GH Update Wednesday 5/7/14

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/7/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan/James in alone in the apartment attempting to learn a dance when Maxie appears.

Michael is doing the same dance in front of a video. Kiki walks in and finds it amusing.

It appears the guys are rehearsing to be dancers for the fundraiser at the Nurses' Ball.

As soon as Kiki is alone, she hears a knock on the door. It's Ned, Tracy's son. He tells her he needs her help with Luke. Only she can help him convince his mother of what they both know about Luke Spencer.

Luke is with Tracy outside of Kelly's. Bobbie appears out of nowhere, notices her brother, asks whom he is and what he did with her brother. She is obviously not used to seeing him dressed in a business suit.

At the ball location, Mac is attempting to do his ventriloquist act in front of Felicia and his family. Not far away Spencer Cassadine is trying but failing to find Emma and does not like to think he's lost his “girlfriend”.

At the hospital, Epiphany and Felix are preparing for the next few weeks and wondering what they are going to do with their jobs and their plans to attend the ball. They are dreading what they are about to see and find out. Out of nowhere, Obrecht appears and she confirms to them that she is “back” and continuing her position as chief of staff. They both remark that the lunatic has escaped and they must call security to have her removed. She tells them if they touch her, she will have them arrested. But they remind her that she is a criminal, kidnapped a baby, injured and attempted to kill many people they know and the list goes on and on about who and what she is. But she smugly informs them that she has been cleared of all charges. Hearing that, they demand to know how on earth that could have happened.

Ric goes to find Elizabeth at Nikolas' home and wants to take her to the ball. The two men argue about who is dangerous or detrimental to Elizabeth. Each reminds the other of his respective dishonorable behaviors. Elizabeth remains silent however.

Spencer Cassadine and Cameron Webber argue similarly and “duke it out” as to who is the designated boyfriend of Emma and/or her date to the ball.

Lucy is auditioning Mac and his “Mr. Marbles” ventriloquist act and nobody is very impressed. Felicia, Kevin and Anna remember that his act was not a success at last years' Nurses' Ball. He threatened Frisco. Mac protests that he had to get Frisco out of town and out of their lives when he made his visit to Port Charles a year ago at this time. Felicia protests that Frisco is nonetheless Maxie's father. Anna agrees that Mac maybe should find another act because “Mr. Marbles” is not good for their fundraiser efforts.

Back at Maxie's apartment, Nathan/James asks her if she has a mind of her own or is entirely brainwashed by Levi. She protests that she does have original thoughts. But he tells her he can clearly tell what type of a person she was when they first met which is completely unlike what she is doing now. And he can see that due to her meeting Levi, for the first time, she is allowing herself to be a puppet to her boyfriend. Levi appears and she informs him what Nathan believes. Levi then tells Nathan he is mistaken and that the “discourse” in this room is toxic and radio-active. Nathan tells him that may be correct. Levi tells Nathan it's obvious that none of them are going to be able to evolve or co-exist with harmony or peace because of Nathan's anger and toxic attitude. So the only solution is to have Nathan find another place to live.

Kiki reminds Ned that he needs to know that Luke is “onto” them. But he is not going to let her give up on exposing his soon-to-be step father. He tells her that he needs her “make a pass at Luke” loudly enough to be overheard by Michael. Michael demands that Ned repeats to him what he just said.

Luke and Tracy are outside Kelly's at a table when Bobbie greets them. In response to her comment that she may not be entirely “on board” with her brother marrying Tracy, he asks her if she can give them her blessing. She tells them of course she can, regardless of anything else.

Spencer finds out that Cameron and Emma have been together and Spencer is upset. Cameron boasts that while Spencer has been crying and upset, he (Cameron) and Emma have been tripping the light fantastic. They have been practicing their ballroom dancing and she will be his date and tango partner.

Back at the hospital, when Epiphany and Felix find out that Obrecht has been acquitted of all charges and has the power to remain chief of all medical staff, they protest that that cannot happen. She is a criminal. There is no way the police or the DA's can let her stay out of prison. Much less off probation. Much less given the privilege to practice medicine. Much less any position of authority. But she tells them it has happened. She not only has all of these things. She has the authority to shut down the hospital and the ball at her discretion, just in case they are incapable or unwilling to recognize her position. She informs them that the hospital is suffering from financial ruin. Only huge funds can save it. And she was able to single-handedly obtain the money to make the hospital solvent. She happily gloats that her “heroic act” got her the chief of staff position. She reminds them without her help, the hospital would go bankrupt and they would not have their jobs. They are shocked and horrified to think that this woman would have that much power.

Before the ball starts, everyone is wondering what to do with Mac's “Mr. Marbles” act and the dummy he uses. They somehow know that it (specifically the dummy) symbolizes some sort of “ill” beyond simply not being a popular act for Mac to do.

When Luke and Tracy are talking to Bobbie, Scott Baldwin appears. Bobbie is happy to see him but Tracy and Luke are not. They are not impressed to see that Bobbie is “friendly” to Scott. She admits that they are friends. He remarks that they could “change” the “just friends” status. And Bobbie happily accompanies Scott into the coffee shop.

As soon as Michael hears that Ned is putting Kiki up to coming on to Luke, he demands to know what is going on. She then takes him aside and admits she needs to explain some things to him that he has not heard but maybe needs to know sooner or later.

After Levi remarks that Nathan needs to be evicted from their apartment and hopes/assumes she will agree without questioning it, she tells him it’s not that simple. If anyone decides whether Nathan stays or goes, it will be her. She does not intend to have him leave. For one thing she needs his rent money. She also wants him to participate in the Nurses' Ball. He may dance and practice and do what he wants. Besides she is looking forward to watching him make a fool of himself.

Michael assesses the information that Luke has been coming on to Kiki and demands to know why she did not tell him. She tells him it's kind of complicated. She admits that she has confided in Morgan but not in him about that and he demands to know why. She replies that Michael has been in a state of crises over AJ and she didn't want to drop that bombshell on him as she didn't think it was the right time.

When Bobbie and Scott Baldwin go off together and Tracy observes with Luke, she is shocked to see this “non-typical” behavior in Luke. She knows that he does not care for Scott Baldwin. And the Luke she's always known is very “protective” of his “baby sister”. Yet the Luke she sees before her, in this conversation, indicates to her that he really could care less. Right away, she can see that something is “not right” about Luke.

At the audition of the ball, when Kevin makes a “joke” about her leaving him, she takes him aside and asks just what he meant. Although he assures her he does not believe she would leave him for another man, she wants to very seriously affirm to him that their marriage is “not a joke” to her. Lucy appears like she could be troubled or distressed about something.

Nikolas returns to a very depressed Spencer. He sees his son completely non-responsive to his encouragement of the things they can do together for fun and in preparation for the ball. And he asks Spencer what is wrong. Spencer replies that the “love of his life” is gone.

Anna takes Duke aside and tells him she has just heard something very shocking for the medical staff at the hospital. Because the cops and DA were kind of “forced” to cut Obrecht a deal, she (Obrecht) is back as chief of staff at General Hospital. And there is nothing anybody can do about it.

Obrecht blatantly threatens to cancel the Nurses' Ball. Felix and Epiphany furiously tell her they won't let her do that. But they know that it's completely out of their control.

Levi tells Maxie and Nathan he does not want to attend the nurse's ball. He does not believe it money-grubbing shallow rich people who attend fund raisers. She protests this is not the same as a governors' or inaugural function. This is a worthy cause to fund research for aids and to benefit worthy medical causes and do good for society. Levi clarifies he supports the cause. But he wants nothing to do with rich people touting their lavish life styles and egos only to make themselves feel good with the empty belief that they care about others when they do not. Hearing that, Nathan tells Levi he is entitled to have that opinion. But Maxie will make her own decisions and intends to participate in the ball regardless. So does he and he. But it appears that Maxie might be listening and “following” Levi's opinion about the “emptiness” of the event. And she may reconsider attending the ball after all.

Ric and Elizabeth talk about the history of the nurse' ball. She remarks that it seems every year they hold the event, disasters occur until Lucy comes and saves it. But he tells her he “somehow” knows that this is going to be “better” than any other annual ball they've had. Yet nearby, people are concerned that there might be something going on with Lucy that she is not revealing.

At Windermere, Spencer tells his dad that he is devastated that he has to miss out on being able to do the tango, which is the dance of love, with the love of his life.

Kevin finds Lucy and asks her if she has something to tell him. She tells him nothing and nobody is going to stop her from making this the best Nurses' Ball ever. Obrecht walks into the room and tells Lucy she “wouldn't be so sure of that”. In response to Obrecht's sudden (unwelcome) entry into the room, Anna announces to the others that they need not worry. The cops will protect them from corruption. And what is happening, for the time being, is that Obrecht is allowed to roam the streets and be cleared of charges just like any other “emancipated psychopath”. Obrecht continues to gloat, realizing she may not be popular or welcome but is calling all the shots and holding their lives in her hands.

Nikolas tells Spencer he's sorry his son has had to “learn the tough lessons of life” as such a young age. But sometimes one has no choice, he tells him. He seems to be reflecting his own “loss” (losing Elizabeth to Ric), when he hears how Cameron feels about losing Emma to Cameron.

Obrecht tells Lucy that her intent is not to get the ball canceled but to audition and perform and be a part of it. Lucy is surprised. But Obrecht seems very happily enthused when she talks about how she used to sing and dance in Germany as a girl. She remarks that it is always fitting for the chief of staff to perform at a hospital charity function. And she knows how much fun she will have doing her act.

Scott Baldwin tells Bobbie he would like to be her date to the ball. She asks what about Lucy. He tells her that Lucy made her choice. So he's going to get over her. He is tired of pining over women who are not interested in him. First with Laura and now with Lucy. So he wants to make a clean start. He asks Bobbie what she says. She then agrees.

Luke informs Tracy that Michael came to him and asked if he could fund the ceremony for AJ's memory. Luke reminds his fiancÚ that Michael knows she does not care for Michael's dad who is her nephew. He assures Tracy that Michael is a good kid and has suffered a loss. So could she at least do that for Michael? She agrees. Little do they know what Michael is just finding out about Luke.

Lucy tells Obrecht that she has so many acts and really doesn't have room to fit her shine hopes Obrecht can join them next year. But nobody wants Obrecht there. Everybody leaves. Obrecht goes up to the stage alone and picks up the dummy called “Mr. Marbles.” She talks to him as though he's a real human being and says: “I know how you feel, Herr Marbles: left out, rejected and not wanted”. But, she affirms to the dummy, they will both teach these people a lesson they will never forget. All of these people will learn not to mess with Liesl Obrecht.

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