GH Update Wednesday 5/28/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/28/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna discusses with Dante that Scott Baldwin has made a serious mistake that could get him in big trouble. He let Julian Jerome escape police custody, and, she reveals to her detective, it appears that he (Dante) has also failed what she considers to be “police protocol”.

Tracy is with Lulu and baby Rocco, and she comments that there is something “not right” about Luke.

Carly is talking to Luke at the Metro court. She also suspects nothing about her uncle, but she's concerned about what happened to her half brother and the fact that nobody has a clue who shot him. He tells her that they need to let Anna Devane to her job. She asks if that is the solution even if it comes to family. He tells her that Bobbie needs them both to be there for her and for Lucas and not “emotional”. He tells her he wouldn't be surprised if it's merely a hate crime since Lucas has nothing to do with illegal operation. It might have nothing to do with his dad, Julian. She wonders if that might be the case and still suspects nothing about Luke. Right then, Franco comes by and asks her if she has spoke to Sonny and “dropped the bombshell” upon him about what Ava has done.

Ava is on Sonny's private island and on her phone while waiting for someone to pick her up and transport her back to Port Charles. After not having heard from anyone about this for a long time, she turns to see Sonny. She is very surprised that he has come all the way to meet her there. She still suspects nothing, but Sonny is clearly not there for a “social call”.

Anna informs Dante that not only is Scott Baldwin in trouble. So is he. He falsely arrested Jordan Ashford. Dante obviously does not know the truth about Jordan, but Anna informs him that they are releasing Jordan from jail. Dante demands to know why on earth they would do that.

Shawn comes by and tells her she is getting released, but he does not appear to be very “proud” of her. He still believes she has worked for Julian and is going down with him for the drug bust.

Alexis comes by to pickup Julian at the police station. She is happy that he has been released but is very surprised that Scott Baldwin has suddenly released him when all the evidence points against him. He tells her that it's a long story and he believes he has been released right in the nick of time.

At the Metro court. Franco talks to Carly and asks her about Sonny's plan now that he has suddenly found out what Ava has done. Right then, Ric Lansing appears and smirks. Carly angrily tells Ric he has a lot of gall showing his face there and staying at her hotel. Franco then admits he has never met this guy. She informs him of all of the dastardly things that Ric has done throughout the time she's known him. Ric comments that compared to the serial killer whom she is dating (with the “track record” that Franco has), his (Ric's) history of wrong doing does not look very noteworthy.

Ric then goes and talks to Luke. Ric, like all the others, suspects nothing of Luke, and in the conversation, it is he who is justifying himself to Luke protesting that he is not the mysterious “enemy boss” who is going after Sonny. He hasn't a clue whom Julian's “former” boss is, but it is not himself.

When Ava sees Sonny making a surprise visit to his private island where he has let her stay, she suspects nothing and smiles as she asks to what she owes this visit. He tells her that maybe the two of them should spend some time alone. She still has no clue what he is about to reveal to her.

Tracy informs Lulu for the first time that Ned has some major suspicions about Luke. One of which is that Luke was going to murder him and make it look like a suicide. Lulu, like Tracy, does not want to believe that her father would do that but wonders why Tracy's son would lie and make up unfounded accusations of Luke. Tracy admits to Lulu that she did take some action to let Ned know that she is marrying Luke whether he likes it or not and giving him control of ELQ. She did that by asking Ned to resign from ELQ. She admits to Lulu that she normally would not believe a word Ned says about Luke, but there is something “not right” about Luke, and it's not the typical behavior of the Luke they have always known. Yes, he has done extended disappearing acts without telling anybody where he is for a long time. Then he appears out of nowhere. That's typical, but this new behavior she sees in Luke is not “right”.

Alexis goes with Julian to see Lucas. She knows that guards and Bobbie suspect Julian, and maybe she can smooth things over with them so that Julian can see his son, but he tells her he is still worried because his son is still in danger, but he's not about to tell her the exact source of the “danger”.

Elizabeth goes to the Metro Court and sees that Ric has planned and prepared a candle light dinner for just the two of them. She is very enchanted and happy that Ric has done all of this for her.

Carly talks to Franco about what the future may be for both of their respective ex's (Sonny and Ava). Sonny now knows that he killed a man for no reason. Not just any man. It was Michael's father, and the last she heard was that Sonny is headed to the island to find Ava and kill her.

At the island, where Ava is awaiting transport to get back home, Sonny does not yet revealed to her what he is about to tell her or do with her. She assumes that maybe he wants a romantic encounter with her, but he blatantly tells her that he “would not bed her with AJ Quartermaine's corpse” after what she did.

Anna tells Dante that they “have to” release Jordan. Her rights were violated. He asks why she'd say that. Anna tells him he did not read Jordan her Miranda rights. Dante still does not understand and still believes that Jordan is a drug peddler. Anna then clarifies to him that she is not. She informs Dante, for the first time, that Jordan is an undercover DEA agent.

Shawn does not know what Jordan is really doing. He wants to find her a good lawyer believing that's all he can do for her, but she knows that she need not be dependent upon that. She still cannot tell him the whole truth about what she is doing, but she tells him after tonight, the cops will have her out of there with an apology for miscarriage of justice.

At the hospital, Julian admits to Alexis that “his boss” is determined to kill someone in his family. Even if they hire extra security for Lucas, this man could go after her or Sam or Danny or anyone. So, he concludes to Alexis, the only solution to this is for him to go back to the organization.

While at the Metro Court, Luke tells Olivia that he knows that both she and Carly would like to remove Ric Lansing from the establishment. She seems to realize he is correct with that. He also knows that Olivia has no more use for Sonny.

Ric and Elizabeth are engaging in their romantic dinner as violins play.

Not far away, Luke asks Olivia what she is waiting for in removing Ric from her restaurant. He knows she has aggression to release, but she admits to Luke that since she and Sonny are over permanently, she is not in a good state of mind and doesn't want to talk about it. She informs Luke, for the first time, that she found out Sonny cheated on her. With Ava Jerome. They are over. Luke urges her to confide in him and talk to him about it.

Sonny asks Ava if she takes him for being an idiot. She tells him of course not. He tells her he knows some things she has done. She asks what he believes she has done. He replies for starters, he knows she shot Olivia.

At the jail cell, Jordan tells Shawn that if “her boss” (Julian) has been cut loose from the organization, she knows she need not be afraid of any more consequences in doing what she has been doing. She tells Shawn whether he approves or not, she has a job to do and she is not going to be prevented from doing it.

Dante asks Anna if somebody might be holding against him the fact that he is Sonny's kid. She tells him the issue with Jordan has nothing to do with that. She tells him that as soon as this case is solved, he will be exonerated and his record will be cleared. She tells him she knows he is an excellent cop. He tells her that they must know that with Julian's track record, they have more than enough evidence to put him away, but, Anna informs Dante, for the first time, that is just the issue. Julian is no longer in the illegal business. He has a boss who is importing the drugs and who is responsible for the death threats of Julian's family and the whole nine yards. That is what she and Jordan are trying to uncover, but they have yet to find out exactly whom this (former) boss of Julian is, and that's what they need Jordan to find out for them.

Lulu tells Tracy that she bets that the reason why her father is acting very strange and secretive around Tracy is because he's planning a private honeymoon surprise for Tracy. Tracy asks her stepdaughter if she knows that with certainty. Lulu tells Tracy that her dad has not actually come out and told her that. She is not 100% certain, but knowing her dad, she is almost positive that is the case. She saw him in the park meeting with a “travel agent” (as Luke told her when she saw him with his hit man), and she's thereby able to convince Tracy she has no cause for suspicion.

Luke is at the Metro Court, telling Olivia what a beautiful awesome and sexy woman she is, and how she should not be depressed or upset about Sonny. If he's going to cheat on her, she could definitely do better than Sonny.

Ava protests to Sonny that he needs to know that she is not unlike him. She and he are both determined to protect their children. She intended to shoot Franco. She was worried that he would bond with Kiki and she could not let that happen. Does he not understand and agree that people like Franco are a threat to both of their families?. She asks Sonny to tell her she is wrong. He does not talk and admits that she “got him there." But it's not as complicated as that. Regarding what accidentally happened to Olivia, she protests that she did not know him or Olivia very well back then. She would never hurt him or anyone who means anything to him. They are friends and she does not intend to screw him over, but while he hears that, he becomes increasingly agitated, and he tells her not another word out of her lying dirty nasty mouth.

Alexis affirms to Julian that she can't let him live in fear of his boss. She and the family are all there for him, and he needs to know that she loves him. Little does she know what is going on in his mind and regarding whom.

At the Metro Court, Luke is once again able to “work his magic” with Olivia. She also suspects nothing when he encourages her to be confident in her future. She remarks that she was mesmerized by how he proposed to Tracy at the Nurses' Ball. She is very inspired by his good energy and has complete trust of him, and she almost lets him kiss her, but then she runs into Carly. They talk about Sonny, Morgan and Ava, and Olivia is surprised to find out that Carly is unaware that Morgan and Ava broke up, because she slept with Sonny.

Ava protests to Sonny that she covered for him when he shot AJ, so that he could get away with it. He yells at her to stop lying and tells her they both know why she did it.

As Shawn is talking to Jordan while she's in the jail cell, Dante and uniform cops come to spring her loose and let her out of jail. Shawn hasn't a clue as to why.

Upstairs, Anna is on her phone confirming to her source that Jordan has been released as has Julian. Julian comes in and tells her he needs to talk to her. He knows she does not want to, but this is urgent.

Tracy then finds Luke and tells him he need not be “coy”. She knows why he's been avoiding her and acting weird. He's been planning the honeymoon of a lifetime. She smiles at him, but he is not content.

Elizabeth and Ric are together and kissing and she wants to go home with him.

Inside the Metro Court, Carly and Franco find out for the first time that Sonny slept with Ava. Olivia remarks that it's enough to turn anyone's stomach. Carly then remembers her most recent conversation with Sonny where he did not come out and admit that but revealed he had some sort of “relationship” with Ava, and there was “something” that caused him to be devastated to learn that she betrayed him.

Ava “calmly” tells Sonny that maybe she was careless but did not mean to harm Olivia. Also, she did not pull the trigger to put AJ in a coma. He tells her he knows that she killed Connie, and he looks at her with cold fury.

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