GH Update Friday 5/16/14

General Hospital Update Friday 5/16/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Duke returns to Kelly's and informs Sonny that Anna has all the information she needs about the Jeromes' next move.

Meanwhile, Jordan believes she is alone and privately talking on the phone about her next “shipment from Columbia” when she sees she is being overheard by TJ. She hesitates not knowing what to say to her son.

Julian gets up and departs from Alexis' home. She follows him out the door and tells him she realizes it may be easier said than done for him to do as she asks, end what he is doing and to sever ties from his boss. He tells her he appreciates her understanding and he knows she has given him a lot to think about. He kisses her good bye. She smiles and everything seems ok between them. But as soon as she is alone and back in the house, she immediately gets on the phone and tells “someone” she needs to see them ASAP. It's Ric.

Meanwhile, Luke is alone at the docks waiting for what he needs. He gets on the phone to take a call from Tracy, gritting his teeth while he is telling her that he is deeply devoted to her. And he adds she may not need his help in overthrowing Ned. He has “more important fish to fry” right now.

Dante and Lulu are wondering what to do with the fact that they have their embryos but are not certain how to create a new baby from them, knowing their only option is another surrogate.

Nikolas returns home to see Elizabeth. He is confident that things are going good between them. But he notices that her stuff is packed and she's loading her belongings into her car. He asks her what the matter is. She informs him that she is moving out.

Dante tells Lulu that nothing would make him happier than if she could carry his child, but from what they have been told, that is not an option. She tells him that maybe they need to seek other options and realize that what they have been told regarding their options and limitations with having another baby is not entirely true.

Nikolas appears to be raising objections about Elizabeth moving out. But she tells him she does not need him to help her anymore. She is healed from her injury now. Plus she knows that their two respective sons are not getting along. He tells her that boys will do that and he is not that worried about Spencer and Cameron. She tells him that she intended to tell him after she moved out. He asks if she planned to merely let him know in a text. And, he asks what is the “real” reason she wants to get out of his home. She answers the real reason is Ric.

Alexis calls Ric over to her home. He asks what was so urgent. Is it regarding Molly? She tells him no. What she needs him to do is to cut Julian loose from his business ties that she "knows" Julian has with him. However, little does she know that Ric has nothing to do with Julian's “ties that bind”.

Julian then goes to meet Luke on the docks. He indicates that he might not be willing or able to do all Luke wants him to do.

Sonny meets with Shawn and with Duke and announces that Julian and his drug cohorts will be behind bars by the end of the night.

When TJ overhears his mom's conversation at the gallery, she attempts to “smooth things over” so that her son suspects nothing. But he inform his mom that he overheard her talking about getting a shipment in from Columbia. She chuckles and tells her son she knows “how that sounds”. He tells her he is pretty certain that the truth is that her phone call had something to do with illegal drugs. Not coffee.

Julian announces to Luke that he has had a sudden “change of heart” regarding helping Luke with his shipment of illegal drugs. Hearing that, Luke asks him what on earth he is talking about. Julian replies that he quits.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth why she would choose to move out of his (Nikolas) home because of Ric. She informs him that she did go with Ric to the ball. And they have decided to give their relationship another try. In response to that, Nikolas tells her he believes she is making a serious mistake.

When Alexis tells Ric that it is common knowledge that he is Julian's boss with illegal dealings, he tells her that although he's already told her and she does not believe him, he is telling the truth that he is not Julian's “illegal” boss. He clarifies that he did represent Julian as his lawyer in a legal matter once. But he has no other business relationship with Julian beyond that. She tells him she does not intend to judge nor get Ric in trouble but just wishes he'd cut the crap and realize everybody knows that he is Julian's boss to overthrow Sonny. She urges him to know that he can do what he wants. But if he cares about his daughter's mom at all, he will respect the fact that Julian is really trying to clean up his act. So Ric needs to let him go and find another employee. Ric reiterates, yet again, that he has no control over whom Julian works for or whom he does not. He (Ric) is not Julian's boss.

Lulu informs Dante that she has been doing some research. Her doctor told her that it would be very unlikely for her to carry a baby to term, but she did not tell Lulu it's impossible. He tells her that sounds to him like near to impossible. She tells him that she has been doing some research online and found out that possibly there are some surgeries that she could have done so that there would be a chance that she could give birth to Rocco's little brother or sister. She explains that they have Rocco in their lives. If he were the only child they will ever have, she would still feel very lucky. He tells her he would also. But, she tells him, she would be lying if she said she would not want to be able to give Rocco a little brother or sister and have a child growing inside her. And if there is even a chance that she could be part of this miracle, she would like to take that chance. He tells her he understands how she feels but asks if she has thought about what they could be risking.

Sonny and Shawn talk privately about his plans to overthrow Julian with the help of Duke and Anna. But Shawn believes that is too risky. He asks Sonny if they want to sink down to Julian's level and play as dirty as he has. Sonny tells him it's been a long time since that bastard blew into town. They can't sit back any longer how that they have a chance to take him down once and for all. But Shawn tells Sonny there are some other people he has to consider including TJ and his mom.

Julian attempts to explain to Luke that he now has a family and a relationship with a respected woman. He would like to re-establish himself as having business ethics and morality. Hearing that, Luke smirks and says that is quite a goal from the son of a “wise guy”. He asks Julian if he is not aware that without Luke's “affiliation”, Julian would be nothing and nobody. Julian tells Luke that he has thought about that throughout most of his life. That has motivated him to do dirty and illegal business and answering to criminals for a long time. But now he has good reason to break out on his own, take risks in being his own person and making his own decisions. And he now wants to go legit.

Ric protests to Alexis that he realizes he has spent a lot of time and energy stopping at nothing just to take down Sonny no matter what it cost him. But years have gone by. New developments have occurred. He is not going to lose respect from his daughter nor lose his relationship with Elizabeth yet again because of that. He reminds her that her no-good nephew has almost taken Elizabeth from him and he won't let Nikolas have that chance again. He looks back on his past and regrets all the things he has sacrificed throughout his life in order to take down Sonny. It's not longer worth it to him. He does not do business with Julian whether she believes him or not. But she still does not buy a word he says. She hasn't a clue nor believes any other human being besides him is the leading the organization Julian works for in order to defeat Sonny.

Nikolas argues with Elizabeth about why she would trust or want to commit to Ric after all the hideous things he's done in the past. She tells him she realizes what Ric has done in the past. But she wants to put that behind them and believe that she can have a future with Ric whether he approves or not.

Jordan affirms to her son that there are some complicated things that she does in order to earn a living, but he needs to trust her. He is the most important thing in her life, she tells him. He smiles and affirms to his mom that he trusts her and knows she would not be involved with illegal or dishonorable dealings. And he hugs her. But, before he is gone, she asks her son to wait.

Julian tells Luke that Luke really does not need his help to take down Sonny. Luke now has all the money and power he needs after taking over ELQ. But Luke clarifies to him, for the first time, that that is not true. Luke does not have ELQ. So Julian is his only hope for accomplishing his mission.

Nikolas disregards what Elizabeth is telling him, draws her near him and kisses her. But she pulls away from him and tells him how dare he do that when she's told him she's getting back with her ex husband. She's made her decision. He asks if what he's done is any different than the similarly bold and presumptuous stunt she pulled with him in response to hearing his intent to marry Brit. Is that what this is about? She asks if he is refusing to accept her decision as “pay back” for her issue with his choosing Britt over her.

After Ric tells Alexis, under no uncertain terms, that he is not Julian's boss, she tells him she finds that hard to believe. Even if she does not want to assume he is lying, if he is not Julian's boss,, then who is? And it appears neither of them can come up with any answer for that.

After Julian affirms that he is not going to help Luke, Luke is ready to “force” him to do it and realize that he (Luke) calls the shots and Julian does not. Julian tells Luke he himself is making his own decisions. Luke does not need his help. Jordan Ashford is probably more than qualified to assist Luke in what he needs. Luke reiterates that Julian does not get to make that decision and his “request is denied”. Julian looks squarely at Luke and tells him he is not “making a request” nor asking for Luke's permission to make decisions as he sees fit. He is making this decision whether Luke approves or not.

Duke takes Shawn aside and asks if he is not concerned that his son's mom could get into trouble working with Julian. It's pretty obvious she is involved in illegal business with the Jeromes. Shawn admits he's is concerned but doesn't know how to persuade Jordan to reconsider.

Dante asks Lulu if the surgery, with the small percentage possibility of enabling her to carry a baby, is worth risking all the dangers involved. She tells him with all they went through with Maxie being a surrogate, it's not worth risking again. She wants to have her own baby and not have to be at the mercy of anything or anybody to make that happen. He gets a call he has to take. It’s Anna informing him that she got wind of a new shipment of drugs from the Jeromes, so he has to get to the station. He asks if they could postpone the embryo talk until he gets back. She tells him, of course. They are a team and make decisions together. Dante then departs.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that the reality is there is never going to be an “us” between the two of them. He asks her why not. She tells him that they have been trying and failing too many times and the timing has always been wrong. She cheated on Lucky with him and ruined her marriage. When they were both single again and he wanted her, she chose AJ. When she got over AJ and chose him, he chose Britt. She doesn't want to be part of this roller coaster any longer. It's too painful. So she is finally deciding to end it by choosing Ric.

When Ric hears Alexis urging him to know that she wants to motivate Julian not to work for the mob, he tells her that maybe the answer to that has nothing to do with him (Ric). Maybe, if she simply doesn't want to get mixed up with men who are in the mob, she needs to simply stop getting mixed up with men in the mob. She emotionally tells Ric she realizes she is responsible for her own choices. But Julian is the first person she's met in a long time that she really has feelings for. She believes he is sincere and committed to cleaning up his act and doing good. And she wishes Ric would understand and respect that. Ric tells her, with genuine sincerity, that he does want what is best for her. He is happy to see her again and cares about her and all people in her life. And they hug, affirming that they are friends who care about each other and wish each other no ill.

When Luke tells Julian that he has the “upper hand” and more power over Julian than Julian has over him, Julian tells him that may not be true. If Luke threatens him, makes trouble for him, or disrespects his decision, Julian won't hesitate to expose Luke to all those to whom Luke does not want to be exposed, for whom Luke really is and what he's really doing. In response to that, Luke now knows that Julian does, in fact, have the means to seriously damage him. So he can't “make” Julian do anything against his will.

Alone in the apartment after Dante has left, Lulu gets on the phone to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Chu.

Elizabeth affirms to Nikolas that the two of them can never have a future together. She walks out the door and into the elevator. Ric is happy to see her although she is not happy.

Jordan is on the phone telling her contact that everything is all set for tonight to carry out their plan. Shawn appears and is determined to warn her not to go through with it before it's too late.

Luke is determined to not let Julian “jump ship” because of Alexis and knows he has no choice except to take drastic action in order to prevent it. Julian is not worried, however, and leaves Alexis a message on her phone. She notices it and appears happy. Outside, Luke loads his gun and knocks on Alexis' door. She opens it. It’s Luke. She suspects nothing and smiles to see the man she knows as her friend. Little does she know what Luke intends to do.

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