GH Update Tuesday 6/10/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/10/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Brad griped to Britt about racing to Lucas's ICU room only to find Felix already there with a half-naked Lucas. Brad admitted that Felix claimed he was changing Lucas's bandage, but Brad was skeptical. Britt wasn't paying attention, and Brad was miffed when she didn't offer the sympathy he'd been fishing for. He asked if she didn't know what it was like to find her rival in the arms of her man. Just then, they rounded the corner and saw Nikolas and Elizabeth hugging. Britt was taken aback, and Brad advised her to stay composed in front of Nik.

Liz assured Nik that she'd be okay. She decided to focus on her work and not Ric. Nik promised to be there for Liz if she wanted to talk. He started toward the elevators, which required him to walk past Britt. Britt asked Nik how he and Spencer were. Nik ignored her and got on the elevator. Britt asked if he was going to ignore her, and Nik replied that he didn't want to interrupt her and Brad's scheming. Once Nik was gone, Brad apologized. Britt assured Brad that this wasn't his fault; it was Liz's. Britt approached Liz and sighed heavily. Liz acknowledged Britt, who snapped that Liz was to call her “Dr. Westbourne” and not Britt, while they were working. Liz tried to ignore Britt's attitude and walked away, but Britt followed her. Britt noted that Liz had dropped Ric even faster than she dropped AJ and rebounded to Nik, yet again.

Britt accused Liz of pretending to be upset about Ric as a way to get Nik's attention. “You're not sad. You're thirsty,” Britt hissed. Liz tried to go back to her work, but when Britt wouldn't let up, Liz spat that there was nothing Britt could say to repair her relationship with Nik. Britt figured she had nothing to lose, then. “Other than a fistful of hair?” Liz shot back. Britt laughed, and Liz reiterated that Nik would never forgive Britt. Diane arrived. Britt stormed off. Diane was there because Liz had called about hiring her to represent Ric. Liz apologized and confessed that she'd meant to cancel the appointment. There was so much evidence against Ric that Liz didn't want to get involved in his case anymore. Diane maintained that Liz should support Ric. Liz pointed out that Ric's fingerprints were found on the gun used to shoot Lucas and kill the assassin. Diane argued that she could come up with ten experts with ten different reasons to refute that evidence. Diane asked Liz to explain why a smart person like Ric would shoot someone, leave his fingerprints on the weapon and hide it in his own hotel room. Liz admitted that she couldn't explain that. Diane kept the pressuring Liz to change her mind, and Liz snapped that this wasn't about Diane. Diane agreed and said that this was all about Liz being afraid of getting hurt like she did with AJ last year. . Liz asked if Diane could blame her. Diane didn't blame Liz. However, Diane knew that Liz regretted not standing by AJ and she wondered if Liz would also come to regret not standing by Ric. Diane announced that she was going to go get Ric out of jail, and she knew he'd feel better if Liz was there too. Diane got into the elevator. Liz had a change of heart and she joined Diane.

Brad had made an attempt to visit Lucas, but Bobbie had refused to let him in because she didn't want Lucas to get upset. Brad made his way back to Britt and ranted about it. Brad felt that he could have perked Lucas up and helped him recover. He wondered how he'd ever get Lucas back with Bobbie keeping them apart. Britt snapped that Brad would never get Lucas back, just like she'd never get Nik back. Britt's brusque tone hurt Brad's feelings, so she apologized. Brad asked why she lashed out at him, and Britt admitted she'd just had it out with Liz. Britt admitted that Liz had been right about everything she said. Brad told Britt that things change, and he urged her not to give up on Nik. Britt didn't think things would change this time. Sounding defeated, Britt said it was just a matter of time before Liz nabbed Nik and there was nothing Britt could do about it. “Oh yeah there is,” Brad replied. He encouraged Britt to fight for Nik. Britt insisted that she'd done that, but Brad countered that she'd whined and simpered, tactics which might work for Liz, but not for Britt. Brad advised Britt to be “the Britch” and fight dirty. Britt laughed and said “the Britch” was gone, and Brad replied that it was time to bring her back.

Ric paced in his cell and remembered that he'd been in bed with Liz, telling her that he wanted their relationship to work, this time, just before the police burst in and arrested him. In the present, Ric picked up a chair and slammed it against a table. Sonny walked in and reminded Ric that Ric had claimed he wanted to mend fences with Sonny and be brothers. Ric replied that he still felt that way. Sonny explained that at the time, he'd decided to leave Ric alone and see what Ric did. Sonny now felt that he'd made a mistake. He wondered if Luke was right when he'd encouraged Sonny to kill Ric while he had the chance. Sonny thought that Ric was foolish to have trusted Julian. Ric yelled that he was not Sonny's enemy and that he was being set up. Sonny felt that Ric was too cowardly to own up to what he'd done. Ric begged Sonny to listen, but Sonny didn't want to hear it. Sonny admitted that Ric had caused Sonny to think about what it would be like to have a real brother, but now Sonny knew that would never happen. Sonny turned to walk out. It was clear that Ric was desperate to warn his brother. He yelled that the danger was still out there, but Sonny ignored him and left the holding area.

Anna was in her office speaking with the mayor over the phone. She was optimistic that the drug problem would decrease significantly, now that Ric and the Jerome associates had been arrested. Duke arrived. Anna ended the call and asked about his trip. Duke had enjoyed being in Ireland; Tiffany, Sean and Anna's namesake were doing well. The second Anna was fearless and intelligent and reminded Duke of Anna Devane; however, Duke didn't understand how someone with those qualities would let Julian go. When Duke left, Julian was behind bars. Duke demanded to know what happened. Anna explained that Julian cut a deal with Scott and that she chose not to fight it because she couldn't pass up the chance to take down Julian's boss. Duke asked if Anna needed to be reminded of the things Julian did to them. Anna assured Duke that she wanted to bring down both Ric and Julian, but since she couldn't, she made a judgment call and removed the biggest threat to the city. Duke argued that Julian posed a threat to Duke and Anna. Anna insisted that it was her job to do what was best for the city. “You made your choice and you didn't choose us,” Duke replied. Duke thought he and Anna were supposed to be in this together, but he felt that Anna's actions said otherwise. Anna maintained that she didn't have to ask Duke's opinion on how to do her job. Duke countered that he'd just quit his job because Anna wanted him to. Anna argued that her job was nothing like Duke's job of working for a mobster. Duke pointed out that he and Anna had an arrangement – Duke would bring Anna enough evidence to take Julian down and when she did, Duke would quit working for Sonny. Duke felt that Anna had failed to uphold her end of the bargain. Duke wanted to go back and work for Sonny again. Anna was shocked and said that Duke couldn't. “The whole point of collaborating with Sonny was to neutralize Julian. That has not happened,” Duke said. Anna insisted that it had happened and that the Jerome organization was finished. Duke didn't buy it and he didn't think Anna did either. He turned to leave and Anna grabbed his arm and begged him to think about their relationship. “Why should I when you failed to?” Duke countered. He spat that Anna was no longer in a position to make requests or issue ultimatums, then he stormed out.

Duke ran into Sonny at the police station. They vented about Julian, and Duke confided that he and Anna were at odds over the matter. Sonny assured Duke that Julian would get his comeuppance. Duke thought that Sonny must be pleased that Ric was behind bars. Sonny looked troubled, and he told Duke that Ric swore he wasn't involved. Duke believed that Ric was guilty and that he was lying, just like AJ continued to lie and say he didn't kill Connie.

At Kelly's, Alexis told Molly that the Feds returned Ric to the PCPD. Molly wanted to go see him ASAP, however, Alexis wouldn't let Molly leave until Alexis was sure that Molly understood the gravity of the charges. Alexis explained that Ric had been charged with drug trafficking, conspiracy to commit murder (in Lucas's case) and murder in the case of the assassin. Molly was adamant that Ric was innocent, and she was appalled that Alexis thought Ric was capable of doing those things. Alexis clarified that she didn't want to believe it. “Then don't believe it!” Molly said. Molly asked how Alexis knew that Julian wasn't lying. Alexis assured Molly that she would have been skeptical if all they had to go on was Julian's word, but she explained that the police had found physical and financial evidence that supported Julian's story. Molly thought that Alexis didn't support Ric because Alexis was upset that Ric and Molly bonded. Alexis insisted that she always wanted Ric and Molly to have a good relationship. Molly thought that Alexis preferred it when Ric and Molly lived across country from each other. Alexis countered that Ric chose to move. Molly snapped that Molly and Ric's relationship would only improve when Molly proved his innocence. She ordered Alexis not to try and stop her, and she stormed out. Just then, Nik came into the diner and sat down with his aunt. Alexis confided in Nik about Molly. Nik felt bad for Molly because he felt she was in for a rude awakening where Ric was concerned. Nik was relieved that Liz had stopped supporting Ric. Alexis was surprised at this turn of events and she was curious what happened. Nik admitted that he'd gone to Liz and drawn her attention toward all the evidence against Ric. Alexis noted that Nik had positioned himself in the place to get Liz back. Alexis knew that Nik wanted to rekindle things with Liz, but she wondered where Britt fit into the picture. Nik was adamant that Britt was out of his life for good.

Molly ran into TJ outside and told him about what just happened. TJ confessed that he didn't like the idea of Ric and Molly getting close because he was worried that Molly's dad would hurt her the way TJ's mom hurt him. Molly insisted that their parents weren't the same. TJ conceded that things might turn out better for Molly and Ric than they did for him and Jordan. TJ was adamant that there was nothing his mom could do to repair their relationship, and he was upset that she'd just tried to contact him claiming she had important news. Molly suggested that TJ hear Jordan out, then she left.

Ric sat in his cell looking dejected. Molly arrived and Ric jumped up and promised Molly that he was innocent. He was relieved when Molly assured him that she knew he was innocent and that she was behind him 100%. When Ric realized that Molly intended to prove his innocence, he grew concerned and told her that he didn't want her getting mixed up in this dangerous situation. Molly felt like she knew what they were up against, due to her family ties with the mob. She insisted that she wasn't scared, but Ric admitted that he was. Molly was adamant that she was going to be there for Ric, even if all she could do was be by his side. Molly asked if Ric had a lawyer. Ric had a court appointed attorney and he was trying to find someone else. He wondered about Alexis, and Molly told him that Julian had poisoned Alexis against Ric. Molly gave Ric a pep talk. Ric got choked up and said that leaving Molly was the worst thing he ever did, but coming back was the best. He kissed her forehead and told her to be careful. She promised she would be, and she left.

At the park, Julian told Jordan that they were going back to work. Jordan didn't understand, and she pointed out that their boss had been arrested. Julian revealed that Ric wasn't his boss and that his real boss had manufactured evidence to frame Ric as part of a contingency plan. Jordan thought Julian wanted to quit the business. Julian assured her that he did. Jordan asked why he didn't give up his real boss, and Julian explained that he lied to protect his family. Jordan claimed she was eager to get back to work, but she pointed out that they couldn't just pick up where they left off. Julian sensed hesitance on Jordan's part and he wondered why she was reluctant when she was the one who begged to be part of the action. Jordan remembered that she'd hoped to come clean with TJ. Jordan insisted that she was ready to work, but she pointed out that she was taking a big risk being in the spotlight so Julian could keep a low profile so no one would realize he was back in the mob. Jordan wanted an insurance policy; she wanted to know the name of their boss. Julian refused to divulge that information because doing so would put his family at risk. He added that he was doing Jordan a favor and that the less she knew, the better. Jordan refused to go back to work if she couldn't have the name. Julian warned Jordan that his boss didn't take it well when people quit. Jordan sighed and agreed to get back to work. Julian promised to get Jordan everything she needed to restart the drug trade from scratch. He added that Jordan should not contact him unless it was absolutely necessary because it was important that no one suspect that he was back in the mob. Julian left, and Jordan quickly called Anna and told her they had a problem. Anna arrived and the women sat on separate benches and talked. Jordan filled Anna in and explained that Julian framed Ric because he was afraid his real boss would finish the job and kill Lucas. Jordan knew that Julian would rather die than give up the name of his real boss. Jordan knew that that she would have to keep her cover intact long enough to find out the boss's name and that she wouldn't be able to come clean with TJ. She worried about what she was going to tell her son, and Anna worried about what to say to Ric. Anna left. TJ called and Jordan stared at the phone.

Anna went down to the holding cells to see Ric.

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