GH Update Thursday 5/29/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/29/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis returns home and calls for Molly. Nikolas pays his aunt a surprise visit and they hugs. He informs her that Molly is at the library studying for finals. When Alexis pings her daughter's phone to make sure she's at the library, he asks if maybe things are still rocky between Alexis and Molly. Alexis admits that she is trying to get past their issues and realizes she needs to trust her daughter. But, she remarks to her nephew, she knows he has a reason for visiting her, and she'd like him to tell her what that is. He admits she is correct. He is there regarding Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is ready to go home and sleep with Ric after their romantic candlelit dinner together at the Metro Court.

In the police interrogation room, Anna is ready to arrest Julian. First of all, she believes he is responsible for the drug trafficking and many other illegal behaviors. And even if he's recently come clean, he is of no use to the cops not being able to identify his mysterious crime boss. He tells her that he can tell her all she needs to know about the person the cops want to nail for the crime for which he has been falsely accused, but she's not receptive.

Kiki surprises Michael at ELQ's office with food while he's frantically working. She prepares to tell him the deep dark secrets about their respective parents.

Sonny reveals to Ava that he happens to know, for a fact, that she killed Connie. Having no clue where he got that idea or how or if he can prove it, she asks why he'd say that. He then pulls out the recording from AJ's phone and tells her that he knows what happened before AJ died. She admits that she killed Connie, and AJ was falsely accused of murder, but he didn't even know that himself until it was too late and Sonny killed him. He blames her for this hideous thing he has on his conscience.

Alexis assesses that Nikolas believes he did something stupid regarding Elizabeth. He tells her it's not that simple. He felt he owed his friend after she got shot by Lisle Obrecht because of him, so he let her stay with him only to have her promptly move out as soon as she was healed and didn't need his help. Alexis tells her nephew he needs to “get over himself”. Not everything is all about him. Maybe Elizabeth has her reasons for moving out of his home. He did choose to propose to Britt and turned Elizabeth down when she was interested in him, but, Nikolas informs his aunt, there is more to it than that. Elizabeth laid down the law to him and told him under no uncertain terms, should the two of them have a future together. And to top that off, Elizabeth is seeing Ric Lansing and ready to get very serious with him. Hearing that, Alexis now no longer minimizes her nephew's pain over his loss.

In the police interrogation room, Anna angrily tells Julian it's really convenient that he suddenly has a “boss's name” to trade to the cops in order for them to exonerate him. He tells her he realizes she may have no reason to believe he's out of the business nor to trust him, but he is, he assures her. If he goes to prison, he will accept that, but the one thing he needs help with regardless of anything else is protection for his son who has been shot. He now has a family and that is his incentive to end his illegal business. He needs protection for them. It’s because he overthrew his boss that his family is being threatened. He can hand over this man to the police if they offer him what he wants. So, he asks Anna, do they have a deal? She replies no.

Tracy has the mistaken idea that Luke is merely planning a surprise honeymoon with her, as Lulu has previously suggested about her father to her stepmother. Tracy still suspects nothing about her husband and now believes the reason for his recent secretive behavior is because he is secretly planning their romantic vacation together. She asks when they're leaving and where they are going. Luke pretends he's as excited as she is although he is clearly not and does not know how to answer her questions.

Ava protests and defends herself to Sonny about the charges he makes. He tells her he knows she murdered the woman he loves, and he will make her pay for it. He yells and admits he's furious and will stop at nothing now that he knows what she did.

Ric shows Elizabeth the watch that she gave him when they were together in 2003. Although she may not remember it, he takes it out of the drawer to read the inscription and remember when they were together years ago. She admits that years ago, they did not have a good thing together because he was not the man he is now. He then affirms that he is no longer going to be dishonorable and attract the wrong things and the wrong people. He wants to be with a good woman like her. He chooses her first and foremost. She affirms to him that she chooses him first and foremost.

When Julian tells Anna that he would like to propose a deal with her if she will believe what he says, she tells him that she is not about to do any such thing. Even if he reveals another criminal to her, it means nothing to her compared to the satisfaction she and Duke will feel when he is behind bars. But Julian seems pretty confident that he can motivate her to reconsider her present decision.

Assuming that Luke is ready to plan their romantic honeymoon, Tracy wants him to reveal everything to her. He “plays along” about how they start with their romantic dinner, although he has no trip planned for them to go anywhere. She admits that there's no reason to pack before having a clue as to where they are going together. She still believes she has the most wonderful husband in the world and that he's deeply devoted to her. He shows her no proof to the contrary until she leaves him alone and unseen in the room.

Kiki talks to Michael at his office about her suspicion and issues with her mom. She is not certain how to reveal to him that her mom slept with his dad, but when he demands she reveals it, she does.

Ava tells Sonny that everybody knows that AJ killed Connie. The police arrested him. It was seen on the surveillance video. Hearing that, Sonny smashes a glass and tells her he knows that AJ got drunk on the night in question, blacked out, and falsely believed he killed Connie. She brainwashed him into believing that. He believed it when he overheard their conversation yet suspected nothing about Ava. He blew AJ away not knowing what really happened.. He was so furious and hell-bent on getting revenge with AJ that he would not listen to his son although Michael urged him not to do anything rash with AJ. And he shot AJ falsely accusing him of murder and refusing to listen. He hated AJ so much, he could not think straight and didn't want to hear or know the truth until it was too late.

After Kiki reveals to Michael that Sonny and Ava slept together, he asks if that is the reason Ava and Morgan broke up. She tells him yes. Ava and Sonny have told everyone that it was only a one time thing. She hasn't a clue the reason why, and she asked Morgan not to tell Michael. She knew how devastated Michael was over AJ's death so she thought she had to protect him. He then tells her that this is the second lie she's told him after the lie about hiding Franco. He then affirms to her that he wants them to be honest with each other regardless of how undesirable or “unsexy” the truth may be. He doesn't want any more lies. She tells him she is sorry and promises not to withhold the truth from him anymore. She then remarks that she was an idiot assuming that he'd get all freaked out to find out about his dad and her mom, but he's handling it very calmly she tells him. They do both wonder, however, what this “thing” is between Sonny and Ava. They are keeping a secret and in cahoots about something. Yet nobody knows what that is.

Ava tells Sonny she understands he wants revenge, but there is another way to get that besides killing her. He can turn the recording over to the police. She might go to prison. But it's better than dying. He then asks her if Connie had that choice before she murdered her. Connie died a slow and agonizing death because of Ava. And now he is going to return the favor.

Scott admits to Anna that he has offered Julian full immunity. She asks why on earth he would do that. She knows the only reason is because if Julian goes to trial, he can implicate Scott for his own illegal behaviors and incompetence as DA. In response to that, Scott tells her sticks and stones. She reminds him that Julian has broken the law repeatedly and has to be brought to justice. He tells her that Julian also has the means to tell them all about his boss, so that they can put this guy away. Julian remains silent during their conversation. Scott then turns to him and asks what he's got.

Alexis discusses with Nikolas that Julian is still afraid to reveal the identity of his former boss.

At the police station, Julian gets on the computer and is ready to reveal to Anna and Scott just what his boss's “alias” is. And it looks like he's revealing something very “noteworthy” to them.

Nikolas tells Alexis that since Julian has not revealed who his boss is, she might want to consider that it could be Ric. Ric has had a history of wanting to take down his brother. And knowing that Julian is another enemy of Sonny's, that would make sense. But, Alexis is asking Nikolas if he just wants to get Ric in trouble and make himself the hero in order to win Elizabeth back. Nikolas admits he has his own reasons to suspect that Ric could be Julian's former boss. But yes. He does miss Elizabeth and does want her back.

Kiki wants for Michael to put his work aside and” enjoy” being with her. To get him to take his eyes off his computer, Kiki removes her shirt and throws it in his lap. Not needing any more encouragement, Michael reaches over and begins to kiss her. Then he carries her to the couch, and they have sex in his office.

When Sonny points the gun at Ava, she urges him to stop and tells him he needs to realize he doesn't know what he is doing. He tells her he knows exactly what he is doing. She took Connie's life, and she stole AJ's life from him. She made Sonny betray his son. AJ died after being falsely accused. There are no more lies. He is seeing everything clearly now, but she tells him he doesn't know everything. There is still something he does not know.

Ric and Elizabeth are having their intimate encounter.

Scott knows he has to negotiate with Julian. He may believe it can enable Julian to give the cops and DA what they want, but he also knows he must do it in order to save his own skin with what Julian knows about him.

Alone, Luke is on the phone ordering a travel agent to plan his “honeymoon with the ball and chain” to a very special place, so that Tracy will continue to suspect nothing. Julian comes by and tells him he will only be a minute. His deal is very clear. As long as Luke agrees to leave Julian's family alone, Julian will continue to work for him. Luke seems at least somewhat content with that. But, Julian reminds him, he gave the police commissioner and DA the name of an innocent man who is not Luke for them to arrest and believe was his boss.

Ric and Elizabeth are together in bed affirming their commitment to each other. Out of nowhere, he gets a knock on the door from Anna ordering him to open up. When he opens the door, a load of cops barge in and arrest him while Elizabeth cowers under the covers looking stunned.

Nikolas admits to Alexis that a part of him will always love Elizabeth. But even with that aside, he has reason to have suspicions about Ric. He does not trust that guy.

Julian reveals to Luke that he's now implicated Ric Lansing. Luke tells him that's good. But, he tells Julian, he cannot lose sight of their most important mission which is to take down Sonny Corinthos.

When Sonny gets ready to pull the trigger on Ava, she tells him he may go ahead and shoot her. but he must know that her death will not be the only one on his conscience. He asks her what she is talking about and if she is threatening his family. She then tells him he might want to think about Morgan. He asks what this has to do with his son. He knows Morgan is just as angry with her as he is and probably won't have any issues with his dad killing her. But she tells him there is something he does not know about her involvement with his son.

Julian comes by to see Alexis. She is surprised to see him unannounced and so late. He tells he that he wanted to come and let her know that he has now turned in his boss. This guy will no longer cause any trouble for Julian's family or for him. Alexis hugs him and is really happy but needs to know who it is. Julian hesitates to answer that.

While Anna is in the process of arresting Ric, he tells her that he does not work for Julian and is no longer ready to join forces to get Sonny in trouble as everybody still accuses. She asks why, in that case, did Julian name him?

Luke goes to a private institution. It appears that this “Luke” (the sociopathic criminal we see now) is merely a Luke “body double” played by the same actor. The guy locked away in the padded room is the real Luke Spencer that we've always known.

Sonny is ready to pull the trigger on Ava. He asks her what she meant by how this will affect him or Morgan if he kills her. She points his gun toward her belly as she informs him that she is pregnant.

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