GH Update Monday 5/19/14

General Hospital Update Monday 5/19/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Silas is at the hospital when Felix delivers flowers telling him this is his happy day. But Silas is not happy nor appreciates it. He tells Felix that if this is for one of his patients, he'd like the nurse to deliver them accordingly. But Felix informs him that they are for Silas and not for a patient.

Lucas is visiting Sam and Danny. He encourages his half sister and nephew to watch the game. He tells her he needs to go because he has a lot of errands to run. He tells her he was happy to see her and hugs them both before departing. But right then, as soon as he is heading out the door, Julian enters. They look awkwardly at each other.

Duke goes to see Sonny. Sonny asks him if he has second thoughts about going through with their plan. Duke tells Sonny no. It's not that. He is there about Shawn.

Shawn goes to find Jordan while she's at the gallery making calls and arranging the drug shipment. He tells her he's not going to let her go through with it. She laughs and asks him what he's talking about.

Luke knows that he has to “confront the source” of what is compelling Julian to refuse to continue doing business with him. He knows it's Alexis. He goes to visit her. She smiles, suspects nothing and asks to what she owes this “pleasant surprise”. He tells her he's there to kill her.

Julian tells both of his kids that he wanted to see them both. He is planning a dinner and it's kind of like a celebration and he'd like them to attend. Lucas tells his “dad” he's in. Sam says she will have to find someone to watch Danny but she can arrange that. He tells her he wants her to bring Danny. Bring the whole family. Yet they wonder what the occasion is.

When Luke tells Alexis that he's there to kill her, he remembers Julian firmly laying down the law to him that he will risk all consequences of jumping ship form his business with Luke.

Duke tells Sonny that he thinks that Shawn was concerned about TJ's mom working with Julian. And that might prevent him from helping them go after Julian, to their satisfaction.

At the gallery, Jordan smiles and tells Shawn he “caught her”. She is a dealer. A dealer of art. He must have overheard her phone conversation and gotten the wrong idea. But he informs her that he was able to let himself in the door without her knowing since this is a public place. She tells him that it's fine with her if he lets himself into this public place. If he wants to buy some art, she can help him with that. But she doesn't know what else to tell him or what she can do for him

While Alexis suspects nothing and believes Luke is joking when he says he has to kill her, she asks why. He tells her she committed the cardinal sin of not congratulating him on his marriage. She laughs and tells him if giving him a hug now will suffice. She still suspects nothing.

At Sam's, Julian visit with his two children while he holds his grandson and plays with him. But Sam wants to know what his big secret is. Julian tells them both they will find out what their father wants to celebrate. He wants Sam to bring Silas and Lucas is encouraged to bring a date. He just wants to make certain they can both get there. He has to run right now, he tells them. Both his kids wonder what their dad's secret it. Lucas suggests maybe Julian is announcing his engagement to her mom. Sam tells her half brother she doubts that. Julian and Alexis have only been dating for a short time. She asks him if he is now seeing Felix and over Brad and encourages him to know he's done the right thing to be done with Brad. She believes Felix is a step up for him.

At the hospital, Felix tells Silas that the flowers are from Sam. But Silas reminds Felix that he has not seen Sam in several hours. Felix tells the doctor he's (Silas) a happy man to have that kind of romance in his life. Silas tells Felix maybe he's right. And he tells Felix he may put the flowers out in the open for everyone to see.

Luke asks Alexis what she can tell him about her relationship with Julian. She does not really know how to answer that question when he asks her if she and Julian are serious. He knows they walked the red carpet. She admits that they are going steady but wonders why Luke is asking and if he may have concerns. He tells her he'd like for everyone to be as happy as he and Tracy are. But, she asks, why he might have some misgivings. He admits to Alexis that he is a bit concerned about Julian's war with Sonny Corinthos that has been going on for a long time.

Shawn asks Jordan just what she is up to. She reminds him that he threatened to tell TJ how his father died if she did not do what he wanted. He tells her he is not threatening anyone. He wants to protect Jordan from having his mom dealing drugs and getting them all into a lot of trouble.

Silas returns to Sam and surprises her by kissing her and telling her he's missed her. He tells her the flowers indicated that she missed him. But she indicates she does not know what flowers he is talking about and that she did not send him any flowers. He finds it odd that he also got a card from “someone” telling him that they miss him. And was signed “from me". Sam asks Silas whom she believes would send the flowers and card to him.

Lucas goes to see Felix at the hospital ready to invite him to the family gathering. But Felix appears a bit “stand offish” and asks what he was doing at the ball. He knows that Lucas lied to Brad by telling him that the two of them (Lucas and Felix) are dating. Felix asks why he had to hear that through the grapevine. Lucas is not worried about anything and chuckles that Brad kissed him and didn't seem to realize they were over. So he thought the best way to get Brad to leave him alone was to tell him that he and Felix are serious. But, he tells Felix, he realizes that maybe he should not have done that without running it by Felix first.

Duke tells Sonny that they need to know that Shawn is very protective of TJ. And he might warn Jordan about their intention to bring down Julian, which could also backfire on both Jordan and in turn on TJ

Shawn tells Jordan that she needs to know that “something is about to go down”. And she needs to be prepared. But before either of them can say any more, Julian enters and points a gun at Shawn. Shawn tells Julian he is not there to talk to him. He's there to talk to Jordan. He tells her that she's making a big mistake being loyal to this guy. Julian tells Shawn he needs to hear what the lady is telling him. She's not listening to his advice and is choosing to work for Julian. Jordan does not dispute that.

Duke then remembers his argument with Shawn where he found out that Shawn wants to protect TJ maybe more than protecting Sonny.

When Alexis talks to Luke about Julian, she reveals that she told Julian that she wants him to give up his illegal business and stop answering to whomever his mysterious boss is. Luke tells Alexis that he would suspect that Julian's boss is Ric Lansing. She tells him so did she but she grilled Ric who swore up and down that he has nothing to do with Julian's business and is not his boss. Luke play the roll that give Alexis no cause for suspicion. He asks her if she could get him a drink. Remembering that the “Luke she knows” no longer drinks booze, she asks if he wants a “Shirley Temple”. He replies anything as long as it burns. And as soon as he is alone in her living room, he pulls out his gun and his bag of illegal drugs.

Sam and Silas still wonder who sent him the flowers and why. But they are not really concerned and as they are more interested in kissing and having sex on the couch

While Luke is at Alexis' home, TJ comes by. Alexis welcomes her daughter's boyfriend into the house and seems to suspect nothing when he tells her about the new car he got for graduation. Yet Luke stares at them both, looking spooked and not knowing what to say or do when he hears TJ telling Alexis all about his mom coming back, landing a good job at the Jerome art gallery and buying him a car for graduation.

At the hospital, Lucas tells Felix his dad invited him and Sam to a family dinner and encouraged him to bring a date. So, he asks Felix, can he attend with him? Felix is kind of intrigued but they are both wondering what Julian's family secret will be.

Duke tells Sonny that he did have a conversation with Shawn where Shawn revealed his concerns about working with them to bring down the Jeromes knowing that that could affect TJ and his mom. And they need to realize there are no guarantees for getting Shawn to do what they expect of him. And right then, Shawn walks in and does not know what to say when Sonny tells him he wished that he had forewarned him of his concerns earlier

At the gallery, when Jordan gets ready to conduct her transaction and is talking to Julian about it, he tells her he wishes her the best of luck and to have fun. But he won't be able to be a part of what she and his boss are doing today or any other day.. She asks why on earth he would miss being a part of this very important mission. Isn't it his “baby”? He tells her not any more. He has decided to have nothing more to do with this dirty business.

Shawn tells Sonny and Duke that he just went and tried to handle things himself with Jordan. But unfortunately, it did not work. He was ready to persuade TJ's mom to not get herself in trouble along with Julian. But he's now determined that their most important objective is to take down Julian. And if Jordan goes down with him, so be it.

Jordan talks to Julian, curious and intrigued to hear him say that he is ready to permanently end doing illegal business She asks if it was his new girlfriend, whom she knows is her son's girlfriend's mom. He admits yes. Alexis is important in his life and he wants to have a quality relationship with a quality person and end his life of crime once and for all. Before they can continue their conversation, however, Alexis calls him to return the message he left for her. She asks what was up. He tells her that he was calling about a dinner for them and their respective families..

After Silas and Sam get done with their intimate encounter, she tells him that she has to get showered and dressed and ready for an event she's been invited to . He asks where and with whom. She informs him that her father has invited her, her brother, Danny and him. He wants them all there. Silas tells Sam she may attend and leave him out. But she urges him to know that Julian wants them all there. He asks what the purpose of Julian's invitation is. She tells him it's a mystery. They both wonder, however, what Julian's very important secret/revelation/announcement might be, which he is not revealing.

When Luke is alone, in Alexis' home with TJ, he attempts to talk about the car that TJ's mom was able to afford to buy him. He is not able to continue his conversation with TJ, however, when Alexis returns. She tells them both that Julian has invited her and both of their families to a private dinner to make a secret announcement. She has no reason to suspect anything nor assume this has anything to do with Luke nor that he knows the reason for Julian's dinner invitation. But she sees Luke's “non-contented” expression and his talking about relationships being committed to “until death do you part". And she can detect there is something “not right” about Luke.

Felix agrees to accompany Lucas to the family gathering. But he tells him that maybe this won't go over great when he has to run into Brad at the hospital. But Lucas tells him they need not worry about Brad. They need to make it official and enjoy being together at the family party and with many other things in the future.

Sam is happily with Silas but ready to get going to attend Julian's dinner party.

Shawn tells Sonny and Duke that he does not want to let TJ down again. He knows that TJ does really think highly of his mother. And something like this could really hurt TJ.

Alexis returns and sees TJ on his phone. She tells him that he can hang at her house and wait for Molly if he wants. But she has to get going. But TJ asks Ms. Davis if she has “suspected” something about Mr. Spencer. He has been acting really “weird”. Hearing that, Alexis suspects nothing and laughingly tells TJ that Luke Spencer has been known to be a real “eccentric”. But TJ knows, somehow, that this is no laughing matter.

After announcing that Julian is “out” and no longer dealing with his boss, to Jordan, she tells him she would really like it if Julian would reveal the identify of this mysterious person. He does not know what to say or do. He cannot answer. But he looks squarely at her. And he warns her that she needs to be very, very careful if she cares about not only herself, but her son. She asks why Julian is so “concerned for her”. He cannot answer but his expression is very serious.

Luke is alone and ready to execute his dastardly plan at any cost, without concern as to who gets hurt in the crossfire.

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