GH Update Friday 5/9/14

General Hospital Update Friday 5/9/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Brit and Brad watch the televised Nurses' Ball from his apartment. They cannot believe that her mother, and their new chief of staff, has crashed the ball.

After Obrecht is done with her act, she introduces herself and announces that without her generous financial contributions, the hospital would not be able to stay afloat. There would be no nurses' ball. Nor would they be able to fund the research for Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. She smiles and gloats, and asks Anna, who sits in the audience, if that is not correct. Anna smiles and nods but mutters how dare that woman mention her daughter's name. Obrecht reminds her she could mention Cesar Faison's name to Anna. Lucy jumps up and “shews” Obrecht off the stage to get ready for their next well as to prevent guests from bailing and not making any contributions.

Levi tells Maxie that he knows how important the ball is to her so he wants her to go and he will accompany her. She asks if he does not believe it's environmentally irresponsible and shallow. He tells her he does but wants her to be happy. He can make the best of it and wants her to get ready so they can attend.

The next act is Kiki singing “Raise Your Glass”. Elizabeth, TJ, Felix, Lucas and others surround her and balloons fall and surround the stage. People smile and clap. Everybody cheers her on except for Luke and Tracy. They finish the song and everybody applauds.

While the guests are seated, Obrecht goes over to “greet” Dante and Lulu, asking if they are happy with their son and if they'd be kind enough to remove her ankle bracelet. Dante coldly tells her to get away from them. Not far away, James (Nathan) notices the interaction, comes by and escorts her out the door ready arrest her for harassing his police colleague. She loudly announces that he is her son and is that any way to treat his “mutter”. He responds just as loudly telling her she is nothing to him and he won't hesitate to lock her up just like any other dangerous and psychotic criminal.

Back at Brad's apartment, he tells Brit he is not afraid to go to the ball and face his two ex boyfriends. But she tells him she is comfortable right where she is. He asks her why not go and join the party. They are both on staff at the hospital and have as much right to be there as anyone else. Besides, he tells her, Elizabeth is with Rick Lansing. So it's not like she's going to run into Nikolas or anything while there.

Nikolas watches the ball from his television when Spencer comes over and tells his dad he thinks they should attend the ball together. He reminds Nikolas they need to support worthy causes. Nikolas chuckles and asks his son what he's up to. Spencer tells his dad he's not up to anything. And he wants to spread positive energy and hopefully resolve his differences with Cameron. Nikolas agrees he'd like his son to stop feuding with Elizabeth's son. So, Spencer asks again, can they go?

At the ball, Lucy announces another performer. It's Ned. He does an Eddie Main performance. He gets up on stage and recites the words of the wolf with his woman joining him on stage. The music plays and he sings “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth”

While James (Nathan) is outside in the lobby, Anna comes out, finds him and asks if he is ok after escorting Obrecht out the door. She tells him she realizes that Liesl Obrecht is his mother. She has had many years of experience with that woman and if he needs any pointers, not to hesitate to ask her. He tells her he is fine. And while he's alone, he appears lost in thought.

Lucas admits to Felix that although he's broken up with Brad and they are through, he does think about his ex and wonders what he is up to. Felix concludes that must mean that Lucas misses Brad.

Spencer convinces his dad to go to the ball. And as soon as he's alone, Spencer gets on his phone and asks “someone” to help him with his mission because that person is his only hope.

Ned sits beside his mom while he has a chance and sees that Luke is gone and out of ears' shot. Tracy admits to her son that her father hated Eddie Main but she applauds his performance. She tells him she realizes they have been butting heads since he's been back. But he's her son and she loves him. She will always love him no matter what. Ned smiles and announces to his mother that he has to tell her something. But before he can say any more, Lucy interrupts to announce the next act. She remarks this next singer is a very important “staple”. And with that, she introduces their own Mr. Luke Spencer. Luke gets up and sings the song: “I Am What I Am”. People listen. Tracy seems to be the only person smiling however, Michael and Kiki are not amused. Alexis and Julian observe without smiling. All the women he “looks at” do not appear comfortable. And at the end of the song, while he continues to affirm: “I am what I am”, he announces that what he a man who is in love with his fiancé. Tracy smiles while he says she loves him for what he is and accepts him as he accepts her. And what nobody else knows, he adds, is that he wants to marry her right then and there. People clap and cheer. He asks Tracy what she says to getting married right then and there in front of the whole town. She hesitates and Ned urges his mom not to go through with it. But Luke is persistent and nobody else raises any objections. Ned announces that they have to continue the rest of the entertainment acts. Also there is no one who can perform the ceremony. But Luke announces that Lucy is certified to perform wedding ceremonies and is willing to do that right then and there. And she agrees while she gets up to do asks Luke requests of her. He asks Lulu to stand up for her dad. Suspecting nothing about her father, Lulu agrees. But then Luke sees that Ned is not standing up for his mother and Luke tells his soon to be step son, he needs to do this for her. Ned is silent and completely not on board. But there are enough witnesses to make the wedding possible. Lucy asks each of they take the other in holy matrimony. They both say I do. She pronounces Lucas Lorenzo Spencer and Tracy Angelica Quartermaine as husband and wife. But before Luke can kiss the bride, we hear his inner voice remarking, as he looks at all the “hot babes” in the audience (e.g., Kiki, Sam, Jordan and others), that he needs to put his “true desires” aside for just this moment. And because he is “this close” to owning ELQ, he knows he needs to grudgingly “kiss the damn bride”. At that point, it is official. Everybody cheers them on That is everybody except for Ned, Kiki and Michael.

Outside in the lobby, James is surprised and happy to see Maxie appear unexpectedly remembering he thought he heard her say she is not coming. And he reveals that he does appreciate a beautiful woman. She looks at him as though she appreciates his affirmation and his compliment. And not far away, Brad and Brit appear. Brad finds Lucas and Felix and declares he is not afraid to see and be seen by them. They remark they see he is with his “partner in crime” (Brit) She stands beside him silently and awkwardly.

Inside, Rick is happily with Elizabeth proud that Nikolas is not nearby. Alexis remarks that it looks like Julian might know something about Luke's most recent plans. The wedding is under way although there are obviously some people who are not ok with it.

Brad remarks to Lucas and Felix he observed them performing and walking the red carpet together. He had no idea that they even knew each other. Felix replies they didn't but now they do. Lucas adds, in fact, they found out they had a lot in common. They both fell for the wrong dude. Brit then adds that Brad has done the right thing and given the baby back to Dante and Lulu. So maybe they both need to get over their righteous indignation and stop holding a grudge against Brad. But they ignore her suggestion and walk away.

When James sees Maxie alone, he assumes she's come alone. He tells her he's really proud of the fact that she's made a decision for herself and is doing what everybody knows she likes to do. And he remarks the Levi is probably staying at home, wearing his flip flops, alone eating a bowl of organic Quinoa and dried dates. But at that point, they see Levi appear. He proves James' vision partly correct by revealing he's wearing flip flops. But he happily accompanies Maxie to prove them wrong with their belief about him. He apologizes to Maxie for causing her to have to wait but it took forever for him to find a parking space. She remarks that they do have valet here. But he tells her he does not want someone to park his car for him. James then remarks he's surprised that Levi is there at all. Is it not a bit hypocritical? He remembers Levi saying that fundraiser balls are only an empty gesture for rich people to feel good about themselves and line their pockets. In response to that, Levi tells Nathan (James) he can temporary put aside his point of view. He knows Maxie wanted to come and he did it for her. Nathan (James) then tells them he has to go. His act is starting soon. And he departs.

Dante finds Sonny and demands to know what is up with his cheating on Olivia. He knows his mother is devastated. Sonny admits to his son he knows he made a mistake but he will make it up to Olivia.

Not far away, Lulu asks Olivia about the same subject and if she can forgive Sonny. Olivia tells Lulu that regardless of Sonny's saying he made a mistake and apologizing now, cheating is cheating. And he's only confessing after being caught. So, she's not sure if she can forgive Sonny.

Felicia and Mac see Maxie and are elated that their daughter has done what they know she really wants to do by attending. But they are a bit ill at ease to see Levi as they suspect he's going to bring Maxie down. He does make an effort and seems to get along with Felicia as they talk about some things they have in common including her family heritage.

Ned finds Michael and Kiki and tells them he thinks he has Luke where he wants them although he wishes it could be done before Luke is officially married to his mother and not after. But he's confident that when he gets done with Luke, Luke will be sorry he ever laid a hand on Kiki. Alone with Michael, Kiki reflects that she has many things to be happy about tonight.

Not far away, the women gather to join Tracy. She throw the bouquet of flowers over her shoulder. And Elizabeth catches it. Everyone claps. Rick comes and joins Elizabeth.

Spencer and Nikolas get dressed in their tuxes and ready to catch the last few minutes of the ball.

Elizabeth is ready to take Cameron and Emma home. But Epiphany asks her if she really wants to leave and miss this next very intriguing act. Elizabeth smiles knowing what will be up next.

Lucy takes the microphone and announces the next act which is what all the ladies are waiting for. And she announces Magic Milo and the magic wants.

Milo, Michael, Lucas, Felix, TJ and Nathan walk on the stage first wearing T-shirts and jeans dancing to AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long." The guys take off their jackets. Then their shirts. We wait to see what will happen next while Milo does one-handed push-ups. The guys dance shirtless and throw their T shirts to women in the audience. Felicia remarks to Mac that they are all hot. Maxie refrains from making comments she'd like to make while with Levi. Anna, Alexis and all the women; young and old, watch the guys. Brad remarks to Brit he can't believe he lost both of two of the guys (Lucas and Felix). She watches intently and comments that's true and he's a real idiot. The guys continue to dance and “tease” the audience of women. Crowds cheer and music plays.

“Nurses' Ball 2014...To Be Continued”

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