GH Update Thursday 6/5/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/5/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan stepped into the parking lot and took a deep breath. Ava's words about the baby possibly being a fresh start echoed in his head. Sonny arrived and touched Morgan's shoulder, but Morgan ordered his father not to touch him. Sonny asked Morgan to hear him out, but Morgan was adamant that they had nothing to say to each other. Sonny believed that they had to work through this because they were father and son. Morgan yelled that Sonny had sex with the woman Morgan loved and got her pregnant. Sonny pointed out that the baby might not be his. Morgan angrily asked Sonny how Morgan was supposed to deal with knowing that the baby was either his child or his sibling. Sonny admitted that the situation was messed up. Morgan recalled that he'd almost felt normal; he'd visited Lucas and made lunch plans with Carly, until he saw Sonny and Ava at the hospital together after getting a pregnancy test. Morgan demanded to know how Ava told Sonny about the pregnancy. Sonny remembered Ava directing the gun he was holding on her toward her abdomen. Morgan assumed that Ava had flown back and told Sonny the news, and he wanted to know why she told Sonny first. Sonny was silent, and Morgan realized that Sonny had flown to the island to see her. Sonny admitted that Morgan was right, and Morgan demanded an explanation. Sonny remembered confronting Ava about killing Connie, but he only told Morgan that he went there to talk to her. Morgan wasn't satisfied, and he said that if Sonny wanted to be father and son and to earn Morgan's trust, he should trust Morgan enough to be honest. Sonny wouldn't go into detail. He yelled that he hated himself for what he'd done. “Good. Then that makes two of us!” Morgan bellowed. Sonny insisted that he and Morgan could repair their relationship, but Morgan was adamant that they were done. Sonny refused to accept that. Morgan walked away. Sonny ordered him to come back, but Morgan told him to go to Hell.

At GH, Ava tried to go after Morgan, but Sonny and Carly stepped in her way. Sonny went to find Morgan, and Carly called Ava a bitch. “Is that really how you want to speak to the woman who could be making you a grandmother?” Ava asked. When Carly didn't respond, Ava taunted her by calling her Grammy. Carly asked Ava if she was proud of hurting Morgan. Ava grew serious. She admitted she hated that she'd hurt Morgan and explained that she and Sonny weren't thinking when they had sex. Carly confessed that she'd almost thrown up when she heard what happened. Ava theorized that Carly's outrage over Morgan getting hurt was just a smokescreen and that she was actually upset because Ava had sex with Sonny. According to Ava, Carly acted like Carly and Sonny had a profound connection just because Carly bore his child. Ava crowed that Ava was doing the same thing. Carly countered that the baby could be Sonny's grandchild. Ava replied that either way, Ava would be a part of Sonny's life from now on, and Carly couldn't stand having to share him. Carly scoffed and told Ava that Sonny wouldn't have slept with her if he'd known she killed Connie.

Carly felt Ava had burned her bridges with Morgan, now that he knew she was a whore and Sonny knew she was a murderer. Carly then taunted Ava, calling her “baby-mama” and she gleefully revealed that she gave Sonny the recording of Ava's confession. Ava still couldn't believe AJ had the wits to record her. Carly replied that AJ may have been a screw up, but it was a mistake to underestimate him. Ava asked Carly if she realized that she'd signed Ava's death warrant. Carly revealed that she was happy about that and that she'd even purchased a bottle of champagne to toast the moment that Ava died. Ava smirked and said Sonny wasn't going to kill her because of the baby. Ava also warned Carly that she planned to kill her. “I consider you a genuine threat, just like I did Connie. And look what I did to her.” Ava said. Carly didn't seem fazed. Ava added that she also shot Olivia, then she laughed as she recalled how panicked Shawn and Carly had been when they thought they were responsible. Carly was appalled and asked why. Ava explained that she'd been aiming for Franco because he pissed her off. According to Ava, she was even angrier at Carly than she had been at Franco. “Make your peace, because when you least expect it, expect it,” Ava said. Carly replied that better women had tried to kill her, and they were gone now. Carly told Ava that Ava would be no different. Ava admired Carly's bravado, but she warned her that it would make her careless and an easier target. Carly said that Sonny had threatened to kill Carly if Olivia died. Carly pointed out that if Sonny was willing to kill Carly, whom he liked, and she wondered what he'd do to Ava if Carly died. Carly said Ava would be dead in nine months anyway and if she hurt Carly, that would only give Sonny one more reason to kill her. Ava said the baby bought her 36 weeks to convince Sonny not to kill her. She pointed out that she was going to give birth to a Corinthos, and family was everything to Sonny. Carly countered that the baby was family, not Ava.

Ava hissed that the baby would be a constant reminder to Carly that Ava had two men that Carly cared about and there was nothing Carly could do about it. Carly drew back to hit Ava, but Sonny suddenly appeared. He grabbed Carly's arm and told her she didn't want to do this. Ava thanked Sonny. Carly struggled to get away from Sonny, who urged her to think of the baby. Carly relented, then she told Sonny what Ava said about her plans to manipulate him into letting her live and her threat to kill Carly, just like she killed Connie. Sonny assured Carly that he wouldn't let that happen, then he told Carly he owed her. Carly told Sonny to repay her by making sure Ava came to regret the day she laid eyes on their family. Carly left to find Morgan. Sonny warned Ava that she would regret getting involved with his family. Ava said she couldn't stop Sonny from believing Carly's lies. She sighed that it had been a long day, so she was going home to lie down. Sonny said he wasn't letting Ava out of his sight, now that she was carrying a Corinthos and had just threatened to kill Carly. “You are coming home with me,” he said.

Felix stood outside the NICU crying. When Elizabeth walked up, she realized Gabriel had died. They hugged. Inside the room, Sabrina held Gabriel, and Patrick held Sabrina. The parents quietly wept as they told Gabriel that they loved him. Felix and Liz slipped into the room. Liz gave Patrick and Sabrina her condolences, then she told them that she'd take the baby when they were ready. Patrick asked for a few more minutes, so Felix and Liz left. Sabrina wished that time would stand still forever and they could pretend Gabriel was sleeping. She asked Patrick how she was supposed to let the baby go. Patrick promised that they'd get through it together. They left the room, and Sabrina asked that Gabriel not be left alone, and Felix and Liz promised that he wouldn't be. Patrick and Sabrina said one last goodbye, then Sabrina handed Gabriel to Liz. Patrick and Sabrina went back into the room and Patrick knelt down by the incubator where Gabriel had been.

When Liz and Felix returned, they assured Sabrina that they'd left Gabriel in good hands. Sabrina asked Felix to take her home, and he agreed. Sabrina turned to walk out, then she stopped and told Patrick that she was so sorry. Patrick told her it was okay. “For a little while we had a son, and he was beautiful,” Patrick said. They agreed that they'd never forget the time they had with Gabriel. They hugged, then Sabrina and Felix left. Liz comforted Patrick, and he wondered how this happened – Gabriel had been getting stronger, and Patrick had been optimistic about his chances. Liz knew how Patrick felt, because she'd been sure that Jake would survive, too. Patrick felt like he was having a bad dream and that he'd wake up and Gabriel would be there. Liz replied that Gabriel was there – in Patrick's heart and memories and he always would be. Liz bagged up the stuffed toys that had been in Gabriel's area and offered to take them to pediatrics if Patrick didn't want to keep them. Patrick removed the toy koala Emma had given Gabriel out of the bag. He wondered how to tell her that her brother was gone. Liz assured him that he'd handle it with love and compassion, like he always did when dealing with Emma. Patrick wished he had the faith in himself that Liz had in him. Liz recalled that she broke down when she told Cam that Jake died, and she was glad she had Lucky to help her through it. Patrick noted that he didn't have Robin. Liz told him that he had her, and she'd help him through it. Patrick said he couldn't ask her to do that, and she assured him that she wanted to help. Later, Patrick solemnly folded the baby blanket that had been on top of the incubator.

When Sabrina and Felix got home, Sabrina was startled to see several boxes in the living room. Felix apologized and told her they were the baby supplies they'd ordered before the accident. He offered to remove them, but Sabrina said no. She wanted to open them and remember how she'd felt when she'd was dreaming about having a baby. Sabrina smiled and reminded Felix how excited they'd been. She opened a box and pulled out a onesie that said “I love Mommy” and she held it close. Sabrina asked Felix to give her some time alone. Felix refused, and Sabrina told him that she knew he wanted to help, but she needed to help herself. Felix told Sabrina he'd be back to check on her later, then he took her mother's stethoscope from around his neck and handed it to her. Felix kissed Sabrina's head and went into his room. Sabrina stared at a little pair of shoes, then she silently wept as she folded the onesie and placed it back in the box.

At the park, it was clear that Sam was on edge as she cleaned up after the canceled birthday party. Alexis tried to get Sam to admit she was upset, but Sam insisted that she was as fine as she could be after Silas's presumed dead wife came back to life. When Sam began to forcefully rip down the decorations, Alexis cheered her on and encouraged her to let it out. Sam grumbled that she just wanted to throw a birthday party for her son and it turned into a surprise party. Sam told Alexis that the old her – Sam McCall – would have been trying to steal Silas back from his wife right now. Sam felt like she'd been a snake back then, but Alexis countered that Sam had just been colorful. Sam felt guilty for being pissed that Nina had returned and gone home with Sam's boyfriend. Alexis revealed that she'd brought a bottle of wine, then she poured a cup for Sam. Sam chugged it and asked for more. Sam confided that earlier that morning, Silas had told Sam he was ready to let Nina go. According to Sam, Silas still cared about Nina while she was in the coma, and he felt very guilty, because he felt like he'd set her overdose in motion. Alexis thought that must have been why Silas was such a curmudgeon when he and Sam first met. Sam continued and said Silas had finally been able to let go of the guilt because he believed that Nina wasn't suffering anymore. Sam was near tears as she told her mother that Silas had just said he loved her. According to Sam, today was supposed to have been the start of a new chapter for her and Silas. Sam was worried that Silas still loved Nina. Alexis told Sam that just because Silas cared about Nina, it didn't automatically mean he was going to continue to be her husband. Sam feared that Nina might think otherwise. Alexis urged Sam to have confidence in Silas and in herself. Alexis assured Sam that she was tough, strong and beautiful. “Damn right I am” Sam said, as she toasted Alexis. Alexis added that Sam was a Cassadine, too and that family was very strong.

Alexis put her arms around Sam. As Alexis rocked her daughter back and forth, she said that by tomorrow, Silas would do the right thing and this would all be resolved. “What if the right thing is for Silas to be with his wife?” Sam asked.

Silas carried Nina down the hallway toward his apartment. Nina told Silas she was sorry he had to carry her, then she noted that it was ironic that his elevator broke down on the day he had to bring home someone in a wheelchair. Silas assured her that it was okay, and he joked that he could use the exercise. Silas opened the door, and carried Nina inside. Nina gazed into Silas's eyes and said it was fitting that Silas had just carried her over the threshold. Then she asked Silas if he remembered carrying her over the threshold after their honeymoon. Silas did remember, and he noted that this apartment didn't have much in common with the one they'd lived in at the time. Nina found Silas's new apartment charming. She said she liked it better than the “billion square foot labyrinth” that Madeline gave them. Nina felt that Madeline gave gifts as a way to control people. Nina looked around and predicted that she'd be happy living there. Silas found it hard to process that Nina was sitting on his couch after he'd been blocked from seeing her for so many years and Madeline said she was dead. Nina told him it was hard for her, too. She pointed out that she went to sleep one night and woke up in a different decade, her intern husband was now a world renown oncologist with salt and pepper hair. With a smile, Nina noted that Silas had the same haircut. At the same time, Nina and Silas both repeated a joke that Nina used to make about Silas's hair. Nina was surprised Silas remembered, and Silas replied that he remembered everything. Nina revealed that she'd been catching up on current events since she woke up. She told Silas that she'd read that the band that they saw in 1989 had played at the Super Bowl. Nina asked if Silas remembered. “Like it was yesterday. Our first date,” Silas said, with a smile. Nina regretted missing so much time with Silas. She assumed he must have been lonely while she was comatose, and she said there must have been other women. A knock at the door interrupted the talk, and Silas answered – it was Nina's nurse, Rosalie.

Rosalie brought Nina's belongings into the apartment and offered to help get her ready for bed, since it had been a long day. Nina told Silas she'd been dreaming of the day that she'd get to sleep curled up next to him. Silas asked Rosalie to give them some privacy, then he told Nina that it would be best if he slept on the couch. Nina was confused and asked if he didn't want to sleep with her. Silas said it wasn't that, but he thought they'd both be more comfortable with this arrangement. Nina smiled. She found it romantic that Silas was always in doctor mode, thinking of the needs of the patient. Silas told Nina that he didn't want to hurt her. Nina agreed that it would be better this way because she wasn't up to her usual standards. Silas thanked Nina for understanding. Nina promised that she'd get better and become able to share a bed with Silas. She added that she planned for them to “do a lot of tossing and turning.” Silas smiled and said it was just the way he remembered. Nina told Silas that he'd been her inspiration to get better. She apologized for taking so long to recover. Silas told her not to apologize, so Nina thanked him for giving her the will to live. Later, Nina asked Silas if he still liked jazz. He did, so she suggested that tomorrow, he should listen to jazz while she read trashy novels, just like old times. Silas nodded and smiled. “Goodnight my love” Nina said. Silas said goodnight, and Nina told him she'd sleep well knowing she'd see him tomorrow. She blew Silas a kiss then her nurse took her to the bedroom.

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