GH Update Monday 6/2/14

General Hospital Update Monday 6/2/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brad returns to the hospital after having been away. He talks about how frustrated and discontented he was to have attended a gay wedding when he was the only single person there. But she wants to find out if he got her phone message. He tells her no. He lost his cell phone, had no communication and he continues to run at the mouth until she demands he shuts up. She informs him she's tried to get a hold of him for days. Hearing that, he asks what the urgent reason was. Did anybody die? She answers telling him that nobody died but someone did come close. Lucas got shot. Hearing that, Brad is shocked to find out that happened when he had no way of finding out.

Julian is his son's room while Lucas is awakening and feeling better. He assures his son that the person who did this cannot hurt him anymore. He made sure of it.

Alexis is at home and sees the story about Ric's arrest on the front page of the local paper. She hides it when she sees Molly enter. She can tell her daughter has no clue what has happened to her father. Molly clearly appears happy to have finished an important paper. She talks about how she is busy with finals and ready to celebrate her nephew Danny's birthday party. Alexis realizes she's forgotten all about Danny's party, but she still knows she has yet to tell Molly that her dad has been arrested and found out to be Julian's crime boss. She urges her daughter to sit down so she can tell her the news.

Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth after reading the article about Ric in the paper. She is not happy to see him and knows he's there to give her an: “I told you so” that she does not believe nor want to hear about Ric.

Sam and Silas see the same thing and are not worried. But she notices Silas looking at a private picture that he's hiding. She wants to see it while she laughs and jokes. But when she grabs it, she sees that it's a picture of Silas and his wife, Nina, on the day they were happily married.

Sabrina and Patrick are at the hospital with their baby whom they believe is getting better and ready to take home. Nathan visits them and wants to investigate who might have run them off the road and cause the accident that could have killed the baby or killed them. He asks if they have any recollection of what the car looked like that intentionally hit them. They don't remember much except that it was not an SUV. He tells them he apologizes for having to question them at the hospital at a time like this. He realizes they'd rather be in there with their baby. He assures them the police will do everything they can to find whoever committed this crime.

Sam observes the picture of Silas with Nina and is in awe of how beautiful his wife was. She reflects to him that she knows that what happened to his marriage all those years ago and everything since causes a lot of pain that is hard to let go. He then tells her that what he wants to do is let go.

At the hospital, after Britt informs Brad, for the first time, that Lucas has been shot and is currently in the ICU, he demands some answers as to how it could have happened and who did this. She admits the hospital and the cops don't know much. But he can easily go and see his ex boyfriend soon.

Julian assures his son that he has “cleaned up his mess” that got Lucas shot. And that “crime boss” that is responsible for what happened to him is “no longer in the picture”. Hearing that, Lucas asks his dad what he means by “no longer in the picture”.

At Alexis' home, she talks to Molly about the shooting that occurred at Julian's art gallery. Her daughter knows all about that but is relieved that she and Sam are both ok. She asks about Lucas and her mom is able to tell her that he was lucky that the gunshot did not harm him much and he should be able to make a full recovery. Molly is not worried except for the fact that the shooter who came out of nowhere and shot Lucas and could have hurt her family, has not been caught and is still at large. Alexis then tells her daughter that is what she wants to talk to her about. She informs Molly that they have found the person responsible for it. Hearing that, Molly tells her mom good. Now that that is settled, she hopes this person rots in jail for the rest of his life. She wonders why her mom is not relieved as she is. Alexis then tells her daughter she doesn't think Molly will think it's good that shooter has been arrested nor want him locked up for good when she finds out who it is. Molly asks her why. Does she know him? She notices her mom's grave expression and comments that she's really freaking her out. Again she asks who it was. Alexis replies to Molly it's her (Molly's) father.

Silas talks to Sam about how, as much as he would have liked to have moved on, he needed some answers about Nina. And now that he knows the truth, he still has to live with knowing he's responsible for causing his estranged wife so much pain. He reflects that Nina was all about living in the moment. And she inspired that in him. He tells Sam that now he wants to do just that. And he looks at Sam indicating that he wants to do that and focus on the good things with her in his life. They agree that nobody can ever go back to anything that has already happened in their past. All they can do is move forward.

At the hospital, when Lucas asks his dad just why it is that he now tells him that the person responsible for having him shot is “no longer in the picture”, Julian does not have a chance to answer that question. Felix is ready to change Lucas's bandage and take his vitals and Julian steps outside the hospital room. At that point, Bobbie pulls him aside and demands to know what he thinks he's doing outside “her son's” hospital room. He reminds her that Lucas is his son too.

After Alexis drops the bombshell upon Molly that her father is the criminal they've all been waiting to catch, Molly tells her mom she doesn't believe it and how could Alexis or anyone accuse Ric? Is she just taking Julian's word for it? Julian knew her dad for all of 5 minutes while Ric was his lawyer. Alexis “clarifies” to her daughter that Ric was not Julian's lawyer. He has been his crime boss. Again, Molly does not believe that. But Alexis shows her the front page headline with Ric's picture on the cover.

At the hospital, Julian affirms to Bobbie that he is there to see his son. She tells him not if she has anything to say about it.

Inside Lucas' room, he talks and jokes with Felix. Right then, Brad rushes in and the other two are not happy to see him nor want him to barge in and get in the way of their conversation.

Nikolas goes to see Elizabeth while she's on her phone to call Diane Miller to have her represent Ric. He asks what she is doing. She tells him she is trying to help an innocent man. And she remarks that is “unlike” his aunt who is not lifting a finger for her daughter's father. He tells her that she needs to face facts that Ric is a criminal. She doesn't really know him like she thinks she does or want to believe she knows him. He is the head of the Jerome crime operation. She tells him she knows that Julian just wants to point the finger at someone else to get himself off the hook and get immunity. But Nikolas reminds her it's not just Julian's word. He's given the police proof. She asks why he's trying so hard to get her to believe that Ric is guilty. He replies because he wants to get her to see the truth about Ric the same way she wanted him to see the truth about Britt.

At the hospital, Nathan finds Britt and informs her that he wanted to find out if Patrick or Sabrina could remember anything about the vehicle that ran them off the road. But they could not tell him much. He asks his sister how she is doing and if she might have spoken to Nikolas. She replies not since the “epic blow-out” at the nurses' ball. They also talk about their mutual mother taking over the ball and singing to them. He admits that he cannot believe that Lisle Obrecht is his mother although he remarks it may not be any worse than believing all his life that Madelyn Reeves was his mother. He also remarks that he cannot get used to calling Nina his cousin. Britt tells him then maybe he should not. He tells her that he's just found out some startling information. According to their Aunt Madelyn, Nina is still alive.

Silas believes that Nina is dead and talks to Sam about how he believes his sister has been freed from a prison. He admits that all these years he feels he's been in a prison. And he was freed when he met Sam. So, he tells Sam, what he is trying to tell her is he believes he loves her.

Outside the maternity ward, Sabrina and Patrick talk about wondering who would want to harm them, harm Emma and harm their unborn baby. But he tells her the most important thing to focus on is the fact that their baby boy is getting stronger and is going to be ok..

Nathan discusses with Britt the fact that Madeline has told him that Nina is alive. He hasn't heard any other details. And that is why he hasn't said anything about it to Silas Clay.

Silas then admits to Sam that he's wanted to tell her for some time that he loves her, but he's held back because of Nina. He admits he couldn't find closure until recently. And also because he was scared. He just needs her to know that. As he goes to get something to drink, Sam calls to him and tells him he's right. It is scary. But if he can be brave, so can she. And she admits she loves him too.

Brad walks into Lucas' room and sees Felix tending to him and asks what is going on there. Felix asks what it looks like. He's changing Lucas' bandages. Brad emotionally tells Lucas he feels like such an ass not to have been there for him when he got shot. And he tells Felix he'd like to talk to Lucas privately. Lucas asks why. It's not like they are together again. And he affirms that he is with Felix now and has no more use for Brad.

After Molly hears that her mom believes that her dad is Julian's crime boss, she tells her that she does not believe that. She wouldn't put it past Julian to lie and make the whole thing up. It wouldn't be the first time he's been dishonest about something like that. She tells her mom she can see that she (Alexis) really believes Julian and trusts him. But she (Molly) does not.

At the hospital, Bobbie Spencer tells Julian he's known Lucas for a few short months. And her son is already in the ICU because of his father's family's business. He tells her he happens to know, whether she believes it or not, that their son is in a lot more danger because of her family than because of his.

Inside Lucas' room, Brad angrily tells Felix he bets he's in this room with Lucas, playing nurse, as a ploy to keep him away. Lucas remarks to Brad this may come as a surprise to him, but not everything is about him (Brad). Felix then asks Brad if he could blame Lucas for wanting nothing more to do with him. Brad stole Lucas' cousin's embryo and kept it from her. He affirms that he and Lucas are dating and had a lovely dinner together not long ago which had to be interrupted by the gun fire that got Lucas shot.

Bobbie tells Julian she knows he's responsible for their son getting shot unless he tries to deny it. He tells her he is not trying to deny it. But no matter what she thinks of him, he loves his son. And he will prove that he is worthy of his family and make sure that Lucas and all the people he loves are safe from the life he used to live. That you can take to the bank.

Alexis explains to Molly that Ric's fingerprints were found all over the gun. Molly interjects by asking if she believes that fingerprints are never fabricated. She reminds her mom that she is a lawyer and must know how these things work. And she asks why her mom is still sitting in her house right now anyway when her dad needs her. Alexis replies that Elizabeth has hired Diane Miller to represent Ric and Diane is an excellent attorney. But, Molly asks why isn't she (Alexis) representing her father? Alexis replies that it's really not her place to get involved and she has to stay out of this. In response to that, Molly tells her she sees how it is. Alexis can help Uncle Sonny and Julian Jerome. But she can't defend Molly's dad. All of her other daughters' fathers are worth going to bat for, but Ric is not. She tells her mom she may have turned her back on Molly's dad. But Molly tells her mom she never will. Molly then walks away.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas he cannot be seriously comparing Ric to Britt. He asks why not. She tells him for one, Ric is innocent. Doesn't he realize that Julian could have put Ric's prints on the gun to set him up. Nikolas admits he realizes Julian might be capable of that. But the cops have undisputed, irrefutable evidence against Ric. As soon as Nikolas shows her what appears to be solid evidence against Ric, she appears shocked and tells him that Ric sounded so sincere when they were together right before he got arrested. She completely fell for it. Why does she continue to get sucked in and believe in people she cannot trust? She feels so embarrassed and ashamed. Nikolas tells her that he was in the very same situation with Britt, believing everything she says only to be made a fool of. Nikolas then tells Elizabeth he can be there for her if she wants or he can let her be alone if she prefers.

At the hospital, Nathan talks to Britt about the secret he has to keep regarding the fact that it's entirely possible that Nina is alive. She tells him that in her opinion maybe since she's Silas' wife, maybe Silas has the right to know if she is alive.

Silas and Sam affirm that they love each other. They each talk about their respective previous commitments to their previous spouses and how they both thought they could never love anyone again. But they have this miracle together. And as they go off, we see the picture of Silas and Nina happily together.

At Alexis' home, after Molly walks off and refuses to talk to her mother regarding the accusations she believes about Ric, Alexis urges Molly to come back so they can talk. She gets no response. But right then, she hears a knock on the door and sees Julian. He is there to celebrate Danny's birthday party. She admits that she forgot and is not prepared for it. He knows something is going on. She tells him that after talking to Molly about Ric, her daughter is devastated and angry. He hugs Alexis and tells her he's so sorry. But is he?

In Lucas' hospital room, Felix and Brad continue to argue over who is more qualified (both in his professional capacity and as a human being) to take care of Lucas. Bobbie then hears the raised voices and dispute between the two guys and comes in demanding to know what is going on there. She notices two new hospital staff fighting over her son.

Silas tells Sam he has some rounds to make at the hospital but will meet her later at Danny's birthday party.

Britt tells Nathan that she realizes she is not one to give anyone else advice. But one thing she's learned the hard way is that keeping secrets never works. There are always consequences.

Patrick and Sabrina are happy and confident that their son is going to be ok. But right then, they hear a beeping sound from the incubator. At that point, the medical staff rush into the room. Britt tells them that she and the staff will find out.

Felix remarks that it's an honor to see a “legend” like Nurse Bobbie Spencer walking these halls. Bobbie tells him and Brad she doesn't know what the two of them are fighting about but her son needs his rest. They leave and she talks to her son alone.

Elizabeth concludes to Nikolas that she is done believing in Ric. She is no longer in denial. She can now see that everything he has done is right in this paper printed in black and white.

After hearing Julian tell Alexis he wishes there was something he could do, Molly tells him actually there is. He can stop lying about her dad and accusing him of doing things he knows Ric has not done.

Nathan goes to find Silas at the hospital and tells him there is something very important that he needs to tell him.

Sam is alone in the apartment and on the phone to Monica, telling her she'll pick up Danny soon, then they can go to the park for the party. As she stares at the photo of Silas and his wife, Nina, she hears a knock on the door. She flings the picture down, opens the door, and stares in awe at the person there.

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