GH Update Tuesday 6/3/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/3/14


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, a medical unit, including Britt, rushed into the NICU when an alarm monitoring Gabriel's status started going off. Sabrina, who was terrified and desperate for answers, kept getting in the way, and Britt gently asked her and Patrick to leave. Sabrina begged Britt to save her son, then Patrick lead Sabrina into the hallway. A somber Britt returned a short time later with bad news. Gabriel had developed necrotizing enterocolitis and his organs were shutting down. Sabrina pointed out that her son had been just been fine, and Britt told her that the condition could come on very quickly. Gabriel had an infection that had destroyed his ability to absorb nutrients. Sabrina asked about antibiotics or surgery, but Britt gently said that antibiotics wouldn't help and the baby was too weak for surgery. She apologized. Patrick blinked back tears and asked how long he had left. Britt said a few hours. Sabrina and Patrick broke down in each others arms. Sabrina insisted that there must be something they could do. Britt told them that the only thing they could do was to make Gabriel's passing easier and make sure that he wasn't in pain.

Patrick and Sabrina wanted a second opinion, and Patrick explained that they wanted to make sure they'd done everything they could. Britt understood, and she promised to page another doctor right away, but she stressed that time was running out and they should spend it with the baby. Later, The devastated parents sat outside the room after they'd spoken with another doctor. Patrick asked if Sabrina wanted to talk to anyone else, but she said no, because she knew that everyone was going to tell her to give up on her son. Sabrina didn't see how she could do that – his heart was still beating and air was in his lungs. Patrick told her the machines were keeping him alive, but soon that wouldn't be enough. Patrick told Sabrina that he didn't want to lose Gabriel either, but they had to let him go. Sabrina sobbed that she wasn't strong enough to do it. Patrick said he wasn't either. He told her that the only way to get through this was to do it together. Patrick said they'd let Gabriel know he was loved, and safe, and that he'd always be in their hearts. Patrick kissed Sabrina's head, then they approached the door. Patrick asked if Sabrina was ready. “No. Never,” She cried. “Me, neither” Patrick replied. They held hands as they walked inside.

Ava and Sonny were in the hospital elevator, and Sonny had a gun on Ava. Ava asked if it was really necessary. Sonny said it was, because he intended to get the truth. Ava insisted that she really was pregnant with Sonny or Morgan's child.

Nathan was leaving the hospital when he ran into Silas. Nathan decided to tell Silas that Nina was still alive, but Ava and Sonny approached them before he could say anything. Ava explained that she hadn't given Nathan the statement he requested because she'd been out of town. She asked if this was about Julian's arrest. Nathan revealed that Julian had received full immunity in exchange for telling the police that Ric was his boss. Sonny took note, as Nathan said the police found physical evidence tying Ric both to the Jerome family and to the shooting at Ava's gallery. Sonny asked how Lucas was, and Silas said he was doing well. Ava decided to go check on her nephew, but Sonny stopped her and said he didn't think she'd be welcome in Lucas' room. Ava tried to escape Sonny again by offering to go to the station and give her statement now, but Sonny insisted that Ava had an important doctor's appointment. Ava told Nathan that Sonny was right, and she promised to get to the station as soon as she could. Sonny put his hand on Ava's shoulder and lead her away. Nathan had an odd feeling about what he'd just seen, but Silas told him that Ava was always odd.

Nathan told Silas that he had to tell him something about Nina. Silas assumed that Nathan wanted to apologize for investigating Silas for Nina's murder. He assured Nathan that there were no hard feelings and that Silas understood that Nathan thought he was doing what was best for his sister. Nathan said it turned out that Nina was actually his cousin. Silas didn't think Nina would care about that. Silas told Nathan that he was still Nina's little brother, who put the person who killed her behind bars. Nathan tried to tell Silas the truth, but Silas interrupted. Silas assumed that Nathan was having trouble moving on, so he encouraged him to think about the next chapter, the way Silas had. Silas felt that Nina was at peace and that he could move on with Sam without betraying Nina. Nathan insisted that he still had something to say, but at the last minute, he decided to keep quiet until he knew for sure that Nina was alive. He told Silas that he wanted to find Nina's remains. Silas offered to help in any way he could, then he left.

Ava and Sonny waited in an exam room, and Sonny grumbled about Ric always trying to ruin his life. He asked Ava if she knew that Julian was answering to Ric, and she insisted that she didn't. Britt came in and drew blood. Ava and Sonny decided to stay at the hospital until the results were in, since the tests wouldn't take long. Sonny wanted to know if the test would be accurate, and he pointed out that tests could sometimes be unreliable when Britt was involved. Britt meekly offered to let Sonny accompany her to the lab and watch her hand over the sample, then have another doctor deliver the results. Sonny said that would be good. Britt added that the blood test was 100% accurate. Britt suddenly looked upset and she explained that she'd just delivered some bad news. Ava hoped they could mitigate that, somewhat, by getting a good result from this test.

At the lake house, Julian told Alexis he was sorry about Molly. Just as he wished he could do something for Molly, the outraged teen walked in and said he could tell the truth about her father. Alexis gently urged Molly to calm down, and she reminded her that Ric had a history of shady dealings. Molly insisted that Ric had changed and that he was being unfairly maligned, thanks to Julian. Alexis countered that the police had solid evidence that Julian was telling the truth. Molly maintained that Julian was using Ric as a scapegoat to keep himself out of prison. Julian said he wished he could tell Molly what she wanted to hear, but he insisted that everything he'd said about Ric was true. Molly accused him of lying, then she announced that she was going to see her father.

Molly walked out onto the deck and ran into TJ, who'd come by to check on her. Molly told TJ her theory and where she was going. When TJ decided to come along, Molly asked if he wanted to risk seeing his mother. TJ told Molly that his mom had been released, because the cops screwed up her arrest. TJ offered to have Shawn track down Jordan so they could ask her who Julian was really working for. Molly appreciated the offer, but she wanted to talk to Ric first. Alexis came outside and told Molly that the FBI had taken Ric somewhere. Anna had promised to call when Ric was able to meet with Molly. Molly decided to leave anyway. Alexis asked where she was going. “Somewhere your boyfriend isn't!” Molly snapped. Alexis asked if Molly would be willing to put her differences with Julian aside and accompany Alexis to Danny's birthday party. Molly agreed, but she warned her mother that she wasn't letting this go.

Franco was in the park when Carly called from the hospital. She was concerned because hadn't had any luck reaching Sonny by phone. Franco recalled that Sonny had flown to the Island to kill Ava. He wondered if Ava had turned the tables on Sonny. Carly quickly shot that theory down. Franco thought everyone would rejoice now that Ava was dead. “Not everyone” Carly said, as she spotted Morgan. She ended the call, then hugged her son. Carly revealed that Olivia told her Ava and Sonny slept together. Morgan admitted that he was still hurting. Morgan told Carly that he walked in on them in the Quartermaine crypt. Morgan was appalled that they desecrated AJ's final resting place. Carly wished she could give Morgan a reason why this happened. Morgan told Carly that she could be honest and say “I told you so.” He admitted that Carly had been right when she predicted that Ava would hurt him, but he figured Carly never would have guessed Sonny would be involved. Carly assured Morgan that Ava would never hurt him again. Morgan asked how she could be so sure. Carly covered by saying Ava was out of his life, and Morgan could move on. Morgan thought it might be good that Ava was on Sonny's island. Carly didn't realize Morgan knew about that. Morgan thought Sonny sent Ava there partially to keep her all to himself. Morgan was convinced that Ava and his father were living it up on the island right now, and he hoped they never came back. Carly told Morgan he'd have to find a way to make peace with Sonny, because Sonny was returning to Port Charles and Morgan might never see Ava again. Morgan asked why not. Carly replied that Ava would never come back, because she'd made an enemy of Julian. Morgan didn't think Ava would leave town for good, because Kiki, the gallery and Morgan were there. Carly insisted that Ava wouldn't return and that if she did, she wouldn't live long.

Franco drew a caricature of a woman who was posing for him, then he asked for $20. the woman wasn't happy with his work, so she gave him $5 and told him to get a job. Kiki jogged over a few minutes later and asked what he was doing. Franco explained that he was trying to make an honest living. Kiki looked into Franco's hat – he had $15 and a box of raisins. Franco told her he almost lost that, because urchin tried to rob him. Kiki decided to help Franco out by having him draw her picture. While she sat for the drawing, she mentioned that she and Ava were trying to repair their relationship, starting with dinner tonight. Kiki also admitted that she missed Ava. At first, Franco tried to convince Kiki that Ava would flake out and not attend the dinner. Franco felt bad about lying to Kiki when she'd been so good to him, so he confessed that he thought Ava was dead. Alarmed, Kiki demanded an explanation, and Franco admitted that he had reason to believe Ava had been murdered. Kiki wanted to know by who, and Franco was vague and tried to change the subject by offering Kiki ice cream. Kiki called Ava.

Back at the hospital, Ava showed Sonny that Kiki was calling, and he allowed her to answer. Ava spoke with her relieved daughter and asked her to confirm that they were still on for dinner. Kiki did. After the call ended, Sonny told Ava that if she wasn't pregnant, she would be dining in Hell instead of with Kiki.

Back at the park, Kiki asked Franco why he told her that Ava was dead. Franco said he must have gotten some bad information, and he suggested that they go get that ice cream. Kiki tossed some money into his hat and stomped off.

Carly had just invited Morgan to lunch. Morgan agreed. Franco called Carly and told her that Ava was alive. Just then, Morgan and Carly spotted Ava and Sonny together. Carly hung up the phone and demanded to know what was going on. Ava revealed that she was pregnant.

Britt stood by the hospital elevators, wiping away tears, just as Nathan walked up. He asked what was wrong. Britt pulled herself together and explained that she was dealing with part of the job she'd never get used to. She asked what Nathan was still doing there, and Nathan told her he ran into Silas. Nathan explained that he opted not to tell Silas that there was a chance Nina was still alive because Silas was moving on with Sam, and Nathan didn't want to ruin Silas's happiness with what could be false information.

Sam was at Silas's apartment. She looked at a picture of Silas and Nina on their wedding day. A cop arrived with Rafe in tow. Sam identified herself as Rafe's guardian and asked what was going on. Rafe had been caught trying to rob someone in the park, but the victim had declined to press charges. Sam wanted an explanation, but Rafe didn't think it was a big deal. He told her it was only $5. Sam countered that the money didn't belong to him. Sam told Rafe that she'd done way worse in life and she had spent a long time trying to make up for it. Sam didn't want Rafe to take the same path, and she was sure his mother wouldn't, either. Rafe explained that he'd spent all of his allowance, so he tried to steal money to buy Danny a birthday gift. Rafe told Sam that she and Silas gave him so much that he wanted to give back. Sam pointed out that Rafe was like a big brother to Danny, and that was worth more than any gift. She smiled and told Rafe to get ready to go, so they could go pick up Danny. Rafe asked if this meant he wasn't in trouble, and Sam said they'd have to talk about this with Silas, later. Rafe didn't want to go to the party because he didn't want to run into Molly and TJ. Sam felt bad for failing to realize that Rafe was still struggling with the fallout from sending Alexis to the Metro Court to catch TJ and Molly. Rafe assured Sam that it was his problem and he'd deal with it. Sam promised that she and Silas would be there for Rafe. She offered to talk to Molly and TJ and make sure they didn't give Rafe a hard time, if he wanted to go to the party, but Rafe asked her not to. Rafe acknowledged that he messed up and he felt that it was his job to deal with it.

Monica called Sam, because Sam was supposed to have picked up Danny by now. After Sam hung up, Sam made another effort to convince Rafe to come to the party, but he refused, in a good-natured tone. As soon as Sam left, Rafe reached into his pocket and pulled out a large wad of cash. Later, Silas came home and grabbed Danny's gift. He spotted the picture of him and Nina and he put it in a box. After Silas left, Rafe returned to the living room. He pulled out a small baggy of white powder and poured some of it onto the table.

At the park, Julian and Alexis worked on hanging a banner for Danny. They were both uncomfortable because Molly was glaring at them from a few feet away. Molly ranted to TJ that Julian couldn't even hang up a banner. Meanwhile, Julian told Alexis that Molly probably wouldn't stop staring until she was satisfied he was telling the truth. Alexis warned Julian that he was in for a long wait. According to Alexis, Molly worshiped Ric and wasn't going to give up trying to prove his innocence. Julian sighed that it wasn't his intention to take away Molly's father, and Alexis assured him that this was Ric's fault, not Julian's. Alexis was adamant that Ric wasn't father material. She said when Ric shot Lucas he threatened Julian's family, which was also Alexis's family. Alexis felt that, unfortunately, they were all better off with Ric in prison, and she told Julian that he did the right thing turning him in. Sam and Danny arrived and were greeted by their family.

When Silas got to the park, he ran into Sam on her way to the parking lot to grab Danny's jacket. Sam asked if he brought Rafe. Silas said he hadn't seen Rafe at the apartment, and he assumed Rafe must have been in his room. Silas told Sam that Nathan was trying to track down Nina's remains. Silas added that he'd told Nathan it was time to move on. “Today is about the future, not about the past,” Silas said. Silas and Sam got back to the party, and Alexis mentioned that Danny was charming his new friend. Silas and Sam noticed a redheaded woman interacting with Danny. Silas looked startled when he heard the woman's voice. She turned around to face Silas and Sam and smiled. Both Sam and Silas looked shaken – it was Nina.

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