GH Update Wednesday 5/21/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/21/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Spinelli's new home in Portland, he gets on his computer and after some time, he announces to Carly and Franco that he thinks he has unlocked the mystery about what was said on AJ's smart phone to Ava right before AJ died. And all he now needs to do is press play. But as soon as Carly hears that, she demands he not touch that button.

Sonny talks on the phone to Ava whom he has hiding out on one of his private islands. He tells her that she need not worry about her brother putting a hit on her when she's there. She is safe where she is.. All the people who work there work for Sonny and they know she is a welcome guest. But she wonders when she can come home. He tells her they are thinking of putting a hit on Julian. Shawn is on it right now as they speak.

Shawn is alone and lost in thought sitting on a park bench. He remembers his conversation where he urged Jordan not to participate in the drug trade. She needs to know what it will do to TJ. Yet she did not budge. And at that moment, TJ appears. He still suspects nothing and is happy to see his friend and guardian, reminding Shawn that he cannot believe (happily) that his mom bought him that car. He loves it. Shawn then asks TJ to sit down because they need to talk.

As Jordan and Julian (and essentially Luke's) men are on the dock ready to bring in their drug shipment, the cops come and demand they freeze as they hold guns on them and get ready to arrest them.

While Julian is having his enjoyable family dinner with Alexis, Sam, Silas, Lucas and Felix and everybody is happy, out of nowhere Luke's hit man, Harry, appears. They observe him, all puzzled to see this stranger appearing out of nowhere. The stranger fires a shot. And it appears it hits Lucas.

When Carly prevents Spinelli from revealing the answer about what was on AJ's phone before he died, Ellie asks what the problem is. Franco argues back. Carly tells Spinelli she apologizes if she hurt him or behaved abruptly. But if he and Ellie both know about it, it could expose both of them. Franco tells them that is true. They (himself and Carly) would like to just listen to it privately and find out what they are going to do about it.

Sonny tells Ava that very soon, Julian will be in prison after he gets busted by the cops for illegal drug trafficking. Hearing that, she is surprised and asks since when her brother has dealt drugs. Sonny tells her very soon she can come home. But she asks what she would be coming home to. She really has no life nor anyone who cares about her. Her brother will be in prison. She won't have her business or art gallery anymore nor anything to look forward to. Her daughter barely acknowledges her existence. And due to their (hers' and Sonny's) indiscretion, Morgan hates her. Sonny remarks, if it's any consolation, his son hates him too. He has not heard from Morgan in a long time and doubts if he ever will. But right then, while he's on the phone, Morgan comes by to talk to his dad.

TJ tells Shawn that he is mistaken to think that his mom has anything to do with illegal activity or the dirty business the Jeromes are into. She works at the art gallery but is not involved in “other stuff”. But Shawn clarifies that the “other stuff” is what Jordan is part of. TJ does not want to believe that and angrily tells Shawn that he just wants to believe that to hold a grudge against her. But Shawn tells him he needs to accept the reality that she is involved in the illegal drug trade the Jeromes do. And what she is doing before, he (Shawn) knows for a fact she has done before.

At the gallery, after Lucas gets shot, Julian rushes to save his son. Silas and Felix hustle to revive him and get him medical care. Alexis and Sam are frantic and shocked not knowing what to say, think or do.

Shawn explains to TJ, for the first time, that when his dad was killed in Iraq, his mom lost it and couldn't have him living with her. The reason he didn't see or hear from her for such a long time was because she was in prison for drugs. None of them wanted him to know about it in order to protect him. But, Shawn tells him, now he thinks it's time for TJ to learn the truth. TJ tells Shawn it's impossible that his mom went to prison for drugs. He's had many conversation with her where she told him she would not let him ever get into drugs and was completely against it. But, then, TJ remembers not long ago, walking in on his mom's private phone conversation where she was talking about a shipment from Columbia. And now he knows that what Shawn says could be true. TJ asks Shawn why he didn't try to say or do something to stop her from getting involved in that. Shawn replies he tried but she did not listen.

After Lucas has been shot and is lying on the floor, Alexis calls an ambulance and urges them to hurry. Anna and the cops come by but Alexis remarks this is not going to help Lucas. Are paramedics coming? Anna replies yes but wants to know if anyone saw the shooter. Alexis replies Sam went after him with a gun. But, of course she did not catch him and they are all very worried about Lucas.

Harry returns to Luke who is very proud and satisfied with Harry's “work”. Luke knows he shot and hopefully killed someone. He laughs and sounds intrigued when he asks whom the “lucky contestant” was. Harry chuckles and admits he couldn't “take out” a lady. That hot Alexis and her buxom daughter turn him on, so he couldn't fill them full of holes. Luke laughs and talks about how they are both hotties and remarks why should Sonny Corinthos get to have all the fun? They laugh together in grim satisfaction.

When Morgan enters Sonny's office, he seems to know his dad is on the phone with Ava. Sonny is ready to hang up and talk to his son but Morgan urges him not to. He wants to hear all the sweet nothings between them. Ava can also overhear Morgan in the background and urges Sonny to let her talk to his son. But Sonny prevents them from talking and hangs up his phone. He tells his son he may get angry and trash him and make all the accusations he wants but wonders if Morgan will ever be willing to listen to him. Morgan asks Sonny why he is not with Ava getting it on with her on the island. He knows that his dad would like to bang the bimbo like all the other sluts in his life. Morgan goes on about what a slut both of them are. Sonny urges Morgan to stop. Morgan asks him why. He knows that all the women in Sonny's life, including the ones he was just screwing and using, end up on that island. So was Ava just the newest of the sluts? Sonny protests that he sent Ava away to protect her from her brother. Doesn't Morgan know what happened when he walked in on Ava at the gallery when Julian attempted to shoot her? Morgan tells Sonny that he knows that Ava is probably ready to have sex with the pool boy. She used him for that. So what is going to stop her from betraying Sonny the way he does not want anybody to betray him by messing around with all the young boys who work for Sonny while alone on his island?

Ellie asks Carly and Franco why she and Spinelli are not allowed to listen to what is on the recording in their own home. Franco argues back. But Carly tries to reason with them telling them for their own sake, they do not want to hear what is on this recording. Spinelli then tells Ellie that perhaps they can give Carly and this “thing” some time alone. They both agree that Carly has made a serious mistake in her choice of companions. Alone with Franco, Carly asks him if he really wants to do this. He tells her he's game if she is. She then sits at Spinelli's computer with Franco by her side and plays the smart phone recording of Ava asking AJ what he's “doing there” in hers' and Julian's place of business. And they hear her telling Ava he knows she killed Connie.

Sam tells Anna that she attempted to run after the shooter. But she can see this must have been a professional hit. This guy had a silencer on his gun and must know what he is doing.

Dante is alone at the docks with Jordan and the guys he's about to arrest. He's managed to shoot one of the guys and holds a gun on the others telling them if they want to join their buddy, he can make that happen.

When Shawn attempts to explain and justify himself to TJ about how he only wanted to protect him, TJ angrily tells Shawn that he has a lot of gall judging his mom. He knows that Shawn's job working for Sonny is just as illegal as anything Shawn alleges that Jordan does. Shawn tells TJ that regardless of that, the cops are ready to bust the Jeromes as they speak and if they want to protect Jordan from going down with them, they have to take urgent and drastic action right now. TJ then finds out where his mom is so that he can find out for himself.

Carly and Franco play the recording of AJ's voice telling Ava that he knows he intended to kill Connie. He was terribly drunk and ready to black out. He knows he got set up by somebody. And that somebody is her. Yes, he passed out and did not remember what happened. He knows why he woke up at the Quartermaine's home on the floor with a gun he was completely unfamiliar with in his hands. She planted it on him so his finger prints were on it. And right then, as soon as Ava is aware that he is onto her and could implicate her for the murder of Connie, she knows she has to silence him the only way she knows it can be done. And we hear what sounds like a gun getting ready to fire. She tells AJ his death has been in the cards for a long time. He asks if this had something to do with Connie's knowing that Kiki was not a Quartermaine, thereby preventing Ava from having ties and possibly voting rights in ELQ. She tells him no. It had nothing to do with that. Connie was onto her brother and aware that he is Julian Jerome. That could get both herself and Julian in trouble. And she's not going to let that happen.

Back at Sonny's office, he attempts to explain to Morgan that Ava was merely an informant for him and for the cops about her brother's dealings. And he let her stay on his island to protect her. Morgan angrily asks if that is really true. He settles his dad that is not what it looked like Sonny was doing the last time he walked in on a private encounter they were having thereto. It looked like he was banging Ava's brains out. Morgan tells his dad that something drastic must have happened for the two of them to go from being enemies to the exact opposite. What is the secret between them? (Morgan asks) Or, did Sonny just break his son's heart for fun? Sonny is silent not knowing how to answer that question when Morgan demands an explanation for why Sonny slept with Ava.

As Carly and Franco play the recording of Ava ready to shoot AJ, AJ attempting to strangle her, they then hear Sonny intervene and have a “show down” with AJ. AJ yells that he did not kill Connie. But before Sonny can learn the truth about Connie's murder, shots are fired and we no longer hear from AJ. Carly then concludes they now know it's true. They've heard it in Ava's own words. Franco affirms that Ava killed Connie. Carly reflects that to this day, Sonny has no idea. She then concludes that it all makes sense. She wondered why on earth AJ would go to Ava's office. She knows he was not looking for a job. He was there to confront her about knowing it was she and not himself who killed Connie. Franco gets closer to her and they are ready to kiss in “bragging satisfaction.” when they both declare that they are completely onto Ava. She tells him that Ava was not protecting Sonny as Ava claimed. Franco tells Carly of course not. Ava only wanted to protect herself as they have both always known all along. They kiss and are ready to lie down together on the table when Spinelli and Ellie walk in because the baby needs a bottle.

Morgan asks his dad why he would do this to him. Sonny tells his son it's over. Why can't Morgan just get over this? Morgan looks like he's going to cry when he tells his dad that was the one good thing in his life. And his dad had to take it from him. Why did Sonny have to “have” Ava? Sonny tells Morgan he would like to tell him more.

Shawn protests to TJ that he tried everything he could to get through to Jordan. But nothing worked. So he tried what was a last resort measure by threatened to tell TJ her secret. TJ asks Shawn if he is supposed to thank Shawn for that. Shawn admits he really doesn't know. But he tells TJ that he had a confrontation with her where they could not establish a “meeting of the minds". She told Shawn if he tells her son about her drug involvement, she can tell him the truth about Shawn. Shawn them remembers the conversation knowing that he will have to confess that he is responsible for the death of TJ's father and Jordan's husband. And Shawn is devastated not knowing what to do as he stands before TJ who wants to know the truth about both of them.

Dante finds Jordan and reads her her rights while he places her and the men under arrest.

Anna is on another mission ready to arrest Julian. He is not “afraid of getting caught” although he knows that she mistakenly thinks he should be. And he rushes with Dr. Clay and Nurse Dubois to be with his son. She tells him that she can't let him go anywhere. Alexis protests that he is a father and someone has attempted to murder his son.. She and Sam and the others do not believe the charges Anna is making that he is involved in illegal drug trafficking. She tells Julian she happens to know that these men work for him and they have been caught red handed. He tells her that they do not work for him anymore and she has the wrong man.

The “right man" (Luke) is in the park with Harry, asking if Lucas might die, revealing he could care less about the life or death of his own nephew. Harry replies he had to act quickly. He shot Lucas in the chest and didn't give him a chance to bleed out, but the daughter was quick and went after him so he had to rush out of there before he got caught. Luke asks if they could identify him. Harry admits he's not entirely certain. But they both talk about how Harry can split town right away. Luke first happily and graciously congratulates Harry. But then we instantly see and hear a gun fire. Luke instantly shoots Harry and hopes he has killed him.

Alone with Carly, Spinelli tells her that he will make sure she has a protected copy of all that he used to relish his brilliant computer skills, to unravel a very important mystery and establish truth and justice. Ellie urges him to know he can't go back to his unscrupulous computer hacking skills now that he has a baby daughter. But Carly reflects to Spinelli that she might encourage him to utilize his computer skills again, knowing how good he was at it, how he liked it and how everybody was so in awe of him for it.

TJ goes to the docks to find his mom. Dante, Nathan and the cops are ready to take TJ in because by being there, he is an accessory. Jordan protests that her son has nothing to do with this and they cannot arrest him. TJ however is furious with his mom now that she has proven what Shawn has told him. She has betrayed him. She is a criminal. She is a disgrace. And he wants nothing to do with her. He runs of devastated.

Silas and Felix rush to get Lucas into the hospital knowing he's critical, has lost a lot of blood, and could die if they don't take drastic medical action to save him.

Anna confronts not only Julian but Alexis telling them they should both know that Julian is a criminal. He does not have much to prove otherwise to Alexis or Sam. And Anna officially places Julian under arrest.

The medical team hustle to save Lucas And it looks like Lucas awakens and is going to be ok. He sees Felix standing over his hospital bed and they joke about the “adventure” they got into tonight, so relieved that Lucas will be ok.

Sam runs out with the cops to be there for her father. Alexis is alone in the house looking over the beautiful dinner they had only minutes ago and now the blood on the floor.

Luke is in the park with Harry who looks like he is not dead and ready to get up. Luke puts a silencer on his gun and remarks it's “nothing personal, just business”. And he shoots Harry repeatedly until he's good and dead.

Anna leaves Julian's home and joins Dante and Nathan while they arrest Jordan along with Julian's men. They put her in handcuffs. But she protests that this is not going to happen. They are arresting the wrong person.

TJ sits alone in the park, depressed, devastated and betrayed when he remembers the conversation with his mom where she assures him she would never get into drugs or anything of that nature. He remembers her sounding so sincere that she wants to work and achieve career goals and be a great mom for her son. Now he sees and knows what he sees and knows. And he cries.

Jordan firmly and confidently tells Anna that they are not going to arrest her. She is not the suspect they are looking for. She actually works for the DEA.

Shawn returns to Sonny and tells him that Julian and his men have gotten arrested. Sonny gets on the phone to Ava to announce the “good news”.

Carly and Franco say their fond farewells to Spinelli, Ellie and the baby. Carly encourages her friend to come back to Port Charles and visit with his beautiful little girl. And it looks like she and Franco can return home happily after achieving their mission. He tells her maybe AJ finally came through for her in the end. She admits that may be true. She spent so many years hating AJ. But they're not going to let her son's dad die in vain accused of a crime he did not commit. It might put Sonny's mind at ease as well as Michael with his torn loyalty between his two dads. As soon as they get home, Ava is going to get what she deserves. And that's something they can celebrate.

Now that Sonny's heard the news about the drug bust, he is ready to encourage Ava to return home. For now anyway, he has every reason to believe (knowing nothing about this) and no reason not to care (having no clue that she murdered the woman he loves) that she will be out of harm's way. Little do they know.

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