GH Update Monday 6/9/14

General Hospital Update Monday 6/9/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Not far away, Julian gets a call from the Luke-imposter (whom everybody still believes is the real Luke). He remarks to Julian that it's “about damn time”. We see him vacationing near pine trees on a tropical island, wearing vacationing clothes, on his honeymoon, while he's on the phone to Julian.. Julian remarks that “Luke” is pretty grouchy for a guy on his honeymoon. He remarks that the reason he kept “Luke” waiting was he was with Alexis and had other matters to attend to (Danny's birthday party and finding out his daughter's boyfriend's estranged wife has come back, wants her husband back and has no clue he's moved on with Julian's daughter). “Luke” remarks that when Julian spends time with Alexis he has to move quicker and “get in” then “get out”. Julian also remarks he was on his way to see Lucas at the hospital. “Luke” remarks it's great to see he's such a devoted father, in a sarcastic manner, revealing he really could care less. He mentions he was worried for a while and thought he might have to “go after” Julian's daughter in order to motivate him.

Anna and Jordan meet secretly in the park. Anna says she wants to talk about whom Julian Jerome has been working for.

At Kelly's, Sam runs into Nathan/James and is surprised that he does not know that his sister is alive as he is equally surprised to hear that Sam give him this information.. Assuming Sam has only heard through the grapevine yet has no proof that Nina is alive, tells her he'd appreciate it if she does not tell Silas. He tells her that for all she knows the “story she hears” might not be true. Sam then clarifies that she knows it is true. She's seen it with her own eyes, and she knows where Nina is.

Kiki comes by to see her father and is surprised to see Nina with him, having believed, her entire life, that his estranged wife has been in a coma and that he now has a relationship with another woman. Nina is equally surprised to find out that her husband has a daughter that he did not have with her.

Morgan goes to see his father to announce that he will accept the responsibility of fatherhood for Ava's unborn baby, thereby letting Sonny off the hook, but no sooner is he there when he notices Ava in Sonny's home, moving in and remarking that she will need more closet space. At that point, Morgan is shocked, horrified and instantly assumes he knows what is going on although he does not.

At Kelly's, Sam informs Nathan that she, Silas and her family all saw Nina at the park during Danny's birthday party. He asks if his sister was ok. Sam admits that Nina appears fine, mentally competent and physically healthy except for needing a wheelchair. He asks where she is now. Sam admits she knows that Nina spent the night with Silas because she believes that Silas has been waiting for her and has not moved on throughout the last 20 years.

When Nina finds out that Silas had a daughter by his tragic mistake of having an affair with Ava, she is devastated to know that Ava could have his child but she could not. She was “meant” to have his child and knows he would be a great father. She remembers that she got pregnant but miscarried his baby. She wanted to be a mom. So not only has she lost 20 years of her life. She lost her baby and it's too late. His mistress got to have his child instead. She needs to know why Ava had his baby and not her.

When Morgan demands his dad and Ava tell him if she is moving in with Sonny and if so why, they evade the question.

Anna asks Jordan if she's heard that Julian Jerome has named Ric Lansing as his crime boss. Jordan replies yes. She's heard that, but she questions whether that is accurate information as her sources say there may be an entirely different person besides Ric. He might have no involvement in the organization, contrary to the evidence presented to the Port Charles Police Department, and somebody may, in fact, be setting Ric up to take the fall for a crime he did not commit.

As the Luke-imposter is busy on the phone to Julian, Tracy catches him and angrily reminds him that he is not to use the cell phone while vacationing in paradise. The Luke-imposter knows exactly how to “diffuse” that and have her suspect nothing by telling her he's sorry. He was just talking to Lulu about her baby who's just gotten a fever. In response to that, Tracy says she sorry and asks him to give his daughter and grandson her love, and she reminds him they have a full day of honeymooning. The two of them are scheduled for couples' massages. He then resumes his private call and asks Julian “where were we?”. Julian replies that “Luke” was threatening his (Julian's) daughter. “Luke” then tells him on that note, does he have to remind Julian of what could happen to a woman as smoking hot as the lovely Samantha? Julian replies no and reminds him that he did was he was asked to do and named Ric Lansing as the crime Lord. The Luke-imposter admits that is true. It appears they have a very successful plan to make sure that he (Luke-imposter) will never be suspected of the crime. So, he remarks to Julian, that's all the more reason for Julian to spend this time “getting back to work” while he (Luke-imposter) is away on this “God forsaken honeymoon.”

Silas concludes to Nina that he's sorry his actions continue to hurt her. She concludes what's the point of getting upset about it when it's ancient history to everyone...except her. He admits that he knows it was not fair to a lot of people. She cries and tells him it’s a lot to take in, and there's been one surprise after another. Nathan knocks on the door and asks Silas to see his sister. She sees this guy she does not recognize, not having seen her brother since he was a child, and she asks who he is. He tells her he's her brother. He rushes to hug her while he sees her crying.

On the phone to the Luke-imposter, Julian reminds him that the most recent drug transaction ended up with a lot of damage. Most of the crew either got shot or arrested, but the Luke-imposter knows that it's fine with him as long as he did not get implicated, and he wants to do it again, knowing how successfully he's pulled the first operation off. He asks Julian if he (Julian) did not get immunity. Julian admits he did. The Luke-imposter tells him since he is free and clear, it's time to get back to work, and he adds that Julian has to do it with his “friend, Jordan”.

Meanwhile, Anna tells Jordan that the gun and all the evidence points to Ric Lansing. There's no way anybody could be smart enough to have framed Ric if he did not do it, but, Jordan inquires, wasn't Ric a rival of Julian's family and organization which would make him unlikely to be Julian's boss? Anna tells her that she knows that Julian was ready to get out of the business, and Ric apparently retaliated by threatening Julian's family. Julian came clean by turning Ric over to the cops and apparently Julian knows what he's talking about. Even if you don't believe Julian, he's given the cops all the evidence they need to prove that Ric is behind the whole scene. Jordan tells her in that case, she guesses the whole case is as good as closed. So, Anna asks her, does not mean that she's “gotten” the man responsible for all of this? And if so, then it would only seem Jordan is done with her mission and there's no more reason for her to remain undercover. So why is she?

Nathan holds his long lost sister while she cries in his arms. He asks why she didn't contact him as soon as she got out of the coma. She replies she wanted to but admits she was afraid. She didn't know what would happen or what she would feel when she sees her baby brother all grown up when the last time she did, he was a little boy. At that point, Kiki tells Detective West and his sister, that she is going to leave. They notice Silas wasting no time to go out the door with her, and Nina asks her “husband” why he's leaving, remarking she hopes he comes back. He tells her he wants to give her time alone with her brother, and he tells her of course he will come back to his own home since he lives there, but he and Kiki huddle outside the door where they are not overheard to discuss the “sudden predicament” many people are now in with Nina suddenly coming back after all this time. She tells him this is unbelievable. His wife is alive. So she asks him what this is going to mean for him and Sam?

Sonny and Ava tell Morgan the reason Ava is staying at his house is because she needs to have immunity and a safe place to stay for protection from Julian, but he tells them he does not believe either one of them. He tells them he knows that Julian has turned in his boss in exchange for immunity so he's no longer in the business and Julian is no longer an issue in either of their lives, but Ava tells Morgan that her brother is still a spiteful man and has personal reasons for choosing him over her brother. He tells them he knows their living arrangement has nothing to do with Julian. If she's afraid of her brother, then why doesn't she live with him? He can protect her. Sonny reminds his son he does not have his own place. Morgan then concludes that he can live with Ava in her penthouse since she is having his baby. What possible reason would Sonny and Ava have to object to that? Except of course that they are still messing around? Little does he know there is a completely different reason.

Nina visits and bonds with her brother who assures her he is there for her. She asks him to tell him about himself. She knows he is probably not into Star Wars or the Yankees. He's now an adult. He tells her he remembers talking to her while she was unconscious. She reflects that he was so young when that happened. She hates the idea of him being stuck in some hospital room while she was unconscious. He should have been out playing instead, but he assures her that no time he spent caring for her was ever wasted. She looks at him and comments that he's become such a handsome man. It' s unbelievable, and she calls him Jay. She asks if he's grown up to be a fighter pilot. He tells her no. He's a police detective, but he did score the highest on the academy's driving course. She's so impressed but knows that being Detective James Reeves might not have gone over well with “their”mother. He admits not really, but he now goes by Detective Nathan West. He used their mom's maiden name. She asks why. He tells her the same reason he became a detective. For her.

Silas finds a way to “escape” and see Sam. They both now know that Nina is “distracted” visiting with Nathan. He informs Sam she did not even want to contact her brother until he came over, and the previous night, she slept in a separate bed while he slept on the couch but had to tell him she longed to sleep with her adoring husband. Sam assumes he's already told her about “them” and realizes Nina must be devastated, but he admits he has not told Nina yet.

Nathan/James informs Nina that when she went into a coma, he was determined to seek justice and found a way to go undercover to work on the “case”. Hearing that, she's confused and tells him that her coma was an accident. Wasn't it? He tells her no. It wasn't. She finds out for the first time that “someone” did this on purpose. He tells her the whole story about how she was given an overdose on the anti-depressant she was taken, but she need not worry. The “person responsible” is behind bars. Hearing that, she emotionally asks just whom is responsible for robbing her of 20 years of her life.

Anna and Jordan conclude that letting Jordan go back to what she was doing and revealing that she knew something the PCPD did not know is going to make Anna and the department look pretty bad. She feels really bad that she had to get Detective Falconeri charged with making a false arrest. Jordan tells her she's sorry that the police department had to take a hit, but it's the only way she could maintain her cover. Still, Anna wonders why Jordan remains under cover, and she asks Jordan what her son thinks having the mistaken idea that his mother is a drug dealer.

The Luke imposter still believes that Jordan is “with them”. He also knows that she has gotten herself free. So she and Julian can start working for him and finishing what he needs them to finish, but, Julian tells him, he cannot do that.

Anna tells Jordan she bets TJ was devastated to “find out” his mother is a drug dealer, and now that she is free, she can only imagine what it's like to talk to her son. Jordan admits that although she is “free”, she has not had a chance to talk to her son He wants nothing more to do with her. Anna then remarks she knows all too well how this way of life, doing the work they both do, can sever one's ties with their family, but, she tells Jordan, she's done her job. She’s gotten the man she's been sent to get. So, there's no reason to not tell her son the truth now, Anna tells her. Little does she know.

“Luke” then tells Julian if he has a “conscience” and doesn't want to get his hands dirty, he can leave the dirty work to Jordan. He believes that Julian should be in charge of her. Julian has to realize that he is in charge of Julian. Julian continues to raise objections by reminding him that the cops could nail them both, but Luke tells him he's giving the PCPD too much credit. They have an air tight case against Ric. Neither of them can possibly get in trouble. He then asks Julian if they have an understanding. Or does he need to have some nasty bastard go and “have his way” with Samantha?

Silas talks to Sam about all that has happened since Nina has come back. Not only does she not have a clue about them. She met Kiki and had to be devastated learning that he had a child with Ava but not with her husband. She knows she was pregnant before the coma and had no chance to have his child, and she has yet to find out that her mother put her in the coma.

Nina finds out, from her brother, that it was their mutual mother (actually his aunt) who put her in the coma. He admits that she pinned the whole thing on Silas. Nathan/James spent his whole childhood believing her lies. She did not want Nina to have a baby with Silas and knew the anti-depressant like the one Nina was on would give her a miscarriage. Madeline did not want that because she was afraid the baby would tie them together. She wanted Nina and Silas to divorce. She was hoping the affair he had with Ava would do that but, to Madeline's disappointment, it did not break them up. They both know that Madeline could not accept her daughter staying with Silas. So maybe she thought if she could not get rid of him, maybe getting rid of the baby would compensate for that. Nina cries and wonders why her mother would want to take her daughter's baby who was her grandchild. She sobs in her brother's arms devastated to find out all of this startling information.

Morgan tells Ava and his dad that he “should have known”. She clearly is lying to him when she tells him she wanted the baby to be his. If that was the case, she would not be moving in with his dad. He tells them he does not know what is going on between the two of them, but he knows he wants no part of it. He tells her good luck with her baby and goes out the door. Ava obviously doesn't want that hoping that Morgan can protect her from Sonny.

Nina concludes to her brother that their mother was a monster. She has taken her life from her. He is the only person he can trust. So she needs him to tell her all he knows. He then informs her that Madeline Reeves is not his mother. Nina cannot believe that, but he asks if she ever remembers Madeline getting pregnant or having him. Nina realizes that she was in school when she was told her mother had her younger brother. He tells her he now knows that Madeline's sister is his biological mother. He is not her brother. He's her cousin. She cries and tells him no. He will always be her brother.

Silas affirms to Sam that although he didn't get the chance to tell Nina he is with her, he means it when he says he loves her.

Nathan/James tells Nina she is his sister and will always be no matter what, and he loves her just the same. She tells him she needs that more than anything because her life has changed and everything is different now.

Julian assures the Luke-imposter that he will get the “work” done. “Luke” tells him that is great. As much as he is not looking forward to pretending to enjoy this honeymoon, he cannot wait to get back and complete his mission. Tracy calls to him, suspecting nothing and still believing he is her adoring husband.

Anna talks to Jordan about how she has always wondered and feared the worst about what could happen to her daughter from what she does, but Robin has always remained unbelievably resilient. So, she tells Jordan, she needs to know that she needs to waste no more time waiting to tell her son that all along, she's been undercover, and that she is one of the “good guys”. Jordan tells Anna she's certainly given her a lot to think about. Anna leaves Jordan alone in the park. Jordan gets on the phone and leaves a message for her son informing him there is something important she needs to talk to him about. She needs him to call her back, and she loves him. Right then and there, Julian finds her and tells her that they have to get back “to work”. She tells him not now. She needs to talk to her son, but he firmly tells her her son has to wait. He has to carry out his mission for his evil boss.

Morgan finds Kiki and informs her that her mother is moving in with his dad. Herding that, Kiki asks why on earth that would happen. It makes no sense for her mom to move in with Sonny.

Alone with Sonny, Ava asks him if he wanted to hurt Morgan. He tells her no. It was she who hurt Morgan. First for stringing him along making him her toy boy, and then for laying down with his father. She laughs and reminds Sonny that as she recalled, he was a willing participant. He tells her that he was disgraced by that, but she got what she wanted. She is pregnant. She tells him yes. So he might want to give her some consideration. She reminds him that Morgan loves her and would not want this for her. He tells her if Morgan found out what she did, he would want nothing more to do with her. If she does not believe that, she may call his son and ask him about that. He encourages her to call Morgan, inform him that she shot Olivia and killed Connie, and see if Morgan still wants to play house with her. She takes the phone and tells Sonny maybe she will call Michael instead and tell him that Sonny killed AJ. All the while he was comforting his son, he was lying and betraying him. He tells her she may go ahead and do that but he knows she won't. She concludes no more than she is going to call Morgan. SO they conclude they are stuck together until “death do them part”, and by that, he means until the baby is born and he kills her.

In the park, Jordan asks Julian why he is still doing what his “boss” expects of him. He no longer has a boss. Ric Lansing is behind bars. He tells her he was not talking about Ric.

Silas affirms to Sam that she is the one he loves and wants to be with. He has to tell Nina at some point although he knows now is not the time.

Nina tells Nathan/James that now that she's found out that Silas had a child with Ava, her mother put her in a coma and killed her child and that he is not her biological brother, ,that is too much to process, but she knows one thing for sure, she tells him

Silas admits to Sam that right now, Nina believes he's the only person she can count on. He has to be careful how he takes that from her. Sitting on her sofa, they kiss.

Nina affirms to her brother that the one thing she can count on is Silas. She loves him and won't ever let him go. Even though, little does she know that he is committed to Sam and in love with her.

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