GH Update Wednesday 5/14/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/14/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco and Carly are on a plane headed out of town and he remarks that he “realizes” it's not her nature or her habit to be running from the law. In response to that, she asks if he is kidding. She asks him if he has forgotten whom she was married to several times (Sonny) and all the running they both did from the law for so long. She tells him the only thing she is concerned about before their plane takes off is making sure that Anna Devane does not get her hands on AJ's phone until they know what is on it.

Anna and Duke are talking about the very same thing. She is wondering whether to ask Michael if he might have access to his deceased father' s phone or if he could get it from his mother. But she concludes she does not want to “dwell” in the whole situation. They have just gotten back from the Nurses' Ball. They have enough family stuff going on of their own and there are other priorities tonight.

Alexis goes home with Julian. He asks her if she wants to be cautious and/or stay in the hotel. She tells him she doesn't want Molly getting “any ideas”. In response to that, he reminds her they are having sex and not breaking the law.

Anna discusses with Duke that what it would mean for her to work with him is to work “with Sonny”. He adds that what they'd ultimately be doing is bringing down Julian Jerome, which, he tells her, should be a means to a greater good in the long run. She tells him she doesn't want to talk about this tonight. She just wants to be with him. She kisses him. And Scott Baldwin is standing nearby watching them.

After the ball is over and Lucy is alone and distraught in her dressing room, Felicia is there to console her.

Kevin goes to the bar and drinks in response to this personal devastation in his life. Mac accompanies him and tells him that drinking never solved anything. Kevin is not listening to that and wanting to no longer feel what he has been feeling sober.

When Felicia accompanies Lucy, Bobbie is nearby and ready to do battle with the woman who took her “date”. Bobbie appears like she may be intoxicated and not entirely rational.

Jordan and Shawn are alone at Kelly's. After hearing what he has told her about all that happened at the ball, she tells him it must have been interesting to be there and witness all the crazy things that happened. She remarks that her son was one of the male performers and she is glad she had a chance to meet Molly and her mom. She seems to know that Shawn “knows” Molly's mom. He admits that he has had a relationship with Alexis. But what is that to her? She replies to Shawn that just because they are “no longer together”, it does not mean she does not care and is no longer interested in whom he is seeing. And we then see it revealed that Shawn and Jordan have had a romantic relationship at one point.

Alexis takes Julian home and tells him that Molly has not returned so he can stay “a while”. And then maybe “some day”, she can reveal to her daughter what his “role” is in her life. He takes off his jacket and remarks that he has had enough experience jumping out of girls' bedroom windows. They both laugh about their past and present relationship.

At the bar, Kevin rants about how he has been unaware that his wife has been sleeping with Scoot Baldwin behind his back since December. She swore it's been over for a month. But it sure did not look “over” to him. Mac tells him he's sorry but does not know what to say. Kevin concludes Lucy has been having an on-going affair. She's been lying to everybody. But then he realizes not exactly “everybody”. He knows there is at least one person whom Lucy has confided in with her secret affair.

As soon as Felicia and Lucy run into Bobbie, reporters hound them and ask former Nurse Spencer what she has to say about Ms. Coe who has hosted this ball and done this dishonorable behavior right in front of the entire town. Lucy attempts to humble herself to Bobbie. But Bobbie is furious and looks like she is ready to “do battle”.

When Anna and Duke see Scott Baldwin in the hallway of the hotel, he tells them that he would like to just be alone and not be judged. What happened tonight is really is none of their business. She tells him it kind of is her business. He is an officer of the court and supposed to uphold the law. Yet he privately and now publicly messes around with a married woman. He tells her that she is not fit to judge him. He knows she is sleeping with a “known criminal”. He knows that Duke is working with Sonny. Maybe some day he will have them all prosecuted including the police commissioner.

While on the plane, Carly talks to Franco about the dilemma involving keeping the secret from Michael that his one dad shot his other dad. But he wants to stop obsessing and focus on other things. He asks her if she has ever been a fan of the “mile high club”. Hearing that, she jokingly tells him he is crazy if he thinks she's going to go and had sex with him in the bathroom. He laughs while she admits that is one thing she's never done. She then asks him if he's ever “embarked upon that endeavor”. And he kind of evades the question and they laugh and joke.

When Mac asks Kevin just what he is implying by stating that Lucy lied about her affair to “almost everyone”. He knows that Kevin is implying that Felicia knew about the affair and did not tell him. She's kept it from everyone including her own husband in order to cover for Lucy. So what does Mac have to say about his wife doing that?

Lucy asks Bobbie if she is “mad” because Lucy “did something to Scott”. Bobbie tells Lucy yes. She is. What does Lucy have to say for herself? The reporters are ready to jump right in on that conversation. Lucy and Bobbie are too engrossed in their argument while Felicia pulls the reporters away so they leave the two other women alone. Lucy wants to set the record straight to Bobbie and firmly tells her that she did not “do anything” to Scott. It was Scott who has been hounding her.

At the bar, Scott appears and Kevin is ready to confront him. He tells him he has a lot of gall making his presence known and show his face after what he just did to Kevin's wife.

Alexis asks Julian who his first sex partner was. He tells her the girl's name was Janet. Their fathers were enemies and tried to keep them away. He also had problems with Janet's mother and brother. One could say it was very “Romeo and Juliet”. That happened until Janet got sick of him and went off on her own. But right then Alexis tells him she knows that did not really happen. She knows that Julian is telling the story of an episode from The Sopranos.

Jordan asks Shawn if he does not remember when the two of them were thick as thieves. She tells him that when her husband, TJ's father died, she did not want to lose Shawn as well. He tells her that he misses their friendship also.

On the plane, Carly asks Franco just how they “initiate and orchestrate” having “relations” in the public bathroom. He tells her he goes in there first. Then he gives her some time to join him. But after he leaves and she tries to join him, the flight attendant tells her she can't be using the restroom at this time and has to stay in her seat. . Also, airport regulations prevent her from standing in line. SO she has to sit in her seat. And they are able to see that this idea she and Franco had is a bit too awkward.

Lucy tells Bobbie she knows that Bobbie could not accept the fact that Scott was moving on. Bobbie tells Lucy that she was too much of a coward to break up with her husband before messing around with Scott. Lucy had to “have her cake and eat it too”. In response to that, Lucy retorts that at least she “had her cake”. She remembers Bobbie getting dumped for “Andi Logan”. She knows that she was Audrey's niece and a nurse and she ended up with Bobbie's boyfriend in his bed. Bobbie does not have Noah so she has to go after Scott yet again. The two women argue and engage in head-butting and competitive mud-slinging about their respective histories. Bobbie concludes to Lucy that she is experiencing karma. Lucy tells Bobbie she knows that Bobbie wanted to jump Damien's bones. Bobbie cheated on her own husband and has no business judging Lucy. Bobbie tells Lucy tonight she (Lucy) got what she deserved because Lucy could not keep her legs crossed. At that point, they get into what appears to be physical combat. In response to that, Lucy chuckles and reminds Bobbie at least she (herself) never got paid for it. At that point, Bobbie smacks Lucy in the face.

At the bar, we see the “show down” of the men. Scott faces Kevin and tells him that he (Scott) and Lucy love each other. Kevin asks him if he heard that correctly. Scott tells him yes. They love each other and always will and there is nothing Kevin can do about it. Right then, Kevin smacks Scott and Scott falls to the floor. Mac tells Kevin that is enough. Kevin tells Scott he never liked him but was willing to accept that he was in Lucy's life as her friend. Scott responds that he and Lucy have been more than friends. Kevin has never been there for Lucy like he has. He’s (Kevin) no different than any of the “interlopers”. He's just like all the others that come and go and fall by the wayside. But he (Scott) is always there. Scott's lip is blood. He gets up to leave tells them he won't press charges and will get out and should have both Kevin and Mac charged with assault. After Scott leaves, Kevin is able to put 2 and 2 together and concludes to Mac that he now knows that Mac knew all along about the affair and confronted Scott about it yet didn't have the courtesy to tell Kevin what he knew.

Lucy tells Bobbie that she (Bobbie) is the biggest hypocrite she's ever met. She smacks Bobbie back. Bobbie tells her she's a lying tramp and bimbo. The two women are ready to go to battle and hurt each other until Felicia pulls them apart. She tells them both if they cannot do this for each other, they can at least do this for her. She loves them both. She puts her arm around Lucy. Bobbie angrily walks out the door. The reporters then ask if Lucy would like to be featured on the front page for punching Bobbie Spencer. They seem to think she is a hero for doing that. But Lucy does not want to be publicly exposed.

Anna and Duke are alone talking about Emma and her two competing “suitors”. They joke about whether children can do the tango better than they can. And he shows Anna how to do the romantic dance.

Carly reveals to Franco that the attendant may be onto them. She asks him if he can “do any better” in not being caught doing what they want to do. He tells her absolutely and lets her walk into the bathroom before him. He then tries to get into the restroom seconds later. But another male passenger tells Franco he can't get in. He (the other guy) needs to get in there first. He pushes past Franco and walks in on Carly who did not expect that.

Julian continues to tell Alexis about his teenage relationship with a cheerleader when he was an athlete and he took her home from a high school party. She asks if he's the “type” that liked to date cheerleaders. He tells her that he had a brief relationship with this girl but never saw her again nor cared. She meant nothing to him. But Alexis does, he tells her. And he kisses Alexis.

Alone at Kelly's, Shawn and Jordan relive and reminisce about their long history together as teenagers and all the relationships they've seen the other have and been jealous of and all the adventures they've had together.

As romantic music plays, Julian and Alexis take off their clothes and sleep together.

At the hotel, Lucy grabs the reporter to prevent them from leaving and urges/pleads with them not to print the photo of her assaulting Bobbie. They tell her that the story will be worth a lot of money to them and to their paper. But Felicia tells them she can give them something worth a lot more money. She pulls off her expensive and precious heirloom necklace, revealing that she would do anything for Lucy. Lucy protests to Felicia that she can't let her do that knowing how she treasures that necklace.

Kevin confronts Mac about keeping the secret. Mac has betrayed him just like Scott has, he concludes. Mac then asks Kevin what he wants to do now. Hit him? Kevin replies yes he does. He decks Mac. Mac hits him back. The two men wrestle and struggle on the pool table.

Carly and Franco return to their seat and argue about how to do the deed they'd like to do without getting caught. And they conclude they should just go into the bathroom together. So they leave together laughing and joking. And we hear the flight attendant instructing all passengers to return to their seats. Carly and Franco pay not mind. And it looks like they are finally successful.

Shawn and Jordan reflect how they have both “crossed the line” with his working for Sonny and her working for the Jeromes.

Anna and Duke are ready to spend the night together.

Julian and Alexis are done with sex and he tells her he now knows it's time for him to sneak out the window before Molly finds out he's there. But she tells him she'd like him to stay and spend the night with him if that is what he wants. He tells her he would like that. She says “Good night, Julian”. He responds by saying: “Good night, Janet”. Alexis then slaps him and he says: “ow” when the lights are out.

Carly and Franco accomplish their “mission” and conclude that was “really hot”.

Right then, we see Mac and Kevin and the dismantled bar with tables and chairs turned. Both men are bloody, disheveled and drinking. But they sit together laughing and declaring their friendship.

Felicia is able to bribe the reporters not to print the damaging story about Lucy. Alone with Felicia, Lucy cries and tells Felicia she cannot believe all that Felicia has done for her and how she has had Lucy's back. The two women reflect how they have had times when they wanted to strangle each other. But they will always be friends. Right then, we see Scott appear. He obviously wants to be with Lucy. But he can see she is in better company than being with him.

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