GH Update Friday 6/6/14

General Hospital Update Friday 6/6/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan goes to Michael's apartment and finds Kiki there. She tells him she can see he is in a bad way. She asks him what is wrong. He replies it's her mother.

Franco sits in the park with his drawing table and materials and announces that he can draw people's caricatures, and it's better then selfies. Olivia comes by. He tells her the can sketch her for the low, low price of $20. She tells him no thank you but she can take the money he has in his hat since he owes her for vandalizing the wall in a room of her hotel.

Max physically moves Ava into Sonny's home under Sonny's instructions. Sonny tells her she better get used to Max. He will be like her shadow up until the baby is born, and he will watch her every move, then he (Sonny) is going to kill her.

Nathan is alone in the apartment when his phone rings. He puts a towel around his waist and runs to answer it, but it's about a new calling plan. He only wants to take calls where there is information he's asking for regarding his sister, Nina.

Sam stays at Alexis' home and away from Silas while Nina believes she's been “re-united” with her husband in his home. On the phone with Sam, Silas tells her that he is going to tell Nina the truth. Nina appears in the room in her wheelchair, still believing that her marriage with Silas is back on track.

Olivia tells Franco she needs to take the money from him to pay for damages in her hotel. At that point, he tears up his drawings and becomes frustrated since he knows of no other way to make a living. Carly then comes by and asks what he is doing, concerned that he is becoming discouraged to exercise his artistic talent which she knows he loves. He then tells her he's being cranky, and he tells her it's her fault. He jokes about the fact that he could not sleep last night without her. He asks her where she was. She tells him she was at home hoping to hear from Morgan. He asks what is up with her son.

At Sonny's home, he asks Max to take Ms. Jerome's stuff to her room and have her locked there. Hearing that, Ava angrily tells Sonny he will be sorry for doing this. He tells her not as sorry as she will be.

Maxie talks to Nathan about finding his sister. He tells her he cannot rest with the fact that his sister is out there somewhere yet he can't find her when she might need him.

While Silas is talking to Sam on the phone, he still does not want Nina to know about his relationship with her nor admit to whom he is talking to. Nina assumes it's a patient or colleague, and she also remarks that she really wishes he could have been in the warm bed with her last night. He is silent and does not know what to say or do.

Sam is with Alexis, Julian, and Danny at Kelly's. Her mom remarks that maybe they should have a private “do-over” for the birthday boy after the one they planned in the park got interrupted. Julian remarks that his grandson did not even get the chance to blow out his candles when his daughter's boyfriend's ex-wife (or more accurately his present wife since they've never divorced) showed up out of nowhere, and he asks Sam if Silas has even told Nina or given her a clue that he is in a relationship with Sam. She admits no.

Nina stays in Silas' home and continues to talk about all the things they've missed out on throughout the last 20 years, all they have to catch up on and how they are meant for each other. He still does not reveal to her his present situation, but he asks if maybe they should call her brother. She tells her husband she would like to hold off on contacting James until she's caught up on all she wants and needs with her adoring husband. She also admits that seeing how grown up James is would remind her of all the time she has lost.

Maxie tells Nathan she wishes she could help him find his sister or do something to help him after what he did for her. He went to bat for her in her custody hearing. She wishes she could do something to re-pay him.

In the park, Carly drops the bombshell upon Franco that Ava is pregnant with either Sonny or Morgan's baby.

Kiki is equally shocked when Morgan informs her of that. She cannot believe that her mother is having her ex-husband's baby, and he could be the baby daddy to her new little brother or sister. Morgan admits he could be the father unless it’s his dad's child.

Olivia goes to see Sonny and tells him they need to find a way to get along, be civilized, co-exist and get over the awkwardness, if nothing else for Rocco's sake and for Dante and Lulu. She tells him that they are going to be in each others' lives whether they like it or not. So they need to find a way to put their recent falling-out behind them for their family. He tells her he wants her back in his life. In response to that, she angrily tells him what he did was unforgivable. To think he was with Ava makes her crazy. She wishes she didn't miss him so much. He asks her if she still loves him. She admits she does. He tells her he'd like to do this and make this work. She asks him what if he can't. He tells her at least he will be able to go down fighting. He puts his arms around her. She tells him if they do this, they have to take it really slow. They cannot rush into anything. He realizes she does not yet know the “news” about Ava's pregnancy, and how can he tell her that?

Morgan admits that both he and his father had sex with Ava on the same day. So there's a 50/50 chance either could be the father of her baby. Kiki is shocked and not in a good way, and Morgan admits that he told Ava he wanted her to have an abortion. He doesn't see any other option.

As Sonny is talking to Olivia, Ava appears and informs Olivia that she is moving in with him. Sonny does not know what to say to Olivia, and she is shocked and speechless.

Carly remarks to Franco; ”Leave it to Ava to have unprotected sex with a father and a son on the same day”. He tells her if she wants to check on Morgan, maybe she should go. She tells him that's ok. Her son just texted her, but he tells her maybe she needs to go and find her son before he does something rash. She asks if he's trying to get rid of her. He admits to her that this is his work place. He has been having trouble making money and has been offending people with his art. She asks why can't he draw a portrait of her. He tells her his pictures are caricatures. He cannot distort anything so beautiful as her, but she tells him that she would like him to sketch her. She can pay him if she likes it, and this time, she won't punch him like she did the last time he attempted it. She sits down and tells him to get to work.

At Maxie's apartment, Levi observes her having a friendly and “bonding” conversation with Nathan and asks why she is speaking to this guy who is all about negativity. She tells Levi she does not see Nathan as completely negative, and also, she tells him, just yesterday, Nathan did a huge favor for her. Levi asks just what that was. She then replies to Levi that although she did not tell him, she did go to see the judge about her baby daughter Georgie, and Nathan went with her. He helped her with her hearing, and she and Nathan decided that she wants to petition to see her daughter. Hearing that, Levi reminds her that “they thought they decided that would not be a good idea”. She tells him she knows, but she has since changed her mind, and she asks him if he has a problem with that.

At Kelly's, in response to her father's question about whether Silas should tell Nina about his relationship with her, Sam tells him she does not think this is Silas' “fault”. They all so how weak and fragile Nina appeared, the fact that she's been in a coma for 20 years and her belief that she's found her way back to the love of her life. Julian tells Sam he realizes that, but he's afraid that what Silas is doing might give Nina the wrong idea. She might think that she has a chance with Silas.

At Silas' home, Nina asks if they should not wait before calling her brother. He was so young she doesn't even think she's certain he'd remember her. Silas remarks that Nathan is very devoted to her. She calls her brother J, and she remarks that he was just a little boy the last time she saw him, and now to see him as a grown man with a deep voice is something she might not be able to process, and she's afraid her younger brother might seem like a stranger to her. It's not J's fault, she tells him, but it's going to remind her of all the years she's lost. She just wants to take the time to know Silas again, maybe, before the world intrudes, and she asks Silas if that is too much to ask. He looks for ways for both of them to “escape”. First with her contacting Nathan, and then he wonders where her home care nurse is. She tells him she sent her nurse home, because she wants to spend the morning alone with him. She wants to sit on the sofa and talk about old times, but she comments that she is so weak she needs him to lift her and help her onto the sofa, and she looks lovingly at Silas.

When Levi finds out that Maxie made the decision to re-consider and go to the custody hearing and didn't tell him, yet told Nathan, he tells her that he thought that they would communicate about things like this. Isn't that an essential part of their relationship? She tells him she knows that he also told her she needed to accept the situation with Georgie and get on with her life. He reminds her that was because it appeared to have been causing her too much pain and he was concerned that it was not good for her. He asks why Nathan decided to take her there. She tells him he did not “take” her there. They just ran into each other. Nathan is a cop and visits the courthouse from time to time. He offered to accompany her and she accepted. Levi then asks if Nathan threatened to shoot the judge or just water boarded him to rule in Maxie's favor. She tells him Nathan did not do anything like that. He just covered for her and showed her he had her back. Without his help, she might not have been able to reschedule the hearing she missed. He asks how Nathan did that. She explains that the judge was ready to prevent her from seeing her daughter for another 6 months because she chose not to attend her hearing, but Nathan “came to the rescue” by telling the judge that it was his fault to have accidentally thrown out the notice she got in the mail so that she was unaware of the hearing. Levi asks if Nathan lied to a judge. Nathan appears after overhearing, and he angrily tells Levi that he was not going to let the judge railroad Maxie and prevent her from seeing her daughter.

While Sam is at Kelly's with her parents and toddler son, not knowing what to do with her present situation, Silas is with Nina at his house with the same uncertainty. Rafe is having difficulty processing his uncle being back with his “deceased” wife. Not having met him before, since it would have been before he was born when she last saw her husband, Nina asks who this very handsome young man is. Silas replies this is his brother's son. She asks if Rafe lives with his uncle. Rafe replies that that is the arrangement since his parents are dead. He also remarks that Nina is “supposed to be dead too”, since that's what he's heard about his uncle's wife up until now. She agrees yes, but she is very much alive and happy to be. She also remarks she is really sorry to “hear about Stephen”. She remarks that Silas' brother was so young. She asks if it was an accident or relevant to his singing career. Both Silas and Rafe feel awkward revealing the truth about Stephen. He tells her that Stephen was sick. Rafe tells them it’s ok. They can say it. His dad was a serial killer.

After Franco gets done with his drawing of Carly, she tells him she wants to see it. She is very impressed but sees it looks exactly like Olivia. He tells her he's afraid he can't draw the way he'd like to anymore.

When Olivia finds out that Ava is moving into Sonny's house, she demands to know why. He protests he does not want this woman here but he has no choice, and he blurts out the reason is that Ava is pregnant.

Kiki asks Morgan why he wants Ava to have an abortion. He tells her that if she doesn't even know who the father is, he's worried that baby is not going to have a life worth anything. Yet he feels obligated to Ava and doesn’t want to turn his back on the mother of his baby if that is the case, but Kiki asks what about him. Does he still love Ava? He evades Kiki's question and talks about how he cannot forgive Ava for what she did, but she demands he tells her. He admits he does not know. She tells him that she respects his decision to do as he sees fit, and so does Michael, but it's his decision to make; Whether he wants to commit to Ava during the pregnancy and afterward or not.

Olivia asks Sonny if he thinks she's going to take him back and live in his house with his baby-mama or possibly his son's baby-mama, he is out of his mind, and he can go to hell. She furiously walks out the door affirming she is done with Sonny for good. In response to that, Ava smirks in smug satisfaction to see that Sonny's life is going to hell because of her. Sonny is furious and distraught with the situation.

Franco tells Carly he is afraid if he cannot make art, he is a nobody. That's all he's known. She tells him that if he is really done, then maybe he can shut up so that she can talk. She sits with him and tells him that he is somebody. To her, he is somebody who saved her life. He's the somebody who makes her laugh, somebody she enjoys being with, who supports her and understands her. He's the somebody who makes love to her every night and holds her every morning. She tells him she does not care if he makes art for a living. She loves him for who he is.

When Levi finds out that Nathan lied to the judge for Maxie, he tells him that is “bad karma” that will be revisited upon him and Maxie. Nathan tells him the main thing is Maxie will now get a chance to see her daughter. Levi tells him that his major concern is that Maxie not get hurt again. He knows that Maxie's heart was broken about losing her daughter. He was there for her when she was healing. Nathan tells him that maybe things can work out now and he doesn't want to discourage Maxie from trying as she will never know unless she does. He has to go and Maxie wishes him luck with Nina. Alone in the room with her, Levi asks if there is “something going on” between her and Nathan.

Alexis takes Danny into the other room at Kelly's. Alone with Sam, Julian tells his daughter he apologizes if he's come off as overly protective of her, but he kind of feels that since he didn't get to be there for any of her childhood, teen-hood or up until now, the way a father should, he wants to protect her from getting hurt. In response to that, Sam assures her dad that she’s been taking care of herself for a good many years, but it does feel good to now know that she has a father who will be there for her. He hugs his daughter and gets up to leave.

Silas informs Nina that his brother Stephen suffered a psychotic break, but there are some good things he did. Like bringing this wonderful kid into the world. Rafe then remarks that he is going to contact Sam and wonders if maybe he should stay at her place just in case she “needs some company”. Hearing that, Nina asks if that is the “same Sam” who is the mother of one of Silas' patients and how Rafe would know her that well. Silas says it's a long story. In response to Rafe offering to leave the two of them alone in the house, Silas affirms to his nephew he does not have to move out. This is his home too, and he and Nina do not need any more space. Yet it appears Nina feels differently. Rafe then goes out the door to get to school. Alone with Silas, Nina asks if Sam is just the mom of his patient, then why is his nephew so close to her.? And she knows there is “something about Sam that she is not getting.”

Carly has some plans for Franco. She tells him first he is moving out of the Metro Court, and she wants him to move in with her. She tells him if he stays at the Metro Court, she will start charging him for his room. They laugh. She tells him that after all the crap he's been through in the last year, she knows he needs a clean break, and she wants to be there for him, and they kiss.

Maxie affirms to Levi that there is “nothing between” herself and Nathan. He was just there, and he just happened to help her.

When Sam is at Kelly's, she runs into Nathan. Assuming he already knows about Nina, she tells him she bets he's really happy to have his sister back. Hearing that, Nathan demands to know how Sam knows this about his sister. She asks if he did not know that she's found her way back to Silas.

When Silas is with Nina, Kiki comes by to see him and he introduces his daughter to his wife. Kiki is also surprised to learn that her dad's deceased wife is not deceased. Nina announces she is there, awake from the coma and very happy, but she does not know who Kiki is. She asks if Kiki is another one of Stephen's children. Silas clarifies no. Kiki is his daughter.

Morgan goes to see his dad. He tells him that regardless of the situation, he wants to step up, be a man, accept responsibility for his actions. If he's going to be a father to a baby, he's going to do the right thing. Although Sonny reminds him they don't know whose baby this is, Morgan wants to be with Ava regardless. He tells his dad he is “off the hook”, but Ava goes downstairs and reveal that she is living with Sonny by asking for more closet space.

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