GH Update Friday 5/23/14

General Hospital Update Friday 5/23/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Franco return home and she calls to her mom and to Lucas. But they are not there. She plays her answering machine and hears Anna's voice telling her the same message, that she knows Carly did not hand over AJ's phone to the cops and has fled town. And Anna won't let her get away with it. But when Franco hears the message and sees that Carly still does not intend to respond, he asks her why she does not want to let the cops know that Ava shot AJ.

Anna is back at the station when Scott Baldwin comments that he sees she has finally arrested Julian Jerome. Yet there are obviously still some major issues that the police department is responsible for.

Sonny is alone in his office missing Olivia. He calls and leaves a message for her urging her to forgive him and call him back. Shawn enters and Sonny remarks the next phone message he was going to leave was for him. He asks how TJ is now that he's found out the shocking information that his mom is peddling drugs for Julian.

Both Julian and Jordan are in jail and in adjoining cells. He does not know why she is really there however, He yells at her that it was her fault that this has happened. He did not want her to get involved with the drug deal nor to get them both arrested. She says nothing. He has to get out of there because his son is in danger. And he blames her.

Luke then goes to the hospital to see Lucas who is in a coma after getting shot, although medical staff tell Luke he cannot go in there.

While in jail, Jordan demands that Julian tells her whom his anonymous boss is who put him up to doing what he does not want to do. She knows that he is worried. She wants to help him and is on the same side. She knows what happened to his son is because of Julian defying this person. But he still won't tell her who his former boss is. Who would believe him if he admitted it was Luke anyway? He tells her because of this whole slimy operation that she now chooses to work for, his son got hurt. She tells him so did hers'. The guards inform her she has a visitor. It's TJ

Sonny concludes with Shawn that what happened to Jordan and to TJ is not cool. But at least, now that Julian is in custody and no longer in power, it's safe for Ava to return to Port Charles. Shawn informs him, however, that it may not be that simple.

When Franco asks Carly why she can't turn the tape over to the cops so that Ava can go to prison for killing Connie, she tells him if they do that, then Ava will more than likely tell the cops that Sonny initially shot AJ. Carly does not want that to happen.

Lucy attempts to win Kevin's forgiveness and for their marriage to resume. She invites him to Kelly's and wants to have a dinner, talk and resolve their issues. But he cannot forgive her for sleeping with Scott Baldwin and lying about it.

When Scott remarks to Anna that she may not be as smart as she thinks she is with police work, she reminds him that he has slept with a married woman and made himself a public disgrace. He asks her to stay out of his personal life and wants to know what the status is with Julian going to prison and if they have found Lucas Jones' assailant. She admits they still don't know who is responsible for the shooting of Lucas and threats to Julian and his family.

Luke goes to see an unconscious Lucas and tells him he did not mean this to happen to him. It's his father's fault. And unfortunately, Lucas has to die in order for Luke to make the message clear to Julian that he better not jump ship or cross Luke. Luke calmly and robotically assesses the fact that since there is a cop right outside in the hallway, shooting him with a gun is out of the question. But he sees that Lucas is “almost there” anyway, it can't be that difficult. So Luke grabs a breathing tube and attempts to “do the deed” to motivate Julian by killing his son. But before he can do that, Bobbie enters to see her son and asks her brother what he is doing. Bobbie (like all the others) suspects nothing about Luke. She hugs her brother and graciously thanks him for coming. He asks how Lucas is doing and whether he's going to make it. She tells him by some miracle the bullet missed Lucas' heart so her son and Luke's nephew is going to be ok. He appears to be very grateful and happy but is clearly not. She's worried, however, that the shooter has not been found and needs some answers. Little does she know that all the answers are right in front of her with her brother.

Julian tells the jail guard that they have the legal obligation to let him make one phone call. His son has been shot. If they don't let him exercise his legal right to make the call, he can file a lawsuit against the jail and the cops. So why can't the guard let him go upstairs to make the call in order to prevent that from happening.?

Scott Baldwin asks Anna what the police intend to do with the fact that a shooter came out of nowhere whom nobody can identify who shot Lucas and escaped. If this guy shot Julian's son to exercise vengeance upon Julian, then we need to look at Julian's obvious enemies. Sonny Corinthos is probably the suspect who might do something like that in order to send a warning to Julian. She knows that is not true. Yet she does not know what to tell Scott about the secret information she now has that only she and Jordan know.

Carly tells Franco that she cannot let Sonny get implicated for the shooting of AJ. But he asks her why she does not want to nail Ava as he does. She then tells him that giving the recording to the cops is not their only option for doing that. She wants to first place the tape for Sonny to hear for himself.

TJ goes to the jail to see his mom. He tells her that he no longer wants to drive and appreciate the car that his mom gave him knowing how she was able to pay for it. He no longer wants any presents or gestures from that woman now that he knows who she really is.

Shawn tells Sonny that there may be a “slight issue” with letting Ava come back to Port Charles. And he can tell Sonny something he does not know about Ava.

In the jail cell, unable to tell her son what she is really doing, Jordan protests to TJ that she knows he loves his car and she can't let him give it up. She wishes she could tell him what is really going on and attempts to communicate with him in a desperate attempt to put his mind at ease. But he is furious and feels betrayed. He tells her that throughout his life, he remembers her lecturing him against drugs. He believes that she was a legitimate law abiding citizen and he was so proud of all of her accomplishments. But now he knows she's a criminal, drug dealer and liar.

Julian finally gets upstairs and tells Scott Baldwin and Anna Devane that he demands they let him call the hospital to find out about his son. Anna tells Scott that Mr. Jerome may make his call and then needs to go back to his cell.. But as soon as Julian is alone with Scott, he tells him he needs to talk to him privately about something very important.

At Kelly's, Kevin tells Lucy that because of her, he is a laughing stock. He cannot go out in public. He has been a respected psychiatrist yet has lost many patients and his practice is in jeopardy because of this public disgrace and people no longer respect him. How can he help others with their problems when his own life is a joke? She cries and pleads that she is so sorry for what has happened and she wants to make it up to him. But he tells her the only reason he has agreed to meet her is to tell her he is ready to file for divorce.

While Lucas is in the hospital room and unconscious, Bobbie expresses to Luke that she is very worried that some stranger came out of nowhere to attempt to kill her son. That guy is still out there. She doesn't know what his association, if any, with Julian is. Luke goes outside and sees an angry Alexis. He tells her that she needs to wake up and see what kind of human being Julian is. He is responsible for his own son almost getting killed. Alexis angrily clarifies to Luke that it's not Julian's fault. Julian has nothing to do with the drug business or any of this. The person to blame for what happened to Lucas is the son of a bitch whom Julian has worked for. Little does she know that she is talking to him right then and there.

Shawn informs Sonny for the first time that when Olivia got shot months ago, Ava was the shooter.

When Kevin lays down the law to Lucy and tells her he wants a divorce, she emotionally tells him he cannot mean that. He tells her he does mean that. He no longer wants to be married to her. End of story. But she pleads, telling him that he ought to know, being a shrink that when one is angry, as he is, it's not the time to make a decision like that. He needs time to really think about that. He can't throw away their marriage just because she made one mistake. He tells her appearing on stage for everyone to see, in her underwear, revealing that she has been having sex with Scott Baldwin is a little more than a “mistake”. He knows this is not the first time she's done this with Scott. And Scott is not the only man she's messed around with. Yet all this while, he was too stupid to know that. He's done with her and would only like for her to honestly admit whether she is in love with Scott Baldwin.

Julian talks to Scott Baldwin in the interrogation room. They reveal that Scott might be motivated to believe he “owes” Julian since Julian helped get him elected. But Scott firmly believes and lets Julian know that Julian is guilty of a major drug shipment and the DA's department is going to nail him. Because if it, Lucas got shot by an unidentified and uncaught shooter. Julian furiously tells Scott that he has to get out of this jail so that he can protect his son. Scott tells Julian that is not going to happen because Julian has committed a serious crime. But Julian tells Scott if Scott won't help him, he will find a way to get someone to do what he needs in order to save his family. Julian reminds Scott that he can reveal information he knows about Scott doing illegal business and ruin Scott if Scott doesn't let him get out. He tells Scott he better let him out so he can see his son.

Jordan attempts to explain to her son what she has been doing from the time his father died and she sent him to live with Shawn. She tells him she hit rock bottom and got in trouble. He sounds like he is sensitive to his mom's hardship. But he asks her why, if illegal business, drug usage, drug abuse and drug trafficking has gotten her in such terrible trouble in the past, why has she kept doing it.

Shawn reveals to Sonny that he found out that Ava shot Olivia. The reason he has not told Sonny sooner is because Ava warned him if he did, then she would reveal to the cops that Sonny shot AJ to put him in the coma. And that's the secret Sonny knows can never come out.

Carly tells Franco that Ava can ruin Sonny if the taped conversation gets to the cops. He then tells her he will let her do what she sees fit in order to protect her family. But he has to know if anybody besides Spinelli has access to conversation on AJ's phone. She tells him most likely not. He then admits he has a plan.

When Luke talks to Alexis about the “consequences” of Julian defying his boss, he tells her that maybe if she goes after “Julian's boss”, something could happen to Sam or to her. Yet she is determined to find and prosecute this mysterious person who threatened Julian and got his son shot. But Luke persuades Alexis to stay with Bobbie while he goes in to be with Lucas. Alexis still suspects nothing about Luke and calmly apologizes for yelling at him previously. And she agrees to do what he asks, leaving him alone with Lucas.

Kevin tells Lucy it's a simple question. Does she love Scott? She admits she does but tells him she loves him also. Doesn't he know of patients he counsels and others that could love two people? He doesn't tell them all to get a divorce just because of that, does he? He tells her not necessarily when he hears it from a patient. But she is not his patient. This is his marriage. He is done with it. And that is the end of that. She can't accept that but he is very adamant about ending their marriage.

Sonny tells Shawn he is not surprised that Ava threatened to get him busted for AJ's murder if Shawn did not do what she wanted. But he knows that her shooting Olivia was an accident. So he does not really suspect Ava nor believe she is their enemy. Carly enters and tells them this is an urgent matter which she needs to talk to Sonny privately about. This is something she absolutely knows he wants to hear about. And she gives him the tape from AJ's phone to play.

Jordan urges her son to know that she loves him and would do anything for him. But he tells her if that is true she has a really strange way of showing this and he does not know her anymore. He leaves. Alone in her cell, she cries unable to do anything to resolve this with her son.

Scott then concludes he has no choice except to grant Julian's request to go to the hospital and see his son.

Franco knows how to remove the part about Sonny shooting AJ from the tape, goes to the police station and gives Anna the part that only implicates Ava, so that Anna suspects nothing.

Carly bursts into Sonny's office, while he's talking to Shawn about Ava. And she tells him she has something urgent to show him. And she gives him AJ's phone to play the recording he wants to hear.

At Kelly's, after Kevin tells Lucy their marriage is over, she runs out very upset. And who does she run into? Scott is there. He wants to talk to her and comfort her. But she fights him and tells him to leave her alone. It's because of him that her marriage is over. But he is determined not to let her go. And she ends up crying in his arms while he consoles her.

Luke successfully gets Alexis and Bobbie to leave and have no clue what he intends to do while Lucas lies in his hospital room unconscious.

Anna goes down to privately talk to Jordan who is still in her cell. Jordan angrily reminds her that she is sacrificing her only child just so that she can find out who is calling the shots for Julian Jerome. Anna tells her she knows. Anna is able to see that Julian has disappeared. She demands to know why he is not back in his cell.

Luke is alone in Lucas' room ready to “finish the job” to “motivate” Julian. And Julian arrives right outside his son's room knowing what Luke is about to do.

Carly is ready to play the tape for Sonny.

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