GH Update Friday 5/30/14

General Hospital Update Friday 5/30/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan is alone at the bar drinking when he asks the bar tender for another shot. The bartender tells Morgan he's had enough and he won't serve him anymore. Morgan then asks who this guy is to tell him what he can and cannot have. Right then, a bouncer is ready to escort Morgan out of the bar. It looks like he's ready to get into physical combat with the staff. But right then, Olivia walks in and urges the bartender and bouncer to get their hands off of Morgan and let her handle this situation. They release him and she goes to talk to him alone.

Ava announces to Sonny that she is pregnant.

Julian announces to Alexis that he has turned his “boss” in.

And the cops believe they have their man and go to arrest Ric after Julian has given them information that confirms to them that he is the crime boss responsible for the drug operation and many other things. (Instead of the man who looks just like Luke Spencer)

The Luke we've known since he was rescued from the sanitarium (with the personality devoid of a conscience) goes to the sanitarium to reveal a new secret. This guy is a body double who looks exactly like Luke Spencer. While the real Luke is still locked up, incarcerated and sedated in a padded room. The “Luke body double” announces that the guy locked away is the real Lucas Lorenzo Spencer. And he (himself) is not. The new Luke reflects that he's been carefully watching and following the real Luke for many years. And he is now able to play it just right. So now he (the Luke body double) can now take over Port Charles. He remembers the real Luke calls it Port Chuckles. He reflects that the real Luke tried and failed to save his niece, Carly, whom he knows Luke calls Caroline. But Luke got clocked by Heather Weber, knocked unconscious, kidnapped and taken to this place. And that is when he (the Luke body double) was able to make the switch. He (himself) got freed at last to be the real Luke Spencer. And, the real Luke got freed to do nothing except be locked away and rot.

When Anna and the cops arrest Ric, he demands to know where they got the idea that he is or ever was Julian Jerome's boss. It is absolutely not true. He can prove it. Julian is lying. But it does not look that way to them with the evidence they have against him.

Julian informs Alexis that his former boss, the king pen drug lord and criminal responsible for the threats on Julian's family and shooting Lucas is none other than Ric Lansing. Hearing that, she appears horrified and does not believe that. She tells Julian she suspected the very same thing. But, she remembers, Ric swore up and down to her, on his daughter's life, that he absolutely is not involved in this and is not Julian's boss. She knows Ric may have had his issues and she doesn't believe everything her ex husband says. But he loves his daughter and would never swear on her life about anything that is a lie.

Sonny then assesses to Ava that she lied to him about so many things in a big long series ever since she came to town.. So why should he believe her that she is pregnant? She tells him it's true whether he believes her or not.

At the bar, Olivia goes to talk to Morgan at a private table. She tells him she understands very much what he is feeling right now. She is feeling it too. She happens to know that his father cheated on him and on her with Ava.

Ava tells Sonny she can prove to him that she is telling the truth. And if there is even a chance that she is pregnant, wouldn't he at least want to know before killing a pregnant woman? She then pulls a pregnancy test out of the waste basket. She asks if that is proof enough for him. He asks how he knows that is not a fabrication. She tells him she was able to tell she was having the signs of early pregnancy with missed periods, morning sickness and queasiness. So she took the test which proves that she is pregnant with his child.

Anna explains to Ric and to Elizabeth how Julian was able to prove to them that Ric is the criminal responsible for all the things the cops have been incapable of doing anything about until now. They listen in awe knowing that it's not true although they keep hearing otherwise from the cops.

When Alexis asks Julian to reveal whom his dastardly crime lord boss is, he hesitates to answer and implicate Ric. But he remembers how “Luke” was able to threaten and scare him into knowing he better not ever cross this guy. So he tells her it's Ric. Hearing that, she is shocked and horrified when it appears Julian has no reason to lie to her about Ric. She admits she knows that Ric is capable of many things. But she cannot believe he'd be a cold blooded murderer or drug peddler nor capable of doing any of the many hideous and abominable things that they all know that “this man” has done.

At the police station, Anna assesses all the evidence the prove that Ric has access to the gun used to shoot Lucas and the man found dead in the park. That's just the tip of the ice berg. They have unequivocal, undisputed, irrefutable forensics evidence that Ric is the crime lord.

Meanwhile, at the private sanitarium, the Luke body-double taunts the real Luke who remains sedated and non-responsive. He brags about how intrigued and “turned on” he is by Luke's lover, Tracy Quartermaine. He informs Luke that he proposed to Tracy and she said yes. He laughs and smirks. Of course, he admits, he has no interest in Tracy except to get her family's money. But he can't wait to get Tracy in the sack. Hearing that, for the first time, we now hear a “response” from the real Luke. He sits up and yells to the body double that he better keep his filthy hands off of Tracy. Hearing that, Luke's body double laughs and continues to taunt him. He knows Luke won't do anything. He is fried on a cocktail of drugs and his brain is as soft as a plate of overcooked broccoli. Luke is helpless. He (the body double) can do what he wants with ELQ and with Tracy. He's had her. And she tells him that “he” is better in the sack than “he” has ever been. He laughs his evil laugh and remarks that bitch can't get enough of him. In response to that, the real Luke spits in his face. He has to wipe it off and tells the real Luke he should not have done that. But even a sociopath can see how furious and determined Luke is when he hears about anyone disrespecting or having their way with Tracy.

Julian explains to Alexis how he and Ric and many other organizations and well known crime families all got together to have power and to take Sonny down. He wanted to be part of that. But more importantly than that, he wanted to “be someone”. He had no wife, no friends, no kids and no life. He could not take it anymore. So Ric offered him a life line. He grabbed it. And he asks her if she can understand. She emotionally replies that she is trying. He tells her that he had no clue, throughout his life that he had two wonderful children or a grandchild or that he could have a wonderful and beautiful woman in his life like her. And now he knows the price he will pay if he continues with the life he had while working for Ric. He tells her that he has now turned Ric over to the cops and Anna is arresting him as they speak. Hearing that, Alexis hysterically tells him “No!”. That's Molly's father. How is she going to tell her daughter whom her father really is?

Ric emotionally protests and pleads to Elizabeth that he has been set up. He doesn't know where the gun came from, how this evidence of crime has been discovered to implicate him or who is setting him up. But she has to believe him. He's being framed. The cops don't listen nor believe a word and they haul him away while Elizabeth watches silently and in shock, not knowing what to say or do.

Sonny tells Ava he does not believe she's pregnant. And even if she is, it's not his. She tells him he's right that for all he knows, it could be Morgan's

At the bar, Morgan tells Olivia that Sonny and Ava have had some secret going on. He bets they have been messing around behind his back for a long time. But she tells him she doubts that his father would lie to him about that. He tells her that they have both told him that their “encounter” didn't mean anything. But, he tells Olivia, that that is very easy for them to say. But it's not so easy for both himself and Olivia. She realizes he is correct with that.

Alexis cries and tells Julian that Ric just recently came back to town, reunited with Molly and talked to her and TJ about sensitive teen issues. He was able to communicate with their daughter, get to know her boyfriend and prove himself their daughter's hero. How is she going to tell Molly that her father has done these abominable things? Before Julian can respond to that, Elizabeth enters. She frantically tells Alexis she hates to bother her this late. But this is an urgent matter involving Ric. He has been falsely accused of crimes she knows he would not do and has been arrested by the cops. They have false evidence that he's Julian Jerome's crime boss. She doesn't know who else to turn to. But something has to be done. Julian sits silently by to hear both women wanting to believe that the only explanation to this is that someone is setting Ric up.

The sedated Luke is trying but failing to fight the body-double but is too tired and weak. The body double tells him maybe he should not kill him. He might need him for something. He knows that “they” have a family who suspect nothing about him (the body double). Dante and Lulu have a baby of their own suddenly. Luke doesn't even know that ! They named him Rocco. He is Luke's flesh and blood. And it's kind of a pity Luke can't ever see him. He has met Luke's lovely daughter Lulu and totally pulled the wool over her eyes as well as Tracy's. He tells Luke that he is going to convince everybody in Port Charles that he is their hero. And he's going to take over the entire town.

On the island, Ava reminds Sonny that he might want to realize what could happen to Morgan if he goes through with shooting her. He knows how impulsive Morgan is.

Back in Port Charles, Morgan propositions Olivia. He drunkenly tells her that if “they” can do this without a thought so can he and she. She asks him why he's saying this. He tells her she's hot. He's always had his back. He likes her. They get along great. They could have fun together. Ava and Sonny will both get what they deserve.

Sonny tells Ava he knows that she has more than likely slept with many people besides himself and Morgan. His son didn't know until he saw it with his own eyes. But he's known all along that she's a whore who spreads her legs with anything that looks at her. She protests that she has been faithful to both him and his son. She cheated on Morgan once and only once with his father. She again asks Sonny if he really wants to kill her and his child or grandchild.

In response to Morgan's offer, Olivia tells him that revenge sex is not an option for them. He asks why not. She tells him that first of all, he is her son's half brother. That's very important to her. If the positions were reversed and something went down between Carly and Dante, she would kick Carly's ass and then she would kill her because Carly'd be taking advantage of Olivia's boy. So Olivia would never be taking advantage of Carly's She can see what a terrible place Morgan is in now and how vulnerable he is. She feels the same way he does about what Sonny and Ava did. But she would never stoop to Ava's level. It's not the answer. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Back at Sonny's private island, Ava asks what he's going to do. He tells her he's going to bring her back to Port Charles, have her see the doctor of his choice and if she's lying she's dead. She asks what if she's telling the truth. He tells her she is still dead in 9 more months.

At the sanitarium, the Luke body-double continues to brag and tell the whole story to real Luke about how he was able to engineer his dastardly plan. Sonny has no clue that he's going to overthrow him and still believes he's Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, his old pal. Everybody believes he's the real Luke. Nobody suspects a thing. And now he’s been able to set this other guy up to take the fall for him, go to jail and leave his (Luke look-alike) reputation (as well as his true identity) unscathed and undetected. He goes through all the details of all he's done to leave a paper trail and iron clad evidence for the cops to nail this other guy in place of him. And all throughout this conversation, he assumes the real Luke either cannot hear or understand or do anything about what he is listening to.

Anna takes Ric to the station and he furiously tells her that he did not do any of the things that the cops have discovered someone doing.

When Elizabeth protests to Alexis that she knows that Ric has been set up by Julian and obviously at least one other person, Alexis tells her that the cops have undisputed proof that Ric is guilty. She doesn't want to believe it any more than Elizabeth does but she's afraid it's the cold, hard reality. Elizabeth is then able to notice that Julian is staying with Alexis and she furiously confronts him and confronts Alexis for believing him and not believing Ric. Elizabeth leaves. And Julian tells Alexis how sorry he is for this entire mess occurring and having to get her involved in this. He knows everything is spiraling out of control, he tells her. But he needs to know that she is still there for him. She is devastated but still believes his story.

Luke's body double is ready to get back to Port Charles and exercise his evil plan. And he remarks to the real Luke that he's made his life so easy. But before he is out of the padded room, Luke asks him to wait. And Luke asks the guy who he is.

At the bar, Olivia tells Morgan she knows all too well how sometimes life knocks one on their ass. It becomes unbearable and one feels to helpless or hopeless to go on or believe the pain is ever going to go away. But then in time, you find a way to take life by the horns and things can get better. Hearing that, he tells her she is really smart. She laughs and tells him she has just lived longer. She helps him to his feet and urges him to please not tell her he's in any condition to drive. He tells her he knows he's not. She walks him out of the bar and drives him home.

At the island, Sonny gets the jet to transport Ava back home. She wheels out her luggage and asks if he can carry her bags. He rolls his eyes and tells her she cannot be serious. She tells him he needs to realize she's in a delicate way and they don't want anything to happen to the baby.

After Ric is taken to the station, Elizabeth returns to the hotel room where she was with Ric, to find her cell phone. But the cops talk impersonally to her that she cannot enter this room because it's a crime scene.

Ric continues to protest to Anna and the cops to no avail.

Julian leaves Alexis' home after she concludes she needs to call Molly. He concludes he should probably go and sit with Lucas at the hospital. He leaves.. As soon as she's alone, she gets on her phone to call Molly. And she tells her daughter she has to come home right away. This is very important. Julian stops while walking outside Alexis' house uncertain what he will do now.

The Luke body-double looks squarely at Luke and asks if he really wants to know who he really is. Wouldn't he like to know that? And what could possibly be the answer to that question? And he leaves Luke alone locked inside the padded room.

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