GH Update Tuesday 5/20/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/20/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie enters her apartment carrying a heavy organic plant. She asks if someone can help her get it in the door without dropping it. Nathan/James rushes to the “rescue". He is shirtless, and she cannot help but stare at him and his hot body.

Luke meets with Harry in the park to plot what he will do to Julian Jerome, who thinks he can walk away from his organization without suffering any consequences.

Julian gets ready to have his family dinner. Alexis arrives at the gallery and asks him if he wants to reveal the "big news”. He knows, however, not to tell her the source of his secret or whom he is working for.

Anna and Dante are on a boat and she talks about how today Julian Jerome and his illegal empire is going down for good. They look across the river with binoculars waiting for shipments. She remarks that she has his wife (Lulu) to thank for tipping them off on when they can find the shipment coming in. He then asks her if she's gotten any word on Carly and Franco's whereabouts. She admits she hasn't a clue.

Carly and Franco arrive at their destination. They go to Seattle to visit Damien Spinelli. She tells Franco if anyone can help to decipher what was on AJ's phone that they could not hear , it would be this guy. She knocks on the door of Spinelli's apartment. He gets the door and appears stunned to see Carly with the man he (and all others) have known as a dangerous criminal.

After Nathan/James helps Maxie get her “dinner” in the door, he remarks that this place she now shops at appears to sell in bulk. She remarks it's the only vegan place in the area that delivers. She looks at him and talks about how whenever she sees him, it's hard for her to tell if he is ready to work out or has just gotten done with it. She then notices she has mail. She goes to open an envelope and sees it's a court summons for her to appear in front of a judge to hear the determination of the custody of her baby daughter.

Spinelli happily welcomes Carly as she is happy to see him. But he reveals he is not ok to see Franco. He admits (speaking his Spinelli big words) that he is not impressed or enlightened to learn that Carly is dating Franco. He remarks that he cannot help but picture Jason's justified rage, shock and horror to have this man in Carly's life. He can only imagine what Jason might be saying and doing from the grave. He remembers this man as a homicidal maniac. Franco tells Spinelli there are more “stereo types” people can hang on him. Spinelli is hesitant and not comfortable. But Cary urges him to know that she can explain everything if he lets them in. He asks to what he owes her visit. She tells him that they need his help.

Anna asks Dante what could be of so much interest to Carly and Franco about what is on AJ's phone that they would lie about it and prevent her from hearing what was recorded from AJ during the last few minutes of his life. And why would they flee and travel because of that?

At the gallery, Jordan is awaiting the “guests” and ready to be the leader and boss of the people who are going to do business (or who would have) with Julian. And she is still unaware of whom his anonymous boss is who he is suddenly overthrowing.

Alexis joins Julian at his home near the gallery happy to be with him while they await their guests. Sam and Silas arrive. She is happy to see her father. Silas greets Julian but remarks that he remembers the last time he attended a function at this place and how it did not go down well.

Luke is in the park sitting on a bench with his “partner”. The guy asks what Luke wants him to do. Does he want him to “take Julian out” right in front of all the guests? Or should he kill Julian when he's out by himself and leave his carcass for his family and loved-ones to find, out in the woods somewhere? Luke chuckles and tells the guy he wants Julian to be alive, ready to work tomorrow morning and aware that he can't defy his boss. It's Julian's “loved ones” he is considering killing.

When Anna and Dante are looking at the gallery through binoculars, she is surprised to see Jordan Ashford, TJ's mother. He asks if Jordan has anything to do with Julian's illegal operation. Anna replies that Jordan works for the gallery and she does not know her involvement in it if any. They express they are surprised to see many people visiting Julian's place of business. Yet he is not there.

Sam and Silas inform Alexis and Julian that “someone” sent him flowers. He might have a secret admirer. They wonder the nature of the flowers or who might have sent them. Lucas enters with Felix.

Luke shows his new partner pictures of Alexis Davis, Julian's woman, Sam Morgan his daughter, and Lucas Jones his son. After seeing the pictures, the guy smirks with Luke about how he can identify these people and end them. Luke tells “Harry” he expects nothing less than the “full job” from him. He tells Harry if he just kills “one of the brood”, it should do the trick. Harry asks which one.

Spinelli admits to Carly he would do anything for her. But did she come all the way to Portland, OR for a smart phone tutorial? She tells him this is about what they found on AJ's phone before he died and some urgent questions that need to be answered. She informs Spinelli that AJ recorded a conversation right before he got shot. Something happened to the audio that prevented them from knowing or hearing what he said. Franco is just as uncomfortable to be around Spinelli as Spinelli is around him and angrily tells him if they knew the nature of what is preventing them from hearing the recording, they would not be all the way in Portland asking for his help. Ellie appears and asks if they can keep it down while “little Georgie” is sleeping.

Maxie informs Nathan that she gave birth to a baby after agreeing to be a surrogate for Dante and Lulu. She reconsidered and wanted to keep her baby. But the judge deemed her to be unfit to raise her daughter. And the father of the baby, Spinelli got full custody. Remembering that, she rips up the court summons. Nathan/James demands to know what she is doing. She tells him she is not going to the court hearing.

Jordan meets Julian's “shippers". She takes command and instructs all the guys to do this right. They protest that they have never screwed this up before. And they ask whom she is and why she is giving orders. Also where is Mr. Jerome? She tells him he is no longer their boss. They ask if they do not work for Julian then whom do they work for? She admits she hasn't a clue whom Julian's boss is.

While Luke is sitting in the park ready to carry out his dastardly plan with Harry, Lulu comes by with baby Rocco. She still has no clue the person her father has secretly turned into. She assumes he's happy to see his grand baby, in a legitimate loving relationship with Tracy and not a sociopath. He tells his daughter that this man she's never met before is a new business contact. He has to send her dad on a mission. Luke, again, plays it off perfectly so that Lulu suspects nothing.

All the guests are at Julian's table at the gallery. Felix remarks that he knows the flowers that were sent to Dr. Clay. They joke about how they haven't a clue whom they came from. They all remark what a great dinner this is. Julian tells his guests there is no time like the present. Now that he has them all gathered there today, he wants to make his announcement. He recounts that when he first moved to Port Charles about a year ago, his only goals were business and ruthless dealings. He believed he had no desire to have a family or a relationship or any of the complicated entanglements that he's seen in others' lives but which are not in his. He remarks that now that he has two wonderful children and a beautiful woman in his life, he sees how important family and friends are. And he wants to announce he knows that they have all heard, as have all people in town, that he's been involved in illegal activities. He admits that may have been the case in the past. But now he is a legitimate business man and nothing more. He wants to make it official and hereby sever all his ties with anything dishonorable or illegal. They all mean too much to him to make him want to go back to his old life style.

Nathan/James tells Maxie he knows that she must have feelings about her baby and can’t give up on having her in her life. Maxie “rationalizes” that the baby was meant to be Dante's and Lulu's. But now they have their baby. Her baby daughter has no need for her. She is happily in Portland, OR with her loving, responsible, ethical computer nerd biological father and his science nerd girlfriend, Ellie. Nathan/James hears her words but knows that Maxie has to be honest with what she really thinks, feels and wants in her life.

When Ellie Trout comes out of the room with the baby, she also remarks what she remembers about Franco posing as a hospital administrator, threatening her and expecting her to jump off the hospital roof. He protests that he intended to jolt her into remembering the value of her own life. She asks her boyfriend what is going on. Spinelli informs her that Carly and Franco are there to see if he can help them about information they need to know about who really killed AJ Quartermaine. She asks if Sabrina's ex boyfriend, Carlos Rivera did not confess to killing AJ. Franco tells her they know that is not what really happened. The truth is on AJ's phone in the recording. Unfortunately they cannot hear what he said and need Spinelli's help in uncovering what was recorded.. And, he informs Ellie, he is certain, although they cannot prove at this time, that it was Ava who killed AJ. Hearing that they want to implicate Ava Jerome, Spinelli asks why they didn't just say that. Anything he can do to take down this woman whom both he and Carly so dislike with good reason is worth it for him. Carly tells Spinelli she knows that Ava did not shoot AJ, which put him in a coma. But she knows that Ava was right in AJ's room right before he died. And she is certain that Ava had something to do with AJ's death. He must have had something on Ava that made it necessary for her to kill him. Carly and Spinelli go to the other room together. Alone in the room with Ellie and the baby, Franco mistakenly assumes that she is Ellie’s baby. She clarifies she is not the mother of the baby. He asks in that case, whose child is she? She hesitates to answer.

Nathan/James tells Maxie he realizes he does not know anything except what she told him about her custody situation. If she doesn't want to talk about it, they won't. But from what she's told him, he is concerned about her avoiding the hearing. If she really doesn't want anything more to do with it, that is ok, he tells her. But to avoid it because she fears the judge will not rule in her favor is not the right reason. She can't just give up and act out of fear. But he realizes this may be none of his business. SO he goes out the door and stays out of Maxie's life.

Jordan admits to the guys who work for Julian that she does not know whom Julian's boss is. But she wonders why they, who have known and worked or Julian for a long time, are just as much in the dark about who Julian's boss is as she is.

Luke sits with Lulu and the baby. Lulu tells her dad that maybe Tracy is missing her new husband. He tells his daughter she need not worry about her new stepmother. He and Tracy will be “stuck like glue” for the rest of their lives. Luke sounds like he is dreading going back to Tracy. But Lulu appears to just write it off as her father “just being Luke” and his “wry” sarcastic personality of talking negativity but not meaning it. He asks about her “police officer husband”, revealing that he hates cops (although he doesn't come out and admit it). And he forgets Dante's name except he remarks he recalls that it was “something Italian”.

Julian and his family all toast to a new life. Alone with him, Alexis tells him she is very proud of him. He did a good thing. She also reveals that not long ago, she had a conversation with Luke about her relationship with him. Hearing that, he knows he has reason to worry and asks her what Luke said.

At that moment, Jordan and all of Luke's men all gather in Julian's art gallery without Julian there.

At Spinelli's home, Franco asks Ellie: “what do you do in Portland?” Assuming he's asking her what she does for work, she replies that she runs a hospital lab. He tells her means “what does she do?”. Does she eat vegetarian breakfasts, go on nature hikes or join feminist book clubs. She tells him she has many social activities.. But she'd like to ask him a question: What does Carly see in him.

In the other room Carly and Spinelli talk. She asks if he has any career endeavors. He tells her that he is content to just stay home with baby Georgie and be Mr. Mom. Although this surprises Carly, she can see that her friend is happy. But he asks Carly if she has a clue why he has not heard from Maxie. Carly tells him she sees no reason to worry about Maxie. But he remarks that he is surprised that since it's been 6 months since Maxie's been denied custody of their daughter and time to re-hear the case, he is wondering why he has not heard from Maxie and wonders what is going on with her.

Meanwhile, Maxie gets dressed like she's going to attend a court hearing and she looks at a picture of her baby, while she's alone in the apartment.

Alexis replies to Julian that she and Luke spoke just a few hours ago. They talked about his relationship with him. Luke was merely worried. They (she and Luke) have been friends for many years. Luke was concerned about what he does for a living. And Luke thought there might be “some sort of retaliation”. Hearing that, Julian knows he better not reveal the secret to Alexis, about Luke. But he knows all too well what Luke is up to.

When Luke asks Lulu what Dante and the cops are ready to do, she replies that they are going to see if they can nail Julian Jerome when his new shipment comes in. Lulu continues to suspect nothing about her dad and assumes this has nothing to do with him and no concern of Luke's. But Luke obviously needs to know for obvious reasons.

Maxie stares at the framed picture of her baby and holds it in her arms while she lies on the couch alone.

Franco remarks that her last name “Trout” is very weird. He also know how even weirder her name would be if she married that guy. She tells him she knows “Ellie Spinelli” is a thought that many people have and share with her. She knows it all too well. Spinelli calls them into the room and announces he has been successful in doing what is needed so that they can hear and know all that was said on AJ's phone before he died.

When Luke expresses to Lulu his concerns about the cops taking down Julian, she asks her dad why on earth he'd care. He mentions that she might be concerned about her cousin Lucas. She asks what Lucas has to do with this. He tells her that he suspects that Lucas has some sort of fantasy, at the very least, about his father having a “heart of gold”. He remarks that must be what Sonny's kids think about him. She tells him she thinks it's very sweet for him to care about Lucas. But she thinks her cousin understands the situation. And, she tells him, she thinks it will be best for all if they take down Julian.

When Jordan and Julian's colleagues are ready to get their shipment in, the cops come by with guns and demand they freeze.

Luke's new “employee” walks right in on Julian and his “happy family” while they are enjoying their dinner. And he fires his gun at “someone”. But we don't see who.

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