GH Update Tuesday 5/27/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/27/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina is now able to go back into the pre-mature infant ICU to see her premature baby boy. She seems no longer worried and very confident that hers and Patrick’s baby is going to be ok.  Right then, she notices Patrick and Emma from outside the window, waving and smiling.

Not far away at the hospital, Elizabeth finds Cameron coming to visit with an origami invitation (one of those fortune telling games that children make with the numbers on it). She opens it and reads it. She assumes that Cameron is asking to have dinner with his mom but finds that somewhat odd since they have dinner just about every night. Cameron clarifies with a grin that it did not come from him. Right behind Cameron, Ric appears and reveals that he has asked Cameron to be his “messenger” to ask Elizabeth out to dinner.

Lulu's at Kelly's with Rocco when Dante arrives, late.  They discuss Lucas' shooting and can't imagine who would want him dead.  Dante and Lulu haven't a clue how it could happen. Lulu remarks she does not know who would want to threaten Lucas. Her cousin is sweet and has no enemies.

Meanwhile, Luke is inside his unconscious nephew's room, ready to suffocate him.  Right behind him, Julian arrives, knowing what Luke is about to do and is ready to stop him. A cop, standing guard outside, tries to prevent him from going inside, recognizing that he should be in jail and doesn't have authorization to visit Luas.  Julian explains impatiently that he was bailed out and that the cop should call the DA to find out the details. He pushes past the cop just in time to stop Luke from killing Lucas by squeezing his air tube.

Carly goes to see Sonny and is ready to play the tape for him to reveal that Ava killed Connie and AJ has been falsely accused. Yet she knows she cannot turn the tape over to the cops because it will also implicate Sonny for shooting AJ. Hearing Carly telling him that but not hearing the recorded conversation between Ava and AJ, Sonny does not buy that. He asks his ex wife if that's a joke. He happens to know that AJ murdered Connie. Connie told him and wrote AJ's initials with her blood. He trusts Ava and believes she would have no motive to kill Connie, but Carly clarifies that when Connie wrote AJ in her blood before she died, (which everyone believed up until now meant that AJ killed her), that was not the case. She reminds him that AJ also stands for Ava Jerome. Sonny still does not believe that it makes sense to accuse Ava of murdering Connie, but Carly is about to tell him that it does make sense and she can prove it.

Kiki calls her mom on the phone while Ava is “vacationing” on Sonny's private island. She is a bit suspicious as to why her mom is staying there. She asks if it has something to do with Ava's secrets regarding Uncle Julian.

At Kelly's, Lulu tells her husband she has a confession for him.

When Sabrina sees Emma from outside the window of the maternity ward, she rushes out and hugs her “almost would-be” step daughter. Emma is happy to see her and has flowers for her and a stuffed animal for her baby brother. Emma asks her dad and Sabrina what her little brother's name is. Patrick admits that the baby actually does not have a name. Emma asks why not. She knows that people name babies before they are born, but Sabrina explains that hers' and Patrick's baby came so quickly that they were not thinking about naming him so soon. Patrick concludes that he thinks his daughter is right that it's time to name her little brother.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asks Cameron to let her talk to Ric alone. She privately tells Ric he's shameless to be putting her son up to being his messenger, but she is happy to accept his invitation for a dinner date. She assumes that they can just go to Kelly's as they have many times before, but he tells her that he had somewhere a little more special and upscale in mind than Kelly's for them to go.

The cop still tries to argue with Julian, but Luke then peeks his head out from inside the door of Lucas' hospital room and calmly tells the cp[ that “this gentleman is my nephew's father”. The officer comments that Julian is also a known criminal. Still suspecting nothing about Luke, the officer listens and follows Luke's request to offer Julian “permission” to see his son. Inside Lucas' room, when they are out of earshot, Luke smugly reminds Julian that his son cannot hear a word he says so there's no point in trying to talk to him. Julian furiously reminds Luke it's because of him that Lucas is in this hospital bed.

On the phone to her mom, Kiki inquires just what Ava is “doing with” Sonny Corinthos. She knows they slept together and would like to know why, but Ava is obviously not about to reveal the answer to that question to her daughter.

When Sonny finds out, for the first time, that Ava killed Connie and not AJ, he is shocked and stunned. He then puts two and two together remembering that AJ tried to tell him that Ava killed Connie but he would not listen. He pulled the trigger on AJ and blew him away before AJ had the chance to tell him the truth that he needed to know. He realizes now that he killed an innocent man. Carly is with him trying to console him but knows this is not going to be “easy”. He tells Carly he did hate AJ but knows that Michael loved him. Michael asked him to make a promise to not do what he could not promise to refrain from doing because he believed that AJ did, in fact kill Connie. He's lied to his son wanting to save Michael from what could hurt him if he believed his one dad killed his other, but Sonny also knows he only covered his own rear-end. Now he knows that AJ has been falsely accused of murder, and he has been “had” believing and trusting the real murderer.

Kiki reveals to her mom she knows she (Ava) slept with Sonny whether Ava wants to admit it or not. So she needs to know why. What type of secret does Ava have with Sonny?

Sonny assesses to Carly that he was incapable of knowing that Ava has been setting him up. She used their mutual secret (only he and Ava “knew” that he killed AJ) in order to manipulate and set him up, and he was an idiot not to know all the lies and scams and manipulation Ava has been doing all this while. Carly is then concerned about her ex husband blaming himself for what he has now discovered.

Emma tells her daddy and Sabrina that maybe they should name the baby “early”. Patrick wonders if “Early Santiago” is the right name. Sabrina tells Emma she doesn't want to name him that. She tells Emma she was considering naming her baby Gabriella if it was a girl, but she had not come up with any ideas of names for a boy.

At Kelly's, Lulu admits to Dante that while he was away, she has been scheduling appointments for surgery so that maybe she could get pregnant and have a baby of their own.

In Lucas' hospital room, Luke reminds Julian that even if he is incapable of murdering Lucas, he can go after Alexis or Sam or Danny or many others in Julian's life. Now that he knows Julian has this new family, Luke now has an entire “plethora” of targets he can go after. Julian tells Luke he may think he has the upper hand with Julian, but Julian knows he can ruin Luke's entire plan if he turns Luke in. Luke reminds him that he did, in fact, have a conversation with Alexis where she told him she intends to turn Julian's “big bad boss man” in. Luke then tells Julian even if he manages to send Luke to prison, Luke can still have Julian's loved-ones murdered. Julian reminds Luke that his loved-ones are innocent. Even Anna Devane knows that Alexis, Sam, Lucas and baby Danny have nothing to do with and cannot pay for his and Luke's crimes, and the cops can protect his family regardless of what they think of him.

At the hospital, Ric is ready to plan his date with Elizabeth.

Not far away, Sabrina tells Emma that she thinks a good name for a baby boy is Gabriel. In Spanish that means inner strength. Both Emma and Patrick affirm that they like that name. Emma then asks what his middle name will be. Sabrina tells her that maybe she can give the baby his middle name after her. Emma asks if a boy should have the middle name Emma. Sabrina admits no. She wants her baby boy's middle name to be Drake in honor of Emma and her daddy. So, she announces Gabriel Drake Santiago. They all smile.

Kiki asks her mom, yet again, just what is up with her (Ava) having sex with Michael and Morgan's dad. It's not like she's dating Sonny or that they've even been friends. Sonny is seeing Olivia and has ruined his relationship by cheating on her. She knows that Ava has been sleeping with Morgan, and why now with his dad? Ava cannot quite answer that to her daughter. She wants Kiki to believe that it was just a “one time thing” with Sonny, but, she concludes, she believes that she and Sonny are “on pretty decent terms”. Little does she know.

When Sonny discovers what Carly proves to him with the taped conversation, she reminds him that Ava is evil and very clever; he had no way of knowing what she intended to do. He asks why she has not turned this tape over to the cops. She admits that if she did that, there would also be proof that he shot AJ and the cops would send him to prison. He realizes that is true, but when he is silent, Carly asks her ex husband just what he plans to do with this new and shocking information. Sonny admits he's going to kill Ava. Hearing that, Carly admits she's a bit concerned knowing he's serious (not only about homicide, but also knowing all too well Sonny's current state of mind to have learned that he's been betrayed). She urges him to be careful and assures him that she has his back.

While on the phone with Kiki, Ava assures her daughter that things are going to be alright between them and life will be good when she gets back to her home, her family and the people she believes are her friends.

At the hospital, Emma informs Patrick and Sabrina that she is scheduled for a “play date” with Cameron. Later, Sabrina and Patrick talk to baby Gabriel about how much they love him. They share a bonding moment.

While with Lulu and baby Rocco, Dante gets a sudden call from Anna informing him that Scott Baldwin has (illegally) let Julian Jerome out of jail.  After discussing the situation with Lulu, he leaves to get to the station.

Julian is determined to risk everything to protect his family (and especially Lucas, at this point) from Luke, but Luke is already free with nobody suspecting anything about him, and with complete authorization to go into Lucas' room whenever he wants. Luke “calmly” reminds him that all of his troubles will end if he simply comes back and works as Luke's employee. All will be forgiven. He asks Julian to think about that and adds menacingly that he really likes Lucas as he walks out the door.

Elizabeth and Ric discuss having a big romantic dinner. Ric takes Cameron and Elizabeth to the park, telling her that he plans to leave them after that with Audrey, so that later, they can have their big date. He tells her to just be ready when he sends a car as he gets on the elevator with the kids.  She smiles at how he's being mysterious.

Carly looks at a photo of Connie and Sonny in his office. She remarks to herself that maybe Connie can rest in peace now that Sonny knows the truth.

Ava phones Sonny, telling him that she's all packed up and ready to return to Port Charles, but she asks him why no one is there to bring her back, as Sonny has previously promised her would be the case. She looks up and Sonny is standing there, smiling his disarming smile.

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