for any medical care. Her rich family is no longer a resource to her for that, but she's ok. She recites her marriage vows to the “man she loves” for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, etc. Then she kisses Silas. What can he possibly say or do now?

At the police station, Diane, Elizabeth, and Molly protest to Anna that they need to see Ric right now, but Anna has reservations in doing that before Ric is released from jail. He has not yet agreed to the police department’s terms and conditions. As they are all arguing, shots are fired.

When Sam and Rafe meet in the park, she mentions she was just visiting Patrick. He remarks that he knows Patrick had a baby who's premature and asks if the baby is still in the hospital. She then clarifies that Patrick and Sabrina's baby is not “in need of medical care". The baby died. Hearing that, Rafe is in awe and concerned.., and not in a good way. He then, concludes that it is the boss of TJ's mom (Julian) as well as Shawn's boss, Sonny's fault.

Anna reminds Ric that although NOBODY has a CLUE why it is that Julian has named HIM, of all people, when he (Ric) knows nothing about Julian, his past/present/future or any other dealings or rivalries...or who might possibly want to falsely implicate him, the cops might not always be willing or able to find the right person. So, she tells him, his help might be of benefit to the police. He is then ready to “settle”, but it may not be under the terms and conditions the cops want. He tells her is primary concern is that nobody can endanger his family, but, he wants it to be known to everybody that he is not in the mob and has been framed.

Molly meets with both Elizabeth and Molly, Ric's daughter tells the commissioner, that she demands they all get to see Ric, but she says that might be easier said than done, and we see the shots fired.

After Nina affirms her love for Silas, he sits down and tells her that there's "someone else.''

After Sam informs Rafe for the first time (right when Felix expresses his concerns to Patrick about Sabrina), that their baby suddenly died, it appears it was not an "accident."

Patrick goes to visit Sabrina to see how she's doing. When he knocks on the door, she yells for him to come in. He opens the door and is stunned to see her standing blissfully in her wedding dress with a big smile on her face.

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