GH Update Thursday 5/22/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/22/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny looks at the picture of himself and Connie when they were engaged. Before she was tragically killed. And wouldn't you know that is right when he is talking on the phone to Ava, assuring her it's safe to come back home because Julian is now out of the picture. Duke walks in and asks Sonny what is up, not entirely encouraged by the situation the way it appears Sonny is.

Alexis goes to the station with Julian while the cops are ready to throw the book at him and have him put away for a long time. He argues, protests and demands they get their hands off of him. They are not intimidated by him, as they are convinced he is a criminal whom they can prosecute and put away. Alexis tells him he needs to keep his mouth shut and let her do her job if he wants to beat the charges. It appears she might not be any more confident that Julian has reformed his ways than they are.

In the park, Luke knows he has to murder Harry. Harry might not be entirely “loyal” to him in helping him get away with his crimes. So he blows him away, shooting him several times with a silencer on his gun. Again, he appears to have no conscience and no remorse for murdering a man in cold blood.

Anna goes to arrest Jordan, certain that she is part of the illegal operation. But Jordan confidently tells Anna she doesn't want to do that. The cops have nothing on her. She is there to arrest the drug peddlers and criminals. She can do it better without police interference. And Anna is ruining her entire cover.

TJ however is devastated believing his mom has betrayed him and is a criminal just as Shawn has told him. He meets with Molly and she can tell he is very upset. He tells her he found out something about his mother. She asks what happened to his mother. He replies it's not what happened to her. It's about what she did. He asks if they can go somewhere to talk privately and informs Molly that his mom just gotten busted for drugs. Hearing that, Molly tells TJ there must be some kind of mistake as she knows his mother would never do that. Everybody knows she is a respected manager of an art gallery. But he tells her that his mom has been lying to him for many years and it's true that she is involved in drugs.

When Jordan informs Anna that she is an undercover drug agent, Anna tells her that anybody who tells her that must take her for being pretty stupid. She knows that is the perfect thing for drug lords to tell cops. And if Jordan was in fact an undercover agent, why hasn't Anna heard about that as she is the police chief and a former undercover agent herself? Jordan replies the reason it has not been brought to the police's attention is because of Duke Lavery working for Sonny.

Sonny is with Duke and confident that they have achieved a much awaited and well deserved victory. So, he tells him, this calls for a celebration. But, Duke informs Sonny, the reason he went to see him was to inform him he can no longer work for Sonny and his organization.

When Sam goes with Silas to the hospital to make sure Lucas is ok, they are not presently worried about her brother's life as much as how he got shot in the first place. Before they can continue their conversation, a mysterious unidentified many gets brought in. The paramedics tell Silas that this guy is probably as good as dead. He has been shot and was found alone in the park . Silas first assumes he's a criminal who may have gotten shot by the cops. But, because the man is Luke's previous hit man, Harry, Sam can tell that it was not the cops who shot him. He might have been the person who shot Lucas. But the question is who shot him?

Luke returns to the Quartermaine house through the window. Ned observes him and suspiciously interrogates him wondering where he's been. He does not believe that Luke has been out looking for jobs, he tells him. Luke tells Ned he better lay off and leave him alone if Ned knows what is good for him.

From outside Kelly's, Ric observes Molly and TJ talking and can see that his daughter is involved in her boyfriend's problems. He wants to be there for his daughter. But Elizabeth is not far away and assures Ric that he need not worry about Molly. She has a good head on her shoulders and he has a lot to be proud of regarding his daughter. He reflects that whenever Molly sees someone hurting, she wears the hurt on her sleeve. He really is serious about reforming his ways and to be good dad to his daughter. He will do it no matter what Alexis says.

Alexis is with Julian trying to figure out what to do. She is willing to represent him as his lawyer but is less then entirely convinced that he is innocent and has not lied to her about reforming his ways. And she is suspicious that he still cannot or will not tell her whom his “boss” is.

Luke is alone in the house with Ned. He knows that Ned suspects something from him. He might very well be able to prove it. So Luke pulls the gun on Ned, making it clear that he won't hesitate to kill him.

Jordan tells Anna that she (Anna) might have her own problems. Her relationship with Duke may compromise her position as police commissioner. She tells Anna that maybe she trusts Duke. But she needs to know that the police force might not trust Anna. And that might be the reason why she has not been informed about Jordan's new position and many other things. Hearing that, Anna reveals that she is not entirely confident of what Duke is secretly doing and the fact that he’s working with Sonny.

Duke tells Sonny that he and Anna have had a lot of conflicts of interest. She has had some issues trusting him. He has had some issues and a major dilemma on his hands about whether to offer loyalties to Sonny and his organization or to offer it to Anna. So he has to give Sonny his resignation. Sonny tells Duke he does have a problem with Duke making that decision. And we can only wonder if Sonny is going to react the same way to Duke jumping ship with him as Luke has with Julian.

Nathan goes to the hospital to investigate the shooting of Lucas. He asks Sam if her brother has any enemies. She tells him she knows this is a professional hit and probably has something to do with somebody who has adversity with hers' and Lucas' mutual' “former” mob boss father. Hearing that, Nathan asks if maybe somebody working for Sonny ordered the hit on Lucas. She can't answer that and admits she does not know.

Duke tells Sonny he has no personal hard feelings. He has enjoyed working with Sonny and is still his friend. He hopes they can sever their professional relationship amicably. But Sonny tells him that might pose a problem. And we can only wonder what that means.

Anna is then alone on her phone furiously telling someone they have betrayed her. This has nothing to do with her or with Duke Lavery. She is angry and throws her phone. And while Jordan is overhearing that everything is confirmed that she is right about what she is telling Anna, she asks Anna if the handcuffs can come off. Anna removes them and tells Jordan if she has any issues, she needs to take that up with whomever she works for. She protests to Jordan that she and her police force have certainly accomplished something. She headed the investigation to nail Julian Jerome once and for all and they've now succeeded but putting Julian into custody. But Jordan informs Anna that is not the way of it. What Anna does not realize is that Julian is not the man they want.

Luke fearlessly and shamelessly holds the gun on Ned and is not afraid to kill him right then and there. Ned tells Luke that if he kills him in the living room of Tracy's home, Luke will not get away with it. But Luke is very confident that nobody will know that Ned is gone nor care. They might assume and conclude that Ned has taken his own life and suspect nothing. Ned tells Luke (very surprised that this is happening, even for what he knows and believes about Luke) that this is insane. Nobody would believe that Ned killed himself. But Luke reminds his stepson that nobody cares about him anymore. The family has gotten on with their lives without him. Luke knows he can pull it off. And right when Luke is holding the gun on Ned and ready to pull the trigger, Tracy walks in. She is stunned and demands Luke tells her what on earth he is doing. Ned tells his mom that Luke was going to kill him. Luke chuckles and tells her of course not. He bought this gun because he needs to protect himself, herself and the entire house from criminals, thieves and murderers. She needs to know that this house in not entirely safe got shot right in this very living room. Luke explains to Tracy that while he was out all day working he came home and saw someone in the living room and did not expect to see Ned. It was dark so he could not see that the “would-be intruder” was his annoying stepson. So he pointed the gun not knowing. Once again, Tracy buys Luke's story, hook line and sinker. And Ned protests to his mom that she needs to know that Luke is lying and that Luke intended to murder him in cold blood. But Tracy does not buy that.

At the police station, when Julian protests to Alexis that he has no more involvement in the illegal business and is not trafficking drugs, she makes it clear that she odes not entirely trust him.

Sam and Silas attempt to brainstorm with Nathan about just who might be the head of the organization and might have had motive to kill Julian or his family.

Outside Kelly's, Ric assures Elizabeth that he has had ties to the mob in the past. But it was right when Anthony Zacchara was ready to take over Sonny, Ric saw an opportunity to take his brother down. She asks why he did not do it at that point. He tells her it was right then and there that he knew he had to clean up his act for Molly and for his own future.

Molly listens and offers TJ support. He tells her that thorough his life, he could always count on his mom, like nobody else, to be the most morally correct and law abiding person he knew. That is what he always believed. He trusted her more than anyone. And now this has happened. This is too much to process. She hugs him while he cries on her shoulder.

Jordan informs and explains to Anna that she (herself) and her organization knew about the specifics of how Julian has been doing illegal business for a long time. They were one of the first to know that he was falsifying his identity as Derek Wells. Remembering that nobody in Port Charles, including the police, had a clue until it was too late, that Julian is alive and posing as Derek, Anna listens. Jordan talks about how they've found out that Julian himself has done illegal and unethical business with his family up until now. But Julian has nothing to do with the drug trafficking and probably never did have involvement with drugs.. Julian has a boss. “Someone” has been calling the shots with him, Jordan explains. There is a silent partnership where not even Julian's employees know whom this person is. She admits she has yet to find out the identity of Julian's boss. Anna listens and asks how that could happen with nobody ever finding out and how is it that only Julian knows the identity of his boss. Jordan tells Anna that she and her organization were about to uncover and identify everything. But thanks to Anna's attempted drug bust, that has been ruined. Anna protests to Jordan that it doesn't have to be that way. Yet she is attentively listening and believing everything Jordan tells her as it seems to check out the way a fabrication could not.

Sonny tells Duke that he wants to celebrate the end their business relationship cordially. And he pulls out some champagne.

Jordan tells Anna she does not know. This is an total disaster and she does not know how Anna is going to salvage this. Anna tells her that they have to nail Julian if nothing else to find out what he knows. So, Anna tells her, she has an idea. She’s going to make it appear as though she is arresting Jordan. That might make Julian talk. They might be able to pull this off together, Anna tells her. But in order for them to be successful in reaching their common goal, Agent Ashford and former Agent Devane have to be on the same team, Anna tells her.

Sonny and Duke drink and talk in a friendly manner. Sonny jokes about the life of Duke Lavery right back in the legitimate corporate world. They both laugh. Duke tells Sonny he doesn't know how he can thank him. Sonny did give him his life back in many ways. When he came back to town after so many years, he was broken and dis-empowered. But Sonny gave him a chance and he will be eternally grateful to Sonny for that. Sonny tells him it was his pleasure. He tells Duke there are not many people whom he can call his friends. But Duke is his friend. He tells Duke if he ever changes his mind, there will always be a place for him in Sonny's organization.

Nathan tells Silas that he and the cops are going to haul the murdered shooter off in a body bag. And if they need any police assistance to not hesitate to contact him. Alone with Sam, Silas has ideas about what might be up with Julian and his secrets.

Alexis talks to Julian alone in the interrogation room demanding that he reveals the boss who has been pulling his strings and whom they saw has put his entire family in danger. But he tells her that she needs to know that this very powerful criminal has him stuck and can kill them all of he reveals the boss's identity. It was because he defied this person and refused to continue working for him that this happened in the first place.

After Tracy leaves Luke and Ned alone, Ned confirms that Luke did, in fact tell him that he will murder him in cold blood, make it look like Ned killed himself and assumes nobody would care, least of all the guy who murdered Ned. But Tracy continues not to believe her son's allegations of her husband. Ned tells his mom Luke wants to take them both down. But she cannot let them. Tracy looks at them both and does not speak right away.

At Kelly's, Elizabeth tells Ric it's getting late and she has to return to her boys. But he wants to give her a ride. He wants to take her up to the front door and for them to make out before she returns home. She amicably agrees. They laugh and are happy to be together.

Molly affirms to TJ that she is not going anywhere. She is there for him in his time of need.

Alone in the interrogation room, Alexis and Julian hold each other wanting to be together and to trust one another.

Anna and Jordan play the “adversity” role when they return to the police station. Anna appears to be arresting Jordan while Jordan argues and angrily resists arrest. They are ready to play it off for the common goal.

Ned tells Tracy she needs to put family first. He protests earnestly to his mom urging her to see what Luke is doing to her and that he is her son who loves her and whom she can count on to have her back and protect this family from danger and corruption. She tells him he needs to find another place to stay. He can't stay at her home. She cannot deal with him anymore. He protests tat she has no reason to distrust him or believe that he is her enemy. But she angrily tells him after he betrayed her and ran her out of ELQ, she has no idea what he is capable of anymore. He angrily goes out the door declaring that this is not over. Alone in the room, Luke and Tracy hold each other.

Duke finds Anna at the station and asks if they “got him” (meaning Julian). She affirms yes. They do. He tells her he has made it official to Sonny that he's no longer doing business with him. Anna rejoices and holds Duke.

Sonny is alone in his office drinking and appearing to be content but may not be. He is now revealing why he is not ok with losing Duke. He is afraid to be alone.

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