GH Update Thursday 5/15/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/15/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is at work and in his business suit before Kiki awakens. He is ready to start his new position as CEO of ELQ. He stares at the picture of Edward Quartermaine on the wall and talks to his deceased great grandfather. He tells him he wants to do right by the company. He regrets finding himself with no choice except to undermine Tracy and take away her CEO position of the family's company. But he had no choice. He needs to protect his family's legacy from being taken over and exploited by Luke Spencer.

Luke and Tracy awaken and he is up and out of bed before she is. He hides the fact that he has no interest or desire in her or their marriage and is furious that he no loner has control of the company.

Julian is on the phone making demands to his contact while he believes he's woken up before Alexis. But she overhears his phone message and asks just whom he is talking to about having business to discuss. He is not certain how to answer that.

Tracy still suspects nothing about Luke. She wonders why he would not want to make love to his new bride on the morning after their wedding. He tells her that he cannot get over the fact that they have both lost their company to Ned. She is not ok but wants to put that aside. He protests that he cannot accept her getting tossed out on her ass. She may not care about herself as much as he does (He's brilliantly selling to her that he is acting in her best interest and has her back). He tells her he realizes she does not get along great with Monica. But this is her company. He won't stand by and let her get railroaded by Ned, by Michael, by Dillon, by Brook Lynn and all kinds of other people who are unworthy and have no right to do that to her. So he is going to take drastic action and have Michael out on his ass.

Michael reveals to Kiki that he has “no choice” except to be the CEO of ELQ. So that's what he has to do. But she seems to know that he has his doubts and uncertainty about it.

TJ goes to Kelly's to meet with his mom and Shawn. Jordan happily surprises her son with keys to a new car that she has given him for his high school graduation. He is really happy and grateful. But Shawn looks less than contented.

Julian explains to Alexis that he has business on the brain but can put it aside and enjoy being with her. He kisses her and they get distracted and ready to have sex again.

Lulu stands over the crib of baby Rocco but knows that Dante has some things on his mind regarding his mom. She tells him she realizes that Olivia has good reason to be upset over losing Sonny and she wishes she could understand why her father in law did what he did. She thought the two of them had a future together. Dante furiously tells his wife that his father is a lying cheating son of a bitch with no regard for anyone except himself.. She tells him that something is “not right” and does not add up about Sonny wanting to cheat on Olivia with Ava. But he does not really care to know the reason why and concludes to her that his “father” has spent his entire life chasing after the wrong thing. He no longer could care less about the man. He does affirm, however, to Lulu that he loves her and is committed to her and to their son. And he kisses her.

Michael tells Kiki that he worked with AJ at ELQ and knew his dad wanted it for him. But now it's too late because he's gone. he knows that this is what AJ would want. But she knows that he does not want Tracy to hear him say that.

Tracy protest to Luke that maybe Ned did them a favor. They can now take their honeymoon without the stress of business. She knows that her family has been ousting her for too long. She knows that very possibly her father is smiling down on Ned for knowing the right maneuver to make. So why is Luke upset and obsessed with business. He protests that Michael is just some inexperienced kid who cannot have this position of authority. But she tells him that they need to let it go. She ”appreciates his support”. But she has always known that Luke has not been very keen on ELQ nor had any interest in having anything to do with it. And if she is not worried about her own predicament, then why should he be? Luke continues to obsess about the only thing he cares about however yet careful not to reveal it to Tracy.

Sonny and Duke discuss their options and their fate regarding the secret that Sonny shares with Ava and the fact that the main goal they have is to take down her brother and his company..

Julian lies in bed holding Alexis and tells her that without her, his life would not be complete. She has given him a life with a family he never knew he had before. And that means more to him than business. But she clearly has something on her mind.

TJ and Shawn wonder how Jordan could have afforded a car for her son. She tells them she made a decent commission at her new job. They need not worry about it. She wants her son to enjoy his new car and know that he earned it. However, Shawn reveals he can clearly smell a rat. He knows she is keeping a secret and not on the “up and up”.

Anna goes to visit Dante and Lulu and announces to them that she has found the DNA results of the embryos that Obrecht has handed over. Dante demands she tells them if the embryos are theirs. They both appear a bit concerned and not entirely trusting of the outcome of any information that came from Obrecht.

Michael tells Kiki that he has reason to believe that maybe Ned should take over the company. He's (Ned) been very successful in doing that in the past. Ned might be more qualified to run the company than he is. But she tells him whether he (Michael) asked for ELQ or not, it is his. He obviously has the choice of either walking away or honoring AJ's memory. He tells her that his father is gone. She tells him she knows that his dad died a very ugly death. But now Michael can make good of AJ's legacy and turn a negative into a positive.

Meanwhile, Duke informs Sonny that a new shipment comes in tonight. And he believes they can defeat their enemies. Sonny then concludes that is a brilliant strategy. Duke asks Sonny if he has a plan. Sonny concludes maybe they can blow up the boat. But maybe that is not the best idea in the world so he asks Duke if he has a better strategy. Duke then replies maybe they could rely on Anna to help them with their mission.

Anna happily tells Dante and Lulu that it has been proven that the embryos are theirs'. For once, Obrecht has told the truth and it's worked out the way they want. Dante then tells his boss he regrets having to ask her to let Obrecht go just to help him with his personal issue. But Anna tells him that she believes it was well worth it. She leaves the happy couple alone and they reflect on what they will do next.

As soon as Shawn confronts Jordan about how he suspects that she was able to purchase a car for her son from “dirty money”, she reminds him that she knows that what he's been able to provide for her son for all this time is not from a legal coffee imports. maybe he should not throw stones.

Alexis reflects to Julian that she knows he has “talked a good game” about his new family with her and Sam and Danny and Lucas. He protests that this is not a game. He is really serious and sincere about this. She tells him if that is true and he really wants what he tells her he wants, then he has to clean up his act. response to that, he tells her he is sorry. He cannot do that for her or for anyone.

After TJ returns to his mom after driving his new car, he asks her what she and Shawn were arguing about. She tells her son he need not worry. But he tells her that she needs to know that Shawn is not responsible for his father's death. Shawn is a good man and she should not be angry at him. What happened to his father was an accident.

Duke tells Sonny he knows that more than likely Julian is bringing illegal drugs into their territory. He does not want that. They still have no clue whom Julian's silent partner is. And Sonny is ready to listen and consider getting Anna and the police involved to do something about Julian's company's illegal activities.

Julian tells Alexis that getting on the right side of the law is easier said than being done. But she tells him she knows he can do that. It may not be easy. But some of the best things in life are never easy. She knows that he is intelligent and motivated and a good man. So she knows he can find a way to do it. He tells her that his life is so entangled. And being able to do what she wants and make his own decisions is easier said than done. She asks why. He tells her it's not entirely up to him. The decision is up to the man he reports to. Yet he cannot reveal to her or to anyone just whom his “boss” is.

Luke continues to “play” Tracy and have her believing he is committed to her and NOT doing what he is really doing. She suggests all the things she knows the “old Luke” might be interested in, including being with Dante and Lulu and their new baby. He reveals he has no interest in a screaming baby and the smell of soiled diaper.

Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu are discussing their options regarding what they should do with the embryos that they have access to. Realizing she cannot carry a pregnancy herself, she knows that they would have to rely on a surrogate. What they went through with Maxie is something she can't risk again. And realistically, how many women do they know who'd be willing to do that and whom they can trust? He tells her he knows he can find many who can do that and they can't give up on what they really want which is to have another child who is their own.

Tracy runs into Michael and Kiki and tells them that she has nothing personally against him. She knows that Ned is using him. She knows that he has been having a hard time since AJ died. But, he needs to realize that maybe Ned's decision to make Michael CEO is not in anybody's best interest. Maybe he needs to consider that Ned might be playing him and taking advantage of Michael's grief from the loss of his father. But Michael and Kiki both affirm to her that it is not Ned who is “playing” him. Luke is playing all of them, they tell Tracy. And she cannot see that.

Luke then goes and runs into Sonny who also suspects nothing of the man he's always known as his friend and who's had his back. Luke reveals to Sonny that he and Tracy are not ok with the fact that Ned has overthrown his mom. And, he adds, he has nothing personally against Michael. Sonny's first born is a fine young man. But he might be inexperienced in the field and getting in over his head by taking over the position of company CEO. He asks Sonny if he really wants this big responsibility put upon his son's shoulders? Sonny seems to listen and has no suspicion of Luke. But he tells them he's not really worried about anything happening to Michael nor has concerns about his son being CEO of ELQ

Julian tells Alexis that he is dependent upon the man who he works for. She tells Julian he can pay off whomever this person is. And she tells him, that she can help him if he feels it's beyond his capability or resources to handle all on his own. But he needs to first tell her whom this person is who is his boss.

Duke finds Anna and tells her that he has obtained information about a shipment of illegal drugs being imported by Julian. She asks if he really wants to trust Sonny and not believe Sonny has a hand in this illegal activity. He tells her he knows that Sonny does not deal with illegal drugs. She tells him she knows if she helps him overthrow Julian and the suspected illegal business, she is also helping Sonny. And she affirms to Duke she cannot do what he wants unless he walks away from his partnership with Sonny.

When Jordan tells Shawn she has to get to work, he asks why she won't let him give her a ride. But she tells him she has errands to run. It's out of his way to drive to the gallery. She can drive herself she tells him, revealing she does not want him to know what she is really doing.

Alexis asks Julian if he wants to throw away the future they could have. He tells her they will not have a future if he reveals this secret. This information is “radio-active”. And if he reveals it, it can ruin the lives of the people he cares about. But she needs to know why he persists in keeping this secret.

Tracy tells Michael and Kiki that they need to stop making these accusations of Luke. She does not believe for a minute that he has come on to Kiki or that they have any reason not to trust him. Michael asks her, however, just how well she really believes she knows the man she married last night.

When Luke asks Sonny if he should not be “concerned” about his son getting hurt, Sonny concludes that Michael is an adult. He can make his own decisions. Luke asks Sonny if he should not exercise caution about what could happen to his family and what could be going on with his enemy, Julian Jerome. Luke gets an incoming call from Tracy. Sonny tells Luke that he (Luke) needs to take that call from his bride. Luke needs to focus on his own life and not worry so much about Sonny. Sonny adds that Luke should maybe spend less time obsessed about business and more time enjoying being married, as Sonny wishes he had a relationship like Luke (apparently) has. Sonny walks away and encourages Luke to “enjoy married life”. But as soon as Luke answers his phone, he reveals that he does not want to be bothered by Tracy or anything or anyone else. He has only one goal on his mind.

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