GH Update Thursday 5/8/14

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/8/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

General Hospital's annual Nurses' Ball is under way.

Britt is alone in her apartment with Brad, depressed and watching TV while eating ice cream. He tells her that this is not like her. She tells him it's not like she has anything else to do. She has nothing. She's lost her son and lost Nikolas and is not welcome there or anywhere.

At Nikolas' home, Spencer suggests to his dad that they invite Britt over and invite her to the ball. Nikolas tells his son that he and Britt are through and Spencer needs to realize that. Spencer then asks his dad if he is now going to start seeing “Aunt Elizabeth”. Nikolas asks why he'd say that. Spencer replies that he's seen his dad look at Elizabeth just like he wants to marry her. Nikolas tells his son that is absurd and not true. But right then, Elizabeth enters wearing her elegant clothes ready for the ball. And Nikolas proves that his son is correct.

In the dressing room while getting ready to go on stage, Lucy talks to Felicia about how she believes she is over Scott and wants to be. But she admits that she might not entirely be and misses him. She tells Felicia she realizes that “doc is her life”. She says that sounding like she may just be “obligating herself” to believe that. And she tells Felicia she's “so glad Kevin did not find out”. Right then, Kevin walks in to ask her what he “has not found out”. She then greets her husband and asks what he is doing there. He tells her he brought her red roses for luck. And he's going to walk her down the red carpet. And he asks the women just what this “secret” is that she hopes he does not find out. Felicia then answers the question by telling him that she and Lucy were planning a surprise just for him. Now the cat is out of the bag, Felicia “affirms”. It's no longer a surprise. And that is what they were talking about. He appears happy, content and suspects nothing. He leaves the women along and Lucy demands to know why Felicia lied to Kevin about a surprises that they do not have.

Nathan is getting ready to attend the ball. But Maxie is staying behind and tells him that she cannot help thinking of all the trees that have to be killed and the power , energy and cost to the environment that will be required in order for this ball to take place. So she is not going to attend. He asks if this is “her” talking or if she is just following Levi. She tells him this is her own decision. He is welcome to go. But she wants to spend the evening having a vegetarian dinner alone with Levi.

After Brad tells Britt she needs to stop sulking and isolating herself in her room, she tells him she would like him to accept the fact that she has good reason to do this. She wants to watch the red carpet from her television and stay where she is.

Nikolas is not dressed or ready to attend when he sees Elizabeth off knowing that she is going there with Rick. She asks him if he is really certain he does not want to come. It's not too late if he changes his mind. But he tells her that recently parties and galas have left a bad taste in his mouth so he is more comfortable staying behind. In the other room, Cameron is dressed in a tux and ready to attend with his mom and with Emma as his date. He boasts to Spencer that while Spencer is sitting at home alone with his dad eating cold pizza and watching television, Cameron will be “styling”. Elizabeth then calls to her son to get going and get to the ball. Cameron leaves with his mom and Rick. Alone in the house, Spencer responds to Cameron's comment by saying: “We'll see about that.”

Shawn is dressed in his tux and ready to attend and asks Sonny if he is going to get ready soon as there is not much time before it starts. Sonny tells Shawn he is not going. Shawn asks why on earth not. Sonny tells him, in a depressed manner, that he and Olivia have broken up.

Olivia is being interviewed while waiting for her date. She is not afraid to talk until the interviewer reminds her that last year she attended with Michael Corinthos III and Duke Lavery. So, they are wondering if this year she plans to attend with Sonny Corinthos. She is then silent, not looking comfortable nor wanting to answer.

Shawn tells Sonny he thinks Sonny should reconsider and go to the ball instead of staying home. He tells Sonny in all the while he's known him, he's never known of Sonny to give up on anything. So why should Olivia be any different? Sonny first tells him that it's his own fault that he lost Olivia so he can't face her. But, he admits, Shawn might have a point.

In his apartment, Brad watches the ball on TV with Britt and remarks that he does not feel either of them are missing anything. She appears depressed that she cannot be a part of it and is missing something.

Spencer sits in the house with Nikolas, remembering hearing Cameron telling him that while he (Spencer) sits at home eating pizza and watching the ball from the television with his dad, Cameron will be making magic with Emma on the dance floor.

While Maxie sits alone “wanting” to have no desire to attend the ball and be content with Levi, she turns on the television. He comes by to turn it off. She is obviously not ok with that and demands to know why he did that. He replies “for her own good.”

As Silas and Sam enter, they are greeted by the M.C., but she trips and fall on the carpet. Brad and Britt watch from the television and are suddenly laughing hysterically and enjoying themselves to be staying home and not at the ball.

Levi tells Maxie that the red carpet is just an excuse to promote high fashion. But she protests that she has always been a fan of “high fashion”. He reminds her how the money spent on the formalities could go to much more worthy causes. She tells him she really understands the logistics of what he's saying and all. So that is why she will “only watch the next few minutes” of the show. When she turns the television on again and sees Sam falling, she “coaches” Sam from the television about “heels 101”, just like she wants to be a part of it. When Sam is asked about her gown and she talks about the designer, Maxie is fascinated and wants to partake in knowing all about the clothes of all the guests and take a much more active part than watching from the television.

Other couples including Luke and Tracy enter. Behind them are Kiki, Michael and Ned. Now that Michael knows that Luke has come on to Kiki, he is ready to confront him. But Kiki urges him not to. And Ned reminds him they have a plan they can't afford to blow by having Luke knowing they are on to him. Ned accompanies Olivia as her date. The M.C asks her why she is there with Mr. Ashton and not with her significant other, Sonny Corinthos. Is there “trouble in paradise?” At first she hesitates to answer. But as soon as she sees Sonny enter, she replies, right in front of Sonny, that if anyone wants to know why she and Mr. Corinthos are not together, she will answer. But Sonny asks her if she really wants to do this. Can't they just talk about this is private? Not far away, Dante comes by, finds his mom and tells her he agrees that she doesn't need to cause a scene with “whatever is going on” and leads her away from the questions. The master of ceremonies greets Dante and is ready to grill him about his personal life as well, asking about “little Rocco”. Dante knows where this will go so he walks away from the questions and the cameras.

Brad is amused to watch the ball with Britt from the television. He is intrigued when he sees Felix enter and assumes he's attending stag. But Felix announces he is attending with Lucas and they are scene and photographed together. At that point, Brad is no longer amused. Britt's mood also fades when she sees Elizabeth looking really nice and assuming she will be there with Nikolas. Reporters greet Commissioner Devane and Duke and remark about his kilt. But they have to ask her about her daughter, Robin's sudden disappearance. She dodges that question as most guests do as they enter and are asked about their personal lives.

Maxie intently and obsessively watches and notices all of the clothes and appearances of all the guests. Levi watches and chuckles. She is intrigued to see her mom and step dad. Mac brings Mr. Marbles. And right then, Lucy and Kevin enter together. And then DA Scott Baldwin is announced by the MC with former nurse Bobbie Spencer. And the MC asks if there may be a “blast from the past” with the two of them and might there be a romance between them? And the reporters have to know about Scott and his “ex wife” who dumped him. When they pass by Lucy, she clearly cannot get Scott out of her mind or be ok with the fact that he's moving on and realizing she is a married woman. Kevin still suspects nothing about his wife with Scott. Not far away, Nathan enters by himself. Everybody assumes that Maxie is with him knowing she wouldn't miss the ball any time in her life. But he tells them that Maxie has declared she is not coming.

Levi tells Maxie he can clearly see that she is merely pretending to not want to attend the ball. She tells him it may sound shallow but she is obsessed and fascinated by events like this, and she can't lie any longer. He then tells her that is why they should go to the ball together.

While Nikolas continues munching on pizza, Spencer receives a text from a boastful Cameron with a picture of him and Emma, saying they're having a good time at the ball. Turning to his dad, Cameron suggests they should go and have a good time at the ball themselves.

Emma and Cameron tell Anna that they're excited about performing the tango together. Anna and Duke dance over to their table. Noticing his cell phone, Emma asks Cameron if he sent their picture to Spencer. Cameron lies and says he didn't. Emma reminds him she broke up with Spencer because he was mean. She hopes Cameron is a nice guy. He smiles sweetly.

When Dante asks Olivia why she is angry with Sonny, she tells her son that his dad is nothing but a two-timing cheating, lying nasty person and she is furious with him. Lulu follows Olivia into the ballroom. Dante asks Sonny what is going on. Sonny admits to his son that he did in fact cheat on his mother, but it didn't mean anything. Dante is shocked that Sonny would break his mother's heart over nothing. As he asks who it was, the ball is about to begin, so he warns Sonny this isn't over and goes to his table next to Olivia and Lulu. Aware of the hate going on there, Sonny skirts Olivia's table just as the lights go down.

Lucy grabs the microphone and welcomes everybody to the Nurse's Ball. She announces that they have been hosting the Nurse's Ball since 1994. Although they've been a bit side tracked, she says, they are going strong. She thanks Yoplait for sponsoring the event and also announces all of the organizations that are funding the ball and the research for AIDS. She thanks everybody and encourages them to get their wallets out. She then announces the G.H nurses. Elizabeth, Epiphany, Felix and other nurses are on the stage wearing their scrubs and singing a happy song. Suddenly, the boring act gets interrupted by what sounds like thunder and lightning. Liesl Obrecht begins singing "Wilkommen" from Cabaret with two male companions. She is happy but nobody in the audience is impressed. Then, she brings out showgirls and guys to continue performing "Wilkommen." Lucy is very angry that her planned acts have been interrupted. She did not authorize this. Obrecht reminds her she is the chief of staff and can do her own show. She and her singers and dancers are all happy and ready to put on what looks like a vaudeville act. She throws glitter at the end as the whole audience sits silently staring. Britt and Brad are stunned as they watch her mother on TV. Brad remarks that this is one nutty hospital.

“Nurses' Ball 2014 To Be Continued....”

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