GH Update Wednesday 6/4/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/4/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Ava return to Port Charles and run into both Carly and Morgan at the hospital. Sonny is obviously not comfortable and is silent. Ava proudly, boldly and “happily” announces to both Sonny's ex and his son of that she is pregnant and she is there, with Sonny, for her first Ob/Gyn appointment. Carly and Morgan are both shocked and speechless

Not far away, both Epiphany and Felix are devastated to see that Patrick and Sabrina's baby is likely to die. He remarks that he was hoping that Dr. Britt is just up to one of her sick jokes and lying to them telling them this tragic news. Epiphany remarks that not even Britt would be that sick. He asks how this can be happening. She remarks that baby Gabriel's organs are shutting down and there's nothing more they can do.

Nathan is at the courthouse on the phone demanding to know what has happened to his sister, Nina, He tells the contact he has a right to know because she is (was) his flesh and blood.

At Danny Morgan's 2nd birthday party, everybody is gathered around. But Sam, Alexis, Julian and Molly are all not certain what to say or do or think now that Nina has suddenly returned and is joining her husband. She sits beside Silas in a wheelchair. She is happy and seems completely healthy except for not being able to walk. She joyfully declares to her husband that she is “back”. And although she sees Sam and her family nearby, she has no clue that Silas has moved on and is in a relationship with another woman. Sam observes them and is not look comfortable.

While at the courthouse, Nathan/James runs into Maxie who is awaiting her custody hearing. He tells her that he really encourages her to go to court and fight for her rights, if it requires rescheduling what she's already canceled or whatever needs to be done. She tells him she will. He asks her if Levi is coming with her. She replies she did not ask him or even let him know she intended to go through with it.

Meanwhile, Mac comes to bring some food for his daughter and visit her. But she's not there. Only Levi is. And Mac is clearly not happy to see him. He knows that Levi will not “allow” Maxie to eat the food her dad is bringing for her and which Mac has known all his daughter's life that she enjoys. He then tells Levi he thinks it's time for the 2 of them to have a little talk.

Carly and Morgan are shocked and hope that Ava is lying and making a sick joke. But she boldly tells them that she realizes home pregnancy tests are not always perfect. So Sonny is accompanying her to have a doctor confirm that she is going to have either of her most recent “suitors'” baby

In the infant maternity ward, Sabrina and Patrick are devastated and don't know what to do or how to say goodbye to their baby whom they were hoping and believing, after all they have been through, will be ok. She cries and holds him with Patrick standing by her. Epiphany and Felix are nearby. She tells her infant son he is so small and perfect. She was supposed to protect him but could not. She tells her baby she is there and not going anywhere. Patrick affirms that he is not going anywhere either. Felix asks if there is anything else they can do. Sabrina replies yes. She wants her son baptized.

At Maxie's apartment, Mac tells Levi that he and his daughter are paying the rent for her to stay in this place. So, he believes that means he has more of a right to be there than Levi has. Levi tells Mac it sounds like Mac does not want him there. Mac tells him that is true. He does not.

Meanwhile, in response to Nathan/James asking Maxie why Levi is not at her custody hearing with her, she explains that Levi believes that the situation with her baby daughter is “in the cosmos” and that she won't be able to “grow” unless she lets go and gets over it. Hearing that, he remarks that her boyfriend is not very supportive of her at a time like this when he should be there for her. and be there for her. She replies yes he is. They just don't see eye to eye on things like this. She admits not even her parents know that she's scheduled this hearing at this time. He asks if she's afraid. She replies she's terrified. He then asks if she'd like him to go there with her. She replies yes. She would like that.

In the park, Nina reminisces to Silas about how long it's been and that she's no longer in her early 20s. He looks at her and remarks that she has not changed. Sam, her parents and her sister still watch them not knowing what to say or do. He admits that Madeline told him she died. But she clarifies that her mother lied. She now affirms to him that nothing and nobody is going to keep them apart. Not her family. Not his mistress. She comments that she knows Silas has not seen Ava in a long time nor re-married. And all is forgiven for the mistake he made so long ago. So it must mean he's as committed to this marriage as she is. But, given that Sam and her family are all gathered around and he's just recently confirmed his commitment to her, he does not know what to say or do. She then comfortably remarks that she just “met the birthday boy”. And she engages with Sam about how time flies when one's child is celebrating his 2nd birthday. But Silas needs to know how she got there. She tells him her nurse brought her there. But he wants to know how she found out where he was and how to contact him. She tell shim she looked him up online, revealing that she's very new to the “internet”, having been in a coma for 20 years and only awake a short time. She talks about how when she first awakened, she could barely talk or remember anything. She's made incredible progress except for being in this God-forsaken chair. She wishes she could walk and dance. She smiles with the look of love in her eyes.. She wanted to reach out to the love of her life for a long time but did not know how to. And she reveals it was she who sent the flowers to him.

Diane goes to meet Maxie to represent her in the courtroom as her lawyer. She asks why Detective West is there but sees it as a good thing since he wears a badge. The judge might rule in her client's favor if she has a cop to accompany her for moral support in her custody hearing. And it might not be a bad thing if she has “another” type of relationship with a police detective.

Back at the apartment, Mac tells Levi that Maxie is right now facing something crucial in her life. He can clearly see that his daughter is not comfortable being herself or sharing anything with him and he does not respect who she is or what her needs or her goals are in her life. He reflects that he knows that after losing her daughter, Maxie was so distraught she left town in order to find herself. But he now knows that she did not find herself. Instead, she unfortunately found him (Levi).

Diane goes into the hearing with Maxie and Nathan/James. The judge does not want to waste time or hear anything and clearly indicates he's already made his decision. He asks why Maxie canceled her previously scheduled hearing. Diane tells him her client had other plans but is now ready to re-schedule. So when would be a good time for the judge? In response to that, the judge replies when hell freezes over

Morgan goes into the hospital exam room with Ava and tells her this makes him ill. All he wants to know is whether the kid is his or not. The tells him she really doesn't really know. She continues to affirm she was only with Sonny the one time but he comments that is all it takes. She remarks that the two of them were not always careful and reflects that they had sex on the day of AJ's funeral, which he already knows is the same day she had sex with Sonny. He comments that he knows she slept with both of them on the same day. But to hear her actually say it is beyond sick. He asks if she just wanted to compare him and his dad. And he tells her that maybe a simple tape measure would have done the trick. She pleads and “sounds sensitive” telling him if he could just get past the bitterness and anger. She tells him it might be a blessing in disguise if they have a baby together and raise it together. She protests that there is nothing between herself and Sonny and realizes that was a colossal mistake. In response to that, Morgan coldly tells her he thinks she should get rid of the kid.

Patrick goes outside the room and cries when he's alone with Epiphany. He tells her he can't let on to what is going on with him. He has to be strong for Sabrina. She admits to him that he does not have to be strong for anyone at a time like this. She tells him that she has lost her son also. She cries with him. And she tells him that she will always be there for him and Sabrina and make sure they get through this.

The priest comes to baptize the baby for Sabrina. Felix and Epiphany tell her they can let them be alone, but she tells her colleagues and friends she'd like them to stay. The priest recites scripture from the Bible -- Acts: 8.36-39.

While Morgan and Ava are alone in the room, Sonny and Carly talk alone about how they want to put Ava away. But given the most recent development they hear of, it might be easier said than done. He tells her that although it's entirely possible she's lying, if' she's not, he can't have his child or grandchild born in prison.

Morgan tells Ava that he cannot accept the fact that she could be having either his kid or his sibling. They won't even know which for a long time. It's sick and is only going to cause pain for everybody involved. So he votes in favor of her having an abortion. But she tells him she doesn't even want to hear of such a thing.

Mac tells Levi that he believes Maxie is not in “good hands” with him. Levi tells him that Maxie is now evolving. And the little girl Mac raised was an extremely self-centered and materialistic person who lied to her best friend about something horrible. Mac tells him yes. That's true. But that haunted Maxie every day of her life. And he asks Levi if he (Levi) has ever made a mistake. Levi replies of course he has. But he's learned from them and now so has Maxie. Mac asks Levi why he believes that he knows what is right for Maxie or that he's the “answer” for her.

In the courtroom, the judge firmly and smugly tells Maxie that he cannot trust her to keep an appointment. How can he trust her with a child? She is not responsible. So he is now going to add 6 months to the ban for her to have parental rights. Nathan then informs the judge that Maxie was not aware of the hearing. She didn't get the notice. He prevented her from seeing it.

At the park, after Nina goes on about how she believes that Silas has been committed to her all this while and does not even glean who Sam is to him, Sam comes and interjects by telling her that Silas thought the flowers were from her. Nina then asks why Sam would bring him flowers and how the two of them know each other. They are both ready to tell her the nature of their relationship. But Sam tells Nina that Silas is her son's doctor. Silas saved her baby's life. And that is another reason why they are having a celebration for Danny. Nina is friendly to Sam and engages in a conversation but still hasn't a clue about her estranged husband's new relationship and assumes he's going to go home with her and Sam will go a separate way.

At the court hearing, Nathan tells the judge that he cannot blame Maxie just because she did not make it to the hearing. He mistakenly threw the notice in the junk mail. It was his fault and not Maxie's. He knows her and knows what a great, kind and giving person she is. Her child cannot be prevented from knowing her mother. The judge has to reconsider his decision.

Mac tells Levi he realizes that Maxie has made some mistakes. But he never thought his daughter was in need of “fixing”. But Levi tells him that Maxie believes she did. He tells Mac that they do have one thing in common: They both love Maxie. So can't they just bury the hatchet because of that?

Morgan asks Ava why on earth she'd want to have this kid? She tells him she is not going to punish an innocent child and is going to have this baby whether he likes it or not.

Sonny and Carly affirm that the only reason Ava is not dead is because she might be having his child or their mutual grandchild.

Patrick and Sabrina hold their dying baby, devastated and not knowing what they are going to say or do. She tells him at least she knows he's baptized. And his grandmother (her deceased mother) can take good care of him in heaven. Felix then brings in Sabrina's mother's stethoscope and tells them he thought they might want to hear Gabriel's heartbeat with it. He tells them if they need anything, he will be right outside. She listens to the baby's heartbeat and tells Patrick that they need to know that they made that heart that they can hear very well.

Carly tells Sonny that he cannot be afraid to take action against Ava. He must know the way she has manipulated everybody and everything. He must know that Ava is a threat. And she knows that Sonny knows all too well what to do with threats. He tells her that he is still in a bind with the reality that Ava might be carrying his or Morgan's child. Ava and Morgan then return and she announces she's having the baby. Sonny goes to talk alone with Morgan, leaving the two women to talk.

In response to Levi asking if they can call a truce, Mac replies he guesses they could make a fresh start for Maxie's sake, but if Levi thinks Mac's going to stop looking out for his daughter, Levi is sadly mistaken.

After Nathan takes the rap for Maxie not attending her previous hearing, the judge tells him it takes a big man to admit to that. So, he concludes, maybe he can reconsider. So, he tells them, he will schedule a hearing and consider granting Maxie custody at some point. As soon as he leaves the 3 of them alone, they are all happy. Alone with Nathan/James, Maxie remarks that he's a cop and he's just lied to a judge …..for her. He tells her he only lied about losing her court summons. He meant everything else he said. He believes that she is a wonderful person who deserves to be a mother. Diane smiles and hugs Maxie. She tells Maxie she better not miss her next appointment. And she leaves.

At the park, Silas reflects to Nina that her brother Nathan is looking for her and doesn't know she's back. She tells her husband she wants to wait a while before contacting her baby brother. But she wants to get back with him. Sam and the others all “allow” that, acknowledge that Nina is Silas wife and pretend that they are all strangers not only to her, but to Silas as well. Silas wheels Nina away in the wheelchair.

Outside the maternity ward, Epiphany remarks to Felix that he did everything that a professional nurse does. He was there for his friends, and he did not break down. She breaks down crying and Felix holds her in his arms. Inside the room, Sabrina holds her dying baby while listening to his heartbeat while Patrick holds her. She cries in Patrick's arms as Gabriel's heartbeat slows down, then stops.

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