GH Update Tuesday 5/6/14

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/6/14


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Franco determine that they must never let Anna get access to the taped confession they have on AJ's phone which implicates Sonny as well as Ava. They leave the room only to find that Anna is standing right outside the door. And she demands to know if they have found AJ's phone. They dodge her and her questions and leave. She knows something is up.

Meanwhile, Ava has lost Morgan. But she has not “lost the battle” after Julian is lying helplessly on the floor. She points her spiked heel at her wounded brother, telling him that she now has the upper hand after he's pointed the gun on her and threatened to kill her.

Luke is plotting his plan but baffled that he cannot get a hold of Julian.

Olivia goes to find Sonny. He is surprised to see her angry expression. She demands to know if he slept with Ava. He hesitates to answer.

Maxie is alone in her apartment attempting to meditate with yoga and do the practices that Levi does. When she's practicing her tree pose for yoga, Mac knocks on her door and has “unhealthy” dinner for his step daughter. She does not know how to respond to that. He does not know how to respond to her new “habits”.

Ava holds the gun on Julian while he's on the floor. He tells her he had no choice except to hold the gun on her. But she tells him that he had a choice and made his choice. She furiously tells her brother now he's going to be at her desperate mercy instead of the other way around.

Meanwhile, Morgan goes to see Kiki. She can see that he's in a terrible state of mind and obviously angry at his dad over “something”. She asks if he might want to tell her what is going on.

Olivia tells Sonny that Morgan went to find her and expressed that he was very upset about “something” that his dad did. And it “broke up” his relationship with Ava. But Morgan did not tell her what his dad did. And she was a bit baffled that he went out of his way to find her and tell her something that would be of “personal” interest to her, regarding his dad and Ava. Does she now know the perfect answer to that question? About Sonny left off a very important part of his explanation to her about his recent “issue” with Morgan. So she'd like to know if he has more to tell her regarding that. She knows that Morgan sure wanted to.

Mac has brought beef ribs and mac and cheese for Maxie although she tells him she has gone vegan. He is concerned, however, that her “new life style” is all about her committing to Levi and making this guy too important to her when she is not certain of the outcome. He tells her that this is not the “real” Maxie. He'd like to spend time with his daughter and have her know that he and her mother like her “the way she really is”.

Right when Ava is holding the gun on Julian, Shawn comes by and catches her. She asks Shawn if he has a problem with her eliminating Julian. He tells her he may not. But for Danny's sake, they need to keep “this bastard” alive because he is the only compatible donor of bone marrow for Sam and Jason's child.

Michael goes to see Luke who is covering what he is really up to. Luke asks Michael what he can do for him. Michael replies he's there to talk to Luke about Kiki. Michael suspects nothing about Luke as no one has told him.

After Kiki asks Morgan what is up with him and causing him to be so upset. He tells her that he found Ava at the end of AJ's funeral in the crypt. Kiki reveals she has no clue what her mom did, by revealing all she knows is that Ava went looking for her earring at the crypt. Morgan then bluntly “clarifies” to Kiki that the reason Ava was looking for her earring is because she lost it while screwing his dad.

Meanwhile, Olivia asks Sonny just what the circumstances were involved in how he chose to sleep with Ava and not tell her. She is furious and devastated. And he obviously appears cornered not knowing what to say.

Kiki asks Morgan how Sonny and Ava could have slept together. It seems very odd to her. They don't even like each other. And is he sure that he did not mis-read what he saw? He tells her that they both admitted it so it had to have happened. She then asks why on earth her mom would do that. Was it because of the two of them (wanting to get back at both Kiki and Morgan), respectively? He tells her he doubts it has anything to do with that. She asks Morgan why he'd think is the reason Ava and Sonny would want to sleep together. He admits her guess is as good as his.

When Michael tells Luke he’d like to talk about Kiki, Luke asks what specifically about Kiki. Michael tells Luke that he and Kiki have planned a memorial ceremony for his dad. Luke asks what that has to do with him. Michael tells Luke it's because he'd like Luke to fund it now that Luke has access to ELQ funds.

Anna goes to the hospital where she runs into Carly and Franco who tell her nobody has found AJ's phone and they haven't a clue where it might be. But she later runs into Felix Dubois who tells her that AJ's phone has in fact been found. And it’s in the possession of Carly and Franco.

When Ava is ready to blow Julian away, Shawn is able to convince her not to when he tells her about needing to protect Danny from not having the bone marrow he might need. She then puts down the gun. Julian stands up and admits to Shawn that he owes him one. And he reveals to Shawn he happens that Ava did something that might be of personal interest to Shawn.

Olivia tells Sonny she is putting two and two together about what it was that Morgan was ready to “drop a bombshell” on her when he came to visit her at the metro court the other day. Morgan was undoubtedly ready to tell her the whole thing. But low and behold, she got interrupted and called away by a phone call. And in that time, Sonny had plenty of time to “smooth things over” with his son to persuade him not to tell her what Sonny did not want her to know. So, she furiously demands, did he or did he not sleep with Ava? She wants to hear it from him. Sonny then admits yes. He did.

Maxie tells Mac he's wrong about Levi. Her new boyfriend is a wonderful person who is “helping her to evolve”. But he tells her that she does not need to “evolve” from anything. She is ok the way she is. What happened to the girl who likes to party, watch trash on television, eat junk food from time to time, be politically incorrect and wear 7 inch heels? She tells him that her bad choices in the past have only gotten her in trouble. It messed up many people's lives like Spinelli's and many of her friends'. And she lost her baby. So would Mac please give Levi a chance?

Julian smugly reveals to Shawn that it was Ava who shot Olivia and caused him (Shawn) to take the rap for it. Shawn asks her if that is true. She replies yes. But she was aiming for Franco.

Michael tells Luke that he would like for ELQ to make the contribution. It might be a nice gesture for his dad if they had a memorial service for AJ. Luke tells Michael that he does not have the authority to appropriate funds. That would be up to Tracy who is company CEO. And as they know, Tracy was not fond of AJ. But he will give it his best shot. Luke then follows Michael out the door “graciously” asking him to please tell his girlfriend what a “nice” idea that was. And to “give her a big hug” for Luke.

Kiki and Morgan eat together and talk about how Michael is really grieving the loss of AJ. Morgan reflects that regarding his relationship with AJ and so many other things, Michael has always been left to “clean up the mess”. She agrees and tells Morgan that for that very reason, Morgan maybe should not stay with them. It's not because Michael wouldn’t want him staying there. It's because Michael has been kind of “dependent” on Sonny given what has happened. So she's concerned about what will happen if and when Michael finds out about Sonny's most recent dishonorable deed.

Olivia hysterically asks Sonny how he could do what he did. Doesn't he not have any responsibility for his actions? He attempts to tell her that “something” was out of his control. But she furiously demands that he tells her if he takes her for an idiot with that pathetic lame excuse. Just what is Sonny's alibi about “something” that Ava “had” on him. She demands that Sonny tells her just what he means by that. But he can't reveal the answer to that question to Olivia. She is not ok with that.

Maxie is trying to prevent herself from eating the mac and cheese that Mac has brought for her. She tells him she can't “do this to Levi”. He tells her that he hopes she doesn’t leave town again now that she's back. He is concerned about that happening when he remembers Robin leaving right after she came back. In response to that, Maxie tells Mac that Robin has a “spiritual mission” and a special gift to go and help and be of service to the world, not unlike Levi. Hearing that, Mac asks Maxie how on earth she could compare that “questionable” Levi to Robin. She tells him she realizes he does not know Levi. And regarding Robin, he needs to accept and have confidence in the face that Robin is doing what the universe intends for her to do.

Anna confirms, after talking to Felix, that Carly and Franco undoubtedly have AJ's phone in their possession and are lying to her. And she can only wonder why. What type of secrets are they hiding regarding AJ?

Carly and Franco brainstorm about that very matter, they get a call from Anna.

Ava talks privately to Shawn, urging him to never tell Sonny that it was she who shot Olivia. But will he do what she asks?

Sonny reveals to Olivia that there is “something” about him that Ava understands but which she (Olivia) does not. She demands to know just what that is. But he can't answer that. She concludes she can't believe what a naïve idiot she was to have gotten the idea that he kept secrets in order to “protect her”. When all along it was only to save his own butt. She does not believe what he says nor trusts him when he protests that he is not “having an affair” with Ava. It was just a “one time thing”. Olivia is not ok with his explanation. And she demands he leaves her home and gets out of her life.

Julian returns to the ELQ office and tells Luke there is something he needs to inform him in person. Luke tells Julian he assumes that Julian “did not complete the assignment”. And his sister still lives. He hopes that his explanation is not a speech about “blood is thicker than water”. Julian tells Luke no. It's not that. What prevented him from killing Ava was Morgan Corinthos. He walked in to prevent it. And also, during Morgan's visit to Julian and his sister, he revealed something very “note worthy” to Julian. Luke asks Julian what on earth that would be. Julian hesitates to tell him.

Kiki tells Morgan that he must agree not to tell Michael about her mom and his dad. If he does not want Michael to be hurt any more than he already is, he will agree to do as she asks. Michael walks in the door knowing they've had a private conversation about him. And he asks what is going on.

Maxie tells Mac she is so excited about the nurse's ball and it will be even better for her this year than last. One, she is not pregnant. Two, she is not holding a terrible secret that could ruin people's lives. And three, she is no longer “paying tribute” and memorializing Robin. Robin is alive and she knows her cousin will be alright where she is right now. In response to that, Mac tells his step daughter that what she just said has revealed to him that she does have her own special greatness and should be proud of whom she is.

Carly reveals to Franco that Anna knows that they have the phone and has probably gotten a pretty good idea as to why. He then asks her if she wants to “go on the lamb” with him.

When Michael enters the apartment, Kiki is silent after Morgan informs his brother that he will find his own place to live. Morgan departs. Alone with Kiki, Michael tells her that he went and talked to Luke to see if he can convince Tracy to fund the ceremony for AJ. Michael has no suspicion about Luke and explains to Kiki that Luke has stepped up and been a good guy and expressed loyalty to him and his father so he's pretty confident that Luke will come through. Hearing that, Kiki is silent not knowing what to tell Michael, regarding Luke.

Luke then concludes that regardless of what Julian just found out about Ava, Julian and his bitch sister are both still not off the hook.

Ava tells Shawn she would like him to refrain from sharing information to Sonny, for his own good. Shawn tells her no can do. She then tells him that is a pity. Now that she knows about his decision, she will have to reveal to the cops that it was Sonny who put AJ in the coma. Sonny will go to prison for that. That will be on Shawn's hands. But she will keep her word and not reveal that as long as Shawn does not reveal to Sonny that it was she who shot Olivia or who killed Connie.

Olivia cries and tells Sonny it is over. He wants her to reconsider. But she tells him that won't happen. What they had is ruined. She does not want to touch him or see his face again. And she walks away.

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