GH Update Tuesday 5/13/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/13/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Brad kisses him, Lucas wipes it off and tells him to back off. He announces he is with Felix. But is he really over Brad?

Not far away, Ric urges Elizabeth to give him another chance. He knows she is feeling it too. He dares her to tell him he is wrong. And if she can, he will walk away. She turns away and does not respond.

Britt is urging Nikolas to know that she still loves him and wants to know if he can forgive her for that terrible thing she did that she regrets but cannot take back. But he does not respond.

Spencer finds a stunned and silent Emma and recites the words to her of the song saying: “ Emma come back. You can blame it all on me. I was wrong. And I just can't live without you.

At the hospital, Patrick and Sabrina are both unable to leave the pre-natal ICU being worried about their pre-mature baby and wondering if he's going to make it. He tells her he feels like he can't win. He's with the baby instead of with Emma which he doesn't like having to do. But he figures this little guys needs him more than his older daughter. He then remarks to Sabrina that he got to at least see a partial video of his daughter dancing the Tango with Cameron. She listens and smiles, sounding so enthused and happy to hear about her friend Emma. Patrick then informs Sabrina that before his daughter and her “boyfriend” could finish their romantic dance, they were interrupted by her other “suitor”, Spencer Cassadine. Hearing that, Sabrina laughs and wants to hear all about Emma and her two “significant others”.

At the ball, Spencer wears his suit and gets down on his knees to beg Emma to forgive him for whatever he's done that was not right and to take him back. She asks him to stop being so dramatic and to get up. But he tells her no. Not until she gives him another chance.

Felicia finds Bobbie who is wondering what happened to Scott. She can't find her date and he has not told her where he went. Felicia asks Bobbie if she wants another drink. But Bobbie tells her no. She seems to know that Scott has his mind elsewhere.

Scott finds Lucy in her dressing room. She tells him that she has things to do and they can talk later. He tells her that he won't wait any longer. He is not going to rest and won't be ok until she is back in his arms. And he will not take no for an answer.

Sabrina is fascinated and shocked to hear that Spencer Cassadine actually hired the band Player to perform live on stage and make an unexpected guest appearance at the Nurse's Ball. Patrick tells her yes. He did. She asks how on earth Nikolas' son could have arranged that. Patrick admits he has no idea. He guesses that when one is a prince's son, they can do anything. Sabrina asks if Emma was embarrassed to be “made a public spectacle” of. He tells her he's not certain because he noticed his daughter wondering which of the two boys is her favorite. She tells Patrick if he wants to be with his family, they probably miss him. She doesn't want him to miss the ball. She can stay with the baby. He tells her that speaking of his “family”, he was thinking of giving their preemie baby boy a name. And he suggests that maybe she gets out of there with him and have some decent food out somewhere. She smiles and is encouraged. But right then, the monitor beeps indicating that their baby's heart might be going into cardiac arrest and he could be slipping away.

Spencer is persistent asking Emma if she can forgive him. She tells him she can. But she still does not tell him what he wants to know.

Not far away, Britt continues to tell Nikolas that she still loves him and hasn't given up on them. But he tells her that even if he could get over her stealing his sister's embryos, she has lied about one thing after another. How could they ever get past that? How could he ever trust her?

Elizabeth tells Ric that she admits she has feelings for him. He asks if that means that she is willing to give him another chance and consider getting back with him.

After Brad inquires about Lucas and Felix's relationship, Lucas asks him that they walked the red carpet together, attended the ceremony together, even stripped together. Did it not ever occur to Brad that they might “be” together? Brad asks if that is true.

Nikolas tells Britt he already gave her another chance. In fact he gave her 20. He kept believing and trusting her after every lie he threw at her. So, at this point, to even think about re-building that trust is too much of a risk for him She tell him she understands that. But does that not mean that he wants to. ?She asks him if he can honestly tell her that there is no part of him that is still in love with her. Before they can continue that conversation, an announcer asks the “ladies and gentleman” to please take their seats. He informs the guests that the show will resume in 2 minutes. Hearing that, Lucas remarks they have all heard the announcer. And they should all get back to their seats.

Ric continues to “push” Elizabeth. She does tell him she will give him another chance, even if it's only to shut him up so he stops asking her.

Scott “pushes” Lucy while she's in her underwear rushing into her dressing room and getting ready to open. She tells him she is married and he needs to leave her alone. He tells her he has tried to leave her alone but he can't. He loves her and knows she loves and wants him too. She then admits that it is true. They kiss right when the announces introduces her. Not only does she not hear that (while kissing Scott) and in her underwear. She is unaware that the curtain has just opened, giving everybody in the audience a full view of her kissing Scott while half dressed. She sees her husband and protests that the “big surprise” she had for him was this act. And it's just a joke. But he is furious and tells her he knows the joke is on him. She then leaves the stage and nobody knows what to say. At that point, Felix stands up and attempts to entertain the audience and enable the show to go on. He relies on cue cards, not knowing if he should do a comedy routine or what he should do. But then he gets a message that the next act is Molly Lansing Davis and TJ Ashford.

Molly and TJ get up and sing while playing keyboards. Dancers in hula hoops are up on stage. They sing and play: “Just Can't Get Enough."

Scott has to go and find Lucy after she runs off, but Bobbie tells him he is not going anywhere.

Kevin demands that Lucy tells him how long she has been having an affair with Scott Baldwin behind his back. At first she wants to tell him that she has nothing with Scott. But he knows better and continues to demand that he tells her. She finds excuses and alibis reminding him that he was never there. Scott was also in a “really bad place” after losing Laura. He furiously tells her he doesn't want to hear more excuses nor does he care about Scott's “bad place”. She protests that she has been over Scott for a long time. Scott asked her to choose. And she chose her husband. But Kevin tells her he obviously knows that what she declared was her choice was empty with what is now happening.

Maxie and Levi are reflecting about a very negative flow of karma between Lucy and Kevin. They talk about how they might have issues in their relationship. But at least there are no lies between them.

Not far away, Britt and finds her brother sitting along drinking while getting depressed as he sees Maxie with her boyfriend. Britt tells him she “knows that face” all too well by seeing his not wanting Maxie to be with another guy not unlike the way she is feeling regarding Nikolas wanting to get back with Elizabeth. They laugh and seem to be getting along well until their mutual “mother” comes by. She remarks it's good to see her 2 children happily together and laughing. Britt tells her mother “thank you for telling me I have a brother.” Nathan/James tells Obrecht she may leave now. They don't want her around them. She asks her daughter why she is not wanted. She must have been informed that it was because of her mother that they were able to get immunity from legal prosecution for the kidnapping of Dante and Lulu's baby. Shouldn't Britt be grateful?. Britt tells her mother no matter how much she appreciates her freedom, it can never make up for all the years of abuse and insults and belittling that her mother has given her. Throughout her life, she's been treated like something her mother scrapes of the bottom of her shoe. All because she wasn't a boy. And that was her fault. Right? And meanwhile, Britt remarks, their mom has a son whom she gave up. Why is that, Britt asks her (?). But, she concludes, there is no point in asking because she knows she won't get a straight answer.

Felix asks Emma to join him on stage. He tells the audience that he and Emma would like to thank everyone for coming and helping them with their fight against AIDS. And he wants to pay tribute to amfAR and to someone whom they wish could be with them tonight but who cannot: an excellent nurse and his good friend, Sabrina Santiago. They all clap. He announces that Sabrina spearheaded the efforts for the ball last year and has been continuing throughout this year. He announces that unfortunately, Sabrina has been in a tragic car accident while pregnant. She has gone into pre-mature labor and is in the ICU with her baby boy, Emma's baby brother, who is fighting for his life. The father of the baby, Dr. Patrick Drake, also has to miss the ball because of this.

Right then, in the infant ICU, doctors rush in to do emergency procedures for the baby after the monitor beeps alert signals on the babies heart beat.

Back at the ball, Felix announces the song that Emma is going to sing next. She gets up and sings a song: “It's A Beautiful Day”

The doctor who rushes in to save Sabrina's and Patrick's preemie announces that their son's upper respiratory problems are no under control. But they ask if he has any idea what might have caused it. And he admits that having the two of them in the room is probably the cause. So in the interest of the baby's health, if they want him to live, they have to get out of this room.

Kevin furiously reminds Lucy that he asked her, in a joking manner if she was having an affair. She had a chance to come clean but did not. She cries and pleads and tells him to please not end it and give her another chance. She loves him more than anything else in this world. But he does not buy that and tells her to go to hell.

After Emma is done with her song, Spencer and Cameron are both in love with her and remark she will be an awesome big sister.

For the next act, Felix remarks that the Bensonhurst Medium is not available as scheduled. He then reads a cue card that announces Adele Dazeem. But he sees Obrecht on stage and remarks he would not have mentioned the next act if he'd know who she is. She gets up and announces she'd like to sing a song to her two beautiful children. She sings “You Were Always On My Mind”. Britt and Nathan/James observe intently but coldly.

Kevin angrily tells Lucy she may say she loves him but it means nothing. He always knew what a self involved person she was. But up until now, he just put it off as one of her quirks. But somewhere along the line, his life became the Lucy Show. She did not come to him when she had things going on. He is her husband. Yet she did not realize the commitment of that. She does not go it alone. And she does not do it with another man when she chooses to be married to him. If she had one job, it was to be faithful and loyal. And she failed that miserably. She cries hysterically and admits it's true that she cannot defend herself. But she wants him to look at her and know that she loves him and chooses him. He asks her to honestly admit whom she chose tonight. He coldly tells her she can save the excuses. It means nothing. She pleads with him not to leave her. But he is done.

Sabrina asks the doctors if they can be serious that she and Patrick have to go. Do they expect them to leave their child? The doc explains that the baby's lung infection could have been brought on by foreign contaminants. It's possible they brought that in from the outside. She cannot accept the idea that they are making their baby sick. He tells them his top priority is the baby's health. Patrick tells Sabrina he doesn't like this any more than she does. But they have to take every precaution.

Felix reads that the next song is supposed to be sung by Sabrina but Lucy Coe will be filling in for her. Lucy, however, is stuck alone in her dressing room, in no state of mind to come out and perform on stage after what has happened. Right then, she hears a knock on the door. It's Scott. She tells him he can't be there. He asks how Kevin is. She asks how does he think Kevin is. She just ripped her husband's heart out. He tells her Kevin should not have had to find out about them this way. But the fact is he did. It's out in the open now. She asks him what that means. He tells her now they can be together. She tells him that she cannot accept what has happened and if he believes that they can just walk out of there arm in arm. He tells her he just wants to help her. She tells him if he wants to help her, he will just go.

Felix then sponsored Yoplait Greek, all the performers and most of all, the audience. And to close out the 2014 Nurse's Ball, he announces his boss, the wonderful Epiphany Johnson. The crowd claps while Epiphany sings the song: “You're Not Alone Anymore”. That's the same song she sung at Patrick and Sabrina's “almost” wedding.

Sabrina cries and tells Patrick she cannot be stuck out there without her baby. He is so sick and desperately in need of them and they can't be with him. She can't bear to have him in their fighting for his life all alone. But they sing along with Epiphany about the hands to hold one up and be there so that they are no longer alone.

Maxie reconciles her friendships with Lulu and Dante. Nathan/James does not get to go home with her while she is with Levi. Emma and Spencer reconcile. It even looks like Cameron is Spencer's friend again.

Kevin leaves without Lucy. She sits alone in her dressing room crying and devastated. Felicia comes in and holds Lucy in her arms.

Elizabeth and Ric leave together. Nikolas is alone but content not to have anything more to do with Britt. She sees that she and her brother are both having to leave alone but are happy to ride home together. At first they want nothing to do with their mother but consider having her ride with them seeing her effort to reach out to them with her song.

Emma rushes to the hospital to be there for her daddy, Sabrina and her baby brother. She hugs them and consoles Sabrina. Anna and Duke appear at the hospital to see Patrick, Sabrina and the baby and offer their support. We continue to hear: “You're Not Alone Anymore” with everyone joining in with Epiphany to sing. Felix is there for Sabrina. We also see Epiphany, Elizabeth and all the staff to be there for Sabrina and Patrick in their time of crises.

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