GH Update Monday 5/12/14

General Hospital Update Monday 5/12/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Nurses' Ball, after the male strippers are done performing, the crowd cheers. Lucy remembers the previous year when she got into a brawl with Richard Simmons. So she moves the guys off the stage.

Not far away, Sonny tries unsuccessfully to apologize and reconcile with Olivia, but she has not forgotten that he cheated on her.

Lucy gets on the microphone and introduces a guest. It's Blackie Parrish. Then she corrects herself and says Blackie couldn't make it. They have to regroup, so the guests should just talk among themselves.

Lulu finds Maxie and tells her that she wants Maxie and Levi to dance for a worthy cause although it's against Levis' morals. But Maxie wants to do it to mend her friendship with Lulu and Levi wants to make Maxie happy.

Spencer finds Emma and Cameron. Cameron gloats about Spencer staying home eating pizza all alone and is surprised that he showed up with his dad. Emma is with him and not Spencer. And Elizabeth is with Cameron, Emma, and Ric and not with Nikolas. Both father and son feel the same pain.

Lucas and Felix go off together while Brad spies on them unseen.

Kiki notices Michael getting dressed after he's done the routine and yells at him not to cover up that beautiful body. He tells her he's sorry to disappoint her, but he has to get dressed in order to help Ned with Luke.

Luke is privately talking to Julian about how he bit the bitter bullet and married the bitch. And now he has ELQ in the palm of his hands. Julian remarks to his boss it was "well done". Luke tells Julian he needs to leave before the "ball and chain arrives". Tracy enters. Julian leaves. Tracy and Luke kiss. Ned appears and makes the remark: "Isn't that sweet."

Lucy announces lab manager Brad Cooper. Brad goes up and sings a new age song. We see dancers surrounding him on the stage.

Epiphany finds Magic Milo and tells him he disappointed her. She was hoping for the "full Monty".

Ned informs Tracy that it may be "correct" that Tracy married him for love and not for her money. She asks her son how and why he'd finally "come around" and believe that. He tells her that Luke will not see a cent of the company's money. Luke is out of ELQ. He has arranged that with or without Tracy's knowledge or approval.

Mac goes up and tells stupid jokes with "Mr. Marbles," but before he can get through his horrible act, Epiphany comes up and angrily interrupts him. She takes the dummy, throws him on the floor, and savagely steps on him. Mac and the audience are shocked by the violence, but both Epiphany and Lucy seem to know that the dummy might be somehow "motivated" by their new evil chief of staff, Dr. Obrecht. Mac checks for vital signs and picks up his "dismantled" friend. Felicia comes up and asks her husband if he is ok. He tells her he could not believe that Epiphany could murder his childhood friend. Not far away, Magic Milo comes and congratulated Epiphany for being brave and courageous enough to do what everybody else wanted to do.

Ned clarifies to Tracy that Luke has been fired from ELQ. He tells her the only person who could make that decision is the company's CEO. The board has taken a vote and with Dillon and Brook Lynn's help, Michael has been established as the new CEO.

Spencer finds Britt although his dad wants to avoid her. He hugs her and tells her how much he's missed her. She returns the sentiment. When she starts to leave, Spencer tells her to stay, because he doesn't want her to miss something. He urges her to sit with him and Nikolas.

Lucy comes up and introduces their very own dancer, the Haunted Starlets. At first we see faded silhouettes of women. Then we see Molly, Lulu, Sam, Kiki, and Maxie singing "I Love It, I Don't Care" tribute to Icona Pop. They dance and sing. And the crowd smiles and cheers them on.

Ned informs Luke and Tracy that she is no longer CEO of ELQ. He did not want to vote against his mom, but after she married Luke and tore up the prenup, he had no choice. Michael is now the CEO. Luke listens and is devastated.

Lucy introduces LA R&B singer Eddie Gomez who gets up and performs "Criminal Love".

Happy together, Julian and Alexis stand at the bar together. He remarks that Sonny and Olivia are having problems.

Lucas and Felix reflect about Brad singing the song: "Brokenhearted" to both of them.

Britt asks Nikolas how he has been doing. He is not comfortable talking to her but reveals that he is not capable of moving on as easily as he wishes he could. She remarks that Elizabeth is with her ex-husband. He coldly remarks that Elizabeth can do as she pleases. He reveals he is not entirely over her.

Lucy then introduces Emma Drake and Cameron Webber to do the tango. Both kids get up and wear their elegant sophisticated clothes and dance the tango. But before they can finish, they are interrupted by Spencer who, wanting to do something bold and beautiful for Emma, announces the band "Player" including Ron Moss, who perform the 70s hit "Baby Come Back." Spencer wants to get back with Emma. And when the band playing the famous song of the guy trying to get over his woman, concluding it's impossible and then urging her to come back to him, we see Sonny and Olivia listening intently to the song. We also see Brad and Lucas listening intently and looking at each other. The song continues. Olivia gets up and rushes away from the table. Sonny goes after her not knowing what has happened. He urges her to wait and asks if she could just talk to him, but she just walks off.

Michael and Kiki join Ned in revealing to Tracy and Luke that Michael has taken over the company. When Luke asks how he could do that to him, Michael accuses him of groping his girlfriend. Tracy still does not believe that Luke has come on to Kiki and that she is lying about all of it. Kiki and Michael excuse themselves. Ned apologizes but insists Luke forced his hand, so he had to do anything he could to protect their family's legacy. Luke tells Tracy they won't take this sitting down. They will fight them, but Tracy still suspects nothing from her new husband. She is resigned that she is no longer heading ELQ and tells him at least they have each other, but Luke obviously finds no value in that and could care less. All he wants is money.

Spencer goes and talks to the band, Player! who are friends with his grandmom Lesley. The base guitarist (Ronn Moss) and lead singer, Peter Beckett, tell him they're happy to meet him and be able to perform and hope he gets his girlfriend back, because she is a "real peach." Spencer tells Ronn that he really loves his new CD. Ronn wishes him luck and leaves. Emma appears and Spencer gets down on his knees quoting the song's lyrics: "Emma come back. You can blame it all on me. I was wrong, and I just can't live without you." Emma just stands there staring at his outburst.

Nikolas sits at the table with Britt not exactly "impressed" by his son's behavior. He tells her he can't believe Spencer went this far just to get Emma back. Britt says she can. She knows what Spencer is feeling. He is desperate for forgiveness and to get back the person he loves.

Ric admits to Elizabeth that he screwed up in the past. He urges her not to throw away what they had, which was special, and give him another chance.

Britt admits to Nikolas that she knows she screwed up, but she misses him a lot and loves him and always will. Is he ever going to forgive her?

As Felix wonders if Lucas is really over Brad, Brad grabs Lucas from behind and plants a big kiss on him, much to everyone's astonishment. Seeing them, Bobbie happily comments to Felicia that it looks like her son is getting back with his ex. Felicia asks Bobbie what happened to her ex, Scott, who is supposed to be her date. Bobbie just rolls her eyes.

Scott surprises Lucy in her dressing room. He tells her he wants her to be with him and not her husband Kevin. Lucy just stares at the floor.

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